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Vitamins and Supplements: An Evidence-Based Approach

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Dr. Jeffrey Tice, UCSF Department of Medicine, looks at vitamin use and the benefits and harms from these dietary supplements. [11/2013] [Show ID: 25642]

More from: Eating for Health (and Pleasure): The UCSF Guide to Good Nutrition

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634 thoughts on “Vitamins and Supplements: An Evidence-Based Approach

  1. These guys they must study the same book about how to fool people With statistics

  2. The conclusion, when we pull together the evidence from all those randomized trials :
    We should be taking the placebos.

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  4. Study used SYNTHETIC! vitamin A and E. The study was later debunked.

  5. like video

  6. I need a quick summarized version of this for my ADHD 😄

  7. cant watch this.. too much “UM” “uhh” “UM” “uhh” “UM” “uhh” “UM” “uhh” “UM” “uhh” “UM” “uhh” “UM” “uhh”

  8. I had this video on in the background as I’m doing some work, and now that I’m reading these extraordinarily negative comments, I’ll have to go back and listen more carefully. Now I’m wondering if the largely unregulated, multi billion dollar supplement industry is behind some of these comments and are from “plant” commenters from that industry on YouTube. The comment from Ryan Cole, MD, sounds legitimate about magnesium. (I’ve heard the soils were depleted, but didn’t know what they were depleted of and I found Ryan Cole on Google). Towards the end, this presenter references the diet that is the most beneficial (Mediterranean, Seventh day Adventist’s study – with is a blue zone area), and at least this is entirely consistent with the articles and studies I’ve read from Harvard Medical Review over the past year. I’ve personally since adopted a mostly whole food, plant based diet, without processed foods, or sugar, and take vitamin D3 daily (I’m low), B12, folate from time to time. He also references an article out of Consumer Reports on supplements, and the supplement industry overall, and I subscribe to that as well and I distinctly remember that article, and I think I even kept that article from a few years ago. I will always trust academia, the medical community, and nonbiased and nonprofit consumer advocacy organizations – any day over the sleazy “supplement” industry. Frankly, I think that supplement industry should be regulated by the FDA also – it is not right now. These “supplement companies” can claim anything in their ads and sell just about anything to consumers who don’t have time to validate their claims. Overall, some of these comments sound really suspicious.

  9. When he tried to suggest that increased vitamin C increases your likelihood to die that’s when I turn that off. this guy’s an idiot.

  10. Terrible video.

  11. This is shameful. I am here because prescription medications gave me kidney disease and now I have developed autoimmune issues. My diet has been healthy since birth, raised on whole foods, vegetarian diet and now I eat fish. I’ve always been extremely fit. I look 15 years younger than my age, I have worked diligently to keep my health in great shape, yet here I am. Unfortunately I started having massive pain with my periods, took 30 years to have a gyno finally believe the severity of my pain. I was over prescribed NSAIDS. Now I’m attempting to reverse all the damage and manage my pain with vitamins, herbs and other supplements. I’ve already reversed from stage 3 to stage 2 CKD. I’m taking up to 8000 IU vitamin D, I am dark skinned, so even with those high levels and living in Florida w/plenty of time in sun, my level is 43. Clearly not even close to dangerous. It’s good, but I’m trying to get to 50, especially with the autoimmunity, I’m going to have to increase my dose. Combined with increased vitamin D levels (they used to be in the teens!), I also take oregano oil on the rare time I feel off, during flu season, and now w/covid going around, haven’t gotten sick in over 3 years. This guy clearly works for pharma and has no desire in helping anyone live a healthy life.

  12. If a statin trial had the same numbers they would call it significant reduction in adverse events then make billions of dollars.

  13. Outdated

  14. There is no confidence is his speech, like grasping at straws and not simply looking for the right words. Quite a bit of valuable information missing from his conclusions, and let’s not forget that the majority of studies are paid for by pharmaceutical companies. Hard to award credibility when bias is used in which studies are referenced. Disinformation causes more havoc than blatant lies. But again, he is a doctor of medicine, not of nutrition.

  15. Lucky I wasn’t there !!!! If we run out of time I’ll be happy afterwards to answer your quest. WTF ,,, expert is unaware of chemtrails and we don’t have no time left !!! Aluminum is decimating us and this little shit says nutrients which would are useless until we rectify chemtrails. Total shill total waste total pussy punk

  16. You are a worthless man. Think of it at the your last day

  17. Funny how he says we should get our vitamins and minerals from food, but to him the cost of organic food is not worth it, even though organic food is often higher in vitamins and minerals. He says the Dietary supplements Act of 1994 (DSHEA) prevented the FDA from regulating supplements. That’s totally false of course. That law was necessary to prevent the industry captured FDA from banning safe supplements merely because they competed with pharmaceutical patent medicine sold by large corporations. People were fed up with that, and that law stopped it.

  18. Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
    by Joel D. Wallach is a good book. I bet dr. Tice did not read or fearful saying he did for fear


    YOU DOCTORS……SUCK !! !!!




    GUESS WHAT ???



  20. Shame on this and YOU. They just published in all the national news outlets that cases of sepsis are now being healed with vitamin C IVs. A study was just presented out of Virginia Tech on the percentage of patients that survived ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome which is end stage..) being much higher in the Vitamin C group than in the placebo group. What nerve to say I must “do no harm” and then gloss over the monumental evidence that has been published in the last 10 years.. People don’t listen to this!!! Read the studies out of the national institute of health for REAL information on studies. This guy is ON THE PAYROLL OF BIG PHARMA.

  21. There has often been the problem with calcium supplements and lead. How are calcium supplements purified and is lead somehow precipitated out? Sometimes dolomite is used as a natural supplement which might not me good.

  22. TOO much front end hate about vitamins but not really giving the answer makes me wonder what the real message is

  23. Wow, this is literally the worst information I’ve ever seen in an MD’s public presentation. Indigenous people have V-D blood levels well over 100, yet he’s saying 20 is plenty despite it being considered seriously deficient even by the FDA’s recommendations, which are already far too low according to medical research. He says over 50 is too high…what ???

    This guy doesn’t even read basic medical research, it’s like he used Wikipedia or more like a 1875 newspaper article to research for this lecture.

    MD’s discovered 10-15 years ago if they get someone’s levels over 75 if not higher it drastically reduces cancer risk & increases the immune system more than just about anything else currently known. These doctors were even completely reversing early prostate cancers w just high levels of vitamin D.

    My own doctor says there is no known upper limit, and all that was based on 1 horrible study filled w many obvious errors and the false assumptions based on them. His patients are their healthiest w levels well over 100. Levels under 75 have been shown to increase cancer risk substantially.

  24. Oh my god. What an idiot!

  25. So many fallacies here.

  26. starts at 3:30

  27. Hog Wash, Forgot your disclosures. Supported by Big Pharma and No education in Nutrition

  28. I am very skeptical of what he is saying.

  29. Question- are these supplements factory made? Beta carotene is only one of several carotnes, Vit C is more than as or if acid- it naturally occurs with various bioflavonoids, and Vit E is more than the normally consumed dltocopherol- there are several tocopherols and triocenols in the Vit E complex. All supplements I am aware of and likely used in these studies use only one factor in the complex, which may be the why of the detrimental effects. I would like to see availability of supplements of complete vitamin complexes and studies based on these.

  30. In addition to the obvious cherry picking, he committed intellectual suicide the second he praised statins as the holy grail. This entire channel has some kind of poorly perfumed religious/vegan stench to it.

  31. Death wish vegetable oil really

  32. 500 – 600 mg Vit. C ??! The actual research states that you should take at least 5000mg (5g) Vit. C a day. Especially in the Corona Times. If you want to reinforce your immune system, add 5000 I.u. Vit. D3, at least 100 microgramms MK7 (a kind of Vit. K) in the all-trans form, 200 microgramms Selenium every 2 days and at least 400-500 mg Magnesium (But search for the bioavailable form, not MgO).. Good luck in those Days

  33. There is no such thing as healthy sappliment- read” Food Forensics”Mije Adams from the health ranger!

  34. Another observation is that the way this speaker, and almost all medical industry workers, present the studies, is at best scientifically superficial. Hardly any discussion of mechanism, etc. Do these people understand biochemistry, metabolic pathways, …? Everything is treated as a black box. We gave a bunch of people this, and a bunch of people this, and gathered some data. Here’s some stats. This isn’t even really science, and I don’t think most workers in this industry even know or care what science is. If a physicist tried to present “research” in this way, they’d be laughed off the stage. “We measured 136 tennis ball trajectories in the 2016 Wimbledon tournament. … We found no statistical difference between the number of tennis balls rising and those falling. …. We conclude that the hypothetical existence of gravitation was not supported.”

  35. The first thing that needs to be pointed out is that most of the studies with a negative result, are conducted by MDs, or other medical industry workers, and they’re published in medical industry trade journals. Everyone familiar with this issue knows that the medical industry regards health food, supplements, lifestyle interventions, etc., and other interventions based on biology and science, as competing industries. Sad, but it’s pretty obvious that they’d rather have people die using astronomically expensive, ineffective medical industry pseudoscience, than get healthier using natural substances that come from real science. Why would someone accept studies done by workers in a competing industry at face value? The biggest joke is that medical industry trade journals (JAMA, Lancet, NEJM, and many others) make a pretense of having authors reveal conflicts of interest, but the glaring fact is that most MDs fail to disclose that they are medical industry workers. Should we take any of this seriously? It’s obvious, if you look at the studies, that study design is often poor, sometimes astoundingly so, and the studies are usually designed without a real desire to get positive results.

  36. Scarry thí guy believes this

  37. P R O P A G A N D A

  38. Paid ass! YouTube should eliminate and not post elements like these!

  39. Doctor, It is laughable to fear monger vitamins and minerals. There are countless thousands
    of deaths each year from simple aspirin. Latrogenic death is several hundred thousand per year
    Just as all fats are not the same, (EPA, DHA, sterols, MCT’s etc..) all viamins are not formulated
    the same. Supplements depend on dose, formula, timing, and with food or not.
    His observational data consists of a multitude of variable confounders, which
    The vitamin E study was a synthetic, not a natural full complex of tocopherols.
    He knows enough to think he knows what he is talking about, but not enough to know what he doesn’t know.

  40. So, there is benefit in taking fish oil, but not if you take statins. Given there is no benefit in taking statins, why would you push statins rather than fish oil unless you’re a shill for big pharma?

  41. Humans get HEARTWORM, just exactly like DOGS DO, yet when was the last time you EVER heard of a HUMAN being treated for them? Want to know WHY? Because the evil system we have makes TONS more money on HEART DISEASE than on treating the REAL culprit called HEARTWORM! And LIFELONG CARE after heart surgery is HIGHLY LUCRATIVE! This is onlt ONE example of how PARASITES are deliberately ignored and denied by our medical mafia system. Parasites can and do imitate a wide range of other diseases, all of which are very lucrative rather than treating the real problem of parasites.

  42. Don’t listen to the ads that say NOT to eat TOMATOES if you have arthritis. Eating TOMATOES once or twice a week lowers your chance of HEART ATTACK by FORTY PERCENT! So why is this scumbag saying NOT to eat them? EAT TOMATOES and EAT ORANGE FOODS like YAMS, SWEET POTATO, PUMPKIN, and WINTER SQUASH. These orange foods cured me instantly of a very bad stomach pain that I had for MONTHS and I thought was probably cancerous. So TRY these foods for CANCER and see! God Himself told me to eat orange. I’m a Christian and sometimes God does talk to me. He’s the one who said EAT ORANGE. Not oranges, but the orange food listed above. He also said LYCOPENE, which is found in TOMATOES. I think it’s terrible that ad is telling elderly people NOT to eat them! I wrote to that man, too. No response yet. I should also add that eating the orange foods REALLY helps mental function and improves MOOD as well. Can be amazing improvement immediately after eating these foods.

  43. Dumber than a box of rocks!

  44. Or the comments are mainly from representatives of the Vitamins and Supplements industry not wanting that truth and evidence erode their brainwashed market.

  45. I read the comments. It seems that most comments are from people who have no understanding of what an evidence based study is. Americans are generally people afflicted with a very inertial system of preconceived ideas. They are not used to consider anything outside of their certainties because America is very much self contained. There is a world of truth outside of their limited domain of ideas, like there are other great countries outside of America and other industries than Armement.
    Science is evidence based, not anecdotical.

  46. Fake news!, Big Pharma must subsidize these biased studies.

  47. This guy is totally obsolete!!! Especially regarding Vitamin D!!! I take 10,000 iu a day (250mg) & it helps so much with depression & osteoporosis! I do not take any medications/ prescriptions & am almost 73 years old & am very active, grow my garden & feel great! I do take the other supplements I’ve mentioned below as well!

  48. Oh & YES, please take magnesium Glycinate & or magnesium L-theronate (for brain clarity, focus & overall well being! PLEASE, look up & research these to types of magnesium! You will definitely be glad you did!

  49. The recommendation value for vitamins has remained the same for the past 40 to 50 years! Times has changed doc, wake up, the crops & foods most average Americans eat now have much less nutritional value now, therefore supplement value amount has increased & deemed necessary unless you grow your own, buy GMO free Whole Foods & grain free meat! Most don’t or can’t afford to consume them regularly but can afford a good one a day vitamin plus maybe a few supplements. Vitamin B complex, D3 & Vitamin C @ 1,000 mg a day is very, very good on a regular basis! Stay far away from flu vaccines, cholesterol drugs are totally nasty as are all statin drugs! Do your research throughly!!! Try viewing Dr. Berg on YouTube!

  50. Nice try stuttering John …I felt sorry for him initially then the sock puppetry began.

  51. The way he speaking is like hiding the truth, the study carry out for a long time and vary vague. Which journals published this study?

  52. uhhh…ummmm. a, a , a ,a , uhh umm, a,a, ummmm ummm ummm. For god sake! if your loss for words pause in silence! That will help you re-group and take better control of your delivery

    1. Nervouse, bad speaker 😁

  53. 8 years 10,000 units D3 a day no colds or flu

  54. They dismiss Vit C as their studies are using low doses. They, presenting, are paid for by the pharms so people will buy half their posion.

  55. OMG!!!! He not only stutters….he is plain bad. Guys just go and watch the movie THAT VITAMIN MOVIE

  56. 2 Words: B. S.

  57. this is over 7 years old. things are different now. how about a revision, please. yet to take on board all of the comments here. a revision might be too much to ask for…

  58. Premature graying is a sign of being DEFICIENT in Copper, B-12, 6, biotin, D and E. Exactly which foods are you not eating that influences hair to gray early? Maybe you should supplement!

  59. The vitamin C studies that these guys love to use to show its ineffectiveness use less than 1g a day. You gotta be kidding me big pharma trolls. people take 10grams+ a day. 100+ grams a day when you have severe illness.

  60. As I see 1/4 of Americans have brains washed by pharmaceutical companies:-).

  61. I dont trust you

  62. Hummmmm

  63. Dont watch this bullshit.

  64. The real fact is that medicine is the biggest cause of death.

  65. Magnesium was left out in this discussion. As an MD , Mayo Clinic trained, triple boarded, that runs a Laboraory I was disappointed. Calcium, vitamin D and gut health are so impacted by magnesium. Most patients are magnesium deficient due to our depleted soils. I also found the D recommendations way too low, especially in northern tier states. He left out the correlation of low D , depression and suicide correlations. Ok lecture, but “information deficient”.
    Macular degeneration, he left out lutein. Thanks.

    1. Anh Kim Phan thanks – I’ll definitely research it more!

    2. Jessica you can search for magnesium deficiency online, you will see lot of info. I believe 80% america has magnesium deficiency even though some people eat heathy organic foods. I prefer Magnesium chloride apply on skin.

    3. Thanks for discussing magnesium, I didn’t know this. Should people take magnesium supplements as well? Maybe he can add it to the next lecture.

    4. Yes, this lecture was information deficiency!!! Magnesium is so important! And gut microbiome too!!

    5. Also he mentioned (in effect) that there’s no benefit from D3 … “if you happen to be on STATTINS” … WTF

  66. Linus C. Pauling abused Vitamin C all his life and lasted 93 years 🤔

    1. @Hercule Holmes Vitamin C should make us live forever then? You guys make some idiotic claims about his cancer. He was over 90 yo. We would not be surprised if he died of drinking water. Do you have a brain cell left in your brain?

