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Trump speaks at medical supplies distributor in Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump visited the medical equipment distributor Owens & Minor on Thursday and showed his support for the workers, saying, “You’re making America proud.”


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1,415 thoughts on “Trump speaks at medical supplies distributor in Pennsylvania

  1. Just like soldiers run into bullets 💀
    #MakeAmericaGreatAgain 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  2. Something I don’t understand, if the economy was so strong why are their so many people without funds set aside for this emergency situation? It appears to have been propped up by consumer debt like a house of cards.

  3. 8:08 “We have more cases than anybody in the world – but why? Because we do more testing – when you test, you have a case! When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do testing, we would have very few cases…” There really is no arguing with that kind of logic.

  4. HE is against “globalists”?! HIs wife had a factory in another country!

  5. If we don’t test we have a few cases the logic of a stupid brain death presedent, and his brain death voters keep supporting him. America great again my ass, Amerikca becomes rappidly a thirth word country.

  6. Idiots who still support this funny makeup guy are beyond belief!

  7. As someone from France, we don’t need your help, but we can’t believe the job you’re doing indeed, I mean the way you’re actively putting your people in danger to save your own ass.

  8. What the hell did i just listen too?.. i bet the people who write his speeches wish he would just stick to the script.. This is the only person in the world who makes me want to cut my wrists every time he opens his damn mouth.. all the lies. He only cares about himself. did anyone else notice how quiet it was in the building i bet all those people had there mouths open wide in disbelief.. thinking wtf did he just say

  9. The only ONE we need to lose is YOU! Resign now, monster-in-chief!

  10. One lie after another. I can’t stand it any longer: CORONAVIRUS, DO YOUR JOB AND SAVE US ALL!

  11. “It’s beautiful to see them going in those doors” – then give them HAZARD PAY and RAISES. And why don’t you try wearing a mask so you don’t spread the virus infection yourself, Mr. tRUMP?

  12. I down voted this video for Trump, not for ABC News. It isn’t ABC News’s fault that Trump is such a sack of manure.

  13. cause and effect confusion…omg

  14. He’s an idiot! He should be put under gag order just to keep him saying stupid crap.

  15. Just another champaign speech. Here we go again.

  16. The worlds greatest moron, that should be the inscription on your tombstone! If you do no testing you don’t have as many cases, really moron? Hey moron before Mt Everest was discovered what was the worlds tallest mountain? I’ll give you a clue, the name starts with the letter E. Just because something is not tested for, is no reason to assume it’s not there, you haven’t looked so you don’t know if it’s there or not, however moron, in a pandemic, testing lets you gauge how wide spread is the thing you’re testing for. You know it’s there, just not how much is there.

    Who did you pay to d sit your exams for you? Surely nobody as dumb as you can pass an exam legitimately? Or as you’ve got older you’ve got much much dumber!

  17. Kresage is the imporant company in Pennsylvania it’s time to stop telling lies and feeling bad fix the problem for them

  18. How many of those boxes are full ?

  19. Israel send this man to destroy American

  20. That tan Jesus

  21. Lies,Lies and more damn Lies! Where do those MAGA hats come from? Overrated testing? Greatest testing? OMG!!! When you test you find cases? OMG Really???

  22. Love it LOL

  23. The Tyrant Wolf spent the weekend calling his constituents and Pa. Business owners cowards. He is now holding Pennsylvania hostage DESPITE the science. 

    #walkaway #neverdemagain #openpa #recallgovwolf

  24. Huh?? If we test less we would have fewer cases…they don’t want to write that, it’s common sense…. WTF is he talking about!!!

  25. 3 minutes in and it becomes a rally. “You know what a globalist is? They want the globe to do well but they don’t care about us.” What a f()king moron.

  26. What a f&!king idiot. Warriors charging into hospitals and charging into death- just like soldiers! He sure has a fetish with war- something he ran away from when it was time to serve. F&!king idiot.

  27. 🤥

  28. What a fucking idiot ..You have to get rid of him America !

  29. You go around usa if you go come to new york and check how many business go forever

  30. Dome business go up some business not come back to the business

  31. We are under ground like garbage

  32. We remember all the time Mrs president trump corona virus 2020

  33. They called hero’s…comparing they with war hero’s

  34. “When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases.”

    A person this stupid has no place in leadership.

  35. .
    *Hong Kong Hero*


  36. 3 weeks ago the liberal non gender creatures were predicting that georgia would be totally wiped out by now. what happened there? seems they are doing fine out working and earning a living so that they do not have to collect welfare like the liberals. according to the world o meter, they reported 27 new deaths there yesterday. on 4/19/20 they reported 40 new deaths. that seems rather peculiar

  37. While watching this speech, the words from the Billy Joel song “Allentown” ran thru my mind.

  38. It’s the Best the best blah blah blah blah blah blah blah SHUT UP

  39. So, stop testing and we won’t have any cases!!!!!!!!!!! What a fucking idiot!!!!!!!!

  40. What is Worse? Being Taken through a Black Mamba Snake Den with a Huge Prehistoric Venomous Snake and Finding out After You Have an Encounter With it or Going to Work and Fighting the Covid-19 Virus? How do you Prepare for Something You Don’t Know is There?

  41. Trust Scientists (❌)
    Trust Trump (✓)
    We all gonna be die.

  42. I don’t want him in my state (New Jersey)

  43. Check this about 5g and covid 19 before you tube take it off IMPORTANT

  44. He’s definitely gotten more orange…

  45. There’s been cases of Covid-19 in the White House but this vain dummy won’t wear a face mask. Why is he talking about the greatest unemployment figures? He’s directly responsible for the newly unemployed 23 million+.

  46. THAT WAS THEN / THIS IS NOW !!!!!!

  47. What an idiot

  48. Is there anyone else from another country or multilingual? I’m half Korean, so I follow the Korean news and talk regularly with my family that lives there. I can’t speak for other countries because I don’t know those languages fluently, but I can tell you what Trump says about Korea is completely manipulated to fit his narrative or is an outright lie. I’m honestly a little in shock. I would really like to hear from other people who watch or listen to news stations outside of US programs.

  49. Only time he’s not speaking with a script is when he’s boasting or insulting.

  50. Why don’t these government, quite frankly everyone speak without a script. Just doesn’t seem sincere enough.

  51. That moron literally sounds like Michael Scott making up a speech as he goes.

  52. So… drink bleach and don’t test… that’s the U.S. pandemic response…

  53. Forrest Gump next to this guy is a genious.

  54. Trump is joker

  55. Rakoon eyes thinks he’s Cher in concert. Should never have happened, I couldn’t agree more, you bluffing China and going to a tariff war, then your surprised they send us this virus, “The Trumpvirus”, you work no hours con man.

  56. Those test have been proven to be inaccurate

  57. “I never lost anybody to the flu that I know of.” His fucking grandfather died of the flu

  58. “I work those hours.” 🤦‍♂️

  59. like, bro )))

  60. I love you my president you are the best Mr.Trump I believe in you you are the best and thank you so much for risking your life for us by not putting on a mask our great honored president please put on a mask thought we don’t want to lose you you are the best all your haters are just jealous that you are the best my president it is an honor to be able to comment on this video

  61. Never seen a germaphobe who wouldn’t dream about not using a mask to these days.
    Trump is not and has never been a germaphobe. It’s a lie he likes to use when needs be.

  62. Rancid circus peanut

  63. I love how he can’t go 2 secs without lying and pulling BS facts at out of his ass. Like how he said here 5:18 “But we would have lost 2,000,000 people, maybe more than that, maybe some what less.” Yet the actually predictions showed much lower death rates than what we currently have. We had predictions we’d only have around 60,000 deaths in may yet were at 85,000 right now 25,000 more than what was predicted. Seriously Trump can’t go 2 secs without spreading misinformation and lies.

    Yet I remember the reason he said he be the best President during and interview in 2015, when the reporter asked him why he’d the best candidate since he not a politician and he responded with something like “Because politicians lie and I’m not a politician, And I tell the truth” Yet his lied the day he got elected and keeps lying now.

  64. *WHAT A LOSER*

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  66. Such an idiot.
    With that orange face
    And grotesque comb-over
    He really is a ponce or maybe a buffoon, or both.

  67. Remember when there were Trump supporters always on the chats defending him?…Where did they all go?

  68. Speaking as an outsider looking in, I can be impartial ana state the President Donald Trump is the best President America has had in the recent history. The man says what he means and means what he says, which is a rarity in politics.
    His predecessor, Obama, was full of meaningless platitudes and his choreographed speeches were putting me to sleep. He may have said many thing but he meant nothing. His vice, Joe Biden, was useless then and he is more useless today. Apart from being senile, he cannot put two meaningful words together. You cannot afford to let a person of this level of cognition to rule the greatest country in the world. Stick with Trump, he is a natural leader and speaks without prompts and speaks straight. The lefty fake media which pounces of anything he says like a pack of hyenas with a feeding frenzy, do not report on his senile rival for the next election from fear he may actually say something and embarrass himself

  69. he went from being a carrot to a radish today.. he looks like he just failed at strangling himself before this spe.. i almost said speech. I mean nonsensical word puke. nice to see he’s wearing a mask they just made, after he just left the covid house.
    Donald CHump DOUCHE!!!

  70. I was adjusting the tint on this video 😎

  71. 2020 Parliamentary elections of S.Korea get lost people’Tk many allegations is here . We need your fair press coverage.

