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What’s So Hard? Mum of 9 Keeps House Spotless | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | Only Human |

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Louise has 9 children but that doesn’t stop her keeping her house in immaculate condition.

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners follows people who, by their own admission, cannot stop cleaning and carefully matches them with someone whose home is in dire need of a spring clean. Together these people with such contrasting compulsions explore how their different behaviour affects their lives.

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From “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners”
What’s So Hard? Mum of 9 Keeps House Spotless | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | Only Human


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4,459 thoughts on “What’s So Hard? Mum of 9 Keeps House Spotless | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | Only Human |

  1. Can someone give me the link of full episode

  2. Imagine how much waste they would produce just by cleaning 😂. It’s ironic 😂.

  3. “Everyone should clean and no excuse ”

    Try having 5 cats who trash the place.

    Controlling my life (tuts)🙄

  4. How does she do it all in 6 hours or was it 16 hours lol

  5. Thats right there is no excuse to be dirty clean your house! I’m new at being a stay at home mom so I wake up early and spend the day cleaning and cooking and making sure baby is bathed and all so that my hubby can come home to a clean house and dinner ready to eat after that I finish up and we all spend the rest of the evening together as a family playing going for walk etc.. It’s a really nice life I gota say shes got the right idea

  6. 9 kids? Time to get a hobby.

  7. She has 9 kids yet she has 7 bedrooms. Jeez, my mom has 8 kids and we live in a 5 bedroom

  8. Them kids were happy when the moron left

  9. I think she missed a spot.

  10. OCD

  11. There’s my mum

  12. Plrsse come and clean my house. My 4 cats have taken over, it’s a bit dusty at times

  13. I just need like one syringe of her plasma.

  14. I can’t believe you have nine kids and keep your home spotless I really wish my house would be like that

  15. Poor kids

  16. Pity those kids…let kids be kids…cant imagine the stress they go thru.

  17. I’m awe

  18. 9 kids non stop and a bruise on the arm?

  19. 02:10 probably because ‘other people’ have jobs? Real jobs. Because unlike you, they have to earn money themselves.

  20. Where’s her husband? Did she clean him out of existence? Oan she would save me money on a housekeeping bill.

  21. I hope the kids aren’t neglected while she’s cleaning everyday.

  22. She’s pretty impressive haha

  23. DOST

  24. She’s my hero

  25. There’s a difference between a house and a home

  26. people saying they don’t clean cause they got work and they want a “life” are the kinds that will sleep with mouldy hidden in places and hasn’t changed there sheets for 2 months

  27. I think she would collapse if she’d see my bedroom

  28. I wanna see her cleaning like here after getting a full-time job!

  29. After watching house hoarders and seeing how bad their house can get it’s nice to see something like this

  30. Did she give birth to 9 kids or did she adopt 9 kids?

  31. Inspiration. I would like to be like this super woman.

  32. i hate *dost* too mate

  33. Good for her. What’s the problem? Can you clean my house after?

  34. Excellent job keep your house clean and teaching your kids. Here in America some parents just don’t teach their kids to help keep the house tidy. So there r spoiled brats.

  35. why was this in my feed🤷

  36. How about us Who works 2 Jobs to support The family? I keep up with it but it is not perfect

  37. The wardrobe looks like a clothing store😂🤣

  38. This Woman IS OCD !!! She is Very Blessed, with Good Health, to Be Able, to Spend All That Time Cleaning, but WHO, would Want to ? ? ? Having that many Kid’s, it is Like Having Several Full-Time Job’s, but . . . All Kid’s Should Learn Responsibility, Starting at a Young Age.They Each, Should Have Chore’s to Do, to Help Take the Load Off the Mom. If Everyone Did Their Part, they could Have More Quality-Time, to Spend Together, As a Family. It is partly the Mom’s Fault, for Taking-On the Burden, of Doing Everything Herself, for Fear of It Not Being Done Well Enough, In Her Eye’s.That’s Ridiculous. 👎

  39. When you have 9 kids you better have cleaning plan, otherwise the house will be constantly nasty.

    Have you ever visited that person who only has one kid and the place smells like dirty diaper?

  40. Too much clean aaaaaaa. Issues.

  41. Why is every woman on this show called Louise lmao

  42. Does this lady stay at home all day? Not everyone has that luxury. I mean now I do since I can’t work 😂. I guess I’ll deep clean.

  43. Who ever says work is an excuse i wonder what your house looks like 😂

  44. Her kids must be glad to see her leave sometimes

  45. OK gud to know I am not the only one

  46. If a Mom has a full time job, its hard to keep up with the cleaning but if she teached the older kids to help out then it would be easier.

  47. Well it looks like she ain’t getting the corona virus

  48. Those kids look excited as hell to get a damn break

  49. If she hates dust then why does she have dust on her eye lids? No offence but her makeup is disgusting

  50. Can I hire her???? Lol

  51. 2:30 Her kids were really happy she’s leaving.

