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Vitamin D: The Miracle Supplement Video – Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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Could Vitamin D be the miracle supplement? Brigham and Womens Hospital research indicates that Vitamin D may help defeat asthma in children, hip fractures in adults and maybe a whole lot more.


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255 thoughts on “Vitamin D: The Miracle Supplement Video – Brigham and Women’s Hospital

  1. You can watch my struggle to overcome the vitamin d deficiency. I have a successful story on that.

  2. Vitamin D at a serum level of > 30ng/mL can reduce the likelyhood that you will have severe Covid-19 if you get infected. For adults, 5,000 IU is reasonable.

  3. Milk is poison to your health

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  5. My life is always a lie, MILK
    What next? Corona

    1. Corona is a lie a hoax

  6. play under sun 🌞

  7. I’ve been very depressed over the past 2 years I’d say , feeling very low and hopeless. I started taking daily vitamin D supplements for the past two weeks and I must say that today I feel a bit more hopeful and optimistic. The low feeling and the hopelessness and bleakness is subsiding. Coincidence? I live in the UK by the way and I rarely am outdoors. Always indoors

    1. Everyone in UK should supplement with D3, hardly will you find someone that is not deficient without supplementation.

  8. D3 should always be combined with K2. Allopathic medical doctors are shockingly uneducated in these areas.

  9. 1:10 that doctor is a smoker….. Terrible.

  10. That first doctor is a smoker.

  11. I got seven seas cod liver oil which has vitamin d…
    1.My pulsatile tinnitus stopped.
    2. One of my son with sinus issues was cured.
    3. My second son had a troublesome dry cough for two weeks and it just disappeared!

    1. @Steve Alderley I would have to tell you that Vit D saved my life. Did you know—that “D” is the only vitamin that NASA tells its astronauts that you have to take every day. …That D deficiency makes for foggy thinking, higher rates of cancer, diabetes type 2, that has our waist lines get bigger that D is dissolved in the fat cells and is NOT where its suppose to be –in the blood system to do its job it must be in the blood. Never tyake over 5,000IUs per day for months on end. It can be toxic to the liver. Do the research. It is actually not a Vitamin , but rather a hormone that can regulate 5% of entire genome…..(

    2. I’ve literally just started taking Seven Seas Omega-3 Fish Oil with Multivitamins including vitamin D. Interested to see the effects.

  12. Excellent against Covid19. Indonesia confirmed this when they announced 96% of those that died, lacked Vit D-3

    1. @Denny Thanks Dan.

    2. @Denny Yes, I was not surprised because from March, i was telling everyone to spend time in the sun or get at least 1000 IE of it from supplement. Zinc and selenium and Vit C is also helpful. i have a very good video explaining on how vit D works in the cells and immune function. will send it when im free.

    3. chris moore Aww that was so valuable. Definitely will spread this information to these people. Thank you so much you save people s life

    4. @Denny Have other impressive data from other countries too..give me time cuz am busy now..

    5. @Denny

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  14. I like how doctors look so fit. NOT! LoL

  15. Vitamin D = anti COVID-19

    1. fact

    2. Vitamin D = Regulates hormone production = Strengthen immune system = keeps u protected and healty against sickness. Corona is not the first nor the only sickness out there

  16. I`ve been hunting for a solution for my vitiligo. With the vitiligo treatment “Fαkαmzοt Tαhο” (Goοgle it) once a week, I found joy since it was efficient. I unquestionably recommend this to everyone who have also the same condition. It cleared my face right after following the treatment for Nine days..

  17. Yeah just go ahead and use PREGNANT women as guinea pigs, WHEN you already have the infallible research that Vitamin D is vital to human thriving and modulation of over 200 genes. The logic of the medical community baffles me sometimes.

  18. Wait so to much vitamin d can cause cancer? Or reduce cancer? Plz help

    1. Reduce

  19. I just starting taking D3 2000 IU /day…. Vitamin K2 mk7 is not available here as a single vitamin…it comes as a combo of calcium , d3, zinc etc etc…So I avoided…
    Will D3 only casue any issue if I take for a month ?

  20. Helpful for this current issue. For more reasons than just the superficial reason.

  21. it just makes you wonder

    1. Fay Louise wtf?

  22. just ASK UR MD if u get kidney stones

  23. It still blows me away that this topic is not very well known. I take 5,000 IU’s per day. Still waiting blood test to see where my levels are.