  72. Damn…its justvtoo bad Hillery didnt get elected……

  73. So let’s not test and let people family find out after the autopsy that there loved one had covid19, then I guess the family members would qualify for a test.
    #DonaldTrump needs to keep the numbers down so no testing bc if we test of course we’ll find cases. Daily testing is only allowed for folks coming in contact with the lying king #DonaldTrump..his family and those around him. The rest of us are warriors we’re needed to keep the economy and stock market going. If you die in the process oh well you took one for the country. Ur a #WARROIR ….Not I said the spider to the fly…I’ll watch what happens to others first. I’m staying in untill medical experts say different.
    #DonaldTrump couldnt run a casino without it going Bankrupt he couldnt sell frozen steaks or bottled water. He stayed being sued, for a fraudulent university, charity fraud, stealing from kids with cancer, sued for discrimination paying off strippers and porn stars cheated on every wife he promised to be faithful to..and I’m supposed to take his word it’s ok to resume life as usual bc HE #DONALDTRUMP HAS IT HANDLED
    ILL BE WATCHING 👀 YALL HELP TICK UP THE DEATH TOLL 😂😂😂 FROM INSIDE MY HOUSE. I’ll be waiting for November 3rd to #Votebluein2020 and #Removetrump impeached lying narcissistic fat ass

  74. Trump is an absolute moron! Oh my chuck we need to get him out of office! I dont think I’ll be able to last another 4 years of this idiocy!

  75. Let the Gaslighting begin! Trump: “Its all China’s fault..It isn’t my fault. I may have ignored the oncoming problem, done nothing except hold rallies and golfing, but the fact we have 80,000 dead is all China’s fault..I take no responsibility for it…”

  76. #Obamagate is like his #Birther conspiracy a big ass lie sprinkled with a lot of Bull💩 like nobody would believe 😂😂

  77. It’s sad and pathetic that this pos cant look at America and speak to the people. He has to read others words. You know when he’s speaking from his ignorant ass mind he starts free balling name calling and boasting 😂😂😂😂😂
    This whinning ass liar has gotta G O

  78. Listen to this! If you’re a Trump supporter listen to him! I know you hear the lies and stupidity. It’s not fake news. Those are his own words.

  79. The covid 19 is killing people .

  80. God it’s painful watching Trump try to read off of a teleprompter.

  81. CDC director testified that he knew of the this virus on January 3rd. Trump was informed but did nothing.
    Government Of Taiwan learned about this virus in the wee hours of December 31 and took immediate action on December 31.

  82. A Pandemic? (which is an incident to a whole people), if it is in ‘dis-ease’ proportion, is literally impossible, for the people in Christ to bear, He has already done that. Thank you Praise you Lord!

  83. This must end.

  84. So what is the plan moving forward?? Antilockdown supporters are not wearing masks or social distancing. How do we reopen the economy without incuring the virus

  85. The background should be body bags

  86. First great thing he said & he read it off of cards– it wasn’t even passionate.

  87. MAGA 2020!!

  88. Crowd very quiet.

  89. Who doesn’t a Republican hate Fauci, Gates, Obama,even Lyin Ted Cruz?…time to point the fingers back at this orange divisive clown who had no plan.

  90. You’re not at a rally, why are you talking to these people about the stock market , your imaginary friends, testing, sending ventilators to other countries? ( WTF), and what the economy WAS. Tooting his own horn people….dont fall for the okie doke.SMDH.

  91. Trump is not dead, the American people cannot live a quiet life! The American people should expel Trump from the White House as soon as possible!

  92. I wish he would catch the virus!

  93. Raccoon eyes

  94. Big liar

  95. Throw Trump into the tiger cage and let him die by himself!

  96. He is SUCH a fool. I don’t think I’ve known of anyone as foolish as him.

  97. Primeiro humano de cor de pele laranja, impressionante.

  98. No corporal bone spurs, your not a warrior, no matter how many times you tell yourself that.

  99. I’m laugh so hard right now!! Look how fucking orange this mother fucker is!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  100. What a turd Ferguson this guy is.

  101. So I have to make a comment to see other comments, wow

  102. Hello,where are the comments?

  103. TRUMP2020!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  104. During this pandemic, Trumpanze has been wrong 100% every time this animal opens its mouth.


    1. Trumpanze told you to drink bleach.

  106. I bet that he’s using more and more makeup to hide some illness. Tammy Bakker was more subtle with her foundation layer. He’s slurring more than usual as he rambles on and on almost incoherently. A sad time for America. If humanity is still around one hundred years from now, they will look at this footage in astonishment.

    1. Trumpanze is stupid and ugly animal.

  107. How did this immature ill equipped liar con man ever get elected?

    1. He didn’t, he stole the election. *”RUSHURRR, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME . . . “*

  108. Buy American, hire American? Then why is all his stuff and Ivanka’s made in China?? And by his logic, if we stopped testing for cancer, our cancer rate would go down too right???

  109. Its wierd that he never wears mask…hmmm

  110. Orange Julius! It’s a cult people. Wake up and see what’s happening… no more after 2020!

  111. 86,000+ deaths, I’m tired of winning Mr.President.Hopefully in November,the country will be free.Please vote.

  112. That traitor has so much American blood on his hands.

  113. When November comes and goes the rest of the world will Breathe Again you guys are Not alone I’m from Canada and we are devastated by Trump and we got Trudeau LOL

  114. You got to love the boxes behind him surprised he didn’t put red Maga hats on them


  116. He HAS NO IDEA WHAT HES TALING ABOUT. CLUELESS. Yet he still has followers hanging on his every ridiculous lie. . Amazing!!!!


  118. Does any one have a pic of his forearms. Dam! I bet he doesn’t even have a “farmers tan” Not sure who is dumber or superficial — 54 or MENSA Mel.

  119. Sending ventilators to other countries? Hold on! The way things are going with the reopening of states we’re going to need those ventilators. Somehow I have a hard time believing he’s really sending ventilators. Is he sending PPE as well?🧐

  120. Yo. Mr D.
    You have your time to protect America but you was to busy doing what you do best. NOTHING
    November is coming and we’re voting you out.

  121. Insane in the Membrane, (Cypress Hill Song), sing it with me!! Insane in the Membrane, Insane in the Membrane

  122. And all the employees have to attend his speach or no pay! Rite!?

  123. Trump is such a liar. Including i know the kind of hours you work; he works them too liar liar liar.

  124. Looks like he got a $99 Earl Scheib spray job in Hugger Orange on the way in today.

  125. “Just like soldiers run into bullets”. Very stable genius

  126. #tangerinetoddler

  127. Dudes a genius. It’s all a scam and all of us would have died without his stable mind

  128. Anyone else noticed the Warble fly trying to chew it’s way out of the right side of Trump’s nose? Maybe that’s what’s wrong. He is full of Warble flies.

  129. Trump needs a new suit . cause he’s always wearing old school, oversized suits. another point: he has time to get fake orange tan make him looks good, but no time to check the health workers who are working so hard on the first line?

  130. The comments on MSM news stations by triggered leftists are both delusional and comical. Trump 2020!

    1. @T A Ok, you’re just a lunatic who’s extremely triggered, hostile and a right fighter. No time for your low and negative energy and your juvenile mentality. Tata crazy

    2. Rhea C I am a proud independent, russian loyalist! I know it’s a new concept to you putin supporters but try to keep up, stupid! LOL..Russia is a FAILED nation full of asians who think they’re White! Priceless. LOL

    3. @T A You just served as the perfect example of triggered and delusional, thank you.

    4. Rhea C how’s moscow, komrade? still crying over the Germans and Hillary? LOL

  131. This is embarrassing – what a moron. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  132. Lie, lie, lie ‘cause a lier knows nothing more than fooling the handful of folks who cheer and clap for hundreds lies you narrate.


  134. This guy discarded this virus 2 months ago. Wtf…..

  135. Yes it should’ve been stopped

  136. Beautiful empty boxes

  137. Facts

  138. This guy sounds like an idiot.

  139. Nice empty boxes

  140. Imbecile forgot “his sign”!!

  141. We’re in the middle of a pandemic , with many dead more than 85,000 Americans and Trump is having a rally? UNFIT …INCOMPETENT …IDIOT VOTE HIM and REPUBLICANS OUT!!!!!!!

  142. I live in the leighvalley, it’s the warehouses like this that keep us alive . It’s not a easy schedule and you are on your feet sometimes a whole shift .But , guess what ? We are able to eat and pay our bills. Trump, no more nonsense , let’s work together to get out of this slump and achieve success again..

  143. Stark raving mad! Just listen to what this idiot is saying!

  144. If trump gets any more orange, he is going to need a cancer doctor, WTF..

  145. Arrest Fauci Gates

  146. I feel mercy for trump sometimes because he is tired but no one thanks him

  147. Mr. President… can you give me a demonstration of how to inject disinfectant into our body? I appreciate that.

  148. Trump must be getting the UV light treatment to fight covid19. Maybe that’s why he looks so orange.

  149. 🥴🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Please stop talking about himself at least once. When he stops for moment to say something appropriate he has to begin and end it with me myself and I. What an XXX! Care about the American people, stop campaigning for your own wealth. Anybody everybody needs to fact check every thing he says. So far this week is 99% fabrication.SAD….Do you know the money he’s going to invest in his children’s companies and the shell companies.💩💩💩

  150. Trump says he’s not a Doctor but he has read Dr Seuss.

  151. We have to keep our comments respectful yet this idiot can’t do the same

  152. “Mission Accomplished!”…..I’ve seen this one

  153. This is the dumbest president ever. Despots are smarter than this moron.

  154. Go Trump the blacks are with you
    Lock up the Clintons

  155. Stop your stupid speech and control the death toll of American people!

  156. Jacob Hornberger must take dirt from Japan Malaysia brazil chip away voted in every state.

  157. He is the right man for this time. Trump is younger, stronger and more dynamic than Sleepy Joe.

  158. My God, has he gotten even more orange?

  159. Vote for libertarian Jacob Hornberger for President he must take the lead over trump right now steal trump voters right now Pennsylvania for Jacob Hornberger.