  52. Husband makes the money. She stays home with no financial stress, which is huge.

  53. The oldest looks absolutely miserable…and no one aloud in the walk-in closet….this stupid.

  54. 0:11
    Her pupils are pretty dilated in a well lit room.
    She must be on adderall or something

  55. If you don’t work outside the home it’s a hell of a lot easier. When I stayed home with my five children my home was super clean yes. Once I went back to work it became a challenge. I did however teach my children small habits to help the process to be a little easier. No I don’t flip out over missing a day of cleaning myself 😄 but I do love a clean organized home too. My children have all reached adulthood and they know how to keep a clean home themselves now. I don’t have to say much, they just do it on their own. It’s nice.
    She has a few cleaning tips I definitely could use.
    I do hope she takes time out to give her children her attention too. They need that, no excuses. 😊 I do like that she talks nice to them and tells them good job. That’s important.

  56. It’s so sad that some people in the comments criticize her. She is doing an incredible job. I had to take care of my cousin since she was a baby, and I can tell that is a lot of work… I can’t imagine 9 children.

    Having kids means a lot of work, more than 8 hours at job: preparing all the meals, washing them, washing the clothes, preparing the things for school… and a looooooot more. And she has to spend the weekend with them too, so it’s obviously more than a normal job (all ‘i have a job’ haters stop making excuses).

    So there is no excuse, everyone can do it, so stop being so lazy and STFU.

  57. damn that’s good she keeps it clean

  58. I can’t seem to find the rest of this episode!

  59. Just a suggestion , you may want to spend more time w kiddies instead of cleaning ? They will grow up and be gone then what ? Oh right keep cleaning!

  60. Better than being dirty!

  61. I love this! ❤😘

  62. She cleans like that to avoid everyday interactions with her 9 children.They cant wait to get out of there.She has some real problems.

  63. IMO, too clean means it’s hard for the family to just live in the house and be happy and comfortable. Plus that many hours devoted Every Day? means less interaction and bonding with your children. Better to err on the side of clean for sure, but balance is the goal.

  64. God Bless her

  65. I have OCD….this poor woman is nuts!

  66. You are a treasure. More women should be like you! God bless you! I feel the same way. It is a gift. It must be done on a daily basis.

  67. I give her credit, 9 kids and she keeps her house spotless, if she didnt clean her house would be a disaster, shes doin it right, leave her alone

  68. 2:25 yeah she’s gone

  69. Beautiful family..clean win situation!

  70. Yeah cuz she has no job and 9 maids

  71. Seem like about 4 out of nine kids are old enough to clean after themselves and younger siblings. No excuse for that, and it’s NOT a child abuse.

  72. Those kids were so happy when she left couldn’t wait to lock that door

  73. ‘Dost’???? People need to understand in society YOU REPLACE YOURSELF not yourself x 8. What a disgrace. Plus some people go to work each day.

  74. Well she probably has the safest house to live in during this invisible virus… Can I live there just for a few month’s 😁

  75. Does she have time to be a mother and spend time with children… Like going outside or play – discover the world.

  76. I hate “dost,” too.

  77. doost

  78. Our OCD finally pays off now with the coronavirus 🙌

  79. This lady is a badass

  80. She only cleans 6 hours a day? This is actually quite healthy. Its her job. Stay at home moms should be putting at least 8 hours a day of actual work.

  81. I love her!!!!!!

  82. She has 9 kids. I bet in her younger days she was obsessed with something else and it wasn’t cleaning!

  83. Can she come and clean my house?

  84. Do you have a job lady or are you home all day long?

  85. She’s absolutely correct! But she looks like she runs her household like the Army. U can tell by the way the children walk and behave, but hey! U run your household the way u see fit.

  86. I’d like to know how she had time to conceive all of those kids 😮

  87. How did she find time to breed 9 kids when she is cleaning this much?

  88. I am afraid i am the same..
    Love to clean.
    Starch the shirts
    Iron the clothes.
    Clothes all beautifully hanging in my wardrobe.
    Clean the outside taps with brasso..and windows etc.
    Not forgetting the letter box outside that has to be clean also.
    A clean house starts at the front door.
    I cannot stand a dirty house .
    The garden has to be spotless.
    Mind you i cannot stop my beautiful 60 year old frangipany tree dropping her sweet smelling flowers on the grass.
    Stay healthy and safe everyone.