  24. I got tested for vitamin D, ‘on my advice’ and was low. Bought 1g chewable off the shelf and it was like ‘magic’. I don’t wake up at 3 am scratching the shit out of my legs anymore. I’m not a doctor but had a hunch and it was like 99% improvement. If your legs are red vitamin D is a ‘miracle’. Just saying.

  25. Had acne for years, once i started taking Vitamin D3 5000-10,000 4-6 times a week it went away after 2 months.
    My bones don’t hurt as much also and 5 hrs sleep seems to be plenty. Before slept 8 hrs and still felt tired.

    1. What about brain fog ?

    2. @Musa the Don Amen!

    3. @Fermentum Mobile Good to hear that. As long you cure your problems without doctors giving prescription drugs your’e on the right track. God bless.

    4. I now go for sunlight 20min a day, take fish oil (which contains natural vit. D) and take multivit, my psoriasis is completly gone! I am very pale so I burn easy, but I am slowly adapting to the sun and get harder and harder sunburned also I feel better mentally (I am a schizophrenic) I should listen to my doctor years ago to get a little sunbath some and than.. now I just wait for my pure vit D supplement to come after Easter vacations :/

    5. @Rocky Rae Ye if your deficient it will take 2 months till your body store fills up then u will notice the effects. Your oily skin will stop which is usually the biggest acne causer. Controlling your oil glands.

  26. its used as rat poison how could it be good for the body! when u consider that most supplements done only on rats this shows how stupid people are to take this.

  27. Her fsce and mannerisms frighten me.

  28. I don’t trust any of these doctors and scientists of the medical establishment. See how self-important they look telling us about Vitamin D and bone health. But it’s all nonsense.

    The very same establishment puppets have been telling us for *decades* to stay out of the sun and to always use sunblock and sunscreen (made by Big Pharma), and now, when we get Vitamin D deficiency and bone diseases, they tell us we need Vitamin D supplements (again, made by Big Pharma) which are prescribed by doctors, who get perks, kickbacks, trips, bonuses from Big Pharma. The way the medical establishment and Big Pharma work together to damage millions of people’s health so they can milk all our money, makes me sick!

    Folks, you don’t need their supplements. Which don’t work anyway, because they’re made with synthetic substances and contain synthetic fillers, bulking agents, excipients, artificial flavours and sweeteners, etc.

    This is all you need for Vitamin D. Get outdoors and expose your skin to the god-given sunshine for at least 20 mins a day WITHOUT wearing sunscreens or sunblocks. In northern latitudes, you might need longer times, 30 mins up to 2 hours.

    If you can’t get enough sunshine, take plain pure Cod Liver Oil, which contain all the oil Vitamins A, D, E, K, which are all needed for bone health and many other body functions, such as lung health, nerve health, glandular health, etc, plus it also contains all the Omegas. Don’t take CLO which has added this or added that, those additives are synthetic or GMO. And eat a good, nutritious, low-carb diet. Keto is good. Avoid refined, processed, modified, reconstituted foods and all GMO products.

    Do NOT EVER take so-called ‘Fish Oils”, which contain a base (main ingredient) of GMO oils, usually soy oil, with minuscule amounts of the Omegas, which may have been extracted from CLO or may even be synthetic.

    In another YT video, a scientist says there may be a connection between Vitamin D deficiency and severity of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which is what happens in serious cases of Corona virus infections.

    Now with the pandemic, the directives to stay indoors may not be a good idea. But if you go out, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear a mask. Don’t leave home without it! 🙂

    1. @Robert Foster

    2. ​@Robert Foster I’m taking D3 6000iu daily. Because I’m in lockdown, can’t leave the building and get no sunshine. Umm…what paranoia were you referring to? Just askin’.

    3. Some vitamin D supplements might ease your paranoia. Just sayin.’

  29. I’d feel inexplicably sad, specially at night. My work is remote and I work all day inside, not even commuting. I noticed after supplementing with vitamin D that mood is mostly gone, and happens now very rarely.

