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UNHhhh Ep 81: “Personal Hygiene” with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova

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Trixie and Katya aren’t afraid of getting dirty – because it’s their show, and not yours, you filthy animals!

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Produced by
Pete Williams

Edited by
Jeff Maccubbin
Ron Hill

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From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.

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2,767 thoughts on “UNHhhh Ep 81: “Personal Hygiene” with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova

  1. “hi jean oop hygiene”

  2. This really hits different when you watch it during the time of Coronavirus

  3. 1

  4. I think Trixie is wearing katya’s wig from RDR🤗

  5. After covid I hope katya washes her hands now.

  6. When katya has bigger hair than trixie

  7. Trixie and Katya either share wigs, or have the same wig (the one Trixie is wearing here, Katya wore in AS2), and either is amazing.

  8. 3.

  9. 😜Lol

  10. Where did Katya get that dress😍😍

  11. 0:45 Well Airbud took a turn for the worst

  12. And that’s how you tell a pee Story #jaidaessencehall

  13. I like how mildly explicit this episode was 🤣🤣

  14. da the friction is horrible in the shower

  15. I’m that stupid bitch who won’t shut the fuck up.

  16. “Hi, Gene!”

    Katya: “THATS FUNNY!”

  17. I love you guys so much 😂😂😂

  18. Now she’s gotta wash her hands… 😬

  19. Dial 3.

  20. That thing about not washing your hands did NOT age well


  22. 3 lol jk 2

  23. Female experience
    still gets me

  24. Anyone else see little Viking heads in Trixie’s dress???

  25. “she’s trying to count to four”
    “now to five”

  26. Her screaming after I have a cat sifter. Lmao I cant

  27. Poor Trixie and his pee stories xD

  28. Why is Katya always flinching when she gets touched on the arm???

  29. Hi gene 👋🏼

  30. 3

  31. i gotta dial 3 there fam

  32. 7:30 WOWOWOWOW

  33. 3.

  34. “make america grape again”

    the ultimate supreme leader: wig! yass queen!


  36. “But I felt like a girl”- Katya
    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” -trixie

  37. I’m dialing 1

  38. 7:33 Coronavirus

  39. Binging this during quarantine is a mood

  40. The green mile clip makes me think Ron did a good amount of editing on this episode!

  41. Nobody:
    Katya: FeRnAnDo
    *five seconds later*
    Katya again:FeRnAnDo

  42. Yup still dyin

  43. HI JEAN! lmao

  44. *𝓕𝓮𝓻𝓷𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸*

  45. Trixie your laugh is almost exactly the same as trinity the tuck

  46. How to avoid COVID-19: Don’t drink your piss out of an unclean Gatorade bottle. The virus can stay on surfaces for a couple of days!

  47. The editing on their show is off the charts lol

  48. I Came For 6:28 But Came Way Earlier

  49. Even over a year later when they’re like “Hygiene. Hi Jean!” I am fucking dying lol

  50. “I have a cat sifter AHHHHH….no.” Still my favorite part of any Unhhhh episode

  51. one sided convo cause trixie can fill 30 mins with filth all by herself easy peasy squeezy

  52. Maybe now, Katya washes her hands more😂😂

  53. everyone before the pandemic: *laffinn*

    everyone now: …

  54. Is Trixie wearing the wig Katya wore on all stars

  55. Hereeee For The Abba Reference!


  57. 6:13 So Joey Graceffa

  58. Who jerks off in the water 🙁 its really too much resistance

  59. no one:

    not a single soul:

    not even agnetha fältskog:

    katya: 𝙛𝙀𝙧𝙉𝙖𝙉𝙙𝙊𝙤𝙊

  60. 7:32 did not age well

  61. I hate feet

  62. ok maybe i’m crazy but i’ve just realized that i think trixie is wearing kaytas wig. i’m 80% sure kayta wore that wig in a lip sync against detox.

    1. Omg. It does look like it.

    2. @gaby tsi the ultimate sociopath moment

    3. I think its the “party” wig

  63. Katya not washing her hands caused Corona

  64. Literally competing about who is grosser 😂 I honestly thought it would be Katya since she always emphasizes.

  65. I’ve probably watched the “hi gene OH HYGIENE” a million times lol I love Katya

  66. Trixie really out here looking like violet bouregard from Charlie and the choc factory

  67. 3

  68. Dial 1

  69. Girllll I’ve taken 4 hour baths before it’s the best thing in the word. And I leave the water running so it fills all the way and then I drain it and fill it up again. For 4 hours straight. Section 8 housing with a free water bill am I right

  70. The green mile part😂😂😂

  71. As someone who english isn’t their first language, many times I don’t really get the jokes and references, but after the joke at 10:27 I think most of the jokes they say aren’t really that deep and they just don’t make sense XD

  72. I HAVE to think that Trixie peed all over the bathroom of Larry King


  74. Yo Bitches, Why’d you have to be so funny and mal-adjusted,[kinda] ? Katya- quit calling me! Besides, you don’t want what I have! Love you both-D

  75. Trixie’s hair looks like when you’re at the ymca pool and you flip all your wet hair over your head, then flip just the ends back over, and it looks like a colonial wig

  76. Why the hell Trixie has the Katya-Step it up – wig? ‘Cause I love it.

  77. Who else called 1-555-WET-SOLO and dialed 3?

  78. that didn’t age well

  79. ceos of diagnosing bloody assholes

  80. I’m 5 minutes in and just realized Trixie’s lips are blue 🤣

  81. “And I’m that stupid bitch who won’t shut the fuck up” found my first tattoo

  82. And red and blue mixed together is purple…. Trixies a Genius

  83. I feel for Trixie as she explained her pee story. One early morning I woke up and need to go 1 and 2. I’m a guy so I had “morning wood” which is worse when you gotta pee so instead of using the toilet the traditional way and sitting I used the toilet crouching down (if you’re a guy you understand the curse). Anyways, when I was done wiping and whatever, I turned around and realized I shizzed directly on my toilet seat. I was *mortified!*

  84. The awkward moment when you have one of the dad bod photos from the video on your computer….

  85. 3.