    2. He did die of prostate cancer though. If vitamin C is the magic protection against cancer, Pauling was taking high-dose Vitamin C for many, many years and it did not stop him dying of prostate cancer. He could have died of heart failure or he could have died of pneumonia, but of all the thing to die from he died of cancer.

      I realize that prostate cancer at that age is a virtual certainty, but the fact is, it did kill him.

  67. Your B12 must be high with all the feces you’re flinging.

  68. How about the fact your industry ( medicine) cause low vitamin d level . Doctor keep telling people to stay out of the 🌞 sun.
    Mushrooms are Vitamin is D2 and there is a difference. Vitamin D2 has to be converted to D3.

  69. Show me the data showing people with higher than 50 ng have calcification issue.

  70. Dr Mercola did a nice job on showing the fault and the agenda that these studies are about.

  71. The only evidence I’m seeing in this video is that this person has an agenda other than helping people be healthy.

  72. With very few exceptions, I get my vitamins and minerals from healthy whole food sources like dark leafy greens, fruits, eggs, some sunshine everyday (even in winter!), plenty of filtered water, adequate sleep, stress management… it’s a whole picture issue. That’s why vitamins don’t work, not because as the commentators here allege, a deep state conspiracy. These folks want to believe, so instead of doing research, they simply say the world is flat.

    1. Hercule Holmes I’d rather eat an orange (or 2) than take ascorbic acid 🤷‍♀️
      The way I see it, taking vitamins and minerals leaves gaps in a diet where instead of healthy whole foods should go, people fill it with junk food because “they’ve gotten their nutrition from pills”. Lack of fiber is a driver of disease, and fiber comes from plants. As do most vitamins and minerals. Real food is the best source of nutrition
      Sure, IF you have a verified gap, then you might need support via supplementation. I’d get blood test before assuming first though.

      Also, I personally wouldn’t take fish oil, simply because they are pretty contaminated with mercury. The algae is what the fish get their omega 3 from, so why not just take those instead

    2. Vitamin C isn’t just about the “Vitamin C”, it’s also about the benefits of ascorbic acid. Depending on where you live in the World, you might not be getting enough vitamin D from sunshine; I live in the UK so for 4 months of the year even if I was outside all the time I would not get enough. You can get vitamin D from oily fish and mushrooms, but the main source is sunlight, and if you don’t get enough sunlight then you may be vitamin D deficient. Magnesium deficiency is very common too; tap water is too pure to contain magnesium in any useful quantity.

  73. I call bs on these years long studies that count on participants actually taking their vitamins daily. What type? Organic or man made synthetic? What other factors were causative in the lifestyle for diseases? I really would like randomized clinical styled trials. Who funded this research? I find it hard to believe that antioxidants are causative of disease without showing the mechanisms for such outcomes.

  74. FAKE NEWS!

  75. My conclusion is: Nobody knows exactly if multivitamins helps or not, because, it’s very difficult to run a study about this. To get to a more precise conclusion they should include a lot of others multifatorial points that if are excluded, turn the results completely inaccurate. For example: all of those people use to make exercise regularly? All of them use to sleep enough? All of them use to control the emotional stress in their lives? all of them, besides taking specific vitamins, avoid a lot of junk foods in their diets? All of them are exposed to harmful working conditions? And we could add a lot of other factors. If they could take a bunch of people that observe all of this issues and give them good multivitamins, THEN they would have a more accurate answer. And yet, they could take a people who don’t take multivitamins a have all of those issues fixed, to see if the multivitamins effect are worthwhile and if they live longer naturally. Did they do that? I don’t think so, and mainly because is hugely difficult to find those people. That’s my humble opinion.

  76. This character either doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about or he is paid by Big Pharma to tell these lies. The whole presentation is totally false.

  77. ORGANIC or NOT…

  78. Shill.

  79. I cannot believe how many people cannot comprehend. The moral of the story is get your nutrients from real food, eat less meats, but some fish. Popping a pill means you will just piss most of it back out. Question your food to determine the quality such as natural grass fed, Salomon from nature, or farmed etc. The food in the US is surprisingly fake. Traveling to 3rd world countries where they still organically farm their food is healthier. The evidence is in the taste, and really freshness because it goes from farm to market daily without refrigeration.

  80. Old info

  81. observational studies!! is this a joke? DO take vitamins! good quality ones. Always take D3 with K2mk7, take complete vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols). Try NOT to take calcium as most foods nowadays are fortified and have calcium, take can give you a greater risk for heart attacks. Coconut oil (clean) and Omega 3 (DHA high quality) are great for memory and alzheimers. Magnesium is super important. This video is a shambles, sick, sick people sponsored by big pharma

  82. Total hack job, anyone following the advice on this blog has come up the river on a banana boat.

  83. The issue isn’t that vitamins are bad it’s that too much of anything isn’t good. So eat a balanced diets and don’t just take supplements because some commercial tells you to. Just talk to yo doctor and get your vitamin levels checked.

  84. Jesus, so many butthurt people in the comments. Whether this guy is right or wrong, at least he’s looking at scientific evidence and randomized controlled trials, as opposed to simply believing rumors or authorities, like you do.

    A long time ago foods have been viewed simply as calories and nutrients. But I think we’re seeing more and more that this is not the full picture and it’s important how these nutrients and calories are combined and consumed. For example, fiber is extremely important even though it’s not digestible. Glycemic index is important. Nutrients may need to be in certain combinations to work properly (and other combinations may nullify their effects). All in all, whole foods and plants seem to be the healthiest things to eat and the best ways to get nutrients.

  85. Oh no sir…. Plz go home

  86. Absolute nonsense

  87. This is how the drug companies confuse the public. They get a Dr. or some dude with a white lab coat to spur out nonsense and have the uneducated Americans people just eat it up. If you listen carefully to this lecture, you’ll see the drug companies paid him off.

  88. Not very informative. Couldn’t watch to the end

  89. Linus Pauling took a quarter ounce of Vitamin C a day and lived to 93.

    1. @Rich Kennedy also… you didn’t address my comment. Lots of people live beyond 93 without taking megadoses of ascorbic acid.

    2. @Rich Kennedy what is “pure alkaline water”? Because I can make some pure alkaline water by mixing some baking soda into water and drinking it. Of course, the base will mix with stomach acid to form carbon dioxide and salt…

    3. RonJohn63 studies have shown as did Linus Pauling studies showed the larger the dose of vitamin C taken the more is absorbed.
      Also this guy did zero commenting on the absolute importance of sufficient amounts of pure alkaline water (8.0 or higher) to adequately flush and cleanse toxins out of the body… generally half the body weight in ounces or 3 to 4 quarts per day…

    4. What about the people who live to 100 and *don’t* take megadoses of water-soluble (meaning you urinate away what you don’t quickly use) vitamins?

    5. John Aiken. Otherwise Pauling would have died at what age?

  90. Disk I actually said that taking vitamin C increases your chance for death. What an idiot

  91. you can always tell when one is lying just like trump, overtime he opens his mouth a lie pops out, prove me wrong if you don’t mind but be honest.

  92. Finally a video I can totally give 👎 ah, i-in, ahh. Seriously, can’t listen to this.

  93. Mutli-vitamins and supplements like thaht are a joke.

    The only way to get multi-vitamin or multi-minerals is from food or herbs, that is fact. no other way around it.
    your body does not recognize, nor can it absorb foreign matter – like vitamins or minerals or nutrients made in a lab.

    The best earth-based (god-made) multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements are:

    Seaweeds (irish moss bladderwrack kelp dulse etc.)
    Moringa Leaf Powder
    Black Seed Oil

    – Dont waste your money on synthetic vitamins or minerals, they are a waste of time plus toxic to your health.
    use sea vegetables and moringa leaf powder! chlorella and spirulina are great also, they provide you with everything your body needs and in a mother-nature god made form. there you go!


  95. You did not specify what kind of vitamins you are using, men made, From GMO food. Which you guys like to make to kill people. You are not GOD.
    You are full of Shit!
    I take food base vitamins and minerals, just like they occur in nature, not changed or manipulated by YOU “DOCTORS” with license to Kill. Like all the drugs you make even those, kill every organ in the body and would never cure diabetes or high blood pressure nor even cancer. HIPE YOU ALL DIE BY RADUATIIN AND CHEMO BUT YOU NEVER PRESCRIBE IT TO YOURSELVES.

  96. This is a terrible talk.

    The presenter is babbling. If this guy is responsible for teaching it is then a problem.

  97. Mainstream junk. Save your time

  98. Powers that be have attacked the vitamin markets, more so then not there are counter productive ingredients in most brands. I have yet to find a brand I trust, the corruption is rampant.

  99. Usually the people who try To warn you about vitamin supplements are the ones pushing pharmacetecals. I’ve been taking loads of vitamin minerals and herbal supplements for over 30 years . People never Guess my real age and always think i look 10-15 younger. Of course i dont take any drugs. That helps of course.

  100. HAHA! Organic is a waste of money and buy your vitamins at Costco. this guy is a joke. how do I ban Youtube from recommending videos from this channel?

  101. Nice hit job, very professional

  102. Big farma rat.

  103. He seems to use folate and folic acid interchangably. Can we than trust his study?
    Everything else checks out.

    Aörhough observational is buu.
    What if those who took them bcs they experienced ailnents and tried to treat it someway with being healthconscious.

  104. Carrots and Celery during the 80’s were highly contaminated with pesticides. They left a bitter, burning and lingering after taste. Also Chickens were fed arsenic in their feed. I have only recently returned to eating a bit of carrots and celery. If you want to know what is going on with your food talk to the farmers not the so called experts. I was fairly healthy until the Microwave came along as well as the GMO.

  105. Laughable. Very laughable.
    I was on statins and pain reliever that didn’t benefit me at all and the side effects were horrible.
    At least 2 grams of Vit. C, 300-400 mg Magnesium glycinate, and Omega 3 fish oil everyday changed my life with side benefits.

  106. The comments here are amazing, people would rather make up conspiracies about who pays this guy rather than go to pub med and look for the trials . What he’s saying is correct, if you don’t believe him you haven’t read the science

    1. My Healthobs 9 years? Is that how long it took you pull these lame one liners out of your arse? 😂 really weak stuff. The only conspiracy theory was that you have any intelligence beyond the scripts given to you by your drug lords. 😂

    2. My Healthobs nutritional science isn’t popping your stupid drugs. Clearly that’s beyond your scope. no one is deficient in drugs 😂 but yeah let’s discredit natural supplements etc. Wow you need a PhD to get that? Naw… drug companies hire any keyboard warrior that can use social media. Seeing as you cannot even piece together a literate sentence I highly doubt you can read a medical journal. 😂 oh that’s right that’s not in your job description 😂

    3. @M P pubmed isnt owned by anyone it’s a research library, anything published is available, it’s like Google for science medicine. To be honest the fact you don’t already know this speaks volumes. Believe all the Conspiracy theories you want or actually study for 9 years and get a PhD, of just keep tapping away on your keyboard. What ever you do don’t spend decades actually reading and learning nutrition science because clearly you prefer religious beliefs that suit your world view

    4. My Healthobs and who owns pubmed? 🤣 nothing like biased propaganda website to ‘back up’ your bogus claims.

    5. @M P go and read pubmed

  107. orthomolecular medicine
    Andrew Saul would his battleship

  108. This trail doesn’t give account of amounts use in these vitamin trails, medical papers as far back as 1930’s show that large doses of vit c were extremely beneficial, for a wide range of deseases. look up real statistics:

  109. this doesn’t pass the smell test

  110. If it’s written in JAMA and some guy in a slick gray suit with well groomed hair starts telling you it’ll kill you, – remember – he and his friends helped brainwash the WORLD that – I’ll quote from the ‘literature’ ”thim pots has got a devilish grassiness to them and we all gotta get on them opioids so thim devil pots, don’t git nair’n uvus own thim opioids.”

    That’s who’s talking to you about how a more nourishing diet is bad for you.

  111. Corn Oil is he kidding. +80% of corn is GMO a cancer causing product when fed to lab rats huge tumours. Dude is loose in many areas on this you tube. Ive found better research in and eric berg on youtube

  112. Did this Dude just say eat low fat dairy for calcium. Low Fat merely leaves water and sugar. Fats ate essential for propet absorption. Fortified vitamins into food has its risks as too quality and correct ones used

  113. Big farms rat .

  114. What a load of rubbish… this Dr needs to go back to school…

  115. i wonder how many people died or morbid because of this idiot.

  116. I don’t care if I die before, I want better quality of life

  117. Foods do not have the same nutritional value they once had. The soils are used up and dead. Unless you compost and grow your own food, you must supplement your diet with vitamins or you will be deficient.
    Buying organic may be a little healthier but I think a lot of organic foods are grown side by side with vegetables that do get all the pesticides and chemicals our bodies do not want and sometimes it’s just marketing bull.

  118. I can’t listen to this there is too many erms……………………

  119. better to take high priced needed prescription for stent failure that make you feel terrible..forever kickbacks?.repaired and prevented else..or to take blood pressure pills that destroy your kidneys and require prescriptions that weaken you and give you cancers and cause paralysing strokes…!!! for munchausen by proxy syndrome taught by profiteers?

  120. Metabolically…
    Is ascorbic acid vitamin C?
    Is vitamin C ascorbic acid?

    If one or both false can we stop assuming one for another and be more specific?

  121. What a total bunch of bullshit.

  122. Sorry, you lost me when you pitched a study using only 600 IU of C every other day and got no results. Ridiculous. You have no credibility.

    1. This video was 7 years ago, I hope this doctors had changed his mind like I did. Before 2011, I also thought like him ”vitamins is scam” and only seek solution in drugs, surgery…Thank God for open my mind after a near death experience with flu. As scientist who love numbers and statistic, I can confirm that all the research on vitamins were intepreted for the benefit of the sponsors. It’s up to us to find out what’s good for us. Not authority. I use vitamin C, D and healthy since 2011, if I catch flu, I take higher doses, the flu pass within one day only.


  123. Ask this ass how it feels to sell your soul for money … no wait all MD’S have no soul … they sold it long ago

  124. I’m 60 and do take many supplements, but also break from from time to time and could take this guy to the gym and wipe the floor with him. I haven’t been sick for years ……🤸‍♀️ and my sex drive is off the charts 💦

  125. Is this idiot aware of the tremendous harmful effects of vegetable oils and wheat ?
    Why is he promoting them for nutritional intake?
    He keeps associating death rates with the intake of vitamins.How would this influence people?..This discourages people from taking supplements thereby making them dependent on harmful so-called medication/drugs produced by profit driven medical cartels.
    This guy is clearly a puppet serving the pharmaceutical cartel.SHAME ON YOU Mr. Tice.

  126. After I start to take 500 vitamin C for the last 3 years I never be at the bed sick with cold , I am 60 years old , nice try dadasass

    1. That’s anecdote, not science.

    2. NDE Awakening – yes i spread it out in the day … typically 1000mg an hour

    3. I been taking vitamin c for years. 500 mg 3 Times a day as it quickly leaves your body. I have not been sick in years, like 1992! No colds, no flu

  127. What about the relation between low levels of vitamin d and thyroid problems ?

  128. OME! What!time to do some down time for this educated dummy. delete this video or update with some real fact based information!

  129. My conclusion: better to die than be seen by this dr in case of emergency! hahahah

  130. WHY he didnt include VIT. C in his summary/conclusion!?????????
    Why? oh Why? huhuhu
    Ulterior motive is more evident than the aka “evidences” this guy has presented!

    1. He did

  131. “fortified” foods = POISON. This asshole = very stupid (as in borderline retard, literally). This is an absolute disgrace to the University of California on so many levels. Now he’s talking about “studies” that show if you have vitamin D you will fall and break yourself! This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. One look into this guys eyes and its clear. There’s NOTHING behind them. He’s an idiot. Just good at retaining and shitting out information. PERFECT for his purpose. Mouthpiece for lies. The fact that the University of California has put and KEPT this up on the internet, I now know there is zero reason to have any association with them. The only thing this video is good for is letting me know to avoid this horseshit “school.”