    1. I hope you’ll be free to go out soon. Get some sun and take walks. Take care of yourself.

    2. miracle vitamin

  30. I’m not lever listening too fat fucks tell me how too eat 😂

  31. You’ve got to be careful with vitamin D. I live in Maine I’m getting very little naturally. But vitamin D is not water soluble, it stores in the fat, so you won’t pee out the excess. It can be toxic, if it builds up. You’ve got to be careful

    1. The Johnson Kids You cannot overdose from vitamin D from the sun.

    2. 20 minutes of sun= 20 000 ui of vitamin d3 in summer and then your body don’t produce more so there is no risk

    3. Loki_Cane_Corso_ Italiano how is this possible ? If i stay out in the sun for hours and hours and hours will I overdose

    4. I agree that the info is outdated. I know of many people that take 50,000 IU a day to reverse Autoimmune Diseases. It is important to take with every 10,000IU of D3 at least 100mcg K2 and Magnesium. I personally treat my RA with 40,000 IU of D3 taken at the same time with 400mcg K2 and 600mg Magnesium. It is actually very hard to get a toxicity. Optimal blood levels are actually 80 -100 ng/ml. Anything above the 150ng/ml can cause toxicity but there are many known cases that are way above this taking 100,000IU’s and do well. Most people on high doses just check every two months to not go over 150ng/ml which again…is very hard to achieve and takes super high dosages or years. If you do get toxic then one is sent home to drink a lot of water to help the kidneys flush and told to stop taking D3 until it reads below 150ng/ml again. You will not die from having toxicity..that too takes quite a while on being toxic levels. A laywer known to Dr. Holick the expert on Vitamin D took 1 Million IU by accident due to a dilution problem for a long while and became toxic of course. He got back to normal after the problem was discovered and was fine. This tells how hard it actually is to get toxic to the point of damage.

    5. Pete Geoffrey – I agree. Research now shows D toxicity is not problematic unless dosage levels get above the 30,000 to 50,000 IU ranges daily.
      Taking K2 along with D3 is mandatory to ensure blood calcium levels don’t become a problem. The K2 works with D3 to direct calcium to the bones/teeth where it’s needed, not in the arteries. Bottom line is if you take D3, you must also take K2, preferably the Mk7 version of K2.


  33. “The amount of vitamin D in milk doesn’t come close to what we may actually need” I knew it.

    1. @XYZED lol thats funny. 😅

    2. Are you guys having brain fog ?

    3. @jin shark oh boy. But regardless, the best of getting vitamin D is the sun.

    4. @Junior17 yup. if your after with vitamin d get straight from the source like superman. alot of milk triggered my allergies its contaminated and a dead milk.

    5. @jin shark How? Unless you live in the countryside and you have cows, it’s not possible

  34. I dont drink milk i took medicine to have deeper voice

    1. @Get Sakthified

      Her penis grew exponentially.

    2. vitamin d for deeper voice?

  35. This is why while I’m young I get 1000 milligrams of calicum . Recommend for my age . Be less likely to get a bone problems.

  36. William Davis MD recommend s D3 at 5/6000iu per day, taking d3 help reduce arterial plaque in his CAD patients, I also take d3 5000iu, a 5000iu K2 Mk7, and 400 mg of Mag citrate, I have 3 blocked arteries in my heart, I also eat a tin of sardines everyday and an omega 3 gel cap daily, also on a statin and beta blocker, the pills give me major headaches some times but my heart seems to be getting better, I have also been keto for 9 months , no carbs from grains just veg, I walk a lot and weight train, I look ten years younger than I am 55, so something seems to be working, no more angina.

    1. aterial calcification is D3 deficiancy and Plaque is due to the body repairing Vitamin C deficient collagen ruptures with Lipoprotein (a)…again read Dr. Thomas Levy’s books or watch him on youtube.

    2. you need to add Vitamin C…read Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy’s book…he calls heart disease “focal scurvy” and studied it and the reversal for 30 years. He also is on youtube…look for him!

    3. I just watched a doctor from Mayo clinic saying “don’t take over 4000 IU so you don’t suffer from vitamin D toxicity”.

  37. Speculations on the efficacy of vit D supplements ten years ago, and we still don’t have definitive results on a matter of such importance? Disgraceful.

    1. It is absolutely proven….vit d upto 10000iu a day is safe…and improves quality of life in so many ways….listen to Micheal folick…

    2. BTW, since turning 70, I’m taking supplements including Vit D3. All the best to you Todd. 🙂

    3. You’re welcome…… We may be waiting for research that will never happen. IMO
      You do not have to be a researcher to know if a results are valid or not. IMO
      Hundreds of thousands of people report less illness after supplementing vitamin D.
      I take 10,000 IU a day and haven’t been sick in 15 years. ( I know that proves nothing )
      The reality is we can’t wait for research ( often funded by big pharma ) to tell us vitamin D is good for us and at what level. That will NEVER happen. IMO

      I’m saying this with total respect. I wish you all the best as well………..cheers

    4. Todd. Tx for responding, but Dr. Campbell is not a researcher, he’s a retired nurse educator. We still don’t know whether or how much to supplement vit D-which is my original complaint. Best wishes to you. Note:supplement overdose can have serious consequences.