  86. In quarantine, so here I am again, rewatching UNHhhh episodes.

  87. “m a k e AMERICA G R A P E aGaIn “ iconic i-

  88. “where we talk about whatever we want cause it’s our show, not yours” has the same energy and “i’m right, your wrong, shut up”

  89. “i hardly ever wash my hands” O_O not in this 2020

  90. 1

  91. I LOVE YOU ladies but the editing on your show takes the gold.

  92. that is Katya’s “party” wig

  93. “And I’m that stupid bitch who won’t shut the fuck up, Katya.” 😂😂😂

  94. 3

  95. This video hits different in April of 2020

  96. 7:27
    Katya: “I hardly ever wash my hands.”

    *COVID19 entered the chat*

  97. Katya hope you’re washing your hands more often these days! We need you in the post-Corona world!! <3

  98. Do you slap the salami in water? O my lolol

  99. feet ew

  100. all the kids in my school NEED to see this💀

  101. 7:40 I caantt

  102. I feel this episode is more relevant than ever, oooof.


  104. 3.

  105. This didn’t age well! Katya wash your hands!! 😂😂😂

  106. 5:28 Katya’s face is priceless.


  108. When me and my brother were young a doctor told my mom to let us kids play in the sandbox and not wash our hands after to boost our immunity or something. And guess what our immunity is pretty good so maybe not washing your hands is good for you?????

  109. I know this episode is a year or more old, but just seeing this, I had to comment that Trixie’s hair style is what we used to call the “Ape Drape”.

  110. Bathes are kind of disgusting, you are just making a soup of your own body sweat, dirty, and crust and you a lying in it. If you want to take a bath to relax you should shower before doing that.


  112. nobody:
    literally nobody:
    katya: FERNANDOOO

  113. Katya not washing her hands aged badly

  114. I’m dialing 3

  115. This episode stresses me out because of the shocking reveal that Trixie can’t pronounce “Fanta.”

  116. Full circle Barbara corona is gonna get us!

  117. I love you so much I don’t even know how to start explaining why I love you. Watching you during coronavirus lockdown in Thailand, I can’t have enough of you.
    You are my religion, now.

  118. Whoever is editing these videos needs a raise!!!

  119. 6:29-rest in peace, your ears

  120. Katya – “I hardly ever wash my hands” Everyone during the corona virus – 😱😷

  121. 3

  122. god bless their editor(s) 😭

  123. I was watching this at 3am with earbuds in with the volume pretty high and I freak out😂 cuz Trixie laugh/screamed

  124. 3

  125. Please someone else explain a hemmrhoids!

  126. 3

  127. fErNaNdoOOoOoOoOo

  128. Wait did they seitch wigs?

  129. Option 3


  131. When you’re peeing Make sure you’re actually in the toilet.

  132. 2020 coming in hot with the handwashing.

    1. Thank god we can refer back to this video for tips.

  133. This editing is SICKENING

  134. 3:22 katya was so cute i died

  135. trixie looks like that grandpa that ate a can of paint because he thought it was yogurt

  136. I was telling my brother that katya and trixie are hilarious but he wouldn’t get it cause we have different senses of humour, i then told him katya’s name and he told me to stop speaking backwards (russian) 😂

  137. 1

  138. The pee story singlehandedly made this one of my favorite episodes.

  139. That moment when you realise Katya created the corona virus.

  140. Katya: “I hardly ever wash my hands”
    *cut to corona virus crisis*

    1. Katya caused coronavirus confirmed

  141. Fernando

  142. I think the reason I love Katya so much is her feet hatred

  143. hand washing joke hits different during the 2020 corona virus pandemic

  144. Imma just say it: RIGHT off the bat, Trixie’s weave and whole get up gave me flashbacks to the Muppet Show.
    …… And I don’t know *why* 🤣


    IM DEAD OMG!!!!!

  146. okay but where are the guys answering whether or not they roll dice in water cuz now im curious

  147. Me during COVID19 quarantine hearing Katya rarely washes her hands:😰

    1. Isabella Rodriguez It’s scary now


  148. I Believe in Hygiene




  150. I’m brazilian so when they say like “i take 2 baths at the same day” like is something realy weird
    Bitch here we take at list 3 showers every day
    (Like i said before im brazilian so if i wrote something wrong sorry)

  151. why did katya’s “that’s funny” sound like bianca del rio

  152. Katya probably washes her hands now lol

  153. i am sorry to say, but welcome to wiki feet ladies

  154. looking back to this day and age this video is quite unsettling and i have reason to believe these two queens are the cause of this here corona virus !!!

