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Vitamins and Supplements: Less is More

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More than half of Americans use vitamins or supplements, spending over $9.4 billion a year. Dr. Jeffrey Tice takes a look at which are encouraged, which are discouraged and which have no benefit. He covers antioxidants, folic acid, vitamin D and Calcium and Omega 3. Recorded on 03/08/2016. [5/2016] [Show ID: 30675]

High Value Medical Care: Why Sometimes Less is More

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118 thoughts on “Vitamins and Supplements: Less is More

  1. people getting better so they must shit something becouse they lose pacient slaves, no one to buy meds or if u like they poisons

  2. Also, adding a little grass-fed beef or pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs won’t hurt and will help the planet as these products come from farms that practice regenerative agriculture.

  3. Nope. Quality is the key . Cheap Walmart vitamins are different than the better precursors

  4. US Citizens pay $9.4 million/annum for vitamins – SOOoooo, how much do we scoop out for Prescriptions??? $$$$ Hmmmmm.

  5. He is bought.

  6. Comments better than talk.

  7. As a physician your first principal is: always prescribe a pharmaceutical instead of resolving a cause.

  8. Best produce in the world? Dandelion, Plantain, Mellow, Milk Thistle? Fresh in my garden, picked, chopped, popped in my food and consumed within minutes of picking..

  9. good video

  10. University Of the pharmacy backed State of California.

    1. .. you didn’t listen to the video. If you HAD listened to the video he stated multiple vitamins that Americans are deficient in or that women who could become pregnant should take and his main point was that a HEALTHY DIET WAS KEY and that studies show the Mediterranean diet was the most proven over time.

  11. paid by AMA and Pharmaceutical companies

  12. Most modern research is crap, hence why they suggested caloric restriction as the main spruce of permanent weight loss for decades. They’re idiots with degrees and everyone else is too stupid and trusting of authority figures to question anything. You’ll find huge flaws in their studies upon any investigation usually, and everyone total trust in them and close minded response to anything else. They are the least scientific denizens of science you can imagine.

  13. Before taking anything there needs to be a few hundred year double blind study we can all then tear apart once it’s released.

  14. Too many UH & UM’s, can’t listen to it

    1. I hate when people say those things when talking. Drives me Nuts. Please keep this in mind to anyone who needs to speak in a group about anything. its annoying, oh so annoying!!!

  15. Look, if you can recycle healthy avian feathers and natural kelp/bones as fertilizer in your own private garden, then yes eating a moderately small amount of fruits and veg grown from it is reasonable. The world’s soil is simply not as nutrient rich.

  16. Nice

  17. THIS GUY IS A PHARMA STOOGE.. just published out of Virginia Tech that the first cases of sepsis using Vitamin C IVs are showing survival rates that are as good and even better than the main 3 PHARMA drugs that cost 20K a day. IV of vitamin C?? $85… When are you going to get someone on this channel that deals with real nutrient studies? OBSERVATIONAL STUDIES? CAUSAL? You sure have blurred the science of studies using these words..
    JAMA is owned by BIG PHARMA …. AS is this guy.

  18. I hope nobody else has to watch this guy for their general education class. I want to start doing indescribable things out of anger.

  19. It is good hearing health lessons of the findings of the touted nutrients of long ago.
    I have added slowly enough to my aging organs the clinical successful nutrients.
    It’s easy to dose too much. So hard to trace amounts.
    I use quantum succinct and titrate up to my dose

  20. I take around 10000 mg A-day of vitamin C when I’m sick goes up to like 40000 mg. This is So importantt but I’ve been listening to this guy for 10 minutes and I haven’t heard anything about it

  21. The anti-fat movement is outdated.

    1. Healthy fat and unhealthy fat are two different things completely. You have to differentiate the two and look into said studies he cited for a deeper representation of the data and it’s controllers.

  22. What were the Vit C does. in the studies

    A better look at the work by Dr Margaret Visser 2014 university of Otago. Shows the RDA is rubbish. Show it amkes the white cell for immunity works better and so much more.

  23. Thank you so much for a long complicated video. I ask one simple question how much it cost of vitamin D and vitamin C in comparison with Pharmaceutical prescribed drugs? You ask for double blind research? Who is going to pay for these researches which proved vitamin work well, all of doctors, hospital employee will out of job! Pharmaceuticals only pay for study to prove vitamin don’t work. I am scientist, I know there are so many wrong design, or wrong translate statistic info to get what benefit for the sponsors. Since I took vitamin from 2011, all of my doctors, dentist out of job from me. I’m sorry but my health is more important!