    5. Vitamin D and immunity…Dr. John Campbell @
      excellent information

  38. Vitamin d is a fat soluble vitamin… has to have some fat to work properly! Also your body cant store it without fat……healthy fats!

  39. My doc recommended vitamin D3 after I was feeling a bit down almost five years ago. I have since then been up beat and feeling great mentally. Not only that, but I have noticed that I haven’t gotten the flu or a cold for almost five years now and I strongly believe it’s because of the vitamin D3.


    2. @PDavid88 I started to take the same amount 5000iu but it must be taken with vitamin K2 for calcium to absorb in the bone rather than in the wrong places. I noticed after 2 weeks my body isn’t as cold as it use to be I feel warmer and stronger.

    3. I just received my blood tests on 4/27. Vitamin D was extremely low. My doctor put me on a prescription Vitamin D 50,000 IU one capsule per week for 12 weeks. I hope this helps with my fatigue.

    4. awesome, and it’s not surprise your so healthy.
      we can’t get enough from out diet. Sunshine is even better than a supplement, sun does always shine. LOL

    5. @PDavid88 Amen!

  40. There is no ” bandwagon”.

  41. Vitamin d3 is the universal vitamin: fixes your mood (it’s the sunshine vitamin), so no more depression; it’s the opposite of melatonin (sleep hormone) – it boosts your energy levels up, and that in turn fixes your rem sleep, so no more “I’m tired” during the day. It is also an anti inflammatory, for example for period cramps, no need for pain killers. Not to mention it boosts your immune system, so you have a defense against viruses and bacteria. Also, it protects your telomeres, so it slows down cell and molecular aging. However, you *must* take vitamin d3 *in the morning* !

  42. Milk from cows or plants are fortified with D. The body absorbs calcium into the blood now. The problem is, it stays there and causes problems. That’s where vitamin K2 comes in and helps move the calcium into the bones. K2 and vitamin D work hand in hand. Research. The majority of the population have calcification in their bodies and arteries….

  43. That’s why BIG PHARMA does not like Dr. Mercolla! Nobody will force me to eat THEIR shit that keeps poisoning me and my family!

  44. Vitamin D supplements and regular workouts can greatly assist in reduction of depression and you obviously become mentally and physically healthier.

    1. @blue sky God Almighty Is Supreme!
      We Are His Own Children!Amen!
      Yeah! He is the ultimate supreme power and He can do anything instantly!Amen!

    2. @jin shark 100%

    3. Moderate sun exposure is the optimal way to receive vit D.

    4. @shammi kalra your god told you about vit D ???

    5. I pray to the God Almighty that nobody experiences the depression throughout the world! It is the worst punishment for the mind. God Bless You All Always!
      God Almighty has always been very very kind to me and will always be!

  45. If true it would make the pharmaceutical industry redundant. Cure to all common diseases. Countries with the biggest drug industries would start World War 3.

    1. @Robert Padilla meow

    2. MetallicBlue1000 *cough-cough*

  46. Vid D takes out the calcium from bones. Don’t exceed the recomendet dose

    1. Maroon.

    2. ding dong it actually does the opposite.
      The nutrient is essentially a building block of bone, and it helps maintain bone strength throughout your lifetime. … Calcium and vitamin D work together to protect your bones—calcium helps build and maintain bones, while vitamin D helps your body effectively absorb calcium.

      More info –

  47. Had a full blood test, the only thing that came back is a vitamin D deficiency. Wow, no wonder I have such a painful back, and my bones and muscles in general hurt a lot, and I’m only 29!

    1. I have a successful story to overcome Vitamin D deficiency. Please watch my video.

    2. I’m 29 too and there’s not much sun here for 6 months. I was sitting in the sun all day today and noticed the back pain I’ve had for 3 years was gone. I have been doing it all spring. I realized that’s all I really changed so I came and looked it up and here we are. I also started a carnivore diet weeks ago so the food is packed with vitamins.

    3. Thanks you helped me a lot . As you know low vitamin d levels can cause anxiety and depression with brain fog , fatigue etc it takes some time to fully recover i am pretty sure you will get better with time .Good Luck

    4. @XYZED Sertraline (Zoloft). My doctor says it’s the best one to take, it has a good profile. So far I’ve had minimal side effects, but I am feeling MUCH more like myself. I highly recommend it for anxiety, depression, PTSD.