  155. 7:35 that didn’t age well…..

  156. People who don’t have hygiene: 70% of the kids in my school

  157. Trixie is who I want to be, but I know I am Katya.

  158. hey nice! Wanna check my songs? ;p

  159. Going back..keep Katya at home please…shes a smoker and she barely wash her hands #covid19

  160. I always thought I was a dirty b*ch, but listening to these two, I feel like I’m so clean.


  162. I use my shower head in the bath tub. Her name is Robecca.

  163. Watching this during Coronavirus outbreak and I am like 😱😂

    1. not sayin this is life saving, but im not dead yet 🤷🏻‍♂️ so maybe.

    2. katya: i rarely wash my hands
      my head: cardi b saying CORONA VIRUS

    3. @Margaret Brown totally 😂😂

    4. Mauro Tocco omg I gagged when she said she didn’t wash her hands 😂 KATYA IS PATIENT ZERO


  164. “I don’t like earring a butt that is dirty…” and then a Nutella commercial jumps onto the screen. Apropos, Nutella.


  166. 1-555-WET-SOLO-3

  167. 7:30 this really did not age well

  168. this in anyone’s recommended now 💀

    1. The Aquadolls ahahahah yesss

  169. Coronavirus at 7:31 – “Party”

  170. Katya is my idol honestly

  171. 2

  172. ladiesandgentlemenpleasewelcometothestage….. High Jean

  173. this whole video is entirely too much

  174. 3

  175. they need a hygiene lesson from miss masters, stat!

  176. *dials 3* ÒwÓ

  177. *Tracy “I hate pee poop and fart jokes” Martel* : so I sat in a pool of piss while sifting my shit with a cat sifter after gulping w Gatorade bottle full of my own urine. Anyway shit and piss jokes are such a straight boy thing.

  178. Did Trixie realize that showing her feet on the Internet is a bad idea

  179. “Pennies mean blood”

  180. I want to marry Katya? I want to marry Katy’s

  181. i just want to say that me CONSTANTLY referencing these videos made me get into a habit of ironically saying 7:42 and TO THIS DAY i still say it

  182. “Have you ever had an infected ingrown toenail?”
    “You haven’t lived.”


  184. HY GIENE😂😂😂 why was that so funny

  185. These queens would be those gay poltergeists to haunt your arse and look even more gorgeous

  186. Trixie is out here trolling us with some of these wigs now 😂😂

  187. 3


  189. “You’ve been sitting on all these pee stories.”

  190. I want your dress, Katya!

  191. I looked at the comments to see if anyone actually put 1, 2, or 3… Surprised not too many ppl did. But def 1 for me. : )

  192. The beginning before the intro = PURE GOLD! Vice really can’t compete with this editing. They should have hired him on for their version of “Katya and Trixie talk about nothing for 20 mins straight but on a different channel”.

  193. 3

  194. Why does the music when katya says frenando sound like someone died in sims

  195. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage *Hy Geene*

  196. 3:23 replay button for if you’re ever sad

  197. someone needs to work on her aim xD

  198. i love how they came up with the hi jean joke at the same time hahaha

  199. NO! Pennies do not mean blood, unless you’re Mr. Spock with coppery blood that is green! Pennies mean coppery because of the large colon lining chemical biology. IT’S NORMAL. Human blood is constituted with IRON — that’s why hemoglobin is RED.

  200. It’s been over a year and the “she’s rolling dice” censorship still SENDS me.


    2. 369 Likes i don’t wanna ruin it

    3. LITERALLY STAN EXO!!!! ❤️

  201. I’m at work watching these videos and I’m dying 😂😂😂 I. Can’t.

  202. Look at that hateful wig

  203. Why do I wanna press three? T – T send help

  204. 3

  205. 3

  206. Honestly I love this show for Trixie and Katya, but these editors are KILLING me. They’re amazing. The hecken censor bars “she’s counting to four” … “now five” I DIED!!!

  207. Just stay tucked queens when you at the library .

  208. I laughed so hard at this episode! Thank you so much!

  209. that Trixie peeing moment… i had one.. last week 😛

  210. 3.

  211. this is the best episode everrrr

  212. *bird noise intensifies*

  213. that SCREAM trixie did after the cat sifter bit.. my ears

  214. Katya, no one likes eating a dirty butt

  215. Trixie has midwestern feet that’s the only way I can explain it

  216. I never get when people say they hooked up with a guy they met on a night out…so you had sex with a guy who has been in a club for 5 hrs dancing having a drunken piss in the loo and not shaking right so still has piss on his dick and you were ok going home and sucking him etc…no no no

    or when people have been at work all day and want sex as soon as they get home or a “meet” on way home from work…fuck off dirty twat

  217. this 720p quality is killing me, it looks like it was from about 5 years ago or something haha WTF

  218. #1

  219. This is the drag version of Tim and Eric


  221. Trixie Mattel: Queen of Incontenence

  222. I W A N N A B E A B L E T O T A K E A S I P

  223. Trixie’s laugh is the best thing in the world

  224. Omgggg I just discovered this channel and I’m living bishhhh I laughed so hard and needed this laugh thank you queensssssss ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    1. Queens deliver !