  160. Blah blah blah blah …………blah.

  161. His analogies are horrible

    1. But you understood, right? He’s not concerned with aesthetics and dressing up words to amuse lovers of empty, foolish rhetoric.

  162. Trump IS the horrible shame! #Obamaenvy #Narcissism #ColonialRacism #LIAR @ProudRacist @ProjectLincoln

  163. Listening to Trump talk make me wonder why there isn’t more money put into programs to help fight Mental Illness .

  164. Trp doesn’t have any friends ,he lied again.
    Hire American just like trump did he hired Polish so he could take advantage of them and not pay them. Bastard

  165. Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual harassment while working as a Congressional aid 27 years ago has more holes in it than a 10 pound block of Swiss cheese.

    Mike Flynn pleaded guilty because he is GUILTY of lying to the FBI. Flynn was working as a foreign agent to Turkey without being registered as a foreign agent. Donald Trump was supposed to drain the swamp, not increase the size of it.

    The main stream media should be applauded for criticizing our inept and corrupt President – not denounced for it. Trump’s malfeasance is dealing with the pandemic these 4 past months is now harming nearly everyone in the USA.

    3 weeks ago Donald Trump asked one of his health care officials if injecting cleaning disinfectants into people might be a treatment for COVID-19…..Trump has got sh*t for brains.Listening to Trump talk about infectious diseases or anything related to health & science is like listening to him lecture on the topic of marital fidelity.

  166. welcome LIAR IN CHIEF to PA

  167. “I love my warriors that I lead from behind.”…..Comparing his working hours to theirs? STFU!

  168. Is trump drunk 🥴 👁💩👁

  169. He smiles because pence is on the floor giving him a blow job

  170. CNN:Trump is not a doctor
    ALSO CNN:greta the Teenage high school dropout is virus pandemic expert

  171. Whats the point of this briefing? Spreading more Hot air

  172. Every person who’s a warrior gets a free Disinfective injection! I’m just here to be a Cheerleader

  173. “From the moment this virus reached our shores, I have been a complete science illiterate moron.” One slight correction Donald: You have always been a moron, a complete one!

  174. If you have it, you have it regardless of whether you’ve been tested…

  175. Keep Trump uncensored fake news

  176. All politicians in Washington want all the credit, none of the blame or responsibility, lie and spin their asses off all in the name of holding on to power. Trump is no different, he just does it out loud.

  177. We need ventilators. But he’s sending them all away.

  178. How many of those tests he’s claiming we’ve done were all white house staff?

  179. Now he’s calling it the flu??? He’s an IDIOT!

  180. Mr Trump you work hard on Twitter I work in Facebook you have a job I m jobless why?smell my finger 😉

  181. I start to like him.

  182. Hacks already here!Billy Joel for President2020!Heroes for generations w/ masks.Vote Blue wave!

  183. He was talking to boxes and if Pence is around the boxes are empty!!

  184. 84,000 lives were not killed by Trump, the murderers were those former fans

  185. Boiler plate!Hasn’t hit a hospital since Ship stairs in New York were too steep.

  186. When he opens his mouth, he’s lying. Start from there and you’ll be okay.

  187. How does he not choke on all the lies he tells. He doesn’t care about any of us. He only cares about how he appears financially.

  188. Сейчас понимаю зачем надо знать английский. В инвестировании это очень важно!!!

  189. He got my vote

  190. He looks extremely orange today.

  191. When did we ever have a pandemic in America since 1918? It doesn’t matter who’s sitting in the position of leadership, that person will suffer the wrath of the public. Most Humans are impossible to satisfy, even Americans who live much better than more than 1/2 the world.

  192. What a SACK of💩
    VOTE BLUE =FLUSH the TURD November 3rd!!

  193. Idc

  194. 10 million equals to 3 % of population !

  195. Trumps office sent masks from our national stockpile to china and ventilators to Russia. Look it up if you think I’m BSsing you.

  196. So why then are we going back when people are still sick, your gambling with more lives, for your sake I hope your right, cause if your wrong you’ll never be able to walk the streets !

  197. Make America great again and get rid of this Fake so called president.

  198. 💩💩💩💩💩🤡🤡🤡🤡

  199. 229 new deaths in Pennslyvania in last day.

  200. God bless president Donald Trump!


  202. Blah blah blah he came to lye his ass off to anyone who’s dumb enough to listen to anything he has to say.

  203. It is another one of Trump’s fixes he needed, A TRUMP RALLY!?!? What such a lying loser!
    We have it under control only 15 cases we have it under control! B.S.!!!! Waste of everyone’s time!

  204. Trump your a fucking joke..Boogy now for supplies .. After losing thousands and thousands of innicent lives .Cmon Biden !!!!!!!

  205. Let’s try to work on that Stimulus package for the people that’s taking the Congress like Forever already send more funds where in need already like yesterday

  206. I see our leader is not following his own guidelines. Yep lead from behind, no example. How can he compare soldiers to this situation. He was a draft dodger, never saw a person hit with a bullet, or had bullets fired at him. Maybe if we started doing something in January, we may not be having this conversation.

  207. He is sick

  208. I am more concerned that despite all we have endured and with all that is still coming and unknown that Trump still has support. 😳

  209. Trump is desperate enough to start a war before the Election

  210. Why does he have to be so ignorant with his speeches. He sounds delusional with his changing subject and adding innuendo every time he opens his mouth. YOU ARE FIRED.

  211. Why is it that Common sense in this case should prevail.Common sense tell’s me it is best to have test and not need them.Than to need them and not have them we are trying to save lives isn’t that the goal. prevention is the key unless you don’t care about other people well being. And where is the focus at? Every where except the coronavirus .This is why the White House is failing from the top to bottom. Acting like the three stooges yes. Donald, Pence, and Mitch make you wonder right what a crew.

  212. “And for all those who died all over the world 186 gotchas!?” What the H*ll is Trump talking about? There is 303,000 deaths due to COVID-19
    all across the world, is he smoking weed, how can Trump be so far off or in denial of all the deaths in the past 3 months?!?! 👎☠☠🛑 Help us all 🙏.

  213. Trump 2020 deal with it and just. think I am from Pittsburgh area great man

  214. Easiest job in America

  215. Since Trump likes to put his name on everything I’ve had some custom-made masks that say…..

  216. One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.

  217. Sorry I have to push the thumb down not to you but to what I just listen too…

  218. 😂Embarrassing himself must be like Crack for this guy!😂


  220. What was the WORLD doing before trump came to make us the BEST!!! LYING BASTARD,YOU’VE MADE A MOCKERY OF US!! LAZY,LYING TREASONOUS CRIMINAL, now trump is trying to take credit for doing NOTHING, DENYING THE OBVIOUS, PEOPLE DON’T MATTER JUST HIS POCKETS!! LOCK trump UPNOWWW!!

  221. Get Rid of “Trump 2020” !!!!! Can his ass…….

  222. I like to come here just to read the comments by Trump haters stuck in an infinite loop of rage.


  224. I don’t care what Trump has to say. It’s straight- moronic

  225. This SOB just keeps repeating him self, it’s like a broken recording.

    1. He forgets it’s a part of his Dementia

  226. Does he look more neon orange today?

  227. The people of this town lined the streets with no mask or worry in the world. Before Covid-19 it was Opioids, before that was Healthcare. Donnie’s has ran a con so historic that his tale will be that of a nightmare.

  228. This man done went crazy🤣🤣🤣


  230. He doesn’t care about us -2pac

  231. Let’s bring all our troops home from other countries if we aren’t globalists 🧐

  232. Yes, to you “Not My President” you have done a wonderful job. Bullshit in the fullest. The only work you do Frump is stay up late at night on Tweeter bad mouthing everyone in the book. Another fucking ” PEP Rally “! What the hell did you do to help………Testing? Again, Bullshit………..

  233. This clown couldnt even keep the virus from getting into the White House …

  234. He’s only there cause he needs to win Pennsylvania again to get re-elected

    1. From LV, PA and definitely voting for him in 2020!


  236. He got some sun this past few days. He needs to wear sunscreen. I fear he may get skin cancer.

  237. You all look, he think he is to pretty to were a mask, and all those people’s that he has come in contact with that tested positive and he go where those people are and that I don’t care if I give you the virous because I am more important than you attitude he could have it you can’t believe a word he say so you don’t know wheather or not he got it if he had it he is not going to tell you he lie like he always do, my God I hope they be ok..

  238. The only president the stood up to China he was saying the same thing about China since the 80s thanks Clinton

  239. Go home dumpy, we don’t want you here in our state

  240. He’s not wearing a mask because he’s saving the mask for someone else, he’s the epitome of selfless.

    1. Robin Brown it couldn’t possibly be true 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. William Anthony I really hope that is sarcasm….

  241. I can’t see his face. All I see is one solid red line and hair.

  242. ” I call them warriors but were all warriors”… geesh man. What a joke.

  243. Lies all lies. He’s so full of himself. What a joke

  244. My Lord. He is a effin 3rd grader. A special needs 3rd grader. 1 minute in and I gotta bail. Barf. Can’t even stand his bloated face. #magaisformorons

  245. America has lost more people in 8 weeks than we did during the entire course of the Vietnam War.

    Trump is an utter FAILURE!

  246. Time to put Americans first….it’s our tax money why are we financing other countries? We need our money and jobs here in the USA about time we start investing in our workforce!

  247. So he was just exposed to the virus a few days ago and then goes out to the public and breaths on everything. WOW

  248. He is definitely not going to win this term

  249. Mr. President of the United States ofthe people out of work can’t get their unemployment checks because the system so broken down, here in CT, the money from this Gov has not been used properly, how are we to spend money we don’t have, if businesses open, no one will go there, except for the rich people 😃, what a joke how this system is setup. All I see is corrupt politicians.