  132. Summary; “Essential nutrients are bad for you and will actually kill you!!!!!” Unreal. This is some of the most ridiculous nonsense I’ve ever seen.

  133. “Can treat or prevent scurvy” Ummmmmm not CURE?!?! I already know this guy is going to be completely full of shit!

  134. total bullshit he is saying. I had high heartbeat because of kidney infection and i took 5x 1000mg vit C tablets in one go and within minutes my heart beat normalised so i have seen the results first hand. these so called drs r interested in prescribing medicine instead thats why they r so hard trying to discredit vitamins!

  135. This weasel is bought and paid for. Just read a lot more studies.

  136. my sister

  137. Uhh

  138. > take omega 3 if you’re not on statins

  139. and hu uh and uh an um umm known an um uh um uh high uh um um

  140. Hey how about doing a study on real vitamins … NOT Synthetic !!!!

    1. EXACTLY!!! They never say whether the test used ACTUAL vitamins or fake ones. I can guess which…..

  141. This idiot is in the take for someone, he completely ignores the importance of Triglycerides. Tri’s are one of of the High Risk indicators for Heart Disease.

  142. This video is so disappointing for medical students from UC. He should be questioning the RDA for there lack of understanding of vitamins. For lung and heart health its vitamin C. Why did he look at the audience every time he said no significate difference? I have noticed all the pharma paid doctors are just without logic. nothing he says is real science.

  143. Quite possibly this person has an agenda backed by the pharmaceutical companies. I don’t have to do a double blind study to know that vitamin C D3 vitamin E and omega-3’s are very instrumental in helping me go from California to Illinois in the winter time and not get sick. I don’t have to do a double blind study common sense prevails. Sounds like this person is backed by some pharmaceutical company Or a agenda based program funded by the medical board and is putting out disinformation. Be extremely careful what you listen to. This lecture has a stench .

  144. What a dishonest presentation… Who runs this guy? Look at the real evidence presented by Dr. Weston price almost 100 years ago

    1. thank you!

  145. Omega-3s . No benefit. But eat fish!

  146. If you think Doctor’s Visit Notebook will benefit somebody you know, please share it.

  147. I lasted 13 mins with the annoying err err err err err err

  148. This guy is a joke, if he has any connection with and drug manufacturer he has a conflict of interest. Generally I think he is full of s***

    1. I agree… Seminar at the school of medicine…they don’t want you taking vitamins…

  149. Not just another quack from the University of California but one of the indoctrination masters corrupting the minds of future idiots that believe medicine cures disease. Love the way this ignorant individual follows up a may with a staunch conclusion. This idiot has no clue that the antioxidants work in tandem not so much by themselves. His statement where different groups where taking 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C and no effect. Well taking that little is a waste of time because when needed then 3 to 6 grams an hour is in order. A health maintenance dose should be between 3 – 5 grams a day. When he got to Vitamin D and so totally misrepresented the truth I could take no more and bailed out. Someone should tell him that 15 minutes in the noon day sun with 50% of the body exposed results in about 10,000 IU of D3.

  150. Voor NL kijkers; Bespaar je de moeite. Oude info. Een arts die een resultaat van “wat minder doden” aan het eind v.e. studie niet significant vindt. Echte cijfers worden niet genoemd. Statines geven minder goede resultaten en worden helaas nog steeds volop voorgeschreven en gebruikt. Duidelijk een aanhanger van zoveel mogelijk medicaliseren en vooral geen supplementen. En eeh uu uhm eeh ehm, wat irritant en ongeloofwaardig overkomt; het lijkt wel of hij twijfelt aan zijn eigen beweringen en uitspraken.

  151. Ahh… Ummm… Ahhh.. That’s ummm enough of ahhh you.

  152. 1000 mg of C is a “high dose”????? Not hardly. Linus Pauling the vitamin C researcher and chemistry textbook writer died at 94 after years of 12 grams of vitamin C a day. 94 is pretty good. Dr. Tice doesn’t give too many actual mg dose numbers. and by using folic acid and not actual real folate, does he know anything about the condition now known as MTHFR? Where we can’t methylate fake folate acid to folate? We found rats can make the conversion fine, but humans cannot. ANd the MTHFR is not so rare as they originally thought, it’s getting more and more common. Round Up in the food supply may be a factor.

    If Dr Tice can find vitamins killing people (the poison control center finds it to be very rare), then he needs to investigate allopathic drugs and face how many people die from those poisons.

    If he thinks 400 IU is a high dose of vitamin D, he’s faking. That’s only enough to keep you deficient. Dr Sarfraz Zaidi is an endocrinologist in Ventura (sunny capital of California) wrote the Power of Vitamin D and began to routinely test his patients for D, and found ONE patient that had optimal doses. She was a lifeguard in a swimsuit, 5 hours a day 5 days a week. Everyone else averaged out to need 10,000 IU a day.

    His bone nutrients skipped magnesium, manganese, boron, strontium, vitamin k2, zinc, copper, vitamin C, lysine, and I’m sure I’m missing some. But in my 50’s, adding 2500 mg calcitrate to the above team, my hip and knee pain disappeared, my teeth stopped crumbling, and my insomnia got better.

    Dr Tice completely ignores vitamin K2 preventing calcium clogging arteries, and bone spurs, and calcium deposits in the wrong places. That’s why there is a team.

    Dr Tice also ignores the widespread contamination of Round Up in the food supply which blocks soil minerals from crop use which makes the soil mineral deficient, so if we are to get our nutrients from food, and the Round Up prevents minerals from being utilized by crops, how can they do that? Besides the inherent damage Round Up is doing to our guts, bees guts, livestock guts , etc.

    I think Dr Tice is twisting the figures.

    I encourage anybody here to look up Dr Joel Wallach, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, Dead Athletes Don’t Lie, Epigenetics, Immortality, Somebody Needs to go to Jail, A Stick of Butter a Day keeps the Doctor Away, Black Gene Lies, Dr Wallach is the most complete on his analysis of calcium. He also researched selenium exdtensively, and has done 27,000 necropsies on 400 species, and 3000 autopsies, and these were comparative pathology studies. I don’t know any other doctor that has this sort of research experience.

    Dr John Bergman and Dr Eric Berg have great videos explaining physiology, Dr Mercola is loaded with good info, he doesn’t promote too many nutrients but he’s also not connecting the Round Up in the food either. And he DOES have articles and interviews on Round Up. Josh Axe has some good articles, soilminerals dot com explains what importance the trace minerals are for plants and humans eating them. William Albrecht is the Father of soil minerals, and explains how deficiencies affect the food. Weston Price wrote Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,( free PDF), and his research showed that the healthiest people all over the planet had 10x more of the fat soluble vitamins than the average American.

    1. Thank you! Very good contribution!

  153. Bunch of bullshiitt._….__..Thanks to youtubes new algorithm ran by liberals

  154. How about a study on intermittent fasting individuals whom consume vitamins and minerals?
    Most of your “randomized individuals ” are over-fed Americans. What if they all had normal body weight and didn’t eat garbage?

    1. There’s a good reason the obesity epidemic began in the 1970’s specifically. Can you guess what obesogens are? High fructose corn syrup added to our food and Round Up in the food supply.

  155. I have also read some studies about that issue. Some medicins assume that to take vitamins supplements don’t help at all!

  156. Most medecins are not interested on the health of their patients but just on their business.

  157. I got totally confused & petrified . When he started to discriminate vitamins & supplements. For i have been taking B12, zinc, magnesium, 5htp, l-tiamine to support me with depression it has worked greatly & been very beneficial to overcome my . Anxiety, fear,& depression he is all hoax. Part of big farma company.

    1. I had great relief with l-tryptophan, but 1% of the population will have serious issues with this amino acid, so start with a doctor and blood test to rule yourself out of the 1%. I started with a lot… 4 a day at 500 mg but over a few weeks … less and less .. to 2-3 a WEEK. Works a charm in increasing serotonin AND their receptors in the brain. No prescription, $13 for a bottle of 60, widely available, gentle and effective … helps my mood, balance, stress and sleep… They are studying its effects on pain but my experience… not as good as an aspirin or Tylenol… or few drops of a good CBD oil ! But some evidence it can help how you deal with pain, and function through chronic pain.

    2. He only covered the B vitamins roughly when I remind well. Only two of the minerals and no trace minerals at all.
      But summarized: All supplement do not work, despite vitamin D and C did work according to the randomized studies.
      E.g. most vitamin C supplements, also Vitamin D many years ago were drastically too low dosed, so there could not be a drastically advantage.

  158. What a wicked man how do you sleep at night and the worst thing is there are many like him out there who call themselfs doctors giving people wrong infomation because he thinks we are stupid, lister to the double talk and why some people are dark skin that statement alone tells you he is ignarant get him off why would any one want to see this clown

  159. Most of the foods in the U.S. were deadly. With high tech hospitals, sophisticated MD’s and pharmaceutical drugs, my question is : why is it that Heart Disease is still the number killer in your country? As health Care practitioners whats up doc?

  160. Doc what can you say about the food that we are eating today? What quality by the way? Would you consider peanut butters, margarines, healthy that contained trans fatty acids? How about your meat in the United States of America? are they healthy? Are they full of antiobitics and recombinant bovine growth hormones? How about your fastfoods? How about your agriculture- as a health practitioner would you recommend organic foods?

  161. Uhmm uhmm aahh uhmm ti uhmm ti uhh uhmmm…


  162. A poor speaker! So many ‘umhs and ahhs’ is tiring. Slow down, collect your thoughts and then speak. So much stuttering. Couldn’t comment on the content cause I didn’t make it past 8 minutes.

    1. The reason he stutters is because he knows he’s lying. The same as a child with their hand in the cookie jar. The disgusting difference however, is that he’s encouraging people to DIE slow painful deaths for a paycheck. “The love of money is the root of all evil” the good book explains everything.

  163. The body needs Omega 3 fatty acids for proper brain development and function. Thankfully, with fish numbers dropping and contaminants in fish increasing (in kinds of contaminants and overall levels), 100% ‘grassfed’ meats and milk can provide all the Omega 3 we need. Omega 3 levels in pastured eggs are also helpful.
    Dr. Paul Mason ‘Saturated Fat is not Dangerous’

    Meats, especially organ meats like liver, are very high in nutrients, including Vit D.

    Note that no matter how much Omega 3 we ingest, if we are also consuming high amounts of Omega 6 fatty acids, it will ‘out compete’ the Omega 3, so keeping Omega 6 intake low is important. The fat of animals contains more than enough Omega 6 to meet human dietary needs, but the processed seed oils – deceptively sold as ‘vegetable’ oils – are sky high in Omega 6.

  164. The best way to get Vit D is via sensible sun exposure. However, we have to consume enough fats, including cholesterol, so the synthesis can happen.

    There is a feedback loop that prevents excess Vit D production in the skin. Darker skin pigment is not one of them. Melanin in the skin has other benefits for those living in areas with constant intense sunlight.

    1. If we are at a certain latitude, higher and away from the equator, we lose our UVB rays for many months, Sun exposure is ineffective then. We lose our UVB rays September through May . And THEN there’s this; older folks have less efficient skin conversion, people having their cholesterol sequestered abnormally cannot make the conversion, (statins). folks with sulfur deficiency can’t make the conversion, (it has to become cholesterol sulfate). and then Dr Sarfraz Zaidi wrote The Power of Vitamin D, he’s an endocrinologist in Ventura, sunny place, took to testing his patients routinely for vitamn D levels. He had ONE patient with optimal levels. She was a lifeguard, in a swimsuit 5 days a week, 5 hours a day. His other patients averaged out to needing 10,000 IU a day.

  165. 28:22 – Folic acid is not the same as folate. Folic acid is not efficiently converted to folate in the body, especially in certain people. Most supplements contain folic acid, not folate.

  166. he said it many times , he is not aware of it yet !


  168. These studies—we don’t know why they died.

  169. I don’t trust doctors, here they have incentives for ppl to not take preventive self care. Also this talk presented studies that do not conclude anything. They just seem to support his point.

    1. 40 years ago there were not any vitamin supplements arround and people still lived long without vitamin

  170. This man is dangerous. He is talking on behalf of the industrial medical complex.

    1. No he’s not speaking on the behalf of “the” industrial medical complex, how stupid. He’s recommending real food, sunshine and caution in expecting pills to save you from your shit diet. Explain how that so awful, from your vast google medical knowledge

    2. why is he dangerous he recomends optimal the right dose of vıtamins.

    3. it was other things… the beta-carotene was working??? this guy as medical advice? RUN!!!!! In the pocket of big pharma. Despite his lame disclaimer.

  171. no he is right and cute

  172. As most doctors, this one is 20 years behind the curve.

    1. @Lee Rockwell What brand of vitamins do you take?

    2. @Igaluit Channel and smoke and do not rest/sleep as needed, and take lots of meds for various reasons, not all… but many.

    3. @Lee RockwellThat’s true. And yes, many nurses are overweight.

    4. Igaluit Stuart … sorry, people knew more in the Biblical Times About Health. I’m 76, no medications, still working. I take vitamins—good grade of vitamins, no vaccinations that kill, healed my chronic sinusitis with food avoiding the surgery doctor wanted me to have. Since when are nurses healthy? Most way overweight—

  173. Did Dr. Tice also compile studies to disprove the dangers of CO2 on climate change, to then come up with his own statistical proof that oxygen leads to death?
    Well chosen vitamins and supplements help the absorption of essential nutritional elements without the associated caloric excess, especially as we grow older. This could lead to longer life and lower cardiovascular problems along the way. I’ll stick to my common sense rather than to the D’. Tice’s counter-intuitive [bogus] conclusions.

  174. Fat of the land, this guy is very wrong on his data, grass fed animal fats are best source of Fat-soluble vitamins, olive oil is man made processed junk oil with zero nutrients

  175. Dr. Jeffrey Tice: “Don’t take pills that are useless.”

    YouTube Comments: “Another big pharma shill!”

  176. Excellent overview of the benefits and dangers of supplements with respect to the available research. Catered to all from Vegan to omnivores. Thank you.

    1. A sane and sensible reply. I despaired of seeing one.

      He’s an Associate Professor of Medicine, UCSF. Clinical Research Fellowship UCSF. Principal Researcher on vitamin and supplement studies for treating heart disease, breast cancer, and menopause symptoms. Reviews new med techs for California Technology Assessment Forum. Works on file at National Library of Medicine. Teaches a course on vitamins and supplements.

      I note that a few Dunning-Kreugeroids babbled about Big Pharma. Let me see if I have this right: recommending AGAINST vitamins/supplements means he’s a shill for the drug corps. Okey-doke. One nitwit wrote some BS about “generic vitamins vs. whole food vitamins”. Right. Another thinks Dr. Tice said this: “organic produce is harmful but produce that is pesticide ridden is much healthier.” Uh-huh. One short attention span genius asks, “Why isn’t there randomized trials?” Duh.

      I’m not really antisocial… I just find 98+% of people TOO STUPID to have a conversation with.

  177. So if vitamins and minerals are so bad why do we eat food? Why can’t we survive on air?

    1. They want you to be eating their chemical cocktails. Real food doesn’t make enough money compared to popping the pills the drug companies and their shills push.

  178. What? Swimming is excellent, it requires a lot of strength. Interesting about the astronauts. High-quality tasting food most important thing? Geez. High incidence of autism correlates to timing of glyphosates used in agriculture. Most of our food today is deplete in essential nutrients in addition to being toxic. Ask how much training doctors get in nutrition in medical school. A functional medicine doctor is the way to go and more and more doctors are going into the field. So good news.