  225. I don’t trust trixie in a blue lip’s opinion on personal hygiene

  226. One of the take-aways… Queens don’t wash hands.

  227. I have a car sifter holy shit I lost it

  228. I just re-watched RPDR season 7… but I stopped after Katya and Trixie were out. Why bother? 🤷‍♀️😆

  229. Honestly Katya wearing a eggplant to a grape themed episode is just iconic Katya

  230. 4:00 number 3

  231. When I’m finally getting past his death ya all show green mile clip😂😂😂😂🤣😭😭😭

  232. I prefer trixie’s teeth like this

  233. why does every episode circle back to poop

  234. Trixie: sorry stole your wig the one you lost in to detox

  235. this reminds me of when James Charles and his brother Ian used to do videos like this..

  236. Hi-Gene! 😝🤣😜

  237. Trixie jumps up screaming “FANTA” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    These two are fucking hilarious!


  239. i love how genuinely stupid these two are

  240. WELL….I would prefer a taint to be covered in V05 before it meets my tongue…..but only V05

  241. @0:26 remove all limbs legally on live for fans and fans of fans

  242. ok so am i stupid or have katya and trixie both worn the wig trixie has on rn

  243. Drink everytime trixie says experience.

  244. Tag yourself im “checking for bedbugs”

  245. These gals are sooooo good!

  246. I really like Dancing Queen, reminds me of my mom but Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! is super fun.

  247. 6:37

  248. trixie, incontinent legend

  249. I cant get over how hilarious and awesome the editing is in these..cheers to whoever they may be.

  250. you both healed my depression <3 XD

  251. “Mama that was me”

  252. Did we see sumn around 5:55

  253. why isnt trixie potty trained

  254. penny smeenblud

  255. this isnt that good. I expected better

  256. 3

  257. I’m dying!!!!!!!! Hahaaaaaaaaaa.

  258. katya is serving us a lewk that we need to appreciate more

    1. sssshhhh Remy, the demons will hear you

  259. Welcome to the stage “Hi gene”

  260. 3

  261. Awkwardly pressed 3

  262. I’ve never slapped my salami under water 💦
    It seems incredibly textured, in an unpleasant way
    And I was raised by doctors so I was forced to wash my hands in a clinical manner
    Sweet rebellion was NOT washing my hands and touching them
    Them as in my parents and siblings

  263. Trixie like like a trilobite upside down waving its legs at me

  264. “Hi, Gene!”
    ” Allo, Vera! “

  265. I love Katya

  266. Just as I though.. trash

  267. *That means blood*

  268. You don’t realise how much Trixie talks about shit until you watch this whilst trying to eat

  269. Katya’s dress looks so much like what she wore in Ep. 111: A Very Mary UNHhhhliday

  270. the toe after my big toe is my longest toe.

  271. trixie is wearing the wig that katya wore in as2

  272. Trixie: I’m washing me and my clothes bitch

  273. 333333333333333333333333333333333e3

  274. Trixie accidently drinking her own piss out of a Gatorade bottle really sums up my 2019.

    1. Happy New year

  275. kokichi ouma is quaking

  276. I love that the jokes that I make when hearing the subject of the episode usually get addressed during the episode. It makes me feel relevant.

  277. This is another one of those episodes where trixie is surprised by something and even further surprised when that thing does not cease to exist

  278. If katya hates FEET then mine would be her worst nightmare XD
    I have long narrow feet that have no arch (so flat feet) I have long toes and my feet are way to big in comparison to my height
    As in I’m in grad five and my feet are men’s size 9
    I’m of the female gender

  279. You two are a riot😂😂😂😂😂

  280. Is the wig Trixie is wearing from Katya? 🙆‍♀️

    1. party

  281. but I felt like a girl

  282. Girl this SLINKY wig is nawt it

  283. Why does Trixies head have foreskin in this episode?

  284. Welcome to the stage: Hy Giene.

  285. Funny thing is the my brother in law is named Jean

  286. This whole conversation is XDDDDDDDDD

  287. The commercial that popped up was for Plan B. I was dying laughing 😂 .

  288. 3 just cause

  289. 3

  290. 3. 😂

  291. Did y’all ever go swimming and then you flip your hair back over your head? That’s trixies wig

  292. The Trixie scream laugh at 6:30 is transcendent 😂

  293. slap the salami


  294. “People are like, how do you open jelly jars? I’m like, have you seen my knees?”

    Trixie Mattel 2020

  295. The editor is one of the most creative people on earth, sheeshh

  296. Personal high gene

  297. Trixie try it – it’s amazing

  298. Is trixie wearing the mushroom wig that katya wore in all stars 🙂

  299. Katya looks like Katy Perry

  300. 8:36 The Green Mile? THE GREEN MILE?! THE GREEN MILEEEE!?!????

  301. Is there a micro-edit at 0:29 for Katya cracking her back?!?!

  302. Dan Schneider skip to 7:13

  303. im watching this in the bath and i just accidently peed a little while laughing so now im bathing in my own piss in true trixie fashion

  304. i am unable to jerk off in the bath/shower. also sex in the shower is way too much work. like lay me down in a bath or something. like i’m not trying to hold up/be held up and fall and lose a tooth on the shelves

  305. 8:35 THE GREEN MILE??????