  250. We need to produce hydroxychloriquine infused with disinfectant soon!

  251. Wear. A. God. Damned. Mask.

  252. Buy American and hire American 🙄 someone remind me of where his products are made 🤔

  253. I support him…… he’s the best president in my life………

  254. Latinos for Trump 2020!

  255. Trump contaminating medical supplies and people, so we can see his fake tan.

  256. To all the pissy whiny liberal skidmarks on here what are you going to do when he is re elected?

  257. Works are making America proud, president is not.

  258. Why is his eyes all white and his rest of his skin is orange 😂😂😂

  259. i voted trump 2016 but will not again. he has turned into a b.sing politician

  260. You think sooner or later he’d get tired of patting himself on the back. Oh I forgot his oversized ego

  261. Is this a serious thing….

  262. I will vote for you mr. President in November thank you and most of the people here don’t know what’s going on!.

  263. BAFOON

  264. Trump’s a fake president. Dude is no leader

  265. No clapping and cheering.

  266. What the hell are you talking about??? You don’t care about America 🇺🇸 many good American people have died for your inconfidence leadership…. By not taking advice from Dr….

  267. You can smell this nuclear turd from space and his supporters are still wondering who dealt it lol

  268. — Enough is enough, just resign!!!

  269. You are the problem of all the problems we been having in this country

  270. With all that money and he can’t have a good spray tan😅😅😅

  271. I see he’s been visiting his “essential” tanning salon.

    1. 😳 looks painful 😂

    2. Lol!!!!!

    3. he is looking rather bronzy today isn’t he.

    4. He looks Gay and Retarded… Hopefully Someone Rapes Him

    5. Orange sherbet

  272. Sounds like a regular job to me hire all.of us

  273. save the watches!!!, he thinks he’s at one of his phony rallies, with a bunch of paid extra’s, carrying trump signs

    1. These speeches are his rallies.

  274. Orange POS sounds like an endless playing tape loop.

  275. Monty Python to Orange Jackass and Trumpturds: “Bring out your dead . . . Bring out your dead . . . .”

  276. Those unemploymentl numbers are false. America leads the 🌎 in prison incarceration.

    All these politics do is sell false promises, our kids kids,kids are going to pay for these bills they’re passing. Social Security will be gone and the wealth gap will be bigger then ever.

  277. That “tan” really helps his eyes pop or maybe it’s just around the eyes 😳

  278. But the United States, which has the most known coronavirus cases in the world, continues to lag in tests per capita, according to an analysis of estimates from the COVID Tracking Project. Both South Korea and Italy have much smaller populations than the U.S.

    yk if this orange idiot actually listened to experts and actually took this seriously we wouldn’t have to Google everytime he lied for the facts

  279. You can tell he really wants to get nasty in campaign mode lol. I tried to completely remove the color aspect from my tv and dude was still rocking the orange.

    1. nicelys1 lol dude you are wrong. Orange man bad time up

    2. Orange man good 4 more years


  281. Him giving praise to himself makes me Puke!

  282. Drumpf needs to learn how to read speeches, his ad libbing stinks.

  283. He looks more like a fat pig more than ever before

  284. 1800 dying Everyday 2 million dead in no time ..

  285. Hey Hey. PA paramedic volunteer and a published microbiologist. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE.
    I’ve been a registered Republican all my life. This man is an invalid, a retard, a joke.

  286. How is this man staying 🍊Orange🍊 while quarantined?¿?

  287. I won’t listen to him. Lies, lies and more lies.
    172 days until the election.

  288. He needs to get the hell out!! Nobody wants him around here!!😡🤬🐷


  290. Trump mobilizing military to give vaccines this fall. WAKE UP ! I has nothing to do with an illness. Go to Tim Truth channel or spiro skouras to watch.

  291. This punk is taking a victory lap and claiming a mission accomplished…when we’ll hit 100,000 dead by the end of May.

  292. He’s just repeating the same thing over and over again….right?

  293. God! I’d hate to get stuck in elevator with him… I’d rather go deaf than listen to his orange ass

  294. About 65,000 coronavirus tests are being performed on Americans each day — a meteoric rise from just 10 days ago. But public health experts say that about 150,000 tests are needed every day, so that infected patients can be quickly identified and separated.
    The United States cannot even test everyone who is sick because of a shortage of testing kits and personal protective equipment for health care workers. At the Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, the line of people waiting outside for a test forms as early as 6 a.m., with some staying until 5 p.m. Many go home without being tested.

  295. What an idiot stand’s there trying to drum up votes bragging on what he didn’t do

  296. Clinton and Obama for 16 yrs sold America to China. Dems know Trump cannot be bribed or bullied so they tried to impeach him twice. Now they are killing us by lockdown and putting everyone on welfare system. Trump is working for FREE, and this man is truly a saint in my view. He gets things done fast, does what he says unlike the career politicians!

  297. You’re FIRED! Vote this Con Artist Out of Office! Before He Gets Us All Killed!

  298. He should address the workers at a sewage treatment plant. At least they are equipped to handle his output.

  299. Fact: USA = 4.25% of world population & nearly 30% death rate from Covid19

  300. Just look at him, no masks, no gloves, no example!! He thinks he looks ‘biggly’ and ‘strongly’ Doesn’t like the way he looks in masks. Couldn’t agree with him more. Wearing a mask,he knows he’d look like who he really is, rhymes with “armpit.”

  301. Well, we’re living here in Allentown
    And they’re closing all the factories down, Out in Bethlehem, they’re killing time, Filling out forms, standing in line..

  302. I had a horrible dream, I dream’nt that Trump caught the virus and then passed it to all his family members “god it was awful”

  303. someone get the hook and pull that clown off stage…

  304. F’n Tard

    1. chrisntheboat By your comment…you may be just as bad…normal caring people don’t use that word anymore

  305. Orange clown, everything about him. He doesn’t care about the American people. He wants to send you back to work, you take the risk, if you die, its okay.

    1. You must have bags of money under your bed or live with mom… not everyone can stay home

  306. What a weak ineffective president we have. He’s literally using this as a lilly pad to launch his stupidity since his dumb rallys are currently on hold.

  307. This guy can never stop talking about himself. I can’t wait until PA Dems show out and get this mf out of office. I’m so tired of his lack of empathy as a president. On top of a millions other things I’m tired of him doing 🤦🏽‍♂️

  308. He is right no other country has done what we have, they have done much better.

    1. Thank you

  309. Show respect for your nation

  310. At least he can read decently

  311. Another speech makes me throw UP. Disgusting to the CORE.

    1. BTS LIVE
      – I lost the ability to watch or listen to him some time ago. My wife refuses to buy another TV if I toss something through the new TV.

  312. Hes got an extra layer of tanning spray to help him protect against the” invisible enemy “


  314. “If we didn’t do any testing we would have fewer cases”. Let’s stop testing and this virus will miraculously go away. You know… like when the weather gets warmer.

    1. I think “doing less tests” is exactly what China did. Aamof, they only have 80,000 cases, and nobody knows how many have died since there are too many people

    2. He is a dunce. Embarrassing

    3. @Mary Lee what a fucking moron of a president, one of his staffs got infected and all of a sudden they all got tested and within a day they got the results. And he still has the audacity to say “if we didn’t do any testing we could have fewer cases” like it’s not that bad but when one of your staffs got corona, suddenly testing was very important to you?

    4. Stop testing him and his administration

  315. “What happened….it should never have happened…” yeah, your fucking election!

  316. WTF is going on !!!

  317. “I’ve lost “friends” to this” but I’m still hell bent on opening the country and killing as many of you normal people as possible, why because i only care about me myself and i

    1. @Peter Parker
      Amen , Thank you

    2. @Peter Parker wth

    3. @Peter Parker …………………

    4. he has friends?

  318. You have killed close to 85,000 Americans by not being prepared and not doing the right thing and calling this epidemic a hoax. Shame on you.

  319. That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!

  320. Story time again……Yawn

  321. 🤥

  322. Bad Trump, Bad Trump…..Whacha you gonna do when COVID comes for you??

  323. I hear him talking but I have no idea what he is saying

  324. What…no build that wall battlecry? Only a bunch of racist idiots and dumb fools would blindly follow this guy.

  325. Trump is a very, very special President

    1. JP I hope that is not a comment comparing him to people with intellectual disabilities….don’t disrespect anyone by comparing them to him…he is just willing ignorant and a hate spewing sad excuse of a leader/human

  326. “They run into death like soldiers run into bullets” I’m confused here. Does anyone know a soldier who ran into a bullet on purpose? I’m confused here

    1. @Matthew Walton and a few medal of honor recipients, just saying

    2. It’s a beautiful thing to see!

    3. Uh I do. All the soldiers that stormed Normandy.

    4. Sounds like achild on story sharing day at school

    5. thekidonly and without a weapon?

  327. So tired of listening to him.

  328. Bull****
    People still fallow him.. Help the nurses in America first…

  329. Listen orange thing Have you not understood that nobody listens to you and nobody wants to hear from you. If you haven’t learned that by now you are a MORON. We want Fauci.

  330. More bleach and sunlight injections?🤔

  331. This man is a walking crisis

  332. The fact that this guy is our “president”….blows my f***** mind every time….

    1. Mr. Clean Honestly, Trump makes my skin crawl.

    2. Derek Dale If Mr. Clean is “not worth your time” why do you engage him? Who’s the fool? Who’s insane?

    3. @Mr. Clean Enough with the emojis, how old are you? I am still waiting for you to refute my argument, instead you use words that you don’t understand and lie through your filthy mouth. Now go back to your reddit or msm propaganda echo chamber. You’re not worth my time.