    1. Out of 129 medical schools, 29 have any sort of nutrition classes at all.

  179. The vitamin and supplement talk on evidence based. Is the biggest crock of shit ive ever heard. No #1
    Doctors only get 1 hour on vitamins and supplements in 4 years of medical school. So…MDs know nothing about nutrition and vitamins. And…its laughably ridiculous on the amounts they suggest on daily basis. Way to low on everything. They mention nothing about magnesium and selenium and Iodine and L-lysine. This doctor is absolutely embarrassing himself. Stating every supplement has a higher percentage of mortality than the people that dont take supplements. This guy is an idiot and should not be practicing medicine

  180. Boo

  181. How can taking fish oil help people on statins? The statins are the problem. Perhaps you might want to review the research on statin use, it’s efficacy and how over prescribed it is for cholesterol. Ugh

  182. Question your data and conclusion

  183. avoid them

  184. I’ve been taking vitamins for a few months and I can see the difference. My health over all is getting better. My skin my hair my nails are so much better. TAKE VITAMINS GUYS.

    1. @Laset livingstin from what i’ve seen, doctors do push for women to take prenatal supplements, e.g. folic acid, but if they’re already deficient. i think it’s its a common deficiency especially during pregnancy, so it seems to be a common recommendation at that time. but if you have enough folic acid stores, there wouldn’t be much point in taking it

    2. Many ethical, non-big pharma doctors also will give/ advise vitamins and supplements Vit B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 especially, iron supplements quite often….. L-tryptophan is better for mood, stress and pain, help with sleep — than any dangerous, expensive prescription drugs… hair loss to stress… large doses of biotin can reverse it….! (along with de-stress… walking , yoga, meditation , sleep!)

    3. I agree…A thought came to mind, why do doctors push pregnant women to take prenatal, other than that they never really advise to take?..So, it’s very important to help produce a whole nother human, but not sustain the health/ life of 1 human?..

  185. Booo Misinformed!!!

  186. The pigs🐖🐖🐖 run the Pharm⚗🧫🧪. They want you to be perpetually dependent on their Big Pharma drugs💊💉. Their goal is to maintain your ailments, not to cure you of them. Nutritional supplements prevent many ailments. This prevention cuts🗡 into pig🐷 profits💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵.

  187. Just rubbish

  188. @28:25 ‘ I have all my women of child bearing age’ – sounds like a Mormon.

    1. And too scared to death to say pregnant women should NOT take vits. lol He had to tip toe over that point.

  189. Raise your hand if you believe this crap.

  190. Supplements are the lucrative way to get healthy people to take medicine

  191. When it goes thru a study that a certain vitamin is less helpful than placebo, then should be very specific what form, amount and how often vitamin was given. Have read in vitamin E study , a synthetic form was used . WOnder what form of folate used, since many of population have trouble with the man made form that is put into most flours, breads, noodles.

  192. Waste of time

  193. This guy developed the board game CLUELESS.

  194. Uhmm, uhmm, uhmm…uhhh…

  195. eat raw animal, we are cave men in suits. do not forget how we arose in nature.

  196. Yes these studies are all pretty much worthless – why! Because the human body is designed to have access to all 60 minerals, 16 vitamins and essential fatty acids. No “fresh food” that we can buy these days has all these minerals anymore. They were leached from farm topsoils decades ago when “food inc” worked out you only needed THREE (of 60) minerals to grow nice big colourful and tasteless vegetables. Not one of these studies came remotely close to starting with that most fundamental premise. And what about Gluten (wheat, barley, rye and oats) intolerance that works against absorption of most nutrients due to vila inflammation in about 65% of the population!Suggest listening to Dr Joel Wallach (YouTube’s) who’s did thousands of Hunan and animal autopsies in a massive study to work all this out. Naturally, despite the obvious results with his regime big pharma and the medical establishment have tried to shut him up – he ended up suing and winning against the FDA who tried to close him down. Sickness is BIG business!!! My partner is a senior medico in a Sydney hospital and early in his training he was told “don’t specialise in an area where they’re going to find a cure”!

  197. So Great knowledge

  198. Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb producing seed that is on the whole earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree producing seed: it shall be food for you;

    After years of studying this issue, I feel sorry for this man, not because he states the case in a manner so that the supplements seems to be beneficial but to be even dangerous. He seems to know better, e.g. if you study the research papers on Pub med (I would recommend to do so), so his speech is a danger for folks health (the same institution does so otherwise, I don`t know the reason, maybe pharma money, as they can`t want you to be healthy, as they live on us being ill and sick). Regarding the verse in Genesis 1,29 and after studying many trials and observing some patients, I recommend Tumeric, Boswellia, Ginger, OPC for several diseases as cancer or infections. Vitamines, Minerals of course play a major beneficial role as well, you could get enough minerals by natural bath salt, as these things can reach the body through skin, Sodium. Please regard essential oils as well, maybe to treat problematic places in the body directly. Could tell some encouraging and successful stories of patients having cured their high blood pressure only by Tumeric, or getting their prostate cancer better and so forth. All what I can say is that herbs and especially their seeds contain potent potential to cure even severe health problems. The Christian among the readers I beg to pray for Dr. Tice, so that he finds the Lord Jesus as his savior. That is more important than all the health issues, as we all have to die, despite we should and can live healthy before that event. P. Germany

    1. Amen brother.

    2. Sorry for the typo above (correction function is unfortunately not working): “seems to be NOT beneficial but”

  199. Statin commercial.

  200. It’s rare to see a video about this that isn’t loaded with BS. Thanks for this one, finally a decent summary to disprove all the nonsense out there and simply saying what it comes down to. Would be good to have updates in this field like this one every couple of years.

  201. Oh bull

  202. Bahahaha, It’s not even his data! All of you commenters angry at this man have no basis. Its a compiled mix of randomized data. Everyone sounds personally offended because you have too much invested in the idea that vitamins are the holy grail. And to all those who say he has an agenda for the pharmaceutical agencies and the likes of Monsanto and Bayer… They make and sell the vitamins!!! Do you think the pharmaceutical companies would miss out on ~1/10th of their profits in a minimally regulated market? ~$1000Bil market for Big Pharma and ~$100Bil for Vitamins and growing. That is plenty of room for “damage control” like censorship. How do you think they create and extract the nutrients? Chemicals that’s how. Then they have to take the solvents out to “low amounts”, which unlike the RDA for vitamins, probably ain’t low enough (I’m saying the RDA is too small if taken from real, whole vitamins from real foods).

  203. What, no mention of Pharma for illness and the taking out Vitamins and MInerals by the Drugs on the body.

  204. every one should be tested for glyphosate poisoning as standerd.its not a joke…they spay the parks and schools
    and out side your house.. every f..king week..your animals go out side and eat the grass and roll in the grass…
    they suffer cancers alot…..dont take your dogs to the park your council….tell every one..
    your children in the park rolling around in the grass….gets in your skin and mouth..these people are true killers of the world
    we are being culled….slowy for money……

  205. ho many of these pepole were exposed to glyphosate….they sould have been tested first for glyphosate.

  206. More propaganda for big pharma, what a of my time watching this shite!

  207. These fellows don’t have clue, or a concern about what they’re talking about. Let’s talk about the rise of chronic disease in America, and how our health care expenditure is the highest, and our health the lowest. What these fellows can advocate are drugs, and procedures. They are very short on knowledge of how to take care of oneself- and they never take the time to educate patients in that regard.

  208. It’s a complete joke that these Doctors would try to judge an huge group of specific items all at once- grouping 1000’s of items under the term “supplements’, and then moving in for the judgement. It’s a fact that the pharmaceutical industry is in competition with the supplement industry, and the pharmaceutical industry pays for the schools the doctors go to. Any attempt to take care of your own problems is going to be denigrated by the medical industry. There has been a big effort to have supplements controlled and regulated by the FDA. They want that profit.

  209. Been taking Vit E for many years ( 50 plus ) 1000 I U per day , plus 3 tablespoons of Omega 3 ,,am away past retirement age , and very fit . Guess I’ll keep enjoying life for years to come , don’t take any medication either .

    1. What brand Omega 3 do you take? You say that you are taking spoon full but most of Omega 3 comes in capsules.

  210. Wow. A lot of commenters knows way more than the doctor. Amazing.

  211. Its important uhh to uhh talk about uhhhhhh.. Vitamins and uhh, minerals, and uhh oh!! Did I mention uhhhhhh.. Vitamins and minerals are a number one deficiency in almost all americans because of the diet an average American eats not to mention obesity in america. Heart disease and other certain if not all other cardio vascular relatable diseases are caused by diet. Omega 3s are an essential oil for sustainable and amazing heart health. On top of heart health a healthier immune system benefits because of the health properties of saturated fats monounsaturated fats and others as well. Antioxidants and better diet are the cure to “aging skin” and most if not all disease.

  212. Interesting that he didn’t cover Co-enzyme Q10 (unoxidised ubiquinol) or taking V K2 with D3 to prevent hypercalcemia.

    1. Of course not, he is a pharma cockroach

    2. And no mention of magnesium anywhere!

  213. I need to stop my Blackmores Bio ACE Excel. I won’t be repurchasing. K2, Vit D, magnesium, Blackmores Bio C, Centrum multi over 50, Lifestream broad-spectrum probiotics and Melrose fish oil – I will continue. The fish oil stops arthritis pain.

  214. Says Omega 3 not beneficial but ONLY in people taking Statins !!!

    1. No mention of statins destroying Coenzyme Q10 either.

  215. How many thousands of $$ did this guy received from Big Pharma? this quack very boring!

    1. How is boring equivalent to ”quack”? Also, he recommends not relying on vitamins, which is the opposite of “big pharma”.

      Keep trying, I know you’ll get it eventually

    2. zero dolars coz he is not recomending to buy supplements

  216. Ignorant people in the comments below trying to white knight vitamins. Look people, how many fucking times do we have to say it – GET WHAT YOU NEED VIA YOUR DIET. Stop being lazy. It absorbs much better and causes less side effects. Eat your motherfucking vegetables for fuck sake stupid cunts

  217. This doctor keeps interchanging folic acid with folate….NOT OK. first do no harm! Methylfolate is not folic acid.

    1. Biologist here, most of the things you’ve heard on line about MTHFR are overstated , the only time it’s an issue is if you have low vitamin b2, riboflavin. In either case if you have the lowest activation of mthfr eat foods with riboflavin (meat fish mushrooms almonds) (google Chris masterjohn b2 mthfr )

  218. “Recommended Daily Allowances” must be a joke,. I am a huge man, 6’2″, 17 stone, my friend is 8 stone, half my weight, surely, I need more daily vitamins than her? Also, I work hard at manual work wearing out my body 5 days a week, surely, again I need more vitamins to repair my body than someone who is sedentary and surely a growing youth or young man needs lots of vitamins as he is growing?

  219. That was painful to watch… did he even discuss the importance of minerals?

    1. D 2row did you read the title of the video? Try to keep up

  220. has some of the best info on multivitamins..

  221. The idiot’s in the comments section are NOT to be listened to. Watch the video in full for you self and make you own conclusions. I feel the information was excellent! But watch for you self and decide.

  222. Ingenious move of big pharma! To name this ‘Vitamins and supplements: AN EVIDENCE BASED APPROACH’. Brilliant. Not even mad. A little mad. But still, impressive work

  223. big pharma shill

  224. I’d rather believe Dr C F Garland when it comes to Vitamin D benefits. This guy is just not convincing enough.

  225. Somebody needs to cross examine this fellow’s evidence, please

    1. @Lizza 1956 What is your level of vitamin D in your blood?

    2. We are on to you too. Eat your farm raised salmon. And praise the pyramid.

    3. @Diane Barron I take 20.000 UI of vitamin D3 every day for more than 3 years now. I do take 6 grams of vitamin C now and never felt so good in more than 10 years….

    4. I feel like he isn’t being honest about taking vitamins. He’s full of himself.

    5. @abracadabrascotty -why do you even bother to wake sheeple up? I learned a long time ago not to even try. They suffer from cognitive dissonance. They will argue and fight with you until their very last breath. I however enjoyed your comments which were quite truthful, stay sharp, stay vicious.

  226. For me taking 2 vitamin c pills at 1000 mg each blocks my runny nose in less than 10 mins.

    So it works for me. The key is overdose when you really need it.

    1. Don’t put them up your nose! 😁

    2. @Ukid Vitamin C is an antiviral, boosts your immune system. Read the Truth about Vitamin C and since it is water soluble, when fighting a virus, 1 gram is a piddly amount. Linus Pauling, the vitamin C expert, (got a nobel prize for vitamin C research), took 12 grams a day and lived to 94. So I don’t know if he was on the other nutrients but that’s pretty good. Vitamin C is also an anti inflammatory. I have found when getting the nagging flu headache if I have determined it isn’t dehydration, if i take 4 grams of C and 20,000 IU of D together, the flu never takes hold and I can go on and work (in a hospital) the rest of the night. I have done this. This is better than aflu shot. I assume my antibodies get a good revving up and I get immune benefits of having had the virus without having to go through the trouble and pain.

    3. treatig the cause and not the effect is better

  227. Typical useless research.

  228. Echoes Gates…beware.

  229. Now 2018…outdated?

  230. How do you control other factors in the nurses study when Vitamin E was not the only vitamin they took? Regarding beta carotene, my 7 year old likes carrots, but even if she eats a few carrots she tends to have constipation.

  231. Research the 28:32 difference. It will be very important to some who wish to be sharp!!

  232. Looks like many people are upset at his message, but based on my own research, I believe him. Many times when I search the scientific literature for evidence and/or more info on the health benefits, dosages, etc. for specific supplements, I find very little convincing evidence. There is a positive study here and there, but in statistic-based science, you need more than just a couple. Generally speaking, the literature seems to show that eating a whole-food, plant-heavy diet is the way to go. I am always tempted into thinking supplementation may be an easy solution, but it always comes down to the more difficult challenge of having a healthy, varied, balance diet.

  233. It’s so easy to spot someone who is paid off mmhmm

    1. @noname707 none Why “hate to say it?” Western “medicine” is pure evil my friend. They destroyed my body as A CHILD for money. It’s pure evil.

    2. Yeah, no shit this dude probably stuttering so bad at times cause he knows that he is preaching BS. Yeah vitamins will kill you or are junk but if you take a statin or use cipro or taxol chemo drugs that at times kill or severly disable the person. Im sick with lots chronic health problems and I hate say it but I truly hate western medicine anymore

  234. Did the presenter provide disclosures? Has he ever been paid by Big Pharma for anything?

    1. @99dynasty much of what he says is baloney and people will not be healthier following him. But hey everyone will weigh his presentation and then decide for themselves and their families….

    2. @99dynasty But he’s ignoring the huge number of people dying from properly prescribed, properly taken Rx meds, and this was a book written by a pharmacist on drugs, , he said 275,000 people died a year from properly prescribed meds. Now Dr Tice in this talk is claiming people dying from taking vitamins. And I don’t buy it. He’s wasting everyone’s time downplaying the benefits of nutrients. In the 1940’s, the USDA published a map of US soils, and they were 40% deficient in needed minerals, In the early 90’s the soil study was done again and by then, we were 85% deficient in needed soil minerals. Who knows what that number is now. But the plants need the minerals to make the vitamins. So how can you get all your nutrients from mineral deficient plants? The Mediterranean soils have something US soils don’t have — lots of limestone based soils. Limestone has 60 trace minerals, THAT is why those foods are beneficial. Those same foods grown here are deficient. We aren’t going to get the same benefits from them. I have a 79 year old friend proud of her Mediterranean diet and she’ broken 2 hips and a wrist and is frail and can’t even open her own front door. Or many jars and bottles. Well, if her foods are as deficient as the charts say, no surprise. Compound that with this, Round Up is used on all conventionally farmed grains and beans, they do it for a quick harvest. So they are largely contaminated with Round Up. Skipping all the toxic effects of that on your gut bacteria, etc, the mode of action of Round Up is to bind the soil minerals, many of them, Iron, Copper, manganese, calcium, cobalt, and a few more I can’t remember, and the plants need the minerals to make the vitamins. So if the plants are mineral and vitamin deficient, how are we supposed to get our nutrients from our food?

    3. He is not the only one that assumes that vitamins supplements arent of any use to our organism- is like troying money to garbage!

    4. Everyone knows about the problems in the prescription drug industry. But not everything is a conspiracy.

      He is recommending a moderate calorie whole foods diet with regular exercise. It seems simple but it’s really good advice.

      That doesn’t benefit companies who profit from peoples poor health.