  306. “I dont like eating a butt that’s dirty” *immediate nutella commercial *

    1. Cait M mine was dunkins coffee 🤣

  307. 2 😘

  308. Americans are disgusting

  309. God bless the editing

  310. 1

  311. This is one of the best episodes

  312. I’m convinced that she has only two pairs of heels, those hideous see through ones and her white platforms

  313. 3

  314. Katya is such a complex human, she is a gross dude who only eat out clean butts. Wow, I stan her

  315. Nobody, NOT A SINGLE SOUL:
    My mind: “FERNANDOO”

  316. My old friend drank their own pee too 😂😂😂

  317. Love how Katya continually checks herself out on the monitors lol

  318. 3:48 thank god! I thought I was the only one

  319. I know Trixie constantly shits on her look in this video, but I am here for this

  320. Trixie really made a choice with this look

  321. I’m still waiting for MAke America grape again

  322. ive watched this ep like 28 times and ive just seen what the eggs say at 5:53 lol

  323. this is like the best episode.

  324. 5:25 never really got that until like a week ago when we started talking about blood in science class–

  325. So funny

  326. Just noticed it called “UNHhhh” and not “UGHhhh”

  327. will save your life 🚿💄👑

  328. “I have a cat sifter”


  329. wasn’t paying attention for a minute and it scared the crap out of me when they said “Hi jean” i was like omg thats my name!!!

  330. Honestly “rolling dice” and “drying my nails” “looking for bed bugs” are going to be my next code language phrases 😂

  331. ..1

  332. I still cannot believe the story about Trixie somehow managing to piss all down her leg and all over the floor during a sit down session.

  333. This is BY FAR the best show on YouTube!

  334. I need the editer to edit my whole life.

  335. 3

  336. The editor has more fun than anyone there

  337. “But I felt like a girl” that had me, aweee💚💚

  338. “… I just take it off, but I felt like a girl” 🤣🤣🤣

  339. 3

  340. The editor for these is a fucking genius.

  341. *shes rolling dice*

  342. Trixie: I believe my favorite ABBA song would be “Take a Chance on Me” no question

    * McElroy Brothers have entered the chat *

  343. Lmao omg this is gold


  345. That lipstick alone on trixie would feed me for a day


  347. “I wanna have that *female experience*”

  348. Trixie: do you know ABBA?

    Really, girl? Are you playing Waterloo every single time!

  349. 3

  350. why is this one of the best things ive come across on YouTube

  351. “Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it” 😂 Katya is the best

  352. They have the same signs in strip clubs…. yuuuuck

  353. Katya reminds me of Claire Meade lol

  354. I dated a guy that had hemmeroids and I dont know if i’d say benjamins button tastes like pennies but its very odd when its you do it for the first time and for some reason the taste is familiar and you have no fucking idea how or why 😂😅

  355. Does it count if I use the shower head? 😂😂😂 definitely not in a bath, theres a part of my brain that worries water will get up there and cause the same problems vaginal douching did for women before they realized the harm they were doing.

  356. 😂😂😂😂

  357. 3

  358. 1😳😳

  359. *Dials 3*

  360. Trixie: I want the female experience
    Me too. Meeee too.

  361. kaTYA predicing kim petras career

  362. So is it wrong that a mans stinky, sweaty armpits make me weak at the knees?

    No, Mary. It’s called pheromones and they shouldn’t be covered over with chemical after chemical.
    Wash yourselves obvs! But just know that there are people out there that feel the same way about perfumes and deodorant as you do about body odour.

  363. grazie raga

  364. FErnaNDO
    people ask me how I open a jelly jar I say have you heard if knees?

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  366. Okay Trixie really likes golden showers

  367. It is fully the year of our Lord 2019 and I just now realized that it says TV FE ET in the corner at 7:04 oh my GOd

  368. Detachable shower heads yall

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  370. I’m still waiting for the make America grape again episode

  371. this is straight up how me and my friends talk to each other

  372. Do yall’s selves a favor and just spam the left arrow key when in full screen at 0:00. You’re welcome.

  373. 6:11
    Kim Petra’s – There will be Blood
    A bop.

  374. I’m fucking disgusting because I shower like every other day…

  375. Katya: uninvited guests
    Editors: shangela lol

  376. a smile as dead as your soul

  377. 3

  378. Trixie “Doyou know ABBA?
    Katya “I do, FERNANDO”
    Trixie: “My believe my favorite ABBA song has to be Take a Chance on me no question”
    Katya: “Mine is uh FERNANDOO”

    1. Orianna Nerino right? Same lol, I love Katya she’s a gem

    2. Elizabeth Triolo that part cracked me up!

  379. 5:54 go get Instagram likes loll

  380. Watching UNHhhh right now on my tv. I’m high and this fly that got in my apartment landed on the tv and I genuinely thought that it was just part of Katya’s outfit for too long before I realized it was a real one that landed on my tv screen.

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  383. Somehow the censoring of the jacking off gesture is funnier than if they’d actually showed it.

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  387. Option 4; I tried that once but the lifeguard told me to leave

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  389. 4:01
    I’ll say 3
    Hello my name is eureka

  390. Ok…

    Who rose their hand?

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  393. A smile as dead as your soul.