    5. @h3arty what are you using ?

  48. Does anyone know how long it generally takes to correct a vitamin D deficiency (in an adult)? I’ve been taking 50,000 IU (prescribed) of vitamin D a week for 12 weeks, and my doctor says my levels are still low. I have a problem with anxiety and depression. I’m hoping once my vitamin D levels are good I will see an improvement in the way I feel.

    1. @Bama Belle
      It good they got better . Am from Uganda Africa.

    2. @mubiru hudson Thank you all for the advice. I’m sorry I’m just now replying. My D levels did get back to normal. I discovered that my acid reflux medication (pantoprazole) could be blocking vitamin and mineral absorption. I didn’t realize this. I had been on those meds for two years. I weaned myself off them and that may’ve helped me finally get where I needed to be.

    3. If one takes 20,000 iu once every 2 days for 30 days in total 300,000 iu . The D3 levels will be fine.

    4. I am taking D3 btw.

    5. I am taking 40,000 IU ( with K2 and Magnesium) every day!!! Levels are going up very very slowly.

  49. Vitamin f too

  50. Thankyou. Funny coz the doctors look super unhealthy. Them bug eyes, these doctors should take less supplements their thyroid is bad

    1. Thanks for the laugh I needed it…… seriously too! 😂😂

  51. If you adhere to the AMA’s Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin D (400 I.U.), it would take you over 273 years to ingest 1 GRAM of Vitamin D. Do the math. 400 I.U.’s equals 10 MICROgrams., therefore, it would take 100,000 days to ingest 1 gram.

    1. those recommendations are there to make us think we are getting enough, so we actually won’t get enough.
      it’s a covert plan to keep us alive enough to function, but sick enough to keep buying big pharma. drugs.

    2. So are u suggesting a different dose or just doing away with supplements all together?

  52. Most Important Vitamin D Benefits for Men.
    Vitamin D benefits for men you must know
    Sunshine vitamin is also known as vitamin D. This sunshine vitamin is produce by the body as a response to sun.

    Do you know that vitamin D also a consumed in food or supplements. If you wish to make healthy bones and teeth you have to get enough vitamin D supplements.
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  53. And this was 2009. Result bubkis nothing nada. Because vitamin D doesn’t generate the income that pig Farma does. I’d rather be cautious jumping on a prescription wagon. They want to treat you FOREVER. There is no profit in cures and much less vitamin and mineral based cures.

  54. What if you put it on your skin?

  55. Hey there,that’s a great question.there are actually many ways to look . i found a video on youtube that explains a few simple ways on how to cure .

    I’ve tried many different ways to cure this.Here’s a link to a video that gives some great tips.

    click on that link above and once you land on the page ,click where it says ”i am not robot” and then you will be redirected to the youtube video that show how to cure about your doubt.

  56. Its VIT-A-MIN not VITE-A-MIN Bloody yanks 😂😂

    1. birage – True. Just ignore him. It’s a Vitamin D deficiency and inbreeding Brit thing.

    2. The English that I learned was that when a vowel is before a consonant, there has to be two consonants together in order for the vowel to be pronounced as a short vowel. So, I don’t know what they teach in the UK, but that’s how we were taught. Example: vittamin as in little, vitamin as in like

  57. 10 years later, supplementation is essential!

    1. @I Think Absolutely true!

    2. Christopher Robertson you are right!

  58. I take a vitamin d with calcium after food. I think it helps. I live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sun

    1. Be careful taking calcium supplements there is strong evidence that taking calcium in tablet form can lead to coronary calcification, especially in women.

    2. Thomas Forster Thanks for the comment

    3. Unless your diet is very low in calcium you probably don´t need to take a calcium supplement because the vitamin D alone will increase the absorption of calcium from your diet. However, you should take vitamin K2 which makes sure the calcium ends up in the bones and doesn´t stay in your arteries and clogg them up.

  59. Does anyone have a link to the results of the large scare study which was performed on the pregnant mom’s? It’ll be most interesting to see the results.

  60. Big difference between d3 and D2. D3 is over the counter rat poison. D2 can only be obtained with a prescription in the US

    1. You have stated something very interesting can you elaborate

    2. D3 is the active form and D2 is the hormone that needs first to be activated by your kidneys. Both forms are available as supplements.