      If anything he is hurting big supplement companies who are profiting ( nothing wrong with that ) while not exactly saving lives, something big pharma does.

  235. all i heard was UMM UMM uhhh UMMM

  236. Medical doctors = legal drug dealers

  237. Eat some fish?! It’s LOADED with mercurial- a DEADLY toxin!

    1. I know right.. this guy is full of crap 😮

  238. desparate pharma funded I take it. meaningless studies.

  239. Is there anyone who can tell me how many people statistically are killed by synthetic medicines in the US every year ?

  240. According to the “big pattern” I have found by reading hundreds of different studies and listening to even more lectures from many many experts … is that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy immune system is the only way to “cure” deadly diseases – and according to my knowledge, the “cure-rate” of cancer (all types included) is less than 3 % in the US when applying chemotherapy … it probably kills far more people than it “cures” so I am 100 % convinced that D3-vitamin alone can help far more people with cancer than chemo and/ or radiation can do …. if you want strong positive effects on your health – all your vitamins MUST be organic “whole food” vitamins 🙂 there is HOPE … but leave the synthetic medicines behind you and stop eating refined sugar and deadly american “junk food”

  241. As I understand it – the US population have one of the sickest population and the highest consumption of medicine and “synthetic vitamins” and it correlates strongly to the “Big Pharma rules it all” way of thinking and acting …. very SAD for all these sick people 🙁 And synthetic medicine don`t cure anything …

  242. Interesting and more credible than some of the other videos here! Thank you.

  243. Well taking D seems to have greatly reduced the amount of colds I get. I used to get 4-5 severe colds per year (missing work). I noticed that during periods where I would drink milk, I would tend to get less sick. So I told the doctor, and he checked and found I was deficient in D. After taking D, I get sick maybe once or twice a year and it’s barely noticeable.

    1. @Elena Lepotova around 1000 iu per day, but it really depends on your deficiency. Sunlight is a better way to just get it naturally if you can.

    2. How much do you take?

  244. if you want vitamin D eat sundried shiitake, cured my MS like symptoms from nicotine/cannabis/alcohol withdrawal like a charm

    1. in broth

  245. Great lecture!

  246. Observational studies for antioxidants are useless because of the confounding factors, but then he says an observational study about taking multivitamins that supposedly cause more deaths has strong evidence. Now this seems like strong bias to me. I stopped watching after that.

  247. Just wanted to remind you that there is no Vitamin D, it is a steroid which is fat soluble.

    1. It’s a term of convenience as nobody has called it a hormone for 70 years.

  248. Needs updating – should be pulled. See for one example. Pretty bad analysis, not well quantified, no controls, no note of other benefits of supplements.

  249. who paid for these studies?

  250. I wouldn’t be surprised if Monsanto or the pharmaceutical companies are funding this idiot!
    Never heard so much CRAP and so many twisted information. Pathetically disgusting 😡💩☠️

    1. Juliene Bernardes big Pharm controls our medical system!!! Use your friggen common sense!!!

    2. Wow. You guys don’t have comprehension skills. You should refrain from commenting

    3. Juliene Bernardes the pharmaceutical industry are the ones who make the majority of vitamin supplements. You didn’t research this?

    4. Juliene Bernardes I can’t agree with you more

    5. I know the secret. The secret is: Take supplements! Get a blood test and check which mineral or vitamin or enzyme is low in your body and then supplement those and take another test after 3 to 6 months and check if levels improved. If they did, then take a lower dosage multivitamin and mineral tablet to maintain those golden levels!

  251. This just reinforces for me the conclusions of so many other doctors: the reductive approach of extracting this or that nutrient from food is not effective. Whole-food, plant-based is the way to go. You can take the vitamin C out of the strawberry, but that leaves you without the 300 other micronutrients in a strawberry, as well as without the fiber.

  252. As long as health is a business, we can not trust anybody. Even the so-called “scientific medical community” is conducted by the pharmaceutical industry. I recently found tgis statement (copy): ”
    I know a pharmaceutical manager of Germany who is responsible for development and maintenance of medical science networks of top experts in specific medical fields, that fit to the drug portfolio of his company. He also provides recruitment of future experts and told me “I exactly know what kind of people to select for such jobs.” He had an education as a nurse and worked also as pharma rep before this managing job. To build up a new corrupt character as future scientific expert, he calls his already available advising professors in the USA or elsewhere and ask them to give him an invitation for a conference speech, a scientific job, a research project or what ever may be suitable, till he becomes the new king in his field …. for his company.”

  253. No conflicts of interest?? How many free trips to the Caribbean does he get per year for “conferences”? A total hack job.

    1. Gary Bryant you have some proof, or you simply hate doctors that are telling you to eat healthy instead of relying on pills?
      Not all doctors are out to get you

  254. The vitamin industry in America: capitalism on overdrive.

  255. Scurvy is very common and bleeding gums is a rare and advanced stage.

    1. Loose joints too. All the RDA’s were based on prevention of death causing disease symptoms, so yes, it’s late stage. That’s how they determined it only takes 60 mg a day for a health young man to avoid scurvy. OTHER health needs however are another thing. Did you know vitamin C performs over 300 cellular functions? Did you know continuing research shows magnesium performs 3700 cellular functions? Zinc performs 300 functions, that’s what I know so far. For things like virus protection, one needs much more than 60 mg. And you’ll get diabetes from that many oranges, that’s why they are called “medicinal” doses. 3 grams a day of niacin (no flush is best) cures schizophrenia and OCD and other mental illnesses. (Abram Hoffer MD). It helps Alcoholics be free from stress too.

  256. i pooped my pants 😮 *derp*

  257. The Lethal information in the “studies” presented comes from the same
    folks who. 1. Recommend healthy whole grains 2. Fluoridate our water to prevent
    tooth decay 3. Put amalgam fillings in our teeth because mercury becomes safe
    when put in the body.  WAKE UP!  99% of our preventable deaths are caused by
    nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins.

  258. Ok, 85,000 nurses take vitamin “X”.  They do the normal lifestyle for Americans
    and get sick.  The addition of a small
    amount of any vitamin is not going to impact the weight of all the poor choices
    made by the group. (Eating high carbohydrate diet, process foods, GMO’s, no
    exercise, stress…)  and we gave them a
    small dose of vitamin C and it killed them… 
    In the N=1 study that I am conducting the results have been great.  I would rather not spend the money on the
    better foods and supplements however, they appear to work.  Health requires getting many things done
    correctly.  1.Good clean food 2.
    Uncontaminated water 3.Exercise.

    1. Right, and they work in a hospital … which environment causes approx 300,000 death each year just by errors, and another 120,000 deaths from mistakes in medicines administered and drug resistant bacteria … with doctor errors and hospital errors and Pharma drugs that do not work as prescribed … est. 1,000,000 plus deaths. reports ….. NO death from vitamins 2014 out of est 60 billion doses …. odd ?

      Simple … The AMA (the most powerful lobby in Washington) and NIH have failed the patient … Physicians have abandoned the nutritional approach to patient diagnostics and medicine, simply because they are not trained in nutrition. A key part of the Hippocratic Oath … “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure… “, has been forgotten …

      70 Going On 100

  259. The AMA has failed …
    Physicians have abandoned the nutritional approach to patient diagnostics and medicine, simply because they are not trained in nutrition. A key part of the Hippocratic Oath … “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure… “, has been forgotten …

    Just after WWII, the first warning were being reported in the news about the Refined-Carbohydrate Disease. Interestingly: In the 1930’s, food scientists realized that refined grains were not providing enough nutrients. Consumers, particularly children, were developing symptoms of malnutrition. (Irony 1) Thus, grain enrichment and fortification became standard. References to “The Saccharine Disease” started in 1956.

    70 Going On 100

  260. >Groundbreaking New Research Shows How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 3 Weeks Go here< -->

  261. I have to watch this for an online class. This shit boring as fuck tbh.

    1. If you get a serious illness you would be wise to find nutrition a very interesting subject.

    2. +Daniel Brown I wouldn’t say Education isn’t for me. Lectures just aren’t my thing that’s all. I learn more from discussions. Plus Nutrition isn’t the most exciting subject lol.

    3. +giomctitties Maybe education isn’t for you.

  262. Dr. vitamin party pooper.

  263. i gave Gary Taubes head in a hotel room in New York one night. Wasn’t bad.

    1. Good for you hope he returned the honer and spent time eating some good “hole” food bless you hun

    2. +Sarah M. LOL WHAT

  264. this video is great! I’ve learned a lot. I’m glad i don’t eat a lot of supplements and try to obtain vitamins through food! 🙂 thank you Dr. Tice

    1. He is a puppet. Watch other people. Like andrew saul and raymond francis, thomas levy and abram hoffer. Linus Pauling. Don’t listen to this guy, he is a sell out

  265. Mabey to much of a good thing is too much of a good thing

  266. sure, there’s no need for vitamins if we were all cavemen on the savannah exercising daily and hunting and gathering our food. but we’re not. we’re a still sitting, indoors (in many northern parts) population trying to get by and earn a living with the hundreds of lifestyle diseases out there. nobody pays me to go out there and be a healthy hunter any more. so I have to sit here and type. if supplements can help you; why are they a nuisance? use your brain and listen to your body. if something makes you feel better, use it. if it doesn’t help, ditch it.

    1. Absinthevideo

    2. +Absinthevideo Im from the north, what is this “sun” you speak of?

    3. if you live in the cold north like i do, it is simply not enough time to be outside in the sun when you are working also.

    4. +Absinthevideo you can simply try to get outside more… there’s always a way to make sure you get enough vitamin D

  267. Someone PLEASE inform this MD that saying “um” a thousand times in less than and hour makes it impossible to take him seriously!

    1. Eric Eubanks omg I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it, now it’s all I can hear

  268. The best daily multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, phytonutrient on the market today is Double X. You’ll sleep better, have more energy throughout the day, and recover from workouts faster. Try it.

  269. People, people, people. It is all about balance and adaptation. We must not fear the foods we eat. Canned, microwaved, frozen, fresh, organic, salty, sweet, baked, roasted, fried, it is ok in balance. It will all be ok as long as our mindset is a healthy one. Our bodies will tell us what we need. If we crave it eat it. There must be something in it that we need. Also from my personal observations. Vitamin supplementation is extremely useful. Take it and if you feel better take it again untill you feel like you are no longer improving and reach homeostasis. That is what it is all about, equilibrium. Also with the fat soluble vitamins I have always preferred breaking the soft gels and rubbing the oil into my skin. It lets me see the effect faster, almost all cells have vitamin d and vitamin a receptors. Here is a recipe I found that has improved my skin health greatly. I take 1 1000 iu vitamin d3 softgel, one vitamin e 1000 unit softgel, and one cod liver oil softgel( or an omega-3 fish oil, i just prefer the cod) all broken directly on my skin and rubbed in gently. Makes my skin feels awesome and makes the hair just shiny and smooth. Just use your brain folks. If it helps YOU go for it, if you feel it is doing harm do not. Trying cannot be harmful.

  270. I see a lot of people in the comments here are trying to justify themselves spending $300 on cheap useless supplements.

    1. Зонт hahaha me! They work! He needs to fight Dr. Berg and Dr. Axe

    2. Watch out. There are trolls out there!
      Somebody has to be wrong lol!

    3. “possibly increasing the risk for prostate cancer, he speculated.”

    4. Try eating fish instead of taking fish oil. Whole and minimally processed foods is where it’s at imho.

    5. +Eldin Nukic he he’ll get plenty of customers, im sure of that! I’ve got some air in cans, it kills all diseases! Going cheap at $10 per jar!

  271. Over the last two years there has been good studies regarding the benefits of high quality Vitamins. Statin drugs have proven to be very dangerous. I am an 80 year old and in excellent health and take all my vitamins every day and feel great. More Doctors should have education in nutrition vr drugs which kills thousands each year, a proven fact.

    1. Stella Bella – I’m married to a senior anaesthesiologist just retired after 40 years. His mentor at medical school told him “Johnny just make sure you don’t specialise in a disease where there’re going to find a cure”! The bottom line is that the moment they walk into medical school all ‘medical professionals’ are on thought control that demonises any cure or potential cure that’s not patentable, even when the benefits are blatantly obvious. That includes all vitamins and minerals, miracle plants and simplistic remedies. Doctors are great at allowing us to continue living with our bad habits because that’s best for business. This is exactly why medical schools are largely funded by big pharmaceuticals and their beloved patents – it’s good for business!

    2. Joby Arnold it’s an amino acid ,

    3. What vitamins are you taking?

    4. You tellum Sweet Lady!!

    5. What about creatine

  272. liar liar liar liar

  273. In two words: eat food.

    btw not a peep about the wrong and seemingly deliberate bad ratio in the magnesiumcalcium supplements?

  274. Going back to school might help you.

  275. Check my: ” Health / Sante / Salud ” playlist, on my YouTube channel. ”    😀

  276. Vegans should be aware that they need B12, AND know enough about which foods to combine to get the correct amount of vitamins.

    All the rest probably don’t need pills with supplements as long as you eat fruits and vegetables.

    1. Wrong. Minerals must be supplemented. They are not in the soil anymore. Vitamin levels are also WAY to low in fruits and vegetables at this point.

  277. The problem with this whole lecture is that you are only hearing what Dr. Tice is presenting. You are not able to see all of sample size data (control vs. study group) and hence, if this presentation is factored in, you must make decisions based only on the conclusion of the study. Take the CARET study (13:33) – “18,000 people followed” – How many took the supplements how many placebo? I don’t know, I don’t think he said. But what I (and you) remember is something like “Take beta-carotene and you might die!” Irresponsible conclusion at best! The graph seems to show an increase in cumulative mortality of 1.5% (at the most). Now assume that half of the 18,000 are the control and the other half are test group. If this is a direct comparison, and if 200 of the control group (not on the supplement) died from all causes, then 203 of those on the supplement wold have died. So… about 200 from each group. Chances are, it’s a relative risk factor that is being presented. If so, and if we assume 6,500 died in the control group, that a risk of 72.22% of death in the control group. 72.22 x 1.015 (to increase the control number by 1.5%) is equal to 73.31% in the supplement group, so 6598 deaths. 6598 minus 6500 is 98. in one example, we are talking about 3 more deaths out of 9000 and in the other we have 97 deaths out of 9000. So you can see how not knowing all of the facts can change your view of the few facts you are given.

    Also, this study centers around roughly 18,000 smokers, former smokers and people exposed to asbestos. No information about how many of each were present, total or in each group, or how those statistics correlate to the outcome of the study. And in the end, the conclusion is that based on this study, YOU, who may not smoke; or may not have been exposed to asbestos, and may not be between the ages of 45 and 74, and probably don’t live in Seattle might die if you take antioxidants. Doesn’t follow.

    Bottom line, you have a choice to either read the study for yourself or accept the conclusion given by the presenter complete with whatever bias he may be motivated by. As to bias, I think he tips his hand when he speaks about cod liver oil and comes to the conclusion that cod liver oil has no effect because now we have statins. Absurd! So statins, with all of their side affects, are to be preferred over cod liver oil – a food with no known side affects? Preposterous! He totally sacrifices all of the other possible benefits of cod liver oil from joint health to neural function and replaces it with “No one who has a heart attack leaves the hospital without a prescription for statins”. He irresponsibly ignores the fact that only 1 out of 13 people who have a heart attack outside of the hospital survive it!

    I don’t know… This looks like more manipulated information designed to get people in the medical system.

    1. Best internet comment in ages to cross my path.

    2. Well said!

  278. All that talk about calcium and vitamin D and bones… and he NEVER MENTIONED vitamin K2 — which is very important for getting the calcium go to your bones instead of getting laid down in our arteries. K2 is very important to prevent osteroporosis. Some docs prescribe vit D and calcium for their osteoporosis patients — which does NOT help without K2. This guy knows nothing about nutritional SYNERGIES.       Also he is way wrong on Vitamin C!!! Genius Dr Linus Pauling taught that we are one of the few animals that does not manufacture our own vitamin C in our bodies. The average goat makes 8,000 mg/day of vit C in its liver. Pauling recommends a minimum of 3.000 mg/day for us.       For 18 months I’ve been taking10,000 mg/day of C which helped to cure me of atherosclerosis — coronary plague, and NO DRUGS.