    I’d buy that toothpaste

  394. Katya looks absolutely stunning in this video

  395. Unfortunately i was watching this while eating dinner.

  396. Eww trixie doesn’t want visitors but wants a sample I’m done ma’am

  397. god katya’s dress is fucking iconic

  398. I HATE that wig and lip combo on Tracy I’m so sorry

  399. Katya describes my feet while reading me to clear filth simultaneously @ 6:54

  400. The fu king Hi Gene! Thing will never not make me laugh, i keep thinking about it all the time and laughing


  402. Oh no, a cat sifter to engage in in-bathtub douching. Trixie’s a nasty girl.

  403. These two crack me up! Thanks for the laughs 🤣

  404. Just saying I think the girl on the stanky stank sign was supposed to be thorgy. Uh oh.

  405. trixie calling katy’s disgusting after she revealed she likes to eat dirty assholes is ridiculous

  406. I love the drinking pee story. I wouldn’t stop for my little boys to pee. They got very adept very young about peeing in bottles but my old man forgot on one trip not once but twice. Needless to say he spit that shit then smelled like pee. 15 years later my kids still laugh.

  407. 6:28 is my favorite moment. Ever.

    1. And I don’t even watch this show. Just spent an hour looking for that moment so… hmm 🤔

      Thanks Gundam

  408. Green Mile moment courtesy of Ron, … thanks Ron!!!


  410. This was like a pinnacle of wigs for Katya, and an absolute DOWNFALL for trixie I love it

  411. Katya: “I felt like a girl.”
    Me: Fully Hooked

    Katya could be full on Tranny AND not end up looking like some crazy lesbian who raided Sears for clothes. I LUV her!!!

  412. Nobody:

    Katya: *F e R n A N d O*

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    1. I was looking for this

    2. Well, it’s Ron editing.

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    1. because he stole the idea and editing from this show lmao it was a big controversy

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  440. “Someone peed on the floor.” LMAO!!! 😀

  441. V05 😂

  442. And i’m a valued costumer and i’d like to speak with your manager ….. Katya

  443. #1. Often

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  445. Went to look up how air bud died, and he did die of cancer and lost his leg 🙁

  446. I need to know where Katya got her dress stat.

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  448. Yes, for tugging in water

  449. Call the search off
    I’ve found will.

  450. I now request every time there is a show of hands, trumpets are in the background, and when it’s time for hands down, they sound defeated.

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  454. One of you please introduce yourself as “And I- OOP!”

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  458. This show is like crack!

  459. That “sexy music” that they play, please tell me where I can find that!!!! I need to have that ready to go somewhere because my mom is having some sort of sexual resurgence and I want to play that music every time she wants to talk about it!

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    I will never recover from that lmaooooooooo

  461. i just realized her date was a blow up doll

  462. Trixie’s favorite ABBA song is Take A Chance On me. Is that a coincidence? I think not.
    *cough* *cough* Trixya

  463. Three

  464. Trixie’s hair kinda looks like Ike’s. No hate.

  465. EWW! emotionally broken men who love to portray women as catty, derranged
    and shallow to deflect from their own rotting corpse of a life.

  466. im glad this look haunts trixie bc it fucking should

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  468. I was eating powdered sugar out of the box and I laughed so now I look like a coke addict

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  473. Not going to lie, this is the best damn YouTube show period. Every episode is actual gold.

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  483. I thought they swapped outfits in this episode until trixie called herself out at drag con. I mean like…isn’t her look a katya look? You could just add cigarette ear rings or like a 60s hoop meets nuva ring, bam katya look. Even without it, katya hair, katya dress, and *she totally* killed it. Idk why she said she looked bad, I think she looks amazing so

    and I thought katya look amazing too like what the Fuck??? her hair is reminiscent of trixie’s ugliest dress run way, so katya just wore her usual. (Which looks great tbh) I wish katya wore more hair like that, like more crazy hair. Like that one time she wore snatchable bangs and that biker helmet braid thing.

  484. ‘she’s rolling dice’ lmao

  485. They need to change the intro: Where we would talk about whatever we wanted but thanks to fucking censorship we can’t without sound effects and ‘modesty bars’ blocking out anything that might be considered obscene.

  486. No one:
    Literally no one:

  487. “I HAVE a cat sifter” “AHAHHAHAH AHHHHHH”

  488. AHHH A 3 AHHH IM JK

  489. I just discovered these 2. I’M OBSESSED!!! They’re HILARIOUS!!!

    1. Theres literally over 100 eps to Laugh at… careful eating and drinking ,they drop some real bombs 😁
      Choking hazard.

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  491. The editors r so underrated

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  493. Trixie loves to walk around the studio

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  495. 1

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  497. Who is here after the new Live episode? X

  498. I came back here after watching the live episode where Trixie shit all over this look

  499. And I’m that stupid bitch who won’t shut the fuck up – one of the most relatable openings Katya’s ever had

  500. 10:02 That’s the same chair as my kitchen chairs lmao

  501. *me thinking Katya is gonna be grosser than Trixie.

    Trixie: oh yall wanted a twist?

    1. @Sarah Hall that was…a stunning pun

    2. *deathdrops*.

    3. Yeah .. a turby twist

    4. lets get sickening *literally*

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  510. Came here from the live episode because I have no social life LMAO

    1. Jolly good use of time if u ask me!!

  511. I came back to this ep after the live episode. I love know that Trixie felt like, the one, during the filming of this. But then she watched it and was surprised no one told her she look like that.

  512. There isn’t a man alive who’s had a bath and not slapped the salami, otherwise they’re in denial, or lying!

  513. The censor bars are so FUNNY

  514. Anyone else think it’s cute that Trixie has katya’s AS2 wig on from the look where katya says party?

  515. “she’s trying to count to four” HAHAHAHA

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  517. Me:
    Nobody in the whole entire world:


  518. Fucking 6:27 destroyed me

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  520. And welcome to the stage HI GENE!

