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Hey, guys! In this ultimate clean with me 2019 we are cleaning my entire house! Here are 5 tips to keep you motivate when you don’t feel like doing anything!

Why cleaning is good for you:

Full Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert:



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  1. Total time cleaning and decluttering in this video was 1 hour and 50 minutes. I was interrupted by Owen twice, so I had to take breaks and then jump back in.

    1. Yeah it must be real dirt and grub. There is no way I could clean my kitchen and den that fast much less my whole house

    2. This is my problem.That would take me 5 weeks. Everything I do seems to take 5 times as long as it should or would others. I couldn’t even finish dishes in an hour and a half. Doing all that in that time is absolutely mind-blowing to me. It’s no wonder I don’t do anything – if something that should take 20 minutes is going to take an hour and a half, who would want to do it?!

    3. Can you upload a vid with an hour long cleaning not sped up. …or edited for the most part. That would be cool. I can have it on in the background and clean alongside lol. Great video btw!

    4. Was watching to just to get the motivation to clean my room but now I’m subscribed because that baseboard trick lol.

    5. Love u

  2. Loved this for all of it’s motivational aspects ❤❤❤

  3. Really wholesome content 🙂 liked and subbed

  4. Bro this is the only relatable house clean video.

  5. We have the same tricycle as you guys. For us it always seems in the way when it’s not being used! Is there a special place that yours gets stored? We don’t have a garage…

  6. I like your style and enthusiasm

  7. I love it! Thank you!

  8. Thank you. I like your video. I like the fact that you asked the question, “Why do you want a clean(er) house?” I appreciate the #1 Tip: POSITIVE Framing. I also like the tip about trying new hacks and making cleaning fun. I relate to the ideas that cleaning makes you feel better, and that the more you do it the better you get at it. In other words: Practice makes better. Finally I relate to the interview about perfection actually being fear, and you are allowed to be here without being perfect, even without doing anything. You are allowed to just be. I have saved this video. I will watch this video again. I’m subscribing to your channel. Thanks again for being here. Thanks for doing your videos. Yahweh bless you. John 3.

  9. You have an amazing voice!

  10. No body:

    All the Virgos that are watching: 👌

    1. Lol👍🏻

  11. You don’t know how much it is gonna help me..
    Thank you♥♥♥♥

  12. …That perfectionism bit made me tear up. I needed to hear that. Thanks!

  13. What you said in the first minute of this vid made me cry.. Oof. The validation 😅

  14. I didn’t expect this video to be so motivational. You’ve really given me food for thought!! Thank you x

  15. One top that I’ve found useful, especially with the fact I suffer a lot from depression and anxiety, is that it’s okay to take a break. I personally try to get myself to do at least 5 minutes of cleaning. After those 5, I’ll keep going if I want to, but if I feel that I want to stop, I don’t want to clean anymore, I’ll stop. I view it as 5 minutes cleaning is better than no cleaning at all

  16. I could never do so much in a day! I find it so daunting to even start. You did it splendidly, wish I could

  17. You are perfecte

  18. What is your husband doing in this beautiful house?

  19. 👍👍👍

  20. I. like

  21. Just subscribed. Thanks you for this! Thanks also for the part that reveals perfectionism for what it is. I’m so guilty of that. I’m going to try the 80/80 rule. God bless and thanks again!

  22. This video really motivate me. So m gonna clean my room wall unit today. Thnx…

  23. Whoa. Didn’t expect this. Just the first one alone made an impact. Thank you for this video (just did a random search on YouTube with low expectations and am pleasantly surprised)

  24. Thank you, this video motivated me <3

  25. Great video and ideas.

  26. 😭😭😭😭It made me feel better someone else had a mini disaster

  27. Love me some cleaning motivation! Now that we are all stuck at home it is time to tackle all of those cleaning jobs I have been putting off for so long!!! Great content girl!

  28. Girl you got such cute kids are you gonna have any more?

  29. i cant wait until i have my own home

  30. Once you get started you do want to keep going ! Happens to me everytime lol. Just gotta get past the first 5-10 mins and then a few hours goes by and my house is so clean lol

  31. Love your house the 8080 rule is awesome thank you

  32. I’m motivated to clean and organize my whole house, re paint and everything but my parents destroy the house

  33. I’m pretty sure I watch this daily

  34. Brazil

  35. am I supposed to feel motivated? I don’t feel motivated, I feel like jumping off a bridge…

  36. Beautiful home!

  37. Lovvveee the format of this video!

  38. Wow!!!! That perfectionist commentary just blew my lid!!! So true! It’s fear.

  39. Sometimes your home just needs a little love.

  40. I wish I could do what you do but my disability doesn’t always allow me. What are somethings I would do. Because, if I try to do even some small things. It takes me along time to recover physically. So, I just doing the dishes is too much.