    Australia 🧹🧽🧼🧺🚿🚽🛋🛏

  89. I hate dost

  90. She’s right about the burger smell, she’s inspiring, but 9 kids!? 🤪😛🤪😳😱😱😱

  91. Come clean my apartment PLEASE!!! Lol

  92. She should start a company called “OCD CLEANERS”

  93. I find her so insperational dose she have. YouTube channel please xxx

  94. Some people like to spend some time with their children, go to walk, in the park, in the wood…anywhere… just to be with them, play with them, beacuse they will grow up so fast.I remember my mom was always cleaning, she never had time for us. She was angry when any staff wasn’t on their place. And today she’s asking herself: why her daughters doesn’t have any realitionship with her?!

  95. Im sorry but nine kids is a job within itself for those who act like she doesn’t have a job. Ive seen families of three who can’t even keep a clean house. There really is no excuse of why people are so lazy.

  96. We work

  97. It’s her attitude that I don’t like. I like a spotless house too but she knows damn well not everybody has that kind of time on their hands, some people have jobs they have to go to to get paid, it’s the same thing in essence. If her hubby is paying for everything then she’s getting paid by him to stay at home and clean the house, so that’s her job. She’s doing her job and other people do theirs. No need to get snotty about it. This isn’t a competition.

  98. She doesnt have a job outside of the house!

  99. Yea, but does she have a 8 hour job away from home?? I can tell she doesn’t. If she did she wouldn’t be this clean bc she be too tired.

  100. That is the stuff of feminists’ nightmares.

  101. Does she spend time with her kids

  102. Yes most women have jobs unfortunately. I miss the old days when a woman can just wear one hat. Now a woman is expected to clean + WORK + take care of kids.

  103. U go girl

  104. That’s a lot of kids.

  105. Does she work full time outside the house? No? Ok then.

  106. Some kids their age actually help out…

  107. She must be a millionaire to have this house and 9 kids

    1. Her husband is.

  108. I prefer to chill lool

  109. Wonder if she keeps her ass that clean

  110. Shes really annoying! Some people have to work

  111. i wish icould hire her to clean my house, f#cking amazing

  112. One closet super smart idea.

  113. … And the kids look after themselves 😂

  114. 2:08 you don’t have a job

  115. I hate brits

  116. 9 kids wow…

  117. this is amazing mom

  118. Kids in military is better . Dirty kids happy kids

  119. Lady you are my hero!

  120. Perfect wife material

  121. Maybe people wanna pute family first instead of cleaning all the time thats why they don’t clean like u do!

  122. Wants a clean house but has 9 fuc*ing kids?!

  123. this girl has named her kids entirely wrong.. who names their boy Ashley? Or their girl frankie? like excuse me sis wHAT?!

  124. She needs to loosen up!

  125. that was me ,I had to keep everything clean, but I wasn’t anything like her !! I had a husband and 2 daughters and in a wheelchair and my house was clean !

  126. This is how it should be. Go mom!

  127. At the end the son in yellow probably ran sprinkle some dust 😅

  128. Oh God imagine her being your mum 🙄😅

  129. My kind of women

  130. Dost

  131. #clean freak

  132. 9 kids. Seriously? ? Having kids is apparently her job. Totally strange. Get a job and buy some birth control. Someone is paying for all that.

  133. Bet those kids leave home asap

  134. She’s awesome!

  135. Whatever people might say,an organised life makes thing a lot easier…

  136. It would seem to me that it could develop into a problem for the children over time. Having the ability to take care of what is yours is very important. They should hang their clothes or fold them. The best thing my parents did for me was teach my siblings and me to clean up together and take care of what is ours. I have a friend who can’t clean anything… because his mother did it for him and still to this day, his mother comes over and cleans up because his wife isn’t a clean enough person for her. I wonder if this women is going to end up not just cleaning her own house but also visiting her children in their own homes some day and just spending the time cleaning and cleaning instead of enjoying her grandchildren.

  137. Imagine how happy the kids will be coz Mom is going on a trip

  138. Thanks, Only Human. YB

  139. Even me, if i have a place like that, i will keep it spotless 24/7

  140. You are amazing…

  141. The children look miserable 😞

  142. I have watched severfal videos of women with over six kids in U.S. and elsewhere, that is an expensive hobby indeed. Most women have to work full time and cannot afford kids.

  143. Wish I had the time and energy …..good on yah lady! You do you!

  144. I’ve seen those smiles before !!! OH BOY…..where’s her mask?

  145. Keeping a clean house shows respect towards your family~

  146. Ever heard of birth control? 🙄🙄🙄 stupid

  147. I love her

  148. Oh please madam clean my house

  149. Great energy 👍👍👍

  150. 9 kids and only 33??