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    1. 😁

      Lucky u didnt pee ur pants as well… phew

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  524. Katya is channelling Pandora Boxx as Carol Channing with that wig

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  526. who edits this shit

  527. -1 =yes

  528. 0:00
    Me: *sees Trixie’s wig*
    Me: Party…

    1. Stealing comments aren’t we?

  529. two national treasures gracing our screens


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  532. Dick Cleanbody vs. Penny Meanblood.

  533. Penny Meanblood is A MOOD

  534. The single most chaotic good video

  535. Still waiting for that “Make America Grape Again” episode

  536. i just looked up ‘unhhhh fernando’ and YouTube understood

  537. When I hear trixie’s laugh it just makes me think of a gay chucky. I’d like that way more than what’s coming in theaters next month.

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  542. I’m option number 3

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  544. trixie’s wig made me uncomfortable

  545. Is it just me or is Trixie wearing Katya’s wig from the makeover episode of All Stars 2?

  546. Hi Gene! 💖🤣

  547. I love Trixie’s laugh so much

  548. Why is it so normal to never see Trixies eyes lmao

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  552. this video is disgusting lmao

  553. I love the faberge egg realness that Katya is bringing!

  554. Those homophobic shoes, Trixie

  555. All assholes taste like pennies.

  556. Trixie looks like Lindy Chamberlin, very 1978 and I love it!

  557. Me dialing 3 rn.

  558. Pennies means alcoholism

  559. Teeth aren’t meant to be white but also it’s genetics I have had many cavities but my teeth have been white up until lately but I drink a coke or coffee a day and don’t always brush my teeth due to sensory processing and fatigue but have good teeth genes . Over whiting is so very bad

  560. 3

  561. I wouldn’t have to worry about taking a shower with a wig on cause my shower goes up to my shoulders anyway

  562. One time I pooped in a mason jar and it accidentally rolled under the heater and then a fire started…. so that is why I am hiding out in a cabin in Alaska..

  563. it was just one of those days today and this right cheered me up

  564. One of my fave episodes after they came back.

  565. This!!! Wig!!! Looks!!! Incredible!!! On!!! Katya!!!

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  569. Fernnaaannddooooo

    Hahahahahahah I love that

    Abba is my childhood. My grandma used to sing it to me all the time XDD

  570. Amazing video. What editing software do y’all use?


  572. I can’t…I’m dying…🤣🤣🤣

  573. Katya on the subject of Trixie’s feet :: Just as I thought, trash.

  574. unpopular opinion

  575. Moth balls hahahhahahaa those lil moth balls, im weak

  576. Peeing is how we eliminate a lot of toxins so taking that back in is just incredibly stupid.

  577. 3

  578. I really wonder who the stankiest queen was on RPDR.

    1. @Blakiedoo Really??? she looks like she would smell good.

    2. I think is probably Katya and Latrice, cause they share the spot of sweatiest women in showbusiness

    3. @Blakiedoo lmao, can I have some links please?

    4. @Josh Black ew! I can’t imagine the feet on them!

    5. I heard Jiggly smells

  579. 8:09 😂😂😂

  580. Hahahahahaha YES

  581. Can I just say how much I love Katya’s dress? Because I’d wear that EVERYWHERE if I owned it lol

  582. 6:28 put on 0,25x, you’re welcome lol

    1. Ouch

  583. katya please go to the clinic

  584. trixie acting crazy this ep lol

  585. 3

  586. 3

  587. 3 😆

  588. Honestly what did I expect watching this while I eat

  589. i wonder if trixie actually knew that one of the dogs that played air bud lost its leg and died or she just happened to nail it by accident

  590. 2,3

  591. Now that I know about Ron’s obsession w the Green Mile, I can fully appreciate the reference :,)

  592. I don’t slap my salami in water

  593. *katya being nasty for 12 minutes*

  594. “I like to take a sample” IM GONE 😂😂

  595. Take a chance on me is the best ABBA song trixies so right

  596. my toes don’t have a perfect slope:((

  597. 8:03-8:05 Katya is me when my crush touches me😭😂

  598. I scream @8:50

    Trixie you are a fucking Treasure! 💕😂😭

  599. 3

  600. 3

  601. can a person get more shameless than trixie

  602. Ew Trixie what the hell is that wig

  603. Katya’s dress is everything!

  604. How do you jack off in the tub?

  605. I need to know where Trixie pissed the floor

  606. That means blood

  607. Trixie looks like Katyas ugliest dress redo in all stars 2!

  608. *So, I, Jesus Christ… Am a 3.*

  609. i saw this preview on trixies ig and IM LAUGJING A

  610. Trixie is a piss queen

  611. Trixies wig is basically the same wig that katya wore in all stars 2 when they did the family makeup

  612. But i felt like a girl

  613. Trixie looks like Jessica Lange American horror story asylum the banana lana / name game song scene. Who agrees?

  614. “And I’m that stupid bitch who won’t shut the fuck up!”

    No, sweetie, that’s Gia.

  615. After the day I have had today this is the best thing I have ever seen.
    Thank you to Trixie and Katya for ALWAYS making my day a little bit better.