    1. @Rob Vollat I believe she meant ‘unnecessarily complicated/not succinct’, with which I would agree.

    2. This video isn’t complicated in the least… As a scientist, as you claim, you should have been able to absorb this information with minimal effort. A single day in any university level biology class is more daunting..

    3. dano9008 I did experiment megadose vitamin C, D on myself because after many years follow treatments i got cancer, the cost of medical treatments for my health problem may destroy our finance future, nothing to lose I thought i’m going to die…why not try. Instead of dying, I cured all my chronic diseases and be healthy confidence with my life since 2011 and still go on.

    4. Federal funding for research on vitamin C has been mostly blocked for many decades and then they say “it isn’t substantiated by [the kind of] research [we prefer].”

  24. Masterkeywith Holistic Chef Barry Anderson Absolutely OLD SCHOOL OUT OF DATE ADVICE AND RESEARCH. MORE ON THIS LATER
    5 months ago
    Nah, just not good information, very out of date. if u watched.. always take D3 with K2 and never take Calcium without K2 (in fact Calcium is not a good thing to take unless u have to)

  25. When no correlation with Smoking or Vit D or Sunshine is given, the study is void to me. There must be more comprehensive studies to track 10 variables or more with Design of Experiments (DoE) Taguchi Methods applied to statistics. Do Nurses Smoke more in old studies?

  26. Sounds like he isGuessing

  27. If the elites are telling me not to take vitamins, I’m going to keep taking tons of vitamins. Let it enrage them.

  28. So are essential fatty acids not effective in those who have already had a stroke or heart attack because they are on medication that would block effectiveness. Linus Pauling and Jack Lalanne lived to OLD age as active adults…even extraordinary adults. They believed what they taught. When the average Joe is in a “study”, do they really know what that person ate or how they exercised? absolutely not.

  29. Big pharma propaganda

  30. Ahhh uaa ahh

  31. Your do no harm is hilarious. A thousand people die from drug related deaths weekly that’s only in the US. I’ve been taking high vitamin C (which is the best anti viral you can take in large doses. A doctor in Canada treated polio with it! No one listened now it’s your turn we ain’t listening!! 😂

    1. How much of vitamin C do you take and how often?

  32. No, not ”LESS NUTRITION is MORE NUTRITION” you fundie fucking hillbilly corporate poisons peddling hick. Channel blocked for suggesting this ”More Doctors suggest smoking Camel” class

    science blighting SHiT.

  33. Yep. This guy is a doctor. Lol. The least educated profession on health amongst us.

  34. He obviously never heard of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and his studies on reversing heart disease rather than just reducing cardiac events by 18 %

    1. @betzi b We already have almost 50 years of bad dietary advice. Look at the results. Highest obesity and autoimmune diseases ever. Americans don’t look like this in 1950’s and 60’s. Even in the early 70’s Americans were good looking. Anyone who is still promoting high carbs is either ignorant, driven by financial interest or ideology or all of the above.

    2. @JG Lee well, JG, I appreciate your feedback and I can tell you are passionate about your beliefs. I respect your opinion. I believe we will just have to wait and see..or perhaps our children or grandchildren will be able to know definitively..who will live best..the high carb or low carb group. At least I hope the answer will become clear. Anyway, I’m glad you are so passionate about people’s health. We’re in the same boat on that issue and there really aren’t many of us who even think about it. I’m sure we’d have some great discussions if we knew each other.

    3. @betzi b Millions if not billions died prematurely of the stupid high carbs.
      The worst dietary advice ever in human history.

    4. @JG Lee I imagine the people whose lives were saved would disagree with you

    5. That study is non-scientific trash.

  35. Force feed statins and stay away from health. Do not take Vitamins or herbs, no patients, ahhh,boo.

  36. The daunting naïve ill informed quantam points in this lecture, dressed as high science, beggar belief.

    The meta and RCT studies invariably used mediocre amounts of the quoted vitamins.

    The reference to post menopausal HRT as being responsible for more, rather than less, MI’s is because most of the studies were of patients using Premarin, Prempro, medroxyprogesterone acetate, he even uses the words ‘progestins’ without realising it’s significance.

  37. The study analysing beta carotene was poorly designed and has been debunked. It used a synthetic form of beta carotene among other things.