    4. @Derek Dale 🙄…..yes….im the “insane one” clearly…commimg from a person who refuses to look at facts, data and testimony with out saying “everything is a conspiracy theory” and using the same talking points as Trump….buddy you’re sick and what’s wrong with America…get help and good luck…

    5. @Mr. Clean So instead you want a criminal like Biden? Are you serious? You act like we should be ashamed but you in the same time push for candidates who are more pro war than Trump. You’re legit insane.

  333. Ridiculous orange face and white eye from the little caps makes me sick to think this thing is our president…I’ve been repeating this same words for the past 4years….

  334. How about just thank these people for the wonderful job they’re doing then STFU, you clown!

  335. I respect the President of the US. Democrat or Republican work together as one nation.

  336. Does he understand that China is/has been buying-up everything within the U.S? All steal come from China. They’ve bought a lot of our meat Manufacturers… Buildings, lots etc.. They steal our technology over and over again.. The U.S owes BILLIONS to China.. There a no way out from under them.. And Trump and all other Presidents before/after keeps giving.. If we ever go to war with China we’re fucked

  337. Supposably, you could get the virus from talking to an infected over the phone. I’m not sure if you can get it by texting. I think you have to actually be talking to them 🤷‍♂️
    Crazy times.

  338. What is he talking about 😵😂

  339. Just great! Now the Orange One is spreading his fat coated mucus all over the masks we need!

    1. @nicelys1 After all this?? You’re crazy!

  340. Why does he look extra orange today?

  341. Covid-19: WARRIORS! Come out and play!

  342. Is he really touting what the economy WAS? Like that’s what matters now?

    1. There are videos where he is bragging about how much he lives miney and he said on one of the videos that he doesn’t care about how he gets the money just give him lots and lots of money .

  343. So NOW is a terrible virus and no longer a hoax?

  344. Here’s a little something to watch.

  345. As usual hes so full of bullshit!!
    It exudes tremendously every single time he opens his mouth.

    From January to May 15th, 10 million tests out of a population of 382 million ??

    We really should have more drive through testing like China!

  346. he looks as dumb as he sounds. nice orange spray paint. super fucking normal.

  347. The sun was out , 70 degrees Trump was right on point. Lehigh Valley for Trump 2020

  348. What needs to happen is that all medical supplies and pharmaceuticals are made in the US, instead of China. I pray that from here on, we start becoming producers of everything in this country, because it is a matter of national security. I love how President Trump has exposed the globalists, and he understands how they are destroying our country and the entire world. Those who do not love this President, do not know the goals of the New World Order globalists. We were so close to becoming a communist country, and the Democrats are still pushing for communism.

    1. horsechit

  349. This is just a presidential campaign in disguise. He is such a POS you don’t see him in the hospital’s praising up the dr’s and nurses.

  350. Explain to him that the masks are like the goggles he wears while tanning, but for germs. Simple ideas might make it into that pumpkin head.

  351. you should have never happened…too bad your dad didn’t pull out…

  352. Why is it green screened???

  353. God Bless Donald Trump!!! He’s the BEST!!! 👍 👍

  354. #presidentchump

  355. It’s over. Now get back to work and tell the Democrats to quit sponging off the federal government for more money to bail them out. It’s one thing to tell us what to do it’s another thing that every time you turn around the Democrats and the liberal news are doing exactly what they’re not supposed to do. The Democrats won’t be happy until this country is totally bankrupt just to make Trump look bad. Everybody knows this is set on politics now!

    1. Bea FreeAll …I think these protesters and the American people know how serious the versus is but when the Democrats have done nothing but lie from the beginning is why they don’t trust what’s going on .You got Nancy Pelosi bragging about her ice cream and her fridges when millions of families standing in the food lines that don’t even have food. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot Breaking her own rules and going out and get a haircut because she thinks she’s the only one entitled to it. You got New York democratic mayor De Blasio getting caught walking in another park 10 miles away breaking his own rules and was confronted on what a hypocrite he is. Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio lied about needing more Medical equipment and a hospital ship when it wasn’t needed including Los Angles. Dr Fauci who keeps making excuses for being wrong and who hasn’t treated a patient in 20 years and wants us to believe him. New York sold the respirators they had and where totally unprepared and had to beg President Trump for help. Nancy Pelosi and many Democrats telling you to go eat and visit in China town when the flue was spreading calling Trump a xenophobe or racist for shutting down flights from China which possibly saved millions of lies. The medical analyst saying hundred of thousands of people if not millions could die only to find out that their graphs where wrong. The Democratic States all want Federal money to pay off their dept that occurred before the virus , like New Yorks 6.1 Billion Dept. Then the Democrats wanted to include all their liberal agendas and stopped the signing of the stimulus bill for two weeks before signing or passing the bill until they got what they wanted. Then you have CNN own anchor Chris Caumo getting caught outside with the virus arguing with a 65 year old bicyclist and threatening him. Last but not least Nancy Pelosi wiping her noise and then rubbing it on the podium with no face mask. The worst of all is Nancy Pelosi and most Democrats did nothing but criticized and fight President Trump and refused to help. The one thing that President Trump gave everyone and not a single Democrat could was hope. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL!!!

  356. This mans reading skills are horrible

  357. Another tan.. He’s an idiot

  358. I’m a lifelong Republican. I’m embarrassed. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Trump keeps pumping the stock market. A companies market cap is only worth so much.

    Markets can’t keep going up or they crash. People will lose BIG during a stock market collapse if Trump keeps pumping the markets. It’s an artificial pump.

  359. Here comes the orange buffoon lying through his teeth again “I praise you worriers”. Off stage” Boy I got to them, they believe I care, next sucker state”.

  360. President colostomy bag trying to do damage control —

  361. Lmfao when he goes off script and starts ranting.. I bet his team is like fucking idiot!!!!

  362. PA bikers support Trump because Trump supplies with biker helmets and cut down of trees. #Bikers4Trump

  363. Don’t worry just keep wearing your mask everybody and standing in line to get your milk and bread and pray the economy gets better after they keep getting these big-ass stimulus package is through for the corporations and throwing you guys a couple bucks😷😷😷😷😷

  364. noun

    plural noun: globalists

    a person who advocates the interpretation or planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to events and developments throughout the world.

    a person or organization advocating or practicing operations across national divisions.

    the actual definition in case anyone was wondering

  365. ABC: AntiAmerican Broadcasting Corporation

    1. @Dicky Ball GIRL BYE FELICIA

    2. @Claude Williams💩🚽. 🖕& ⚰️, boy.

    3. @Claude Williams💩🚽, CBS: China Bribing Suckers(like you).

    4. @Claude Williams💩🚽, CBS: Communist Broadcasting Station

    5. @Claude Williams💩🚽,CBS: Cocksuckers Broadcasting Station


  367. Where are Trumps donations??

  368. When the dust clears you idiots will find something else to cry about! What about the Obama Flynn collision for the last three years? Dumbocrats are done!

  369. Shut up and get out of our state fool!

  370. How do people not see this is just a reality show on the highest level to him?

  371. I just feel bad that no one around him cares about him enough to say “dude your face looks so fucking stupid, please stop putting on fake tan”

  372. What a retard. Hope he gets hung

  373. They can’t believe what a terrible job this administration has done. Tested 10 million people there’s 350 million people in America. Captain bonespurs. Please lie to me more. I just can’t get enough! 🙄

  374. I wish people could show more love & support! That’s what the world needs! You guys all need prayer!

  375. He keeps bring up the stupid graph on testing. Claiming every country in the world combined and doubled would still have less than our total testing. First, his graph does not include every country. Second the countries on the graph are basically less known and low testing. Right now Russia alone has 5.1 million tests. Double that and guess what ten million…

  376. That’s one delusional, compulsive-lying, buffoon that Don the Con Trump is.

  377. Trump is a damn fool and it’s gonna be the death of all us

  378. This orange orangutan will go down as the worst president in American history. Never thought you could out-stupid George Bush but you did it Donnie.

  379. Trump just made a risk on how politics will so severe🥶

  380. Trump will go down as the most incompetent and corrupt president ever to serve this country.

    1. Musclehead FACTS!!!!

  381. Mental illness is real

  382. 😒give me a break🙄

  383. Most delusional man in our country….same ole song and dance….bragging about himself when he is failing miserably


  385. PA please don’t listen to this person. Vote BLUE in November and get rid of this #45 lying virus. He isn’t beautiful to see. He is full of baloney and says only what you want to hear even though he doesn’t believe any of it. You can tell when trump lies only when his lips are moving.

  386. I thought the Networks stopped covering his speeches and rallies. He is a buffoon! Playing a deadly game with the American people.

  387. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

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  389. No f..mask lol hes been around the 19 you are the source why its happened.

  390. The American people will speak in November. I for one am very interested to see what happens.

  391. I feel sorry for the white house shoppers having to buy all that toilet paper for all the stupid sh!t that comes out of his mouth,

  392. He goes more off script than reading the damn speech!

  393. How would he know about soldiers? Draft dodger…

  394. I’m glad he didn’t show up at my warehouse he was like 3 buildings away from us

  395. What is “reyantancy”? He said it 2X. Is that a word that only Forrest Trump has heard of? 🤣😂🤣

  396. He believes his own bs

  397. Is this a trump rally? I like the MAGA hats. What a joke. Trump is a waste of space. Wake Up America

  398. Take Trump’s ego and flush down the toilet, that is what you do with sh@t.

  399. I don’t know why anyone would listen to anything that this habitual liar would say. The coronavirus is spreading my qualifier and he’s trying to say it’s fake news doesn’t care how many people died long as he gets out there to campaign hoping you’d be president again and not going to happen he’s proven he can’t run our country he said disgrace to America time for him to just be quiet go back to the White House and hide out until his term is over that’s what would be best for America at this point

  400. yeah right his friends 🙄 just like 9/11 when he said he lost so many friends! what the hell is wrong with this man

  401. Broken record coward ass bitch!, He is a fuckin idiot, hopefully the virus takes his ass out!, 10 million out of 300 million people? What a dumbfuck!, Pray he passes away in his sleep tonight!