  41. Do your kids help? That’s a lot of toys and bathroom mess that they could easily put away too.

  42. Thank you for the broom hack totally awesome never thought of it before !! 💪💪

  43. I just love the way it looks afterwards. I love the way it feels.

  44. This is great. Any tips for a home with 2 toddlers lol

  45. I love you and your positivity!

  46. Dang! You have a PinterestHome!

  47. Love cleaning videos but your tips and motivation added as well as the audio clip were great additions!

  48. If you had less stuff wouldn’t there. R a lot less cleaning?

  49. Love the idea about the broom and cloth to clean baseboards. I have trouble with my knees this is an excellent way to clean

  50. Thank you. This has given me the permission not to be perfect. It has also given me the inspiration to move forward.

  51. I wish I could move at that speed cleaning the place 🙂

  52. Put a cloth on a broom…how simple…THANKS!!!!!

  53. I love you for sharing your ideas, encouragement, humanity & imperfections with us all! We as women tend to want to be perfect all the time and frankly that just increases our stress. We need to learn to take time (even if it’s in 15 min. increments).. to drink a cup of tea, soak our feet in a pampering foot soak, or just eat a little of a favorite food – slowly… We all need to be as caring and loving to ourselves, as we are to a treasured friend. I know I’ll try better to follow my own advice, while being a caretaker to my Mami. Love, Health & Happiness to you All! 😀 <3

  54. Even your voice and calm helps during these times. I’m isolated at home and hate it!

  55. I love your background music. Love you too baby.

  56. i’ve been extremely depressed this month and haven’t had motivation to do anything. my house is a mess and i’m two weeks behind on schoolwork.

    i want to get my house clean, because i want it to be a safe environment for my niece, who i’m going to be watching during the day starting tuesday.

  57. Had my mother help me and she CONSTANTLY made comments,basically putting me down. She and my dad NEVER taught me HOW to basically do anything,because they”were busy” with my brother who is a druggiealcoholic(he’ been living with them the past 20 years). But they EXPECT me to be”little miss perfect”. And I’m tired of it.

  58. Why is it only 7 minutes?

  59. 😍🌸

  60. Beautiful home! I do this 5 days a week for other people but for some reason don’t do it for myself? Makes me feel like a mental mess because I know I’m capable!?!

  61. Your house is beautiful! I usually take breaks when cleaning my entire house & that break turns into an hour… and sometimes the next day! 🙈 Im going to shoot for consistancy today.


  63. i just met you and feel so validated by you. thank you. the quote about perfectionism got me very emotional and teary. I think part of the reason why I can’t get myself up to clean is because I have a giant fear of failing. not finishing cleaning would mean failure to me. not clean enough means failure to me. when it is not. it doesn’t define who i am.

    thank you so much for your words & this video 💕

  64. Oof. When the video is called “disaster cleaning” but your house looks even worse:(

  65. Where are those grey mirrors from? They are awesome

  66. I was NOT prepared for the emotional reaction I had to this video! I feel like this was multiple therapy sessions packed into 6 minutes, lol. Thank you for all of this. 💙

  67. Thank you

  68. Ok, what do you do with all of the plungers!!!! 🙂

  69. 💪❤

  70. This is the most beautiful video i watched on cleaning.

  71. Thumbs up! I love to clean and I’m motivated as long as I have several cups of coffee lol
    I love the messy areas because what I do is I grab baskets and I tend to put things in baskets and then I sort them out. People like yourself keep people like me going thank you

  72. What stood out to me is you’re in Michigan, my beloved home state! I moved to MO just 2 1/2 years ago to get away from the harsh northern lower Michigan winters (although I dearly love my native Traverse City, and would move back in a heartbeat if “things” in my life would permit).

  73. i had positive energy by watching the video because i do not love cleaning at all

  74. watching cleaning videos at 2 in the morning hit DIFFERENT. plus i’m sick and can’t sleep

  75. T H A N K YOU! So much…. just your cheerfulness. I have so much fear with perfectionism…… ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  76. I like the remark of “daily tidies and then focus on one room a day”,, makes it all do-able!