  38. Just shows that Science is one big scam and guessing machine. Just eat food and take a supplement until you can find the minerals that you need in your foods.

    1. Science is a scam….?
      The scientific method is definitely not a “scam”.

  39. He constantly contradicts himself. His intention is to create doubt by saying ummmhuuum, and “it’s complicated. I don’t believe him

    1. And just when does he contradict himself. Make a few citations if they’re so numerous as you claim..

  40. I can’t get through the “ummm, ummmm, ahhh” pauses.

    1. ​@Joseph Dennison …. He’s not a presenter by trade.. He’s a physician. That’s why he’s not the greatest at public speaking.. Come the F on guys. Lol thinking he’s being paid to lie? Well everything he’s stating is based on published studies. If you have an issue with those studies than take it up with those publishers not the messenger. He seems to also have a slight studder in general.. It doesn’t ruin the presentation and only lasts the first couple minutes. Perhaps that’s your own prejudice against higher learning.

    2. @Joseph Dennison Watch the movie *MY COUSIN VINNY* then you’ll understand why he talks that way

    3. He does the hem hauling because he knows he’s lying

  41. Never mind the errr errr ahhh ahhh but look at his face. I think the fact that the University condone such bullshit shows that he is not alone. Its a well planned project by groups that want the public to be sick so that they can profit from it. Its amazing and I’m happy to see that the majority of the public are beginning to be suspicious of Drs like that clown.

  42. Prescription medication, less is more.🤔

    1. @BioStuff415 “Nutrition” being the key word. Not “supplements”. There are too many contradictory data.

    2. @BioStuff415 God Bless!Amen!

    3. Exactly… I turned around 3 serious disorders, one being A-fib, the least serious of the 3, with supplements. The pharma quacks – “we don’t know what the cause is.” At least they are honest. “But you’ll need to take this drug for the rest of your life.” They all want to use us as their personal ATM machine. So, to the 5 MDs that had no clue… I want my money back. Go into the journals – other than JAMA and you will excellent studies on nutrition reversing many disorders. Number one killer in the US – medical treatment.

  43. Sooo…inconclusion…. we have a deficiency in pharmaceuticals!

    1. um what? He states multiple positive vitamin outcomes, including that women who could become pregnant or are pregnant should take folate and that there’s a vitamin D deficiency in Americans and everyone needs 600 IU’s and older people should have 800 IU’s a day.

    2. He concludes that you need a healthy diet.

  44. I said “$h*t! (Accidentally) WHEN I heard him mention all the broken bones occuring @3 months! ( VIT D TRIALS) JUST HORRIBLE. I WILL NEVER EVER PARTICIPATE/COOPERATE WITH THESE MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS BY SUCH UNCARING M.D.’s. Yuck! EVIL.

  45. Most M.D.s have no nutritional knowledge…. or backbone!…damn cowards who advise patience with their two-tongued skewed BS.

  46. Another University of California indoctrinated quack. First 15 minutes in the sun with 50 percent of the body exposed will generate approximately 10,000 IU of Vitamin D. So what does 800 IU do for you, better than nothing but not much. Along with all the rest of the crap he has wrong because there is no money in medicine for vitamins is milk which has very little calcium and if pasteurized is a dead food and if homogenized is poison. If you want calcium, eat greens especially collards.

    1. Alfred Newman thank you for saying this!

  47. Very disappointing. The level of understanding is rudimentary at best. This would be why a growing number of us stay away from mainstream medicine.

    1. The published studies are rudimentary? Right…
      This is a doctor speaking about published studies; not his own personal opinion or conjecture.

    2. @steve bergkamp are you having a stroke

    3. Carol Lambourne was as a a

    4. Carol awesome that fwas St

    5. Wtet

  48. Do not trust what you are saying very confusing take this do not take it who do you trust? These american doctors are pitting against each other when it comes to vitamins for this speaker he has no good news and any one that promote taking statins bewear of him, I do not trust this guy he has a lot of double talk he is all bad newsand also he is their side

  49. What about K2???????????

  50. nah, just not good information, very out of date. if u watched.. always take D3 with K2 and never take Calcium without K2 (in fact Calcium is not a good thing to take unless u have to)

    1. Masterkey exactly!!!

  51. To bad that some people from audience will believe what they hear. No word of what form of vitamins the studies were perform. Perhaps the synthetic form.