  616. Can we talk about the fact that trixie is wearing katya mushroom wig ?! Uwuwuwuwuwuwu💖💖💖

  617. 1 everytime

  618. Is Trixie wearing the wig Katya wore on all stars in the makeover challenge?? The Katya disease is spreading

  619. katya looks so fucking good kill me

  620. a blue lip tracy?

  621. Uninvited guest…. shangela #SHADE!

  622. *emma chamberlain has entered the chat*

  623. I’m sorry but when that fucking UFO showed up I actually choked on my chamomile


  625. I am so glad that Jeff Maccubbin is editing UNHhhh. He’s so fucking funny.




  629. Katya’s dress is unbelievable,,,,,,,style icon

  630. trixie literally looks like Romania’s prime-minister, Viorica Dancila lmaoo

  631. hi welcome to the stage, High gene

  632. the blue one so terrify

  633. Trixie… why it gotta be blue?

    1. Teal? Or is it blue?

  634. 10:29 they missed the perfect opportunity for the “bye-giene” pun

  635. 3:22

  636. Let’s do the Katya in the washing machine! DING DING DING DINGDINGDINGDING DING DING

  637. 1 and 3

  638. OMG ABBA

  639. Hi jean

  640. Masturbating in water? You need to hold your penis to a Jacuzzi jet and just wait. It’s the most intense orgasm ever. Personal experience at a hotel. 😂😂😂😂

  641. Water straight from the shower is the only thing that can please my tiny little t-dick

  642. 3

  643. BEFoRe you ask! Yes they are smh I’m leaving for coffee..

  644. why is Katya me but with a dick

    Liked my own comment cause no one else will

    I’m not sad

  645. 3

  646. Katya looks like an adult hooker version of Kiernan Shipka and I’m living for it

  647. I’m new to the drag world and I’m binge watching all this!! i can’t!! I’m gagging!!

    1. Drag queens are the best!

  648. Yes Trixie, it is very simple to do THAT in the water.

  649. *F* *E* *R* *N* *A* *N* *D* *O* *O* *O*

  650. HI, JEAN

  651. Guys, clean your fucking hands, nobody wants to handshake your hands with smell of your nasty, crusty, veiny, cheese filled, crab infested, herpes covered dick.

  652. soak it up

  653. I have a cat sifter.

  654. Can we talk about the fact that Trixie wears the same shoes every episode?

  655. Your both awesome and beautiful!

  656. I’m so disappointed that they didn’t end the video by saying “BYEgiene”

  657. At least urine is sterile- in the Trixie situation..NOT the woman who drinks it. that’s vile… (Unless you are in a place with no access to clean water and you have no choice because you’ll die of dehydration if you don’t drink it. )

  658. Almost spat out my drink like 4 times holy cow that’s funny

  659. 2 and also 3 cuz I’m suicidal

  660. Tbh i love listening to the creator of Jizz every time i pop on here and hear his voiceover on things even if i just come for the gals having a good ol time entertaining. Always a nice treat

  661. HAHAHAHAHAHAH i just found their videos and omg sis i love them omg i cant they are so crazy everyone needs friends like them!!! Trixie sis where are your eyes ahahahhhaah omfg and Katya is such a queen she reminds me a lot of Jeffree Star her voice is just like his and also his looks! anway much love im going to start supporting them❤❤❤

  662. I once pooped a stitch and it bled so much it smelled like a penny factory honey, I’ll never forget it honey

  663. 2 and 3 cuz i want to die

  664. 3

  665. “I don’t like eating a butt that’s dirty” lmao

  666. Trixie wearing katya‘s “…party” wig is the only thing keeping me alive

  667. 3:52 I actually nearly choked to death on my own laughter, thank you Trixie Mattel

  668. The editor is hilarious

  669. I always forget to thumb up the video cuz I just binge watch these. any one else?? Lol

  670. I often forget that they are men and not women. 😂😂

    1. @Lefty Lewis she reminds me of an eccentric but fashionable aunt, she once described her drag as ‘passable woman riding the subway’ haha

    2. idk abt trixie but I’ve often said Katya looks like a women completely. Like someone’s rich aunt.

    3. That’s the point

    4. Wym they ARE women

    5. Well you need to take those vitamins that tries to improve your damn memory, STAT

  671. soapy experienceeee

  672. this might be my favorite episode in the entire world

  673. 3.

  674. HI JEAN !! 👋

  675. Trixie at 0:12 It’s me after making a bad decision that I dont care about now but which I will regret later

  676. Hi Jean 👋🏼


  678. One time I was in an extremely crowded public bathroom in Montreal in an old building with stones for floors. I pulled a Trixie and missed the bowl when I peed. Didnt realize until I noticed my urine making it’s way through the stones all the way out of the stall. I’m sure people noticed me tossing toilet paper on the remaining pee in the stall trying to soak it up. I kicked the toilet paper into a clump beside the toilet, walked out with my head high, and repressed that memory until I heard trixie telling her story

  679. My whole life is defined by Katya’s chin wiggle and subsequent squeaky door hinge sound effect

  680. A good drag name “High Jean”

  681. Looks like Trixie is wearing the wig Katya wore in as2 in the family challenge.

  682. Katya and trixie in the intro should say I’m just a homophobic Barbie from McDonald’s trixie Mattel and I am ur friendly neighbourhood satanist

    Reply </