  77. Thank you for mentioning cleaning with depression. Love the video.

  78. Are the 3 mirrors in your dining room a DIY? If so, can you share a link?

  79. What steam mop do you recommend? I have been wanting one but, it’s hard to trust what’s a good product

  80. This is amazing.
    I’ve seen plenty of videos where people clean and organize their houses with fancy products that I just don’t have and can’t / don’t want to buy.

    This is really inspiring, thank you ❤️

  81. So much motivation!!

  82. I love these videos so much I started my own! 😄

  83. I love the 80/80 idea

  84. I wish I had OCD.

  85. Jeez, you are so cute..

  86. Sometimes my only inspiration for cleaning is rewarding myself with something I really want to do, after my cleaning is finished. I’ll do a craft, paint or enjoy a treat.
    Sometimes i clean just to give my self permission to re arrange the furniture.
    However, when I dont have a reward or feel uninspired by my house I get depressed by looking at the mess.

  87. Still too cluttered for me 😬😬 I got it from my sister, all she has in her living room is a couch, tv and rug. She’s got 4 children too hahaha

  88. i love this!!!!! so positive and inspiring

  89. I just love you.

  90. what’s the desk that had makeup storage in it called? i need one

  91. Omg I loved this video! I loved that you added mindset dissecting in it.

  92. I’m currently trying to keep my house as close to 100% clean as possible because we’re trying to sell it. I have a 2 year old, and I burn out quickly when I clean.

  93. I don’t typically comment but I just wanted to say that I loved this style of a cleaning motivational video. the uplifting and encouraging VoiceOver really gave me some calm to the chores I need to tackle today. I am 5 months pregnant and trying to declutter and make room for our baby.

  94. Watching this is making me procrastinate me cleaning my apt

  95. jehovah’s witnesses & Japanese people are probably the cleanest people you will ever meet

  96. I loved this!! Thank you thank you thank you.

  97. Which steam mop are you using?

  98. Wow you got so much done ✅ Great motivation 💕

  99. I have anxiety and if I don’t clean I feel anxious

  100. Casual Karen cleaning day lol

  101. Tell me why I started tearing up haha!! I definitely needed this today. Thank you for this video ❤️

  102. I loved it ❤🖒👏👌

  103. I loved your video. I am a new follower from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. ❤️🥰

  104. This video reminded me of how relaxed i feel after a clean house

  105. Lucky. Your garage is not as messy as mine. In mine, you cant see the ground

  106. Now I understand why this was the top video under the search “cleaning motivation”. You get us 👏

  107. This makes me realize of how much of a loser i am

  108. Wonderful job lady!!!!! My home is always getting messed up fast with eight kiddos here! Lol

    I love your being real! That’s how we operate! We are working on decluttering! It’s so freeing for us to do, but it’s a long process!

    I love your reasons you gave for wanting things to be clean! You’re so so right! God bless you sweet lady!

  109. What kind of steam mop do you have?

  110. Hi Kathryn! Just wanted to ask where you got the light blue shorts from? I always find that shorts are too short nowadays and these look like the perfect length for summer. <3

  111. Wish I could clean in fast motion like that!

  112. I’m definitely inspired… ow I just need your energy!!😉 😓

  113. Ok friend.Get pregnant please

  114. Thank you for this! Go lions!

  115. Yes I am going to get my house done watching now instead. it did give me the boost to get my ass up lol

  116. Wonderfully inspiring video.You showed us its ok to be normal.Thanks for the kind forgiving words.

  117. Gracias por ser una gran inspiración para estar limpiado mi casa 🏠

  118. Your videos are always so positive and down to earth! Thanks for the motivation

  119. Great advice and love.

  120. Love love love I feel so inspired 😍😍😍😍

  121. I want to keep a clean house because my hard working husband deserves it 🥰

  122. Your house is gorgeous

  123. ay mujer de verte me canse!!….

  124. Thank you! I HATE cleaning and am not very good at it. So thank you for the motivation!

  125. That part at the beginning…
    Works 2 jobs ✔️
    Chronic health issue ✔️
    Anxiety and depression ✔️
    I’m working on mine it doesn’t help that I have all my mom’s stuff to go thru as well. Somedays I can get a decent amount done somedays I strive for the basics (dishes and laundry). There are days none of that gets done but I’m trying.