    Skip to 1:18.00

    1. These are not his opinions. These are the results of published studies.

  52. 56:33 Eskimo study. This was later disproved.

  53. The negative effects of concentrated/ isolated antioxidants have been known since I was in university 20+ yrs ago. Dr Colin Campbell’s book ‘Whole’ gives an extensively researched and experienced compelling argument against the reductionist strategy for nutrition.

  54. This is a very honest person Kudos!

  55. OK, so, I like most of his presentation, however, I don’t agree with his assessment that there is minimal benefit of eating organic foods. There certainly has been an increase of cancers in the population since all these chemicals have been introduced. The incidence of cancer years ago when people grew their own food was clearly significantly lower. Just an observation.

    1. He specified the nutrient content being significantly better. He agreed that the pesticides should be avoided

  56. Too many miss informations, some say they swear by A,E and C vitamin, but this guy said don’t take it. , I will say do what is best for you. High does Vitamin c cured my 9 year long insomnia and cure my life long digestive problem. I wondered why my Dr didn’t
    know about this simple care instead he put me on sleeping pills and depression meds. It wasn’t useful what so ever in fact my sleep problems became worst and my mood was terrible. I.dont agree with the recommendations from this guy, this is a typical big phama doctor!

    1. Lauraqueen F yes! Me too, I’m so thrill that I can be so healthy no, and didn’t cost me money at all!!!!

    2. How much of vitamin C did you take and for how long?

  57. Um a um a um um aaaah… ffs, learn public speaking, join toastmasters

    1. Liars use those studders. In Canada we hear them from our idiot PM whenever he opens his mouth.

    2. Hard to listen to this with all his um a aaah’s

  58. Certainly real food is best; make sure
    you don’t settle for GMO – and make
    sure your supplements are real ones!
    Don’t settle!
    Vitamin C Has Copper IN it! Real C!

  59. One of the problems here is the demand for randomized tests apparently run by non-experts in nutritional research..
    The Dr Coimbra protocol for reversing MS with high levels of Vitamin D carefully administered by a physician results in a 95% rate of improvement. NO randomized test is need to say that this works. How do they explain that after I started taking 5000 IU of vitamin D3, that my tripping and falling in training runs stopped? I’m not elderly and I run in the sunshine, but that was not enough. I’m healthy enough to run a marathons at the time.

    My diet has included plenty of carrots, but this was not enough to give me adequate vitamin A. My benefits were I found a reduction of 2/3 im my getting viruses and sick after starting on large doses of retinol vitamin A in addition to vitamin D. My sore back from running and dancing started to get better with added Retinol vitamin A, my skin looks younger and my eyes focus close better due to improved focusing muscle strength. Previously I was limited to running under two miles due to my back soreness, now it is no problem to run five miles.

    Be warned that they don’t know that the DRA for Vitamin E specifies Alpha Tocopherol. The improvement for cardiac events happens primarily due to use of the gamma tocopherol in natural vitamin E supplements, so its no wonder that alpha tocopherol based research fails so badly. giving lots of alpha tocopherol dilutes the presence of natural gamma tocopheral in the diet and produces null or negative results in reducing cardiac events.

    My review of this unscientific, ridiculous, and one sided presentation stops here!

    1. How much vitamin A do you take a day? How long do you take vitamin D of 5000 units a day? Do you take vitamin K2 as well?

    2. Nor did he say whether the vitamin E used was d-alpha (natural) or dl-alpha (synthetic) tocopherol.

  60. Good talk, as supplements should be considered by strength and quality of evidence just as with prescription medication and diets. However, part of this talk demonstrates how pervasive the misunderstandings of p-values continue to be. Even this physician researcher misinterprets p-values. Beginning at 19:10, he states this p-value indicates “the probability of this happening due to chance…” P-values do not and cannot confer this. They are probability of the data given the null hypothesis being true. In other words, they rely on the null hypothesis.

    Also, the “probability of this data given my hypothesis” (p-value) is much different than the “probability of my hypothesis given this data.”

    Also, p-values tell you nothing about effect size.

    Basically, it’s discouraging that the overuse, misuse and misunderstandings of p-values exist even at a place of scientific excellence like UCSF.

  61. Good to know most nutrients come from food (where we should get it from) rather than the shortcut mentality that most people have. At worse, most people believe that if a little is good, a lot must be better.