    3. Moron.

    4. While I wouldn’t equate either to rat poison, you’ve got those two backwards.

    5. @Bigdog Billdog You’re so right this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Hope no one takes his advice 🤦‍♀️

  61. Can’t absorb without k2.

    1. K2 helps put calcium where it belongs, not in your arteries and soft tissues.

    2. that is incorrect. You Can absorb without K2. the reason you take K2 with it is to not get soft tissue calcifications. K2 carboxylates the GLA proteins so they can latch on to the calcium in the blood and transport it into bones and teeth. D3 upregulates GLA proteins and therefore can cause Vitamin K deficiencies.

    3. @Junior17 tbh… not sure everybodys bodies are different

    4. @Captain Obvious Mine was 25, but do u even know how long it takes to go back to normal?

    5. @HC Q
      Saw your comment somewhere saying you do 5,000 iu along with magnesium and k2 and omega 3s..
      (Which ironically is the regimen im about to start)
      I just started a 8 week course of vutamin d2 50,000 iu (my levels are 19 right now.. i live in massachusetts)

      Curious where your based out of and what your levels were prior and where they are now…
      Theres alot of debate about how much ng’s you need…
      But the vitamin d council says anywhere from 50 to 80 ngs is optimal level..
      I still think 30 ngs is just too low..
      Im aiming for the 60,000 ng range…
      How about yourself?
      P.s. love your profile name bro. Anti nwo all the way. I subbed 👍

  62. Ancient people were sun gazers.

  63. I personally take 4400 UI every day from my multivitamins and vit D itself plus many other megadoses.

    It won’t make me disease or cancer-proof but trust me, I’ll take _any_ reduced odds of light and serious illnesses that megadoses of vitamins intake can bring!

    But of course, everybody knows, gotta combine those megadoses with regular exercise and clean-as-possible diet, an overall healthy lifestyle. Can’t be physically lazy, eat like sheet and expect benefits from taking large amounts of vitamins and supplements!

  64. It is incredible how narrow the spectrum of understanding truth in the scientific media ! They talk about a minute detail and they call it the “miracle” vitamin D and they forgot that this pathetic choice of humanity to adopt a life in cement and closed entities they call apartments in polluted societies they call cities away from the source of life – once Akhenaton the great Egyptian pharaoh dedicated his entire life to worship – the SUN , the fresh air, the diversity of plants etc. have been destroyed and they keep on destroying while busy in their sick air conditioned labs to find “supplements” to cure!!! How sick the world we live in and those in charge of finding the right way to life!!!!!!!!

    1. 💯💯💯 Sungazing is the best decision ever!

  65. Please tablet name

    1. D – Rise .
      Dosage you can choose

  66. Dr. Głowacki 🙂

  67. Ayurveda told importance of vitamin d 1000s year’s ago. Don’t eat supplement just go out.

    1. Going out where I live would not help …very little sun.

    2. Adler 33 poisoned minded
      God gaves us all what we need sunlight cures everything

    3. you wont raise the levels if your are too low so supplements are a must youknow.

  68. This worked for my blood pressure. Now consistently 130/80

    1. Anecdotal evidence is overwhelming, showing that vitamin D at 5-10,000 IU a day improves people’s health. Modern medicine will never recommend vitamin D supplements. They can easily rig the research to give inconclusive or negative results. They are controlled by big pharma. All they want is to sell patented drugs for profit.

    2. @anna belle , thank you very much for the information , i got vitamin D3 10.000 unit from UK and it works well

    3. @catamandow1 hi if this is still of any interest to you, due to illness I was told to take vitamin d by my Dr. I live in an area of limited brand availability. I picked up a cheap bottle from aldi and my vitamin d levels which are tested for my regular specialist appointments have returned consistent positive results for the past 4 years. If you live in a Western nation I suspect your standard vitamins (not talking about “boutique specialist” supplements) are most likely going to be fine. I am on the deep six end of shitty health, my Dr wouldn’t let it go if I wasn’t
      All the best.

    4. I have just started Better you D3 with Vit K spray – Amazon and Holland and Barrett

    5. @Edit name , thanks , but i was not able to find INNOPURE in amazon , could it be a different name ?

  69. Is there vitamin d available for vegans

    1. Prime Rib

    2. Yes, it’s called stop this veganism crap and get yourself some salmon and eggs

    3. Vegans come up with the craziest restrictions.

    4. Why would you bother taking a vitamin if you don’t even eat real food, lol.

    5. Tarzan you can get vegan d3 I’m currently taking them

  70. Everyone in England needs vitamin D,sun rarely shine

    1. As far as I am concern, everyone should take vitD3 5000 iu with Vit K2 100mcg daily during colder months, and take it once during the summer for maintenance. It is an epidemic in the country.