    1. How much vitamin K2 is needed for the body to absorb calcium supplements?

    2. Vit. F is alsi important!

    3. Mark Samios what do you know about Vit D deficiency in adults? Do you know what causes there to be no detectable levels, none? And very low vitamin B complex, obviously CA+, but very low NA+, K+ too. I was in hospital for a week because I collapsed in my driveway & didn’t have the strength to stand up. I’d begun loosing my appetite in April 2017 & by the time I was inpatient, I couldn’t eat solid food w/o feeling sick all over, not just nausea & gut pain, which is pretty constant now. Malabsorption is my guess but those who’ are supposed to have a bag of answers can’t find one to match me. Help?

    4. +John Smith
      1) Age reduces body efficiency eventually no matter how good one’s nutrition. Jack LaLane, for example, was a health/exercise/nutrition teacher for decades, very healthy, but died of cancer at age 96.

      2) Pauling never claimed that high doses of C (intravenous C) would cure ANY cancer at ALL times — Just that it could in some cases. Dr Hunninghake of the Riordan Clinic has proven this to be TRUE.

    5. His claim was that proper vitamin c super dosing eliminates, cancer. If that’s true, he never should have got it.

  279. All this information provided from an MD? I took the time to watch the whole video so I might learn something and you can clearly see many people in the audience walked out. The Dr’s comments are based upon opinion and not that of the University of California, PhD or a board certified nutritionist.

    1. They are based on peer reviewed, randomised controlled clinical trials . Perhaps this is what your beliefs should be based on, evidence, not repeated opinion

  280. interesting talk with reasonable, balanced analysis of the data which he has presented well in a short amount of time. With some supplements, it would be interesting to see the results if synthetic vitamins weren’t used. However, except with extreme deficiencies, common sense suggests that popping a lot of pills, including vitamins, isn’t a good idea; that we should try to get what we need from our food. It is disheartening to see all the ad hominem comments under this video. The two areas I disagree with involve statins (which much evidence shows are bad and are being pushed by drug companies) and saturated fat (evidence shows saturated fat is healthy; sugar and high fructose corn syrup cause the problems). Nevertheless, I appreciate the summary/analysis of all these studies.

  281. see article “Coal Tar in Vitamins” and Steven Blake, phd’s research “91% of Fish Oil supplements are rancid”

  282. Seriously?  uh, um, hhhh,um.huhhhh, mmmmm, nnnn,mun, un.  Unwatchable tripe.

  283. Jeffrey Tice advocates a low-fat diet in this video.  Where is the randomized trial evidence that a low-fat (high carb) diet is superior to a low-carb (higher fat) diet?

    1. +CosmicDamian Dean Ornish uses observational studies and animal studies to support his dietary claims. There have been NO randomized clinical HUMAN trials that support his claim that a low fat, high carb diet is superior for cardiovascular health. This is certainly an area in need of high quality clinical research.

    2. +William Norman Work by Drs. Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn is in the literature, demonstrating reversal of atherosclerosis on a high carb, low fat diet.

  284. Good video, summary @ 1:15:56

  285. This gentleman is a “shill” for the pharmaceutical companies . He states SOME common sense truths, that we all know anyway . He’s using studies that weren’t properly done  ( many have been debunked)  . Consult the AMERICAN JOURNAL of CLINICAL NUTRITION , a peer reviewed journal that shows many benefits for taking supplements.

  286. Evidence based >> just eat a healthy diet and stay away from doctors 🙂

    1. @38dragoon38 Digitalis

    2. vegatable oils can;t be godd unless youre eating only the equivalent of handful of olives or coconut all the rest are expellier chemically extracted and they are rancid deoderized etc…

    3. +syyenergy7 The problem with this statement is lack of consensus on what constitutes a “healthy diet.” There is wide agreement that excess sugar is bad and that trans-fats are bad. However, the jury is still out on saturated fat, vegetable oils, and the optimal amount of carbohydrate in the diet. We need high quality clinical studies to answer some of these questions.

    4. @38dragoon38 warfarin , coumadin

    5. warfarin

  287. Video and studies funded by the Bill Gates Foundation.

    1. syyenergy7 oh conspiracy moron….

    2. Its Nice to know Bill Gates uses his $Billions for Something Usefull… 🙂 We Wish he’d pump Some money into finding a Cure for “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” (“Sleeping Sickness”)/M.E./Fibromyalgia & Alzheimers & Dementia!!… 🙂 – Sufferers would sing his praises in the streets/towns/cities,etc,etc & he’d be worshipped like a God & called a latter day saint- Cos people SUFFER hells flames with them in EVERY country in the whole fucking world!!!!…. 🙂

    3. Do you know how much of your Mac is owned by Gates?
      I wonder NO preacher came forward and quote the American GOOD BOOK that TOO MUCH OF THE MILK AND HONEY WOULD MAKE YOU VOMIT.

    4. +syyenergy7 Where did you find that out?

    5. +Green Deane I can Jobs and his fruit. I would rather spend 300 dollars and tackle the higher learning curve to get an awesome pc, than spend 3000 to get a mediocre laptop. Apples, one of the leading contributors of smug( south park reference).

  288. This guy sounds like he’s in the disease management business not curing and has conflict of interest. Pardon me if I’m wrong, however I’m not buying.

    1. a doctor

    2. I fully agree with you, there is something fishy about this

  289. GMO trials ? Anyone ?

  290. His head is sweating alot. He has vitamin d deficiency.

  291. This guy is ok. He tells it as it is. Someone sensible for a change. 

  292. guess what, if you eat a balanced diet and you don’t have a disease which requires supplementation you don’t need supplements. Good grief i don’t know how we evolved , on  what was often an unbalanced diet without them. 

    1. @Dennis Nowland The question is what is balanced diet? Does that balanced diet contain adequate essential nutrients. Talking of evolution, what is the root cause of the new diseases(Cancer, Diabetes type2, high blood pressure, gout), are these part of evolution?

  293. Sorry, i don’t intend to be mean, im just expressing how this talk affects me.

  294. Where on earth did this guy come from? It feels like i just wasted my time listening to an alien talking about other beings with non human physiologic realities.

  295. great knowledge!!

  296. This was a excellent, well supported factual presentation video.  I feel sorry for all the individuals who felt the need to post illogical and ad hominem attacks.  Except in extenuating circumstances, you don’t need to supplement your diet – the facts are clear.  But, capitalism and denial are hard things to combat.  If they make you feel better, so be it.  Its good for the economy, at least.

  297. when MD talk about nutrients its like a astrologist talk about astronomy!

  298. I’d like to get and review these studies and who paid for them.  I checked the  Journal of American Medical Association (peer-reviewed), American Journal of Medicine nothing showing these studies. There are 280,000 studies done just on PUB MED that prove otherwise maybe you should check out all studies before you put out such harming info.    Its important to follow the money on studies as a good portion are paid for by Pharma, most Doctors Education are Also paid for by Pharma. As soon as you mentioned pushing statins I realized who is funding this.

  299. This guy can’t talk…um…um…um…um…um…over and over!

    1. People who lie tend to talk with lots of uhh…uuh uhs….

    2. @Joseph Bower Yea I doubt I can get through this whole video. Especially after a lecture from Dr. Robert Lustig on their channel, who is a great speaker.

  300. Studies on vitamins do not study the entire complex—a sort of biochemical matrix—within which that vitamin operates intracellularly. Secondly, they use only synthetic vitamins which are crap. Thirdly, what control do they exercise over the freshness of, say, vitamin C, so that it isn’t already oxidized. Or take Vitamin E studies where they not only used synthetics, but don’t use the 4 tocopherol complex nor the 4 tocotrienol complex, let alone both. I’m not big on vitamin pills, but this argument is junk. And the fact that this MD is a pill pusher disqualifies him from objectivity.  

    1. @RonJohn63 Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated. I hope all is well. 

    2. @Tomas Nofziger /Unlike MDs who are … stuck with processing insurance forms/

      You know, it’s 2015.  There are these amazing people known as “clerks” who are hired to use things known as “computers” to enter data “on-line”.

      /When research is funded by big pharma …/

      So, you *don’t* *actually* *know* who paid for those studies; you’re *assuming* that it was Big Pharma.

      /casting doubt on the speakers message./

      Which message?  The one where he says — over and over — to eat more whole foods, especially plants?  *That* message?


    3. @RonJohn63 As a former university researcher and health consultant in private practice, I must be current on cause and effect relationships between optimal health, lifestyle, environmental toxins and disease.

      Unlike MDs who are overwhelmed with work responsibilities, long hours and stuck with processing insurance forms, I’m able to to stay current with cell & molecular biology + nutrition and exercise in order to evaluate papers.

      When research is funded by big pharma, which is true for a considerable amount of peer reviewed literature on drug efficacy [and that goes for supplements too], I must discard it and look for greater objectivity sans bias.

      Fortunately, there is a large amount of unbiased research from the US and around the world casting doubt on the speakers message. Many thanks for your patience. 

    4. /Thirdly, what control do they exercise …/

      Nothing’s stopping you from actually reading the studies instead of bitching on YT.

  301. I’ve been through this argument 100 times. This MD passes on fraudulent statistics. First of all, so-called evidence based research is a misnomer. Look it up. If my health has been compromised for 40 years by an undiagnosed injury from childhood, and I visit a chiropractor who takes detailed x-rays and corrects the problem, after which I feel 30 years younger and move like I haven’t in that many years, this is not evidence-base science. Go figure… 

  302. The glaring fault with this speaker’s argument is that the same thing has been proven time after time after time with all pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, drug studies (when a new drug is being tested to come onto the market for disease management) require only  a 1-3% statistical difference in efficacy as compared to a placebo ! 

    Check it out for yourself. I’m not defending the vitamin industry. Vitamin supplements have value in only limited cases. But this argument by an MD is extraordinarily two-faced. Besides, who do you think funded the medical school where he got his degree? a degree without independent research, a thesis and a PhD? 

  303. vitamins and supplements on sale at:

  304. I searched all the web and found the best ones here. Plus, here’s my personal code, which will take $10 off your first purchase of any vitamins, supplements and nutrition products: You’re welcome! 😉

  305. WOW TOTAL DISINFORMATION ARTIST.  You can bet your last dollar almost all those studies were conducted with SYNTHETIC PHAMA COMPANY PRODUCED imitation garbage, and HE KNOWS IT BUT NEVER TELLS YOU!  A bigger liar then a lawyer and his advice like take statins and fat is bad and all that garbage.  WOW talks about a typical mass murdering doctor.  Whenever a countries doctors go on a prolonged strike the national death rate drastically decreases.. People stop getting murdered.  Makes me sick to listien to his moronic deceptive dishonest BS.

    1. @Nate P My qualifications to do what?

      Competently listen to a video?

      To *listen* *to* *THE* *DOCTOR* — allegedly in league with Big Pharma — say *MULTIPLE* *TIMES* in the video that we should *eat* *more* *vegetables* and *take* *less* *pills*?

      *That* qualification?

    2. @RonJohn63 State your qualifications or stfu


      What, like “less pills, more vegetables”?  Yeah, that’s “mass murder” all right!!!

    4. Bravo !  Wow, one other person who thinks for themselves and isn’t hoodwinked by fear tactics, Big Pharma and the AMA. If you have a moment, take a look at the top of the comments page at what I wrote (3 consecutive comments). Many thanks ! 

  306. 800IU of D per day is recommended but is that supplement only or total (all food sources included)?

    1. @whisperingsage that’s a good question. Fortunately, Vitamin D is only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. In fact, as far as my research shows, **all** of the vitamins are nothing more than carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

    2. @RonJohn63 If the soil minerals were 40% deficient in the 1940’s (USDA map) and 85% deficient in 1994, and the plants need 60 minerals to make our vitamins, and Big AG puts back 3, (NPK) how are we supposed to get our nutrients from food?

    3. Total.  Which is why he says to get your vitamins from food.

  307. it didn’t answer the question why we are D deficient… is it diet or weather?

    1. /it didn’t answer the question/

      Sure it did: SPF8, smog, window screens, spending too much time indoors

  308. if fish and milk has so much Vit D why even bother to recommend a supplement?

    1. We don’t get enough from foods. The soils are minerally deprived. That’s why we must supplement.

    2. +Yuna69able It does not have that much at all really. Remember it is all about bioavailabilty. Also milk after being homogenized and pasteurized has some truly heinous proteins and fat globules in it. I read studies where milk can actually leech calcium out of your bones.

    3. +Yuna69able

      Ever considered the use of an artificial UV light? I think that generating vitamin D in the skin is more natural (even with an artificial light) than swallowing pills. But you probably have to make sure you use the right spectrum, otherwise it won’t work. I think it doesn’t take that much time and it doesn’t fuck up your liver either.

      Here is a article and study about it if you are interested:

    4. @Yuna69able Some doctors like physician Joseph Mercola at “Mercola dot com” doesn’t like Vitamin D supplementation very much. However, oral vitamin D in smaller doses doesn’t hurt the liver (400 – 1,000 IU). Living where you do it would be smart to have fatty (oily) fish in your diet 3X’s a week like cod, mackerel, salmon, sardines, anchovies or shellfish like muscles (in season). Otherwise, taking a flavored cod liver oil daily will do the trick !

    5. Hi. Needs must, personally I am not a lover of pills in any shape or form With supplements their is no regulation so can you really trust them? Their is so much greed in the food and supplement companies.

  309. Vitamin D at 600IU per day. Why is everyone promoting stuff like 10-50,000 IU per day?

    1. @RonJohn63 Are you working on 1 brain cell or something. Your comments make no sense? 

    2. /Why is everyone promoting stuff like 10-50,000 IU per day?/

      *Money*.  Fools like @Tomas Nofziger and @golfinguna rail against Big Pharma, then give all their money to snake oil salesmen.   (Google “snake oil” for an explanation.)

    3. Healthy vitamin D levels are 60 to 80 ng/ml. With serious disease like cancer, level should be 80- 100 ng/ml. Vitamin D is really a hormone and interfaces with about 960 genes. Too little may turn off gene you want on, and turn on genes you want off, like oncogenes.

      Have your vitamin D levels checked some time (it’s a cheap test). Then, at that time, you’d have a reference point from which to adjust sun exposure and oral vitamin D in so far as maintaining or acquiring optimal levels.

      Without a test, and if you’re not on the beach all the time, then 50,000 IU’s is a good reference point for ONE week’s dosage. Not one day. IN the sun, our skin’s cholesterol makes 20-25,000 UI’s daily. Yes, daily. On the equator, like our African ancestors, it’s about 30,000 IU’s daily.  

  310. This isn’t science!  Vitamins have a synergistic effect for one.  Also, there’s a world of difference between taking a generic vitamin vs a whole food vitamin!  I don’t doubt taking a vitamin pill your body can’t use or absorb would be useless or possibly toxic.  We all know the very ineffective Centrum is the Doctor’s #1 choice…because it doesn’t work! 

    1. You didn’t actually pay attention to the video, did you?  (Everything you rail against is *exactly* what the doctor said *not* to do.  IOW, *he* *agrees* *with* *you*!!!!!!)

  311. At the moment, 53 thumbs down. Do these people hate the color of the slides? The guys haircut? Or do they just don’t like facts in general?

    1. @Tomas Nofziger /this guy makes a case for never taking pharmaceutical drugs./

      No, he doesn’t.

    2. Yes! He’s a doctor and has the “facts”. Fundamental christians also have “the facts”. You can’t argue with the facts! [But then again, because true science is a continual process of discovery, everything stated today will be disproven or greatly modified over the next decade or two, if not much sooner. 

      This case is made for relying on pharmaceutical drugs—not on diet, lifestyle, chiropractic, targeted supplementation or therapies like Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. And yet the pharmaceutical industry only needs a 1 – 3% statistical difference from a placebo to be approved for market.

      As a result, we have the worst drug abuse of any nation in the world. Street drugs pale by comparison to legal drugs—including white sugar, TV and alcohol. 

    3. Yuna69able,
         I never accept the results of any study without knowing who funded it. That simple question can disambiguate many claims.