    I use to think that way before I met my husband. He was a lecturer and veterinary surgeon. He doesn’t put his animals on supplements unless they are deficient. They get their nutrition entirely from food. He himself is one of the fittest men I’ve ever met. He suggested I try stopping all the supplements I was taking and get my nutrition completely from food. I was against that idea but thought it should be okay to try for 2 to 3 months.

    The transformation was amazing. My skin became clear and supple (none of the natural supplements I took even came close to what a healthy diet has done for my skin). Inflammation went down. Blood test results came back even better than the results I had in 2011 when I was on lots of vitamins and minerals (yes even food based multivitamins). I use to take fiber supplements too, but don’t need that anymore because I get so much fiber from food. It was challenging at first because cooking fresh food takes a lot of time, but now it has become a lifestyle habit – I MAKE time. Think of it as an investment in yourself. The sad part is, before relying entirely on food, I was already eating relatively healthy but still had heavy reliance on supplements and not gaining any positive effects from them.

  62. How should I believe this complicated stuff as long as health is a business and the politicians and medical top influencers are the result of long-term recruitment by Big Pharma and medical technology companies?

    1. However, also supplement industry is a business.
      We should stop to allow to make a business with our health.

  63. This video is of no use at all! I see milk and fish (!!!) as source of vitamin D (sic!). Have a look at all old people with broken hips after drinking milk a life long? Milk and all animal nutrients are acidifying, catastrofic molecules for bones

    1. What in the world are you talking about? This is a doctor presenting a broad overview of published studies regarding basic vitamin and supplement use. These are not his opinions.

  64. I’m sure this doctor means well, but there is so much wrong with this presentation…

    For example, the section about calcium and vitamin D is mostly worthless. I’ll address only that section, as follows:

    For healthy bones and healthy arteries and heart you cannot study just calcium alone, or D alone, or even just Ca and D together. The body uses MANY NUTRIENTS SYNERGISTICALLY!! The doctor mentioned there are indications that high calcium can lead to heart attack or stroke — that is correct. Ditto if one gets extremely high doses of vit D alone.

    D is needed to absorb calcium into the blood — BUT THEN VITAMIN K2 IS NEEDED TO GET THE CALCIUM INTO THE BONE WHERE IT BELONGS. If not enough K2, some of the calcium gets laid down in the arteries leading to atherosclerosis.

    Another factor in this: If there is insufficient Vit A, any excess calcium again tends to get laid down in the arteries (and other soft tissues). Vit A escorts excess calcium out of the body.

    Also vitamin C plays a role in proper bone maintenance — for strong bones you need to make collagen (for connective tissue) and you cannot make collagen without vitamin C.

    So for healthy bones, arteries, and heart you need vitamins D3, K2, E, A, and C, (and more) all as a symphony.

    Why do medical people do trials focusing on one or two nutrients only at a time? Could it be due to conflict of interests? Could it be that if people are cured via nutrition they will need less drugs and medical interventions?

    Study what NUTRITIONISTS say about nutrition, not what the medical profession says about that subject. (Unfortunately even among nutritionists you’ll find controversy… critical thinking required in all cases.)

    1. Fred Pauser yes thank you very much! You get the point

    2. Dont forget magnesium, it keeps your calcium moving and flowing

    3. Can’t agree more!!!!!

    4. Large meta analysis and reviews now bringing into the question the role of supplemental calcium and or vit D in bone health in prevention or treatment of osteoporosis. Food sources are safe and needed. In that regard plant based sources have higher bioavailability and absorption.

    5. George Kosich

  65. to sum up antioxidant section: more is not necessarily better.
    to sum up vitamin d section: stop wearing sunblock and go walk (don’t drive) naked in the winter time.

  66. Videos need a freaking TLDR and table of contents. AIn’t nobody got time for dis.

    1. +ILykToDoDuhDrifting Or you could make it… and become an INTERNET HERO!

  67. Interesting talk which recommends starting off by eating a Mediterranean or similar balanced diet to be healthy.

    1. A sane comment! No wonder it only has two likes compared to the 40 likes the ramblings of an angry person has who only listened to the first few minutes and said they couldn’t make it past the stuttering in the introduction.

  68. Intro: how to dismiss or accept new mainstream media reporting of vitamin research without reading said research! Doesn’t look promising. The medical community has been so spectacularly wrong about nutrition, health and obesity in the past we should be highly sceptical.

    1. What? Are you on drugs? He’s a doctor who is citing published studies.

    2. +David Hume Why are you judging a talk on the intro lmao.

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