    2. I Think Probably hardly anyone knows about that advice.

    3. @Todd Lavigne very interesting …

    4. @abraham said i am from Thailand sunny country but too bad it’s very HOT !!

    5. Well if the human body has evolved to produce vitamin internally with via sunshine it must be pretty important to our health. If we are vitamin D deficient i most cases then obviously this is playing a part in the ill health of the population. IMO
      I’m not waiting for research because if they prove this true, the studies will be squashed by big pharma and we will never hear about it.

  71. U need k2 to use the vitamin D you get too

    1. @bill johnson go to doctor ,dementia simptom😣

    2. @bill johnson You must be severely lacking in vitamin D, because you’re in such a bad mood. Probably have depression.

    3. @bill johnson “cause obviously people werent meant to live there”
      Really? You obviously think you know more than scientists & medical professionals do! LOL… what a DOUCHE BAG!

    4. Hes right…
      K2 helps viramin d absorb alot better

    5. You should move then cause obviously people werent meant to live there. You definitely can get enough that way though. People post their results online all the time just from the sun

  72. Much better vids on youtube medicine drs don’t know squat about health. Never trust a druggie poison pusher medicine dr. To stay health, never go anywhere near a druggie poison pusher medicine dr, the poisons they push will kill you.

  73. It’s such a criminal sham. The vitamin D in milk is not the kind we need. It’s cheap and poison. Should actually be D3 like is found in raw milk. Everyone should be drinking raw milk – like they did for thousands of years – and no one died.

    1. If you think you are lactose intolerant check out A2 milk. Goats are A2 and some cows are too. I’m a dairy farmer & drink raw milk ALL THE TIME! The “raw milk cure” makes for some interesting reading too.

    2. There isn’t much D in any milk.

    3. Milk is God-awful for anyone over 6 years old.

    4. Don’t forget to say ” Raw mild from organic grass-fed cows- NOT FROM CAFOs.
      Concentrated Feeding Operations produce unhealthy cows and unhealthy milk!

    5. j parks have you ever heard of lactose intolerance?

  74. What about vitamin k2?

    1. @HC Q Do I have to take these all together? Like simultaneously? Or one with each meal?

    2. Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Omega 3 is the perfect combination. These work together.

    3. You sold me… now to Amazon.

    4. I believe vitamin K2 will clear your arteries of calcium and help with ED too.

    5. Mr Grow you need to take k2 with calcium, it makes sure calcium go to where its needed the most.

  75. Doctor gave me invita d3 25,000 IU oral solution and im breastfeeding mum would this affect my baby and also scared about side effects

    1. No

    2. Sweet Girl you can synthesise 100 k iu of vitamin d if you stayed in the sun long enough. I don’t think 25k a day is overdosing

  76. My bloodwork showed my Vit.D at a 6. I have been feeling like I could just lay down and die. I am 55 and I have been nervous about falling, perhaps intuitively.

    1. @label1877 You take it with k2 Bro?

    2. My vitamin D was 37 down from my normal 57. My physician told me to get it back up. It works for me, have not missed a day from work in 13 years.

    3. @Ashok Ravichandran 😇!! And I wish for your healthy and fast recovery .. life is beautiful.. stay fit remain positive and healthy and maintain a well balanced life style 🙂

    4. @shikha b thanks lot sister. I wish you all well in life. Take care and I will follow your advice.

    5. @Ashok Ravichandran good lord!! Please don’t hate yourself for being sick .. not everyone is blessed with perfect health .. getting a good doctor who truely understands the patients’ requirement is hard to find so we have to take matters in our own hand and try to fix as much as we can .. Internet has information .. it is tedious but not impossible to fix basic health .. can’t expect to become fit overnight but instead of feeling low please take baby steps .. now you know of atleast one brand that sells good vit d3 .. if you think that is what you need start taking them (again I am not a doctor.. you are the best judge of your health needs) and try to go outside that’s the best source of vit d and you will get some exercise and lower your depression .. eat good quality organic food do some yoga .. you can incorporate a healthy lifestyle and will see a difference eventually .. atleast in south India you have the option of string good organic food and oils so make use of that !! I hope you feel better !! Good luck 🙂

  77. I`ve got eczema for the majority of my life; only a few red-colored spots within the sides of my elbows as well as thighs. The 1st few days, it was a bit flaky. There is no longer redness immediately after testing this particular eczema guide “Kemcοzο Mυz” (Gοοgle it). Subsequently after the 4th day of following the manual, I notice the flakiness to be disappeared and the impacted part are cured. .