  126. 4:16…is my favorite part!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  127. You have a Beautiful home 🙂

  128. You have a beautiful house (a beautiful , “clean house”, lol) Thanks for to videos.

  129. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to clean my baseboards, I just found it….thanks for sharing, great video.

  130. Don’t forget to teach everyone on your household to put away stuff! Kids as young as 3 can get this with some repetition. Husbands might take longer to train than the kids but worth the effort!

  131. All of the things you said really reso ated and gave me hope because my house is way messier but still I had your tips. I loved that message in the middle. Let’s let perfectionism die.

  132. Wish I could love this a thousand times. I have used your “A done something is better than a perfect nothing.” quote for a year now and I speak into other women’s lives as well. I also love your 80/80 guideline. And oh. My. Goodness….that author’s excerpt. I was weeping. I so needed to hear that today at this exact time. So, thank you sooo much, Kathryn!

  133. I love your video. I love knowing how long it took you to do that cleaning. 👍 You Rock. For me,
    I work best with inspiring Christian music, otherwise I get distracted to easy.😘

  134. Your videos are fantastic. Thanks so much. Do you have any videos on how to organize makeup and skincare products in a bathroom? My bathroom is so cluttered

  135. Do you have a full time job outside your home and no help? If the answer is yes. Then props to you otherwise there’s no time for that. Nice thought though!

  136. I love your house

  137. What about places where there’s just no storage space any where ?

  138. I am purging right now and it feels so good to scale down On my belongings and helps you keep your home clean a little easier

  139. This video was so beautifully made! The voiceover was intelligent and relevant, and the music was in the background, not dominant or distracting.
    Presentation and content were both excellent.
    Thank you.. Thank you : )

  140. Sometimes when I get blown up of anxiety its hard not for it to puff out a little at my child it bothers me and makes me feel worse any advice

  141. this is why i dont prefer to live in a huge house!!

  142. New to the channel..I’m on a new mission to get my house organized and clutter free..your channel is awesome..I love you 80/80 rule bc often times I find myself trying to love in a perfect mess free house and 95% of the time I fail miserably which makes it worse..thank you

  143. Thank you.

  144. Oh, you!! This video got me on a deep clean, soul-feeding way. After the death of my mentor my house reflects my broken heart. It’s been almost 3 years…I am waking up. And, it’s a mess in here! I am ready to stay on top of laundry and suck up the dust bunnies that have done what bunnies do. I’m done with survival mode and the shame that comes from feeling like a failure at home. Thank you for being real and vulnerable with us and for sharing your tips and tricks and your gift of playful, family-centered home-tending. And, thanks for throwing in some Elizabeth Gilbert…geesh! I was near tears already and then I lost it when she said we don’t have to earn our right to be here. Yup. I deserve to exist even if my husband runs out of clean socks. Thanks for the reminder. I’m a therapist and this 7 minute video has helped me (and, it will my clients) more than most 7 hour conferences. 😉

  145. Cleaning is like a therapy for me . Satisfaction of job well done 👍 and great for health . One corner at a time 👍

  146. Go Lions!!

  147. Loved this video!!! Loved the sound clip you added!!

  148. I truly love this video!!!! Thank you for not judging, being so open, and sharing resources and information!!! ❤️❤️😫

  149. I really love when you put the speeches you tell us about in your vids

  150. Omg!!!!! Thank you ….. I started cleaning after watching this!!! Lol

  151. Thank you very much. 💜💜

  152. Your home looks like a very practical cozy place. I feel you’re my soulmate lol. I’m a teacher too and a recovering perfectionist 💜.

  153. My home just needs a little more help everybody clean up after them selfs lol

  154. I absolutely love this! I have had issues with motivation to clean, motivation in general and this really helped! Thank you so much.

  155. Can we be friends

  156. Elizabeth Gilbert is very wrong. And if you really listen to what she is saying, then you will realize it. Her words are actually very dangerous for the soul.