  402. My ex-wife is a dentist. Her dental office has been closed for eight weeks because of covid19. Today the health department issued guidelines for reopening. One requirement is that they have adequate masks, gloves and gowns. SHE CANT GET PPEs! They are back ordered with a proposed delivery of two months. And testing, she has to accept UNTESTED patients because there aren’t enough tests available. Trump is lying. Don’t believe a word he says.

  403. Looks like a fresh coat of Cheeto orange on that fat dumbass face. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  404. If this is a war he should be a war criminal

  405. Terrible terrible guy right there

  406. Pennsylvania is still shut down and our spineless Governor let’s Trump have a political event. He tried to do his greatest hits like point out the media to a chorus of boos but the crowd wasn’t with him.

  407. Trump’s mantra: My authority is total but I don’t take responsibility at all.

  408. America has a lot of unemployed warriors, seems to be a war coming…Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

  409. Republicans are running to the Democrats, that’s why OBAMA and BIDEN won twice…..🇺🇸👍 For the record we Democrats don’t Hate blindly we want what is best for our Children’s Future…Our job as Adults is to build a strong System and not allow the GOPetty to continue to destroy our tax dollars for their personal profits…Save yourself..Vote BIDEN 🇺🇸💯

  410. ORANGE MAN 2020 !!!!



  412. “186 got yaaas.” WTH?!

  413. The Grand Master speaking at his kkk rally.

  414. Made in the USA! Proud Americans!

  415. Trump is 73 years old… it shows

  416. All the people talking trash but I don’t see them trying to become president in their lifetime🤷‍♀️

  417. The self proclaimed “ Right to life” party has under Trump turned itself into the Grandma, playground killing party.


  419. Lets make America great!  Dump Trump!

  420. We’re number one because Trump is incompetent and didn’t take immediate action when the virus hit our soil.

  421. Want it open get masks and testing to everyone

  422. 🗽💪🏼🇺🇸


  424. His hole body language says, he is not there for mask or for Corona. He is playing politics again. This man wil NEVER stop pretending. The WURST president effer. I get sick in mijn stamik Belly, if he SPEAKS. He needs only CLOWN paint on his face and a REF NOSE.

  425. America first??????
    Why he didn’t take care of America – to avoid the disease all around the world and of course in USA now almost 85 Americans died !!!!!!!!!???

  426. “All kinds of things”

  427. Hell yeah! Trump 2020

  428. Lincoln Project

  429. I can’t with this clown

  430. he keeps blaming china…

  431. Does ABC censor all the comments or is it just the government pretending to be Youtube?

  432. At a mask factory but not wearing one? Im on my way there now!

  433. Anyone wearing those beautiful hats needs their ass royally kicked.

    1. Another keyboard tough guy.
      Sounds like you need a juice box and a nap.

  434. Really don’ t understand him at all he said this virus was a hoax blamed it on the democrats……..

  435. TRUMP,PENCE 2020 ,REPUBLICANS 2020,

  436. He’s right it should never have happened but he created this mess by not doing what it should have done in the beginning.

  437. Sick Speech by a Sick man, so when was the Defense Production Act kick into gear by the way?
    Bet Biden would’ve worn a mask plus gloves…
    He is getting my vote in Nov
    Doc T/Nurse P Out
    Biden/VP? IN 2020

  438. Grampa’s rambling again, someone get him his pills.

  439. He just continues to spew out the same nonsense in a repeated loop every single day.

  440. At Will Employees become Make Your Will Slaves.

  441. Ok USA meat supplies now. Fix that

  442. What a great man…bringing jobs!!! To America….phoney joke!!! Leave now..

  443. He sucks ass

  444. Freakin’ fracken RETARD. (let’s be clear that has absolutely no reference to beloved intelligent gentle souls with challenges. No , this man is the text book example of a retard. Intelligence never used….b/c of money or just too darn lazy to use what God gave him….it’s too late now, that brain is useless now.)

  445. I cannot stand how This fool keeps moving his hands back and forth. He looks like a trickless Magician!!!!!!

  446. Like he says nobody ever had whined as much as this cry baby, their so unfair. I get no credit. But we have the greatest liar in history. What a joke. Lock him up. USMC

  447. Why isn’t he in a Hospital, thanking our Doctors and Nurses ?

  448. This man is a narcissistic, feckless moron.

  449. What a Fucking Retard Chump is!
    You have more cases because there are MORE CASES NOT because you have tests.
    Tests don’t change the truth you fucking dipshit trump.

  450. Mr Trump continues to line his family’s pockets with kickbacks & stealing from the American people, this “SCUMBAG” needs to be held accountable !!!

  451. What’s up with the volume on these news videos

  452. It’s sad that some poor fools still believe in this guy!!?? He’s so full of himself and could careless about anyone living in the United States!!!

  453. That idiot was in a sterile environment and wasn’t wearing a mask?

  454. And you treat those doctors and nurses just like you treat vets. You give them squat for pay, don’t provide proper healthcare for them when they get sick and you expect them to die for you so you can increase your stock portfolio.

  455. Too bad the source is China.
    If it were transmitted somewhere here from the onset I highly doubt the pandemic would have been contained.
    We’d all be fucked.
    Hell… Go buy some dog food at Wal-Mart. It’s fruit loops!
    I say we’re all fucked irregardless of where it sprang from. The USA has no self control or restraint.

  456. Funny I still don’t have the masks I need.

  457. In the time it took for him to shovel his BS, roughly 100 more Americans died! 10 million tests??? WOO HOO! Only 320 million more Americans waiting to be tested. What’s the ETA on their tests? Or do they need to apply for a job in the infected West Wing of the White House & work directly with Trump to get one?

  458. Lil dude face fucked up…🤣🤣🖕💩

  459. Sleepy joe> Brain dead Trump

  460. DUMP TRUMP. VOTE 2020

  461. Donald Trump you are a joke comedy really get serious you’re a president

  462. *sigh*

  463. he’s desperate and still trying to turn every speech he makes a camp-pain stop he cannot control himself and says the exact things over and over and… I am still not convinced! young people just dont catch it? he cant say per capita

  464. Wonder if his elbows hurt from patting himself on the back so much.

  465. He is talking about testing . The other countries did the testing when it was needed. So now they don’t need to do 50m test 😳

  466. I’m so tired of his bluh bluh bluh I’m tanned but my eye lids aren’t. I don’t know what I’m reading,. Look at me I’m the choosen one, piece of crap I say to you get the hell out of my town fly back to where you came from . Clouds came over Allentown once he landed here

  467. I am so tired of hearing the same thing every time he is in public! I am getting so annoyed with his voice and the me me me bullshit! Who is he doing this for us or him? Time to take the garbage out cuz its sat too long and the smell wont go away for yrs

  468. To think, if he learned three new words, he would double his vocabulary.

  469. Thanks a lot MAGA hats, for nothing

  470. He’s a passionate president, ya’all need to get a grip, he’s doing all he can

  471. Looks like he loves bragging about accomplishments!

  472. Seriously, does anyone listen to her anymore?
    She’s just a bitter,old, drag queen with shitty orange makeup and dyed blonde hair. Impeached, despised and mocked that literally any man in a ten mile radius would be more respected and competent.
    Send her to the old drag queens home.

  473. He’s definitely glowing, he hasn’t a clue what he is even reading,then he just waffles what’s sound good in his little head

    1. What a gob shite

  474. Have influenza ever put a person in a coma? Do you know how the people died that had influenza? The symptoms? Do you know that’s their a human coronavirus that is common to the human. Do you know if the COVID1 19 Test is the same as coronavirus testing?


    1. I can’t afford it

  476. Yeah Allentown, PA, you are busy like trump is. You tweet hundreds of times a day too right? You’ve played hundreds of rounds of golf in the past 3 years right? Also, for those of you who work at that factory… when did you start making more than normal? Trump denied the recommendation of top CDC officials for MONTHS and PUNISHED them for saying PPE and supplies needed to be stockpiled back in January. Is that leadership in a pandemic you would hope for?


    1. I can’t wait til you guys stfu and this gets exposed y’all so dam brainwashed the news has you guys going crazy! And trust me we can’t be brainwashed the news has not once been on trump side @jermaine perry

    2. Trumpgate you deplorable

  478. Orange man grows more orange ever day 😄

  479. Gaslighter-in-Chief

  480. He can barely read and doesn’t make much sense.

  481. trump himself is a virus😷

  482. 10 million tests after 3 months in a country of 350 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  483. ABC: All Bastards Conspiring

    1. @Jermaine Perry, ABC: Astute Bastards Conspiring

    2. @Jermaine Perry, ABC: Assholes (like you) Being Conned.

    3. @Jermaine Perry in your self inflicted wet dreams, dirtydemoncRATic plantation slave. REELECT 45 AND THRIVE 💪 🇺🇸🖕.

    4. What about your rambling 45’s gig is almost over

  484. This guy is a complete moron, how anyone still supports him is beyond me.

    1. Facts

  485. Very weird that he still can not read a scripted speech. He will forever be remembered as a mentally handicapped President that has trouble speaking and reading, during a time with 38 million unemployed citizens are watching him on TV.

  486. It amazes how much pussys there is in this section lmao a BUNCH OF people tested Positive celebrity politics you fucking name it tell me one that’s died please !