    1. Julia Gаna how do you feel now ?

  78. This is a summary of everything you need to know about vitamin D

  79. This helped me understand the importance. Thx!

    1. kuraidjinn This is a summary of everything you need to know about vitamin D

  80. Informative video. For more info:

  81. And I thought vitamin D was not necessary

    1. It is very necessary even against cancer.

    2. Kevin Bor This is a summary of everything you need to know about vitamin D

  82. My chick loves the vitamin D

    1. Lol

    2. Marc Jay HAHAHAHAHAAHAAA 😈😈😈

    3. She needs minimum 1,000 a day, everyday. Godspeed

    4. she loves mine as well…. wanna see pics?

    5. Lmao

  83. Theres a study that says megadosing vit d can make your penis bigger

    1. That’s onions your talking about

    2. Vitami tanlet

    3. You’re a jerk🤣🤣

  84. Ever since I started taking it I’ve been getting heart palpitations which are very uncomfortable. I quit taking it and the heart palpitations go away, so I know for sure it’s the vitamin D. I reduced the dose from 4000 ius to 1000 ius and still get heart palpitations. I take 400 milligrams of magnesium from supplements, I eat healthy, lots of vegetables. I make sure to get all B vitamins and electrolytes and minerals, I’m not overweight and I exercise a lot. I use to take 4000 ius everyday last winter and I didn’t have any issues. Also my diet was the exact same as it is now. I don’t know why it’s causing me problems now when it wasn’t before. I think I’ll just stop taking it. It still gets sunny in the winter any way so I probably don’t need to supplement it.

    1. I found that the Magnesium gave me palpitations

    2. best to take it with a fatty meal..

    3. ur taking high dosage, dts y, if its casuing prooblems, ur body likely has a lot of vitamin d stored, u dnt need the supplements

    4. To whom it may concern. The time of day you take this supplement is vital in my experience

    5. azsegrxdhtfgvijnkoml ewrhtgoij/pkL Vitamin D has definitely helped with my anxiety.. I was so deficient and sometimes it can take up to a few months for it to normalise you’re levels again..

  85. watch this:

  86. good video buy vitamin d on amazon click @t

    1. Praise the lord fuck off both of you

    2. He who believes in Jesus will have eternal life

  87. Is there any proublems when taking 50000 mgs of vitiamin D once a week? Dr told me to do that. But nervous about side effects

    1. Are you sure it wasn’t 5000?

    2. @Kyle R where is this source found. We really need this to validate and substantiate our current push for VD³. Facebook Sellars Vines. Thank you!

    3. I take 40,000 IU D3 (DAILY!!!) with Vitamin K2 and Magnesium citrate. I am slowly correcting a insufficiency. No need to be afraid. This toxicity story made it into medical books based on an erroneuous study. It got disproved in 1971 but never made it OUT of the medical books!

    4. @zdringy not true..
      Unlike water soluble vitamins…
      Vitamin d is a fat soluble vitamin..
      Meaning your body stores it in your fat and other receptors and uses it as it needs…
      Its not water soluble like vitamin c or b etc

    5. @Christopher Robertson it definitely can bro. You can overdo it… thats why i get worried when folks say they are taking things like 10,000 iu daily.. id say 5,000 iu daily is the safe limit

  88. Could vitamin d3 be rat poison? Yes, look at these people. Vitamin D3 is cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol is rat poison. They all mimic each other and say poison is good. May fool the body for a while, then it starts poisoning, stripping calcium from the bones and causing hypertension. Very bad.

    1. @Bigdog Billdog very very wise advice!

    2. Extreme high doses cause Vitamin K2 depletion and that kills rats.

    3. Moron

    4. Radiation for example….it can kill millions with nuclear a bomb or save your life in Radiology.

    5. You are on the wrong forum to use gutter language when discussing simple health issues. You depressed?

  89. It’s the truth. Vitamin D 10000 helped me with my depression.

    1. @Tonya Stairs God Bless!Amen!

    2. God Bless!Amen!

    3. @ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ Which fish oil and how much iud ? Thank you in advance.

    4. @ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ Which fish oil and iud per day. Thank you in advance.

    5. great to hear it helps

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