  157. Your house is beautiful and So Cozy!!! Now I know, I am not alone. Thank for sharing.

  158. Thank you for giving me inspiration!

  159. Cleaning is so difficult for me. I have zero motivation so it just gets worse. I have 5 children who couldn’t be bothered to help their momma. This video gives me some motivation

  160. 0:39 i just wanted to watch speed cleaning not a whole paragraph of talking

  161. I love ❤️ your channel it’s really inspired me to organize, even though I’m not good at 😄

  162. Our home is decluttered, but needs SERIOUS cleaning… your “dirty” home is how I wish ours would look like😅.

    1. AllaCinderella ahahah I agree! we always need these type of videos!!! Small YouTuber here 🙃

  163. Well I say that mess always gives a little character to your house, it shows it’s your home! 20% that is🤣💗

  164. So, did you ever makeover and organize your guest/craft room?

  165. That’s not all true for everyone. Cleaning actually stresses me out.

  166. The rag on the broom! genius!

  167. These are all valid and realistic points..thank you for sharing

  168. I like to do power hours of cleaning Mon-Fri. I pick a focus zone and dedicate 30 min to deep clean that space, the other 30 min is to tidy the rest of the house and taking care of pet peeves. For example my focus is the Sitting room… I deep clean that, but the dining room is wiping the table and sweeping, kitchen is dishes in the dishwasher, trash/ recycling, and crumbs, bathroom is toothpaste from the mirror and sink, etc…. I’m off on the weekends and it’s nice to relax a bit or take a Saturday morning for laundry. I also have older children that clean their rooms and bathroom, so I will take a Saturday to deep clean their bathroom and help declutter their bedrooms. Once I got into a habit I looked forward to it. I enjoy coming home to a somewhat clean space. Our home is loved and lived in, so not perfect, but tidy. I used to save my cleaning until the weekend and it was no fun and didn’t feel like a day off, so that’s what works for me. Thanks for the motivation!!!!!

  169. I feel like you are so relatable. What stood out to me was that you included many reasons why people struggle with this. (Stress, Anxiety,Depression, a loved one etc.) You gave us a good mind set of 80/80 and you gave us real content to back that mindset up. I live in a studio appt. and it is hard to keep it tidy and clean. This made me motivated and want to be more disciplined. Thank you for starting my day off great. You helped me 🙂 Also, your house is beautiful and I strive to have a house that cute one day! 🙂 Lots of love, thanks again 🙂 ❤

  170. Love it ❤️

  171. i loved the clip about perfectionism. “auditioning for a role you already got. it’s ok to just be.” it was an ah ha moment. i really need to hear that!❤️ thank you!

  172. This video showed up in my news feed today and I like what Elizabeth Gilbert says about perfectionism. But what about the perfectionism that other people place on us? Like our peers and relatives? I’m already hard on myself and when others don’t give their stamp of approval, it can make things even more challenging.

  173. Lovely house. Good job!

  174. Funny my cousins fiancé is a coach for the Lions lol!!!

  175. I liked the idea of cleaning as therapy!
    Thank you for that mindset!
    I also agree that you get better at cleaning the more you do it. That is something I have noticed myself, but it was great to hear someone else say it. I actually enjoy organizing different spaces in my home to perfection! Everytime I open a drawer or a closet, and it’s treat to the eye, that makes it worth keeping it organized, and you won’t have to do it again after a while.

  176. The first few minutes of this and I’m subcribing

  177. I like seeing houses that are really in need of a cleaning.

  178. ❤️this!! HAPPY CLEANING AND GREAT TIMES IN 2020!!!

  179. Thank you for being you and being awesome! I enjoy your positive attitude and your amazing content💕

  180. The moment I saw the mess in the garage, I laughed. My garage is like that right now! 😫🤣🤣

  181. My girlfriend and I both have mentall illnesses includind anxiety depression on top of lack of motivation so It can be really hard for us to keep our apartment clean. Just a week ago my girlfriend spranged her ankle at work so now she can’t even walk around that much. So now it’s up to me to get the place back on track. I’m hoping to find the motivation to do so today. There is laundry, dishes, and garbage everywhere @_@ Watching this inspired me, thank you <3

  182. Your house is beautiful❤

  183. I absolutely love how positive you are. It feels like no.matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to keep up with everything 80/80 rule will help me with that how do you determine what is 80% of your house and what is 80% of the time? Oh yeah and…. CHIEFS!!!! Lol

  184. Watching your videos is motivating, that is for certain. The difference in you and I is in your home, everything has a place. We downsized by half and now NOTHING has a home. Thanks for staying positive

  185. I need a steam mop now!

  186. Thanks for a great video – loved the baseboards (we call them skirting boards in Scotland) tip. Will need to try that! Cheers.