    4. @Tom Hunter I know right. I never know what to believe about these studies. I mean there is always conflicting interests who knows what is what. I will not be relying on multi anymore however. 

    5. Or people who understand the difference between pseudo science and science.  I’m a researcher and know the difference between whole food vitamins (effective) vs vitamin isolates/ synthetic version where there’s little to no bio-availability. 

  312. So I can throw out my multivitamin since I already eat healthy. Yay

    1. Because you KNOW your produce has the optimum levels of nutrients. Wait, was that ever tested, how do we know this? The average orange has 60 mg of C. To even get a decent dose of 1 gram would take a LOT of oranges. You’d have the acidic runs by then.

  313. Vitamins and supplements is a multi-billion dollar industry only getting larger with rising “healthy” trends. Keep that in mind while perusing the comments below.

    1. I think the same! Most of these vitamins supplements don’t get assimilate in our organism.

  314. Vitamins are great in produce. Not from something off of a shelf. See my channel about how to become a vegan the easy and healthy way
    I can’t post the video here because of youtube’s stupid spam filters

    1. Psfhsthshthsthst *Fart noises*

    2. @Wynn H. B12 is the only nutrient vegans need to supplement. Not B6.
      B12 is in all rivers, streams, lakes, and creeks. Even though you can’t drink from them it shows the vitamin is only exclusive to food in meat because of pollution.

  315. If you have a need for supplements, be sure your source is a good reliable company, many have poor quality and is junk and waste of money. Do your research .Water soluble D3 takes 10 weeks .

  316. Health is SO simple, once you understand it. The body needs COMPLETE nutrition not isolated chemistry! That’s why whole food supplementation is the ONLY way you should get extra nutrients. Whole foods contain complete, balanced levels of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, flavonoids, etc. and that’s what our bodies are “designed”/ adapted to absorb and use. When you start breaking nature apart down into its building blocks and then trying to play God, you can have a recipe for trouble in the very least. For instance, if you eat a salad and some fish, you have a fairly nutritious meal, but if you break it down into its components you would find arsenic. There would only be a tiny amount, but it’s there in balance with everything else. AND MOST of the mainstream supplements are synthetic and even petro based! These are NOT the same thing at all!! Again health is simple, get good balanced nutrition in and get the trash / toxins (ie: lymphatic and digestive wastes) out.

  317. If they paid me the kind of money they pay him, I would explain the problem we have with flying pigs in some African countries.

    1. What are flying pigs pls?

    2. Is that how the African swine flu spreads so fast ? 🤔

    3. What? There’s no flying pigs unless poachers are doing that!

  318. Well I can say with certainty that what he is saying is NOT TRUE at least when it comes to Youngevity’s supplements which had helped me personally and has helped so many other people when nothing else was working. 

    1. @DodgyD101 /I’m finished, another Cockroach stomped upon./

      Oh, yes, your mighty intellect has oh so humbled by poor, benighted pharmacologically addled brain.  Thank you for showing me the light!!!


    2. NONE. ZEZO. NADA. And NEVER will. Read the “insert” you imbecile. I’m finished, another Cockroach stomped upon. Die happily ever after..

    3. @DodgyD101 “How many drugs/meds are you one?/

      How many drugs am I *one*?
      You “have no *patients*”?

      Fewer than you, apparently.  Or, maybe you aren’t on *enough*. %cough%Clorazil%cough%.

    4. Well what’s the answer? You called me an idiot. How many drugs/meds are you one?

    5. How many drugs are you on? If any.

  319. Wonderful well balanced presentation. Not sure what lecture golfinguna was watching – but if we can not learn from a non biased look at the best data available then what can we learn from? Re statins – get with the 90’s. When I first stated practicing 15 years ago – I had ~ 15 people in heart failure – they had a heart attach – 7 days in hospital then home and another heart attach 2 year later – 7 days in hospital then home – then heart failure from heart damage and death in 5 years. Now I have none. I repeat none. Someone has a heart attach – they are taken to the cath lab the vessel is opened – they are given a statin and that is the end of story. To cast doubt on statins with the overwhelming evidence in favor of them is entirely disingenuous. Now as a physician – statins are terrible for business – so I owe golfinguna some credit – but if you want to be healthy – exercise, eat well, don’t smoke, wear a seat belt and bike helmet. Don’t over drink and if your doctor recommends a statin – please take it. Thanks you Dr. Jeffrey Tice for a wonderful well balanced presentation.

    1. @Tomas Nofziger /From my experience with some brain disorders/

      How much experience do you have with short-term memory deficits due to neuropathic pain?

    2. @RonJohn63 Well said. Your case makes it clear how important some drug therapies and surgeries are. You bet. I can see what I said could be taken as casting doubt on all pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries. However, this is not my opinion.

      Not by any means. There are procedures and drug therapies that are nothing short of miraculous—your case in point. What I do object to is a lack of choice in a formerly free society. Everyone should be entitled to his or her choice of therapy. 

      In some cases, of course, only one option makes sense. And that option could come from allopathic medicine, or it could come from a change in lifestyle, from chiropractic or from dietary changes. I’m just arguing for choice as opposed to  government mandates.

      From my experience with some brain disorders, magnesium-l-threonate invented at MIT is nearly miraculous in many cases. You buy it from Life Extension dot org. in Florida. Secondly, although used mostly in pediatrics, a ketogenic diet may be of considerable value—but the later depends on the individual situation.  

    3. @Tomas Nofziger / I’m extremely happy for you to take as many pharmaceutical drugs as you want./

      I *hate* taking pharmaceuticals.  But without them, I’d be in a nursing home virtually comatose from constant seizures.  So, I take them t.i.d. and lead a normal life.

      /Throw in a few surgeries too !/

      Without surgery, I wouldn’t have what little use I do have of my right arm.

    4. @RonJohn63  Many insults. No argument. You have preferences, but include no evidence. Cheap shots. Let me make this clear, I’m extremely happy for you to take as many pharmaceutical drugs as you want. TV advertises dozens. If they work for you, pay no attention to anyone else !  Throw in a few surgeries too !  

    5. But…. BIG PHARMA IS PAYING YOU!!!!  :eyeroll:

      People like @Tomas Nofziger and @golfinguna are prime evidence *against* universal suffrage.

  320. LOOK PEOPLE. UNLESS YOU GROW YOUR OWN FOOD ON YOUR OWN SOIL. you will not eat real food. How do you think they grow millions of those nice plump red tomatoes. THEY ARE GROWN ON INSULATION PADS FED WITH CHEMICALS

    1. Yeah. You gotta spray vitamins/ fruits 1st something to kill off pesticides put in frige then wash them off with water then eat!


      There’s a whole bunch of blacks and orientals living in big block apartment buildings that are gonna go hungry following your advice.

  321. Further to my last post. Doctors do not know how a pill works they are told how a pill should work by the pill companies, they have very little knowledge with regards to the pills they are pushing  THINK ABOUT THIS…..WHEN YOU GO TO A DOCTOR ( Apart from the odd cold or flu bug…) The doctor will usually pass you on to one specialist or another. He/She will in many instances, not have a clue as to what is wrong with you???????? And, when you get to the specialist….he/she will push the same pills???????. Very little good honest food does not exist any more.

  322. You really have to open your eyes and look at the big picture……GREED…MONEY…The two things that motivate most people on this planet??? POLUTION

    1. /AND DOCTORS like the guy above push near useless pills/
      Did you actually pay attention to the video?

  323. My logic tells me from watching this video, organic produce is harmful but produce that is pesticide ridden is much healthier. This guy is a puppet. 

    1. +New-clear You’d think all that pot and alcohol in college would’ve helped him? Oh well…

    2. @Michael Volpe What makes you think I would need to pass in college? Random reply!! Guess they didn’t teach you sarcasm in college. Lighten up man, it’s not all work work work. 

    3. This is what you derived from the video?  You wouldn’t pass a 100 level college science course.

  324. Watching this I would like to point out one thing in respect to what has been said at about 8 minute of this video: do we need supplements to prevent these diseases? This is called an adequate nutrition. However, adequate nutrition is not the same as optimal nutrition. Eating just enough to prevent some symptoms of defficiency may not be sufficient, because we still do not know all roles of micronutrients to the full extent, such as vitamin D has more roles in the body than to prevent rickets. Not having rickets does not mean that we have enough vitamin D for OPTIMAL health. I am going to watch further to see whether they will mention this aspect.

    1. I watched it all and it doesn’t get better.

    2. /I am going to watch further to see …/

      All this and you haven’t watched half video?????

  325. do contrary and you do fine

  326. LoL! Are you serious? Vits killing us not medicines? Show me one tablet without side affects? Good quality vits, with right dosage- do not have one!!! Is it because Big Farma losing they customers, due to people adopting healthy life style, they ordered that disinformation? Too late!!! People know the truth and getting healthier rapidly!

    1. /Vits killing us not medicines?/

      Watch it again and *PAY* *ATTENTION* this time.

  327. Pretty tough criteria.  I am not sure all conventional medical treatments meet the requirement of preventing death over the lifespan.  Many treatments provide relief and minimize complications but death still occurs in the end.  We also must remember the mechanisms of actions of vitamins/minerals which make overall body functions better.  I believe vitamins/minerals, nutraceuticals do benefit the health and the right end point is not being assessed.

    1. We all have to die a day even if we take vitamins supplements!😂

  328. Sick man.

  329. I love peoples logic.
    Vitamins can help you grow a human in your body, but have NO effect on your own body.

    1. Yeah they give you vitamins big enough for horses when you are pregnant…now this guy saying but for already grown humans, vitamins are useless?

    2. That’s a fantastic way for you to put it, too.

  330. Why isn’t there randomized trials ? OH I know. The drug pushers don’t want them. All these people underestimate the design of the human body.

    1. There are randomised trials. He repeatedly described the different randomised trials for the different vitamins.

      Didn’t you watch the lecture?

  331. “Eat real food, Not too much, Mostly Plants…and some fish” 1:17:30
    Summary 1:16:13

    Beta-carotene – Discourage
    Vitamin E –       Discourage
    Folate –            For child bearing age to prevent neural tube defects
    Vitamin D + calcium – Older frail patients to prevent fractures and falls
    Omega 3’s –      No benefit

    1. @Theseustoo Astyages What brand of fish oil do you take?

    2. Hmmm… I take Omega 3s in the form of fish oil (3 grams daily), and can testify from personal experience that they DO have some significant benefits. Perhaps not in terms of lowered incidence of heart disease etc (though how would I actually be able to tell?), but I find they do help a LOT with arthritis, which was crippling my feet before a hospital podiatrist advised me to take it. Now all I get is an occasional ‘twinge’ (usually if I forget to take it for a day or two). I also think it helps keep depression at bay. I’d recommend fish oil for these conditions.

    3. Anthony Goodfellow

  332. Dr. Wallach, where are you?

    1. @Lee Rockwell Dr. Tent rocks. So does Wallach. They did a lecture on him at one of Tents events.

    2. …. forgot to mention Misty Mountain Health Resort videos in Australia . . .

    3. Alex A … don’t much care for wallach but do like Dr. Randy Tent of Michigan and several others better.

  333. then again, you wouldn’t expect main – stream medicine to support your health…

  334. another pharma – sponsored puppet! grow a spine dude! i owe my good health to quality supplements and elite sporting performance

    1. @Friendly faces make me smile. like I’m gonna count my macros and micros. I’m rarely counting calories. Who has time for that??? And if I want to eat cake or don’t feel like cooking then I’m not going to eat omega 3 rich nutritious salmon with leafy greens and what not. Pop a pill and move along.

    2. He’s warning against taking vitamins, dumbass, so how would that be a big pharma shill? You’re the one that sounds “bought”

    3. whisperingsage
      It’s fertiliser that is mainly responsible for soil depletion, and the quantity of food needed . Roundup only chelates minerals as much as a plant does , another thing to consider is when those early stats were collected we used to spray copper over the fields, so were looking also at a gradual decline in the minerals that we actually administered in some cases

    4. @FreedomOrNothin so you mean you make an intelligent statement that because the drug industry is bigger then the supplement industry the supplement industry is not big enough to buy anyone? That is a false argument as it is stupid.

    5. @Frank Overå Is it possible for a person to be as stupid as you? The three top drug companies are in the fortune 500 top 10 every year. Not any supplement company. Also, there is not ONE supplement company who have bought out the FDA, the congress, the senate, the USDA and the FCC. You have no concept whatsoever of what you’re talking about.

  335. Vitamins only make me feel worse.  I’m one of those roughly 25% of the population who gain nothing from taking vitamins.  Chow down on real food is the only way.

    1. That’s because folic acid is synthetic and not a very absorbable form, Folate is the bio-available form.

    2. @girlperson1 My wife tried taking folic acid supplements during pregnancy — with meals and without — and barfed them right up.

  336. I find it so interesting Dr Trice that you are recommending against vitamins when according to poison control center statistics taken from a central data base of 61 centers looking at a 27 year period there were only 11 deaths attributed to vitamins (that is less than 1/2 a death/year) and 106,000 deaths yearly from FDA-approved properly prescribed medicines. 
    The Starfield study “Is US health really the best in the world?”, written by Dr. Barbara Starfield and published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association in 2000 came to the following conclusions:
    Every year in the US there are:
    * 12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries;
    * 7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals;
    * 20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals;
    * 80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals;
    * 106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines.
    The total of medically-caused deaths in the US every year is 225,000. That’s 2.25 MILLION deaths per decade.  Do your homework!!
    If I am to die, I would rather die by vitamins than by drugs! They have done me quite well over the last 50 years.

    1. @Ellenor Malik You are unbelievably stupid.

    2. @whisperingsage found atlas shrugged

    3. @Ellenor Malik Health insurance just chains us to the masters of our sickness, drugs.

    4. In this modern day of society Vitamin tablets are a must for longevity and healthy living , enjoy your Vit. E and omega 3 I know firsthand

    5. So very true I’m a Vit junky and proud of it , am over 80 with no ingesting of pharmaceuticals drugs , never have been .

  337. *The bullshit we’re being fed will stop existing if we see the **_TRUTH_*

    _TruthContest • C0M_

  338. . Fructose not linked to rise in blood pressure. I really don’t see how he refuted the first law of thermodynamics. We are obese, We are eating more. We’re also probably moving less. So we are getting a double wammy on both sides of the equation. More energy in, less energy out. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious what the result of that is. I do agree that excess sugar or anything for that matter is not good for you. Moderate amounts won’t kill you. What the typical american consumes in sugar now I would not call moderate. John Yudkin was a moderate too.

  339. uhhh uuhh  uhh and uhhhh 

  340. Tanks: Toxic dose is toxic.
    Carotene prevents the synthesis of cholesterol. Carotene + statins are dangerous?
    “Sufficiently high levels of vitamin D may be protective against the bone density lowering effects of high vitamin A” (wiki)
    “Hepatic (liver) injury has been found in human and animal studies where consumption of alcohol is paired with high dose vitamin A and beta-carotene supplementation.”(wiki).
    Close recomended to those with vitamin deficiency is good.
    A few need more.
    Viatmin A and D, affects “cell arrest” and apoptosis, and combats cancer.
    Christer Carl Olof Nylander

  341. The tests referred to in this video must be based on SYNTHETIC vitamins.  Synthetic vitamins are not really compatible with the human body.  The key to supplementation is to get food based supplements.  Standard Process has a very good line of food based supplements.  Prescription medications are also not really compatible with the human body.  That is why there are so many side effects. 

    1. @Jerry Spagnuolo /the body is a self regulating organism/

      It *tries*.  But pathogens their own ideas.

      /That is a whole, whole, whole lot of people./

      But *why* are there a whole, whole, whole lot of people, and why are they living long enough to get degenerative diseases?

      Some of the reasons are antibiotics and vaccines.