    1. Hush wont you catch it and tell us how you feel

  487. Liar liar pants on fire!

  488. I thought he was here to honor the hard working hero’s making sure our medical staff is equip

  489. Lmao what a clown! Brags on himself cares nothing about the dead , he’s weak , and it’s all lies

  490. GO TRUMP YAH!

    1. By trump yah

  491. ABC: Americans Being Caressed

  492. WHY IS HE LYING??

  493. ABC: Asians Bringing Crap

  494. God damn this country

  495. Seriously, why the hell are we following #dumptrump briefings of any kind? BTW…didn’t listen again! These only show he’s VERY worried about reelection nothing more from this buffoon.

  496. The orange clown is extra orange today.

  497. Why is this moron even televised? I think I will watch reruns of “I Love Lucy”.

  498. Too..late..King..Cottonhead!…should..have..done..this..months..ago!!..the..US..has..more..deaths..from..COVID-19..than..any..other..Country!..LOSER!!..

  499. jesus christ his hands are SMALL!

  500. tik, tok m’fer…173 days to the start of your deserved shame and ultimate demise. drain the swamp and u will find trump, ivanka, jr., jared, barr, sekulow, miller, mcananey, hannity, dobbs, ingraham, collins, mcconnell, gaetz, the bottom..swamp scum..ur reckoning is coming

  501. this is a lie to take away your freedom

  502. Supporter or not, is he in this for the country or himself? The answer is easy…..

    1. Pretty muted response from workers.

    2. He’s in it for himself. He does these events because he craves attention. Most of thr time the employees are forced to attend ir not get paid.

  503. He’s such a pig

  504. ABC: Another Bullshit Correspondence

  505. lol why donald sound like the guy that raises his hand to read but cant😂😂

  506. his skin color eye shadow is poppn! 😂😂😂


  508. Yo guys this virus so serious like your dr faux I said why haven’t most people that tested positive died y’all so fucking brainwashed

  509. I thought he was there to thank the workers there?? Why is it EVERY PLACE he goes he makes it all abt him and what “he did that nobody ever in history” this is more like his campaigning agenda not to actually show apprectiation cuz this man DOES NOT KNOW HOW…..

  510. Is it just me…or is he repeating himself to make false statements. This guy is losing it every time he comes out and speaks. He talks like he’s still promoting WWF wrestling. I cringe with embarrassment that the world is watching, laughing at every word he spews out of his anal shaped mouth.
    What’s even more sad is there are STILL some fake patriotic citizens that stand by his every word. That just tells me there’s a lot of STUPID walking among us.

  511. ABC: All Bull Caca

  512. He saw nurses and doctors struggle with PPE? Didn’t he tell a nurse in the Oval Office that there was plenty of supplies??

  513. This is his worst speech of all time. Getting up early? That’s what’s called a job. Something you’ve never done in your life.

  514. ABC: Americans Being Cheated

  515. What a pathetic and stupid man.

  516. I bet every trump supporter is feeling pretty stupid

  517. Why don’t they mention or use UV lights? Testing shows they work n UV bulbs can be swapped out within existing light fixtures?
    Peace Out

  518. 40 to 60,000 people died of influenza Common flu President Trump each year. 87,000 covid-19 Death is questionable.?? Because a person went into the hospital for stabbing accident, shootings, heart attack cancer, everything was labeled and diagnosed death by covid-19. On the average 6000 to 7000 people die in America a day just a little puff average 8000 plus a day. How many of those people were included into the 87,000 covid-19 Deaths is unknown. You should be investigating that President Trump.

    1. @Brad Quinn The different today is your death certificate will say covid-19. Italy Parliament knows 99% of the elderly people in their country DIED from other causes then covid-19. Fraudulent certificate death certificates Same thing happening in the United States. Do you know the Coronavirus is a human virus?. And if they test that for that virus 66 75 85% is going to test positive. A few days ago Trump said that maybe we should investigate the number because it might be zero. President Trunmp wanted to deal gaming up for a pay to play hand. He wants a part of the ( Subliminal 44 – 908 London liquidation Business Trump Dreams of being one of the truly successful big boys ) With the deep state Ace in the Hole EVENT 201 PLANDEMIC. Letting Trump know this is Chess then the deep state put Trump in checkmates about his taxes. Trump’s in stalemate purposely about to sell America out.. Joe Biden he’s waiting sell America.out if Trump don’t. POLITICS 2 winged eagle Democrat and Republican can’t fly with One Wing.

    2. If you have terminal cancer and you get hit by a semi truck, your death certificate does not say cancer. It says due to semi truck. This is no different.

  519. ABC: Anybody But China

  520. Boy STFU did his stupid ass say they didn’t know what they we’re doing? Really Mr I got it under control fucking liar.

  521. Twitter Troll tRump want to send our children back to school without tests or a plan. Everyone wants to go back to work and school SAFELY. Just like the White House testing and contact tracing. OK, YOU FIRST. send Barron I and your grandchildren first to school and summer camp. Lying tRump Rat and his political cult followers “OPEN USA PROTESTORS” go back to work. MANY JOBS available For YOU AS Essential Workers and FIrst Responders . Fake Pro Life HYPOCRITES!

    1. Steve Schmeltz
      Never take medical advice from a politician.
      The only true statement from Lying tRump Rat “IM NOT A DOCTOR”

    2. Private Private
      In the fall I believe he meant?

  522. Chaos. Trump’s mission is to destabilize our democracy. DISEASE, DISTRUSTand DISMANTLE our legal system. Trump is working for the Russians and is being controlled by Putin. Look who Trump puts in positions of power and the appointments are temporary. If there is one American left in his administration I would be shocked. Greasy, greedy glad handers and our court system oh Lord.

  523. ABC: Assholes Broadcasting Corruption

  524. Trump continues to lie about his “all time greatest economy”..he can’t let go

    1. He’s an abysmal vomit inducing twat .

    2. ikr…

    3. And his imaginary friends

  525. Only president in my lifetime that just reads off the paper given to him

  526. You call other countries and they hang up …

  527. Clueless leader doesn’t know he’s an idiot.

  528. All i can say is .. WOW !!

  529. ABC: Asswipes Being Conned

  530. Professional Liar. He is the worst, ass wipe.

  531. Google the word Idiot under Image and his face will be there…a politician from England was asking how this happens..

  532. I’m so happy he never wears a mask

    1. I hope he gets the virus, we need a vaccine that will come from his great genetikkks

  533. Nobody is even applauding him…😅😅😅

  534. Stop airing trump.

  535. God bless you President Trump

  536. jesus he is so fucking orange

  537. The poor old Liberal clan is jumping on he “no mask” issue. Hee Hee! 3.75 years of mockery and he’s only stronger. ;-0

  538. His Grandfather, the Pimp, died during the 1918 Pandemic

  539. Bullshit meter is off the charts as always

  540. Trump the whole fucking world hates you for putting us at risk. Never send a inexperienced person to handle a pandemic! So now we’re all on time out because of your gross negligence.

  541. POTUS sounds SO FAKE!! Can’t he EVER speak from the heart?

    1. He doesn’t have one. Sad

  542. Trump is exempt from having to wear a mask, even around old people and medical personnel.

    Because he’s better than everybody else.

  543. Trump to Conduct 21 rallies in the next 30 days….yye haa.

  544. The testing lie is the fattest biggest ugliest word coming out of his mouth.


  546. the most VULGAR words can’t describe this dumb ass wipe

  547. This guy is fuckin’ stupid.

  548. Only thing is they need more. Instead of rewearing them. Stopped at the source…that’s on you idiot.

  549. 10 million outta 330000000

  550. Super orange

  551. The joke is over vote verbal diarrhea out in November

  552. He’s more orange than usual… Someone installed a tanning bed in AirForce 1

    1. must been a make up sale at the dollar store ?

  553. We have a “sir” story

  554. We need to test to see if it’s safe to send our kids back to school we can start by using Donald Trump’s son Barron as a guinea pig

  555. Delsuional Much?

    1. @gasdorfic muncher all Americans want to take pride in their president, but you don’t get a free pass. You actually have to do a respectable job of leading our country to get the praise you deserve. The public is tired of being lead with lies. The country is tired of idiots who believe no matter what he does that he’s in the right. If you want to be part of a dictatorship feel free. But last time I checked he volunteered for the job. Criticism has always come with this job. No more room for absurdist doublespeak zombie morons.

    2. @gasdorfic muncher he’s the idiot choosing to boast on himself, what else do you expect When a Man Lies about doing the jobs he’s refused to do. About taking responsibility for things he hasn’t done?

    3. these comments look at them all , negative

  556. and NO MASK!

  557. Wow but thizs guy is truly a d bag

  558. Liar!

  559. Warriors, my ass. He’s the only one in ENTIRE COUNTRY who knows the COVID status of everybody he interacts with. The rest of us are just guessing, hoping, and praying. This is nothing less than a campaign rally disguised as a ‘visit.’ Somebody in that crowd should start yelling about CRIMSON CONTAGION, OPERATION PREDICT, and Dr. Peter Raschak. 10 million test is nothing to brag about. Try filling a barrel with an eye dropper.
    What’s truly astonishing us that he keeps chirping about having ‘American made,’ when his flags and other trumpery is made in China. The pipeline us being built with steel from his boyfriend Vlad. And, for the life of me I can’t find his ‘clean coal,’ which translated into 10,000 jobs.

  560. ..” They can’t believe the job were doing.” ….”it’s not me.” That might be the understatement of the year.

  561. What a huuuge piece of 💩 this incompetent clown is. Now “WARRIORS “is his favorite brainwashing word to his ignorant supporters .

  562. President Clorox and vice president Lysol.

  563. Lie,lie,lie. Trump couldn’t wait to hold a rally.

  564. He needs a new writer! Same old material. Boring

  565. it is just painful to listen to this idiot.