  151. I love the walk in wardrobe with everything on show. I need a room like that just for myself.

  152. I wonder what shes doing right now with the corona virus

  153. How do I nominate my mum for this show?

  154. Superwomen

  155. Is realy that women existe?

  156. The oldest kid looks so freakin depressed

  157. She looks like she may be on some coke or adderall or something ..she DOESNT STOP MOVING and has weird sores on her she refuses to sit down she just wants to clean constantly? More to it than that😒

  158. -I hate dost-

  159. If she doesn’t work, where her husband works to make a fortune??

  160. Good for her!! My mom is just like this lol

  161. *dost*

  162. Immaculate house, though. Seriously. Good job, girl, but also get help. Maybe.

  163. 2:26 Lmaoooo he was not expecting that on the lips I CANT EVEN 🤣🤣🤣

    1. U saw that!! Hes cute that was funny😂

  164. She is not implode

  165. The fuck did u just call me

  166. In every episode its not OCD diagnosed but they obvs is.

  167. She has 9 kids if it was dirty yall would be tripping out I’m proud lol 🤣

  168. This would be me if I didn’t have to work. I cram it in 2 hours a night weekdays and full days at the weekend. I get why she does it. OCD is painful

  169. So much judgement, saying she neglects her children… not being funny but aren’t they in school? 😂

  170. She’s like the female version of Danny Tanner.

  171. 👍👍👍👍nice one

  172. I wish I was like her

  173. Watching this video when I should be cleaning.

  174. WTF they want to populate the world!? The husband is a very important men to suport all that!!!!!

  175. My house really needs cleaning I would say my address but people will go to my house and maybe kill us or something

  176. Maybe she can come to my house and clean

  177. bruh who would make a whole ass bedroom a walk in closet for their kids and then not let the kids in it LMAO ITS THEIR CLOTHES

  178. wish i got a wife like her😫

  179. When u dont work its easy to keep a house clean

  180. She is so right…There is no excuses for not keeping a fresh clean house

  181. Wow all those kids. No words to describe this woman. Wish i could be just a tadge like that… can’t be boshed half the time.

  182. She needs a Karcher Steam cleaner. She would LOVE it.

  183. Does she have a full-time job outside the house? I think not!
    It’s easy to keep house/ things spotless when you’re a stay at home mum!!!!

  184. Bet you she is on benefits

  185. Dooosstt

  186. I have same Cleaning OCD as this lady and I clean dust all day from my home and it takes so much of my lifes important time.

  187. But shiiiii- a 7 bedroomed home is expensive

  188. 9 kids, 7 bedroom house and a stay at home mum. That husband must be a millionaire.

  189. Lady, you’re welcome in my home anytime !!! ☺️

  190. I wish she can clean my home!

  191. A woman after my own heart!

  192. I want a wife like her so she can do all the cleaning.

  193. damn, and I thought us “Arabs” were the only one lmao!

  194. Que jodido. With 9 kids i can see why she’s cleaning so much.

  195. This lady is so blessed with a beautiful family. ❤

  196. thats great but maybe the choice should be spend more time with your children!!?? they are more important! a few germs wont hurt in fact it will help the immune system! i think help is out there………..

  197. Doost

  198. This made me realize how lazy I am

  199. Nine kids and she’s using one of the of the bedrooms for their clothes?

    It isn’t about whether to clean vs. not to clean. It’s about finding a balance and yes, some people clean too much just as some clean very little or not at all.

  200. Can she come to my house? 🤣

  201. How did she get time to produce so many if she spends so much time cleaning?
    Please come to my house i need help cleaning!😜😜😜😆😆😆

  202. Defiantly a keeper 😉

  203. That mom cleans a lot

  204. Is anybody watching this in 2020😀

  205. I agree with some of what you say lady.

  206. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  207. She’s got an ass like a peach and a cervix like a hula hoop!

  208. Hats off to her ! I am
    Sure her days aren’t easy . And I am jealous of her !!

  209. Well if shes not like this with 11 people in the house it would be like a bomb in there!

  210. Shout out to all the great mums whose house may not be perfect but they are loving and raising good people. That’s what really matters.

  211. whats so hard ? Most people go to work for 10 hour days for survival, food shelter , transportation , spoiled woman.. !.. If there is time left in the long day ,perhaps education and a social life is more important than fending away dust… Are the children in a military camp ?..Not saying they should not care for their own things but kids should be able to act like children for at least 10 years

  212. Nobody:
    Absolutely nobody :
    The mum :”doust”

  213. Omg you would be my blessing if I could get someone to help me in my home.

  214. I don’t like her attitude in regard to other people’s choices.

  215. Can I live with her?

  216. She states that everybody should keep their house that clean, she can’t understand why some people can’t. Well love, some people have to work outdoors for 8-10h day.

  217. I absolutely hate ‘dost’

  218. This is my life. I cant focus doing anything else important if my home is not clean

  219. Brilliant. This is a woman to be admired. Hats off to you !!!

  220. I expected more conservative hairstyles. One kid has a semi-mohawk. I guess his head will drop less hair which will make it less to clean. 😂😂

  221. You can clearly see the exhaustion in her eyes🤣🤣🤣

    1. And the fed up looks in her