  187. i have trouble getting motivated to clean because, even when clean, my house isnt inspiring to me at all. I grew up poor and all my furniture, appliances, dishes, everything is old, mismatch, and worn out. So even when clean it doesnt look clean and beautiful, which just adds to my lack of motivation. It also makes it harder to organize because when things are mismatched, they dont tend to fit together neatly or in an appealing manner.

  188. Your home is beautiful. I really like the mirrors that are framed in I’m guessing your entry our living room where did you get them???

    1. ??

  189. OMG… what a beautiful house! 😍

  190. I think that with my chronic pain, I am going to be OK having 50/50 days that might become 75/75 after the endorphins kick in. Doing something is better than, not. Thanks for the Idea of 80/80. I think that for me 50/50 and once I get the boost, I can think 75/75 in a specific area. I am aiming lower so that I can be happier when I do do a bit more. And not feel like a failure when I only get the 50/50. Just don’t let any monsters continue to grow.

  191. I love the inspiration you give me everytime I watch!

  192. And when you have that cute giggling happy little guy nearby, what a joy in the middle of your work day!

  193. I find if I get up and do a little housekeeping, start moving around and accomplishing small things, it motivates you to do more. For me the more I do the more my energy and motivation increases…until of course I need a break or its time to switch gears for the day. And making a quick list of priorities for the day helps, too! At 68 I still keep up a 3100 sq. ft. home! Under certain unfortunate circumstances I have learned to let go of perfectionism. It’s not easy when you truly like and enjoy things to be clean, pleasant, pretty and orderly.

  194. I realized something about perfectionism watching an old Oprah episode with a very “normal” looking hoarder. She was actually a perfectionist. It was an all or nothing attitude she had. If she couldn’t get it perfect, she did nothing at all. I see this in myself with life stuff not so much cleaning. Perfectionism is an extreme. Just like everything in life it’s all about balance.

  195. Great Motivational Video,!Thanks!!

  196. Thank you!

    I do better with 10-15 minute intervals. I time myself, do a small job, see the improvement, and become INSPIRED to do another small job. (Big jobs can be several small jobs. I just have to START, somewhere!)

    Clearing out all the plastic bags I had allowed to accumulate didn’t make an OUTWARD change in the “mess”. However, the feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT pushed me to do MORE! Now my kitchen island looks great and my condo floors are almost TOTALLY clean!

    PLUS, I actually COOKED one of my delivered food box meals, AND cleaned up after myself!

    What POSSIBILITIES I’m discovering!

    Thanks so much for your positive outlook on cleaning!!!


  197. There’s a proverb: “It’s clean not in the house where you tidy, it’s clean in the house where you don’t make a mess”.
    So why not to teach spouse and kids to PUT THE THING BACK FROM WHERE THEY TOOK IT?
    They took a toothpaste – put it back, not on the sink, what’s the problem with that? Took a toothbrush-the same!
    Used dishes – put them in the washing machine. At once. There’s no big trouble in that.
    Then you won’t have to go so hard on cleaning!

  198. Thank you for this! I always say I’m a terrible housekeeper. This video made me oddly emotional. I will watch it again

  199. I just started watching this series yesterday and this video just finished and I am just finishing doing my dishes. So yes you motivated me to do something productive in the house.

  200. From your videos, I have organized my horrid pantry and under my kitchen and bathroom sinks. You are so right when you say that once you begin cleaning and organizing, you want to continue. One of my spare bedrooms has become a dressing/dumping ground. I am now motivated to turn it into a proper dressing room. Thank you so much–and who knew how awesome the Dollar Tree can be??? thank you!

  201. Gen Z kids watching: She’s a Karen

  202. I love hearing your little boy laugh at the end of your videos. It’s a great reminder to look at life with a joyous heart! Happy New Year! 😊

  203. I need help with a sewing room & craft area but it gets to overwhelmed. I live in a small mobile home and I want to use the smaller room for this.

  204. But having an extra bedroom for guest is essential.

  205. The start is frightening….then you get into the mood

  206. This is just what I needed today! I love your positive attitude and you have such a gorgeous home! Thank you for sharing with us ❤️

  207. I dont have a spare bedroom for my diys so I put all that in a corner …. How xan I organize my diy corner ?

  208. That title really attacked me

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