    2. @RonJohn63 Ron.  There are good bacteria in the gut and bad bacteria in the gut.  Antibiotics kill BOTH.  The Gut Flora protects the body.  Antibiotics sometimes kill Pathogens.  But they kill Gut Flora which reduces the immunity of the body.  You really don’t seem to understand that the body is a self regulating organism if properly fed and nourished.  Antibiotics upset that organism by killing essential Gut Flora.  And antibiotics are overused which has resulted in bacteria resistant to antibiotics.In 1936 the US Senate was presented with the results of a scientific study.  The following are excerpts concerning Senate Document 264 of the 74th Congress, 2nd Session 1936  – “99 percent of the American people are deficient in … minerals, and … a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease.”  The condition of the soil has not improved since 1936.  It is worse.  Nutritional supplements are necessary for good health Ron.  You don’t seem to understand the importance of nutrition.Big Picture Ron.  There is a Heart Disease Epidemic.  A Cancer Epidemic.  A Diabetes Epidemic.  An Alzheimer’s Disease Epidemic.  An Autoimmune Disease Epidemic.  An Autism Epidemic.  Lots and lots of disease.  And now there are bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.  That is a whole, whole, whole lot of people.

    3. @Jerry Spagnuolo /I am not paranoid.  I am very healthy./

      That’s what they *all* say…

      /You know that drugs do NOT cure disease./

      Then you know *nothing*.  Prime example: antibiotics kill the bacteria which cause the infection.

      /I choose food based supplements/

      Why not just *eat* *the* *food*?

    4. @RonJohn63 Ron I am not paranoid.  I am very healthy.  Pharmaceutical products have side effects.  That is a FACT.  You can watch the endless commercials every night that list the side effects of the drugs being advertised.  Sometimes they have adverse side effects.    A whole, whole, whole lot of people have side effects from the drugs.  You seem very knowledgeable on this topic.  You know that drugs do NOT cure disease.  They just treat the symptoms.

      I choose food based supplements because I can see the results for me.  So far the only side effects have been good health and better medical test result numbers.  As I said earlier.  I am very healthy.  Please enjoy your day Ron.

    5. @Jerry Spagnuolo Followed your link and and need some puzzling questions answered: if the FDA, the NIH, etc, etc are corrupted by Big Pharma, how can you trust studies published by the NIH?

      /Is the article accurate.  I really don’t know/

      Then why do you trust it?

      /all those drug settlements point to a lot of deaths/

      And a whole, whole, whole lot more people taking them and *not* dying.

      /I doubt it./

      Because you *want* to doubt it, because doubting it reinforces your paranoid world-view.

  342. My understanding is that our goal should be to reach for Vit D levels of 30mg/ml as minimum- many people sit behind doors, at office or at home, do not go outdoors unless early morning or late afternoon when production of Vit D is not effective – and if they happen to go under the sun, they apply sun screen, which will reduce the efficiency of Vit D production by >90%. I believe Vit D supplementation is benefitial to everyone.
    With regards to Omega3s, if they had no benefits at all, I believe balancing Omega6 in our body should be something to go for.  what do you think?

    1. That’s exactly what the doctor said.  If you’re going to supplement vitamin D, just take it with calcium.

  343. i always thought there must be a connection between the people i know who are on fad diets and the seemingly endless sicknesses they have

  344. Why not discuss the studies that show the contrary.  We know nothing about the emotional and mental disposition of the test subjects. For example…a bad attitude and poor disposition, as well as how one deals with STRESS in their lives will kill you faster than a Big Mac and fries a day will kill you.

  345. Very informative lecture about multivitamins and supplements.  I would point out that plant based vitamins are totally different than synthetic made supplements.  Thanks!

  346. Maxi nutrtion sucks

  347. pesco-vegetarians and vegans 15-20% lower mortality, can they live forever?:-)

    1. Like the SDA’s I’ve seen go blind and die.

  348. This guy can’t even talk properly

    1. speak…….speak properly.

  349. five thousand out of thirty thousand people died by taking vitamins?

  350. this doc fails to know s from shinola concerning supplemenation. total waste of time.

    1. It is important to understand why and how they think and operate.

    2. Unfortunately many people will believe this guy. This is actually the newer brainwashing of how to kill the public. He isn’t behind the times, this is the Elitist death structure for the herd. Eat like your grandparents parents ate. No GMOs, stay away from prepared packaged food look alikes.

  351. This whole lecture is very hard to take.  I could only take 21 minutes or so.

    1. Human mind can only concentrate for 20 minutes on average, later it will go into the sub-concentration state.

    2. I listened to it so I could then tell him what a liar and sell-out he is… bet in his family , with his kids, wife, siblings, parents… he is not acting on any of this BullSh*t?! (Hope not for their sake… they prob sign NDAs to not say they take sups and vitamins and the Flintstones and One a Days are hidden and secret!
      Jerk. Sell Out… Liar. I do however hope he is following his own advise very carefully… to the letter!

    3. agreed.  though i persevered.  anti-supplement doc. weak presentation.

  352. There are so many informations on youtube, sometimes you’ get confused.
    But I feel great taking Vit C1000mg, 200iu vit E,1000 iu Vit D almost every day amongst other antioxidants: red wine extracts, GQ10CF, Chlorella, Omega 369, Lutein etc…. 

    1. @Yevgenii Kisarauskas And when he dies 5 years earlier than expected, they’ll all blame Big Pharma.

    2. You ever hear of the placebo effect?

  353. I would like to see a debate between Dr. Tice and Dr. Joel Wallach.

    1. Love JW. Get up to speed on boron. We need 75mg a day.

      Check out the Jorge Fletchas videos. Boron, iodine, silica. GOD bless Jorge Fletchas.

    2. I would love to see it also. Properly formulated nutrition is key ! Wallach and Glidden tells it how it is. I have seen multiple people reverse ailments ! It’s not what you eat it’s what you absorb !

    3. @Yevgenii Kisarauskas troll alert . How many cents did they pay you to write rubbish?

    4. @Yevgenii Kisarauskas Bahahaha she’s actually a He ;-))

    5. @Yevgenii Kisarauskas Joel Wallach is a veterinary pathologist, He has done over 27,000 necropsies on 400 species and wrote a 2000 page book on it called Diseases of Exotic animals, Look it up, I can’t find it cheaper than $2000. And I can’t borrow it from a library. But it’s there. He is also a comparative pathologist. He has done 3000 autopsies on humans. He did lot of research on selenium deficiency. He found cystic fibrosis was a selenium deficiency when he was working for NASA. He found selenium deficiency was an important factor in muscular deficiency, and Keshan’s disease. He has probably got more experience under his belt in this whole field than any of my other favorite doctors. He became a Naturopathic doctor legal to deliver babies. He’s still lecturing daily at 80 and does not appear to be slowing down. Also he’s a “he” , not a “she”. If you can’t even get that right, You’re the quack.

  354. Summary: Don’t eat foods, they are bad for you. Don’t drink H2O, it’s bad for you. Don’t breath oxygen, it’s bad for you. Don’t sleep, it’s bad for you.

    Do take drugs, take lots of drugs, visit your doctor and get a prescription everyday, that’s the best thing for you. If a part of your body doesn’t feel right, just go to hospital and have it cut out. LOL

    1. It certain that you did *not* watch this video.

  355. Lol at the tinfoil hat clowns in here saying this is NWO disinfo and big pharma agenda related. Slap on your tinfoil hat, your clown shoes and sit in the fuckin corner, you’re on time out kids! 

  356. He recommends getting vitamins from whole foods, but not eating meat, so how are we going to get Vitamin B12 from a natural source?

    1. You can’t, the most natural source of active B12 supplement are algae, and even then vegan individuals like Dr Greger advises against it. Just eat some meat/eggs if you’re plant-based, you don’t need a lot.

    2. @Petra Streitenberger Try it and tell us how it works for you. This doctor, DOCTOR!!!! almost DIED from vitamin B12 deficiency. We have B12 liquid available in feed stores for our chickens because if they don’t get bugs in their diets, they can DIE from B12 deficiency.

    3. Thank you! Instead of Fish, there is algae as Chlorella, there from the fish have their Omega faty acids from. At least as far as I know. There are good oils as Linseed filled with enough Omega in a good combination.

    4. Yes, a nice fruit. And Chlorella has 10xmore B12 than meat I just read today.

    5. As far as I know he is correct on this, as the animals get their B12 only by supplementing them or producing it in their guts in combination with gut bacteria, the same way we humans can. I don`t think that meat is a source of B12 you can`t avoid to have.

  357. This IS integrated misinformation.. I am sorry UCSF, I adore Lustig, but this person here, he doesn’t even get close to the bio kinetics..
    Look at the extensive section on Vit D and Calcium.. He doesn’t cut it at all. The problem vits in general and D in specific have is bioavailability …
    We know for – 30 years !? That Vits are better assimilated if chelated.. So the Vit D plus chelation – linked to a mineral like Calcium- dramatically improves the bioavailability. In his extensive analysis he completely omits this GRAN (Generally Regarded As Known) fact, instead he beats on the overdosing of calcium in his studies cited.
    Honestly, he should be asked to step down. Superficial pseudo doctor.. Doesn’t even know / ‘has difficulties with’ EPA DEA… Com’on, monkey science !

    1. +Stefan Laux “Superficial pseudo doctor ”

      That, or MD. Same difference.

  358. get your vitamins and other supplements cheaply from iHerb(dot)dom – use code BIM072 to get $10 off from your first order of $40 and up 🙂

  359. One of the things that people need to remember about supplements is that they are not all the same.  The supplements peopel buy are often NOT made with the same form (chemical form) of the vitamin or mineral used in the studies that demonstrate positive outcomes.  This is because the versions in the studies are expensive.  But in the end, you end up taking MORE of the inferior product and/or end up causing yourself harm with these inferior products.  

    You can’t be lazy about your supplementation.  You have to READ the research and seek out the exact same composition of that vitamin/mineral.

    A lot of the research “proving” that supplements are worthless is done on those inferior products.  It is NOT done using the same resources as the studies indicating a positive result.

  360. obviously big pharma propaganda.  what a fool.

  361. Not recommended – Taking advice from an MD about Vitamins & Minerals. Akin to taking advice from a Priest about sex  

  362. this guy is all wet …..he is not right !!!!!!!!!!!!

  363. Great evidence-based response to the unmitigated corporate greed of the supplement and nutricutical industry, and the magical thinking of the consumers that sustain it. Eat real food and work on recovering from your infantile conspiracy theories and fantasies.

  364. Skip to 01:16:00 for the summary.

  365. Looks like this guy is on “Big Pharma” fat salary. Full of shit.

    1. @Oleg M Yes, and those companies are much less greedy and corrupt, and they really do care about their consumers!

    2. @Ken Horst hm…. I usually don’t reply to imbeciles, but today is your lucky day! Enjoy. Supplement market is nothing compared to the drugs market. This is why no big pharma companies will ever be interested in manufacturing supplements. Think “Merck”, “Eli Lilly”, etc. Read my original post carefully. Hint: Use dictionary.

    3. Who do you think makes the “vitamins” your dumbass takes?  The Petroleum and Chemical Industries.

  366. Hey Dr. Tice, try putting the Taco Bell cinnamon twists in the burrito supreme.  Very good!!

  367. What is shocking is that vitamins and minerals are for prevention not treatment.  Once the function breaks down you have to rebuild it slowly with multiple measures including supplements.  The Medical community is focusing on the wrong end.  We need to focus on prevention with Diet, supplements, and exercise.  Evidence from a messed up sample of poor eaters gets messed up results.  It is a shame we don’t have smarter people leading our health care.

    1. Training the general population to think critically and apply common sense is bad for business.

    2. it’s a shame we don’t have smarter people leading our educational systems, too

    3. Oh, they’re smart. Smart enough to line their own pockets. You see, health care in the modern sense is code for sick care. If people don’t get sick, then there’s nothing to profit from.

  368. Another corporate driven list of lies, he is so wrong it is criminal, living in the past with false or unreliable tests funded by the dairy, beef, and gmo agriculture, They still deny GMO dangers to humans and are still selling it to us (unlabeled if possible) Tell the truth, if you know how.

  369. maybe because those vitamins are a synthetic version of the natural vitamins?

  370. Dr
    Fredetick K.C.Price

  371. Thanks for doing all these, so much information to sort through as a layperson, it is nice to have trusted doctors giving us the proper state of the science…Cheers!

  372. i should think that this is terribly embarrassing for the medical community

  373. It’s better to take vitamins than not because almost nobody consumes meals with full nutritional range. I have personally experienced that multivitamins help to keep off colds.

  374. speaker seems really nervous. ugh

    1. Right, he isn’t good at lying yet. Keep at it, and never mention boron. Never test 75mg boron daily.

    2. I think there is a reason for that 😉

  375. EDUCATION — SO LEARN ‘HEALTH’ EARLY ^& IN ‘TEACHING PROGRAMS & MEDICAL CENTERS …. diff.people have diff.needs … 50 +yr olds have a diff metabolism … SO
    hmmm…. yet their mind still wants …goodies – suffer!!!!!!! … than dagene problem people … than parkin etc etc & processed & ‘fog’… well the exc ‘nurse’ learner had it best in Uctv ‘Dietary Fats’ /// who needs m.d.eez anyway …. org.chickensoup /fruits/purified h20 / B+ … lobirthrate … think/learn

  376. Much better for me, because my digestive system is not a big fan of milk.

  377. Omega-3: No benefit. Seems pretty disinformative to say, there are definitely benefits from Omega-3 fatty acids.

    1. @U.Martin.   They normally have a “best before” date.  Inside that they should be all right if kept in a cool cupboard out of the sun.   If it comes in cod liver oil capsules with Vitamin A, don’t take more than the recommended dose.  Vitamin A can be harmful in excess.

    2. yes, you need omega 3 to balance the omega 6

    3. I was a bartender in a very fast pace restaurant for many years. On my dads side he, both his sisters and his mother had all had carpal tunnel surgeries in their 30s (forklift driver, nurse, accountant & nurse)
      About 28 I got the tell tell sign: pain even when I wasn’t working. I started taking high doses of a very good omega 3. It started working in a week/2 weeks. Now I’m 51
      this year and still no pain.

      But I guess that’s not evidence to an MD. 🙁

    4. Hes an 80/20 bait and switch… paid by big pharmaceutical

    5. @Kevin Bransky you always need good fatty acids and omega 3 s..they are good to maintain brain health and good for the hair and skin and brain function ..also good for the heart ! So very important to get theses in our diet which most people 3s are also anti inflammatory .👍

  378. even better … dark, leafy greens 🙂 (multitasking)

  379. get your calcium from dairy….geeze

    1. We can’t anymore. 90% of caws are kept in a barn, not allowed sun or green grass, they are deficient in vitamin D (from being inside), which is why they must irradiate the milk to get D into it, and that isn’t stable or reliable, they are deficient in magnesium, milk used to be a reliable source of magnesium, from green grass, but they never say that anymore. They are deficient in beta carotene and vitamin K1 because they are fed silage instead of live pasture or even green hay, and so their milk comes out pure white. If they had beta carotene and k1 they would be able to convert it to k2 and it would be yellow. Very yellow. I have had a cow. Goats turn more beta carotene into true vitamin A (colorless) but they still put k2 into their milk, (yellow). Which means, store milk has no magnesium, K2 or beta carotene, or much vitamin A (silage involves fermenting chopped corn stalks or wet hay and allowing it to turn to vinegar and ferment out the beta carotene, so that is why the beta carotene is not in the silage, and if they do get green hay, those factors are changed and not going into the milk also. ). So we’re not getting many nutrients from our milk anymore. Even Joel Wallach says we only absorb 10 mg from every cup of milk anymore. That’s due to the deficient practices they go through.

  380. An excellent start. Over time, we will still have to consider various sub-populations: men, women, ethic backgrounds, individual genetic susceptibilities. Well done presentation.

  381. You cannot refute all of the randomized studies’ consistent results that either point to no benefit or being detrimental to the participants.

  382. Excellent talk – very informative..

  383. The worst I’ve ever seen. Diseased sick patients as paptient subset . In some cases 1 single patient population as a sample size. Perfect example of when doctors should just say… I don’t know. Vitamins are synthetic and from whole foods, he compared the wrong fat soluble vitamins and wrong vitamin D. D3 is the one that should have been looked at. I think all those vague claim really spoke to an uninformed audience for those who actually listened to this nonesense. Shame on you.

  384. establishment agent

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