  566. He STILL doesn’t understand the concept of “per capita”.

  567. What a clown. Get out of my state.

  568. I hate you 😤

  569. Make sure you take a mask back since your dumbass ppl in the white house are now spreading it to eachother. Course your above god so you think you cant get it.. Poor Pennsylvania.. 💩..

  570. I hate listening to him talk. He couldnt form a linear thought if somebody offered to cover it in gold and put his name on top of it.

  571. 85000 and counting.

  572. “It should’ve been stoped at its source” we could’ve done a lot for it to not effect us as bad 🤦‍♂️

    1. Well France had its first case on Dec 27th, right dead smack in the middle of the holiday travel season, I think this was in the US late Dec or early Jan. would have been widespread by the time China even said it was a Corona type virus and before the first case was found outside of China. The holiday travel could very easily have been how this spread to ever corner of the country in no time.
      I actually don’t think we had a chance, majority asymptomatic, those with symptoms would be seen as flu, as we were right in middle of flu season too. If it was here that early no one could have done a thing.

  573. It’s like Ronald McDonald opening a new McDonalds

    1. 1,200 stimulus is like working for less than Mcdonalds a month

  574. #fakepotus you will never ever earn the “warrior” status. Your bone spurs prevent you from being your best. 🤮😭

  575. I think President Trump did a good job for our country so far. We all need to stop pointing figures and do your own part to overcome the virus.

  576. Testing is overrated! That should be the Democratic Party’s number one slogan during the election. That this clown got voted in is a joke.

  577. I wish he at least spoke nicely and said words of encouragement and hope!

  578. Third grade reading ability. Typhoid Larry unhinged. I hope his minions and evangelicals do not social distance and rub each other out. Then who would vote for him? Genius…

  579. Who cares what this idiot thinks.

  580. I love how Trump exposes the nasty retorters. Lol 😂 Trump 2020!

  581. *BA-FOON 100%!*

  582. There’s so many illegal immigrants in the comments! 😀

  583. Next year he speaks like he already won the election and you don’t now what tomorrow is going to be like have you ever sit down and speak to the Aferican American the true Aferican American Donald we love please don’t speak our truth leave that to us please

  584. Either way like trump or dont. The people in that factory and others like it are heros

  585. Everybody in Allentown killing eachother but Duke got of here unscathed smh

  586. For the people who don’t think the Chinese realised this virus on purpose your all fools. From the first death China told us about about 2 weeks later it was pretty much in the rest of the world I mean get real people virus don’t travel this fast. They knew about this virus long before they told us and it is said that’ there’s a good chance this virus could be man made

  587. Your right I can’t believe it.

  588. This would be sad to watch if he weren’t such a narcissistic, arrogant pr!ck

  589. Testing, that same lie again. Lies after lies. Less then 2 percent of our population.

  590. medical appreciation day should be a thing

  591. He,s right America did what no other countries did left it to the States to handle the vires instead of taking action himself

  592. Ignorance is not only a bliss but a luxury these days.

  593. This is utterly ridiculous. Dis mf said I love your hats??? Jesus christ man.

  594. Trump is going to win re-election and here is why, first off Joe’s brain is melting. He is going to suck in the debates. But bigger than that, Obamacare cost me $1,400 a month for less insurance. Trump has got me 3 pay raises my retirement account has tripled. Even with the Corona crisis it has still more than doubled, I got to keep my freedom of religion under Trump I get to keep my right to bear arms under Trump and I keep my freedom of speech under Trump. And you idiots want to give all that away.

  595. What an incredibly ignorant orange faced moron. Tell us again about anybody that wants a test can get a test. I want a test and nobody can tell me where and how. Put a fucking mask on stupid, it’ll improve your looks

  596. Does he look more orange in this video?

    1. he found his wifes make up ?

  597. I don’t know what he sucks more at, reading out loud or just regular talking. He basically hashtagged all over the microphone.


    1. also check your blood pressure, you have a bad tds

    2. Check your CAPS LOCK, it’s clearly stuck.

  599. What this man will do to get reelected is pathetic…pushing his death star agenda literally… listen to him on fox and what he said on mothers day if this isnt full blown narcissistic rambling. . Seth myers night show

  600. Why the hell is this allowed at all. Why are large numbers of people gathering at all! This man care more about his campaign then the American people.

  601. I can see how much his friends truly meant to him. This psychotic narcissist has NO feeling at all. He’s an empty soul incapable of any feelings other than his own gratifications. God have mercy on us all if he wins again. We’re going to need it.

  602. Jajaja we doing so great jajaja

  603. Please, someone take his tanning booth away!

    1. @gasdorfic muncher In the shade: orange creamsicle.

    2. its clown make up ?

  604. This orange ninny couldn’t tell the truth if it jumped up and bit him in his fat, flabby, orange ass.

  605. Trump works hard lmao always makes it a political rally about himself, a desperate man.

  606. this TWIT has a mind of a 11 yr old

  607. Babble , babble, babble…..

  608. This man can’t go 2 seconds without tryna boast about himself and make himself look good. What a joke of a president

  609. All he does is try to talk in circles and repeat stuff, how can you brag on America doing more test (which we are not) which means nothing when everyone is dying? He’s a damn idiot

  610. drink sanitizer and Clorox that is the vaccine Recommended by president Donald Trump
    Americans first

  611. You don’t even sound sincere

  612. Nobody ever said they died that’s because there dead.

  613. is Trump an albino Panda? whuts up with his face?

  614. Ive never been more ashamed to be an american. Im sorry world…

    1. Ok rob u know i can still see all the bs u said even tho u deleted ur comments?

    2. @Rob D y delete ur comment about how i can leave anytime btw?

    3. @Rob D eastern washington fyi. The republican part of the state in case u were concerned i didnt vote for the same political party as you

    4. @Rob D well in Washington state where i was born and raised its around 70° f where i live.

  615. Trump belong in a mental institution immediately

  616. 5:15 is the beginning of his Verbal math problem for us to solve. at 7:09 he explains that there are things made that we could never believe. 8:15 “if we did fewer tests then wed have less cases, but they don’t tell you that.” who is THEY?

  617. pres dumb ass

  618. Don’t speak for us please

  619. U should of been there in the beginning telling them to restock every chance they got but nope Damm near 3 months later u want to make a show appearance …

  620. TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸✊🏻✊🏻

  621. Trump you wouldn’t know Jack crap about facing bullets flying come to think of it You Don’t know Jack crap about anything

  622. Shut your lying face. We’re on to you last February stupid. You’re out of the WH come November unless the virus kills you first hopefully.

  623. Or he would have found some place else ??? Can he not put his foot directly in his mouth within 20 seconds of beginning to speak.

    Yes it should have been stopped at the source, YOU….AND YOU still cant get it right TRUMP !!! GTFOH !!! BOOOOOOOO 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🙈🙉🙈🙊🙈🙉🙈

  624. We don’t see the works but you can say you sorry for the lies America was all trust Donald you getting it Rong again

  625. At 0:30 and 1:20, he can’t pronounce the last “l” in relentlessly…”relentlessee”. To be fair, it *is* a bit of a tongue twister.

  626. Fake P talking lie again today. 😂

  627. The “horrible shame” is how Trump has handled the whole pandemic!!!! Need a vaccine for Trump and his minions. American would have been better off electing Mr Potatohead!!!

    1. @Melissa Murphy HANDS DOWN!!! lmao

    2. Mr Potatohead would had done a better job!

  628. I feel my intellect draining every time I try listening to this fool.

  629. Where’s his mask?

  630. Tuck Frump !

  631. Fake ass president

  632. Howard saint lol Tom cruise was ditchEd all the way in Australia

  633. We all work those hours? Who’s we, Agolf Twitler?

  634. 5:43
    “… But I’ve never lost anybody– to the flu, that I know– I mean, I’ve had people, friends– they had the flu, they’re sick, they don’t feel good…..
    And you call up, ‘how ya doing?’ ya know– three days, two days, a week later- they’re fine….. Nobody ever said they died.”


    1. They didn’t say they died because he lied

  635. This is proof that Trump has already been proven to be a danger to this country.

  636. you’re stupidity amazes me

  637. US ranks 10th in testing per capita

  638. I wonder what the theme song is for the TV show that is life playing in Trump’s head…

  639. Lies empty boxes behind him 😠

  640. The workers said they were busy “shipping” not “chipping!” It’s not at all the same as what you do!

  641. Is this guy drunk all the time? He couldn’t even pass a public speaking class at community college.

  642. Has this imbecile never used a microphone before?

  643. All you whining a-holes, I’m sure you sent your 1200.00 back to show your discontent with trump, if you kept it Shut the F up, I wish he would leave ego out and admit that his expertise is money, leave medical to the Drs, but we had a great economy before this virus was thrown on us. I voted for him the first time and will again. Prob. because I work for a living.

  644. That was awful. That sucked

  645. Damn hes orange af. What a clown

  646. Talk is cheap

  647. He’s a fucking moron.

  648. Shouldve been stopped at the source? Why didnt you stop it then you racist fuckhead

  649. “I work those hours too” LOL

  650. I hope he is enjoying this “victory” that POS

  651. Trump 2020..!!✝️✝️👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸


  653. And still, no mask at this campaign rally. Not wonderful, sad.. Trump did not act when he should of. You blew right past the critical hour. You tweet more than work.

  654. #obamagate

  655. Should have done that 2 months ago instead you were watching TV.

  656. Trump is now going to “adjust” the death numbers. Birx is going to require the States to review causes of death and exclude from the figures deaths were the victim had any underlying health issue…heart, kidney, diabetes, obesity, on the assumption that they would have succumbed to their existing condition at sometime. These are exactly the people who need to be shielded and, in Trump’s view, are of no value to the economy. Miraculously you will now find that red states will have dealt far more efficiently with the pandemic. How can any sane individual consider keeping this maniac and his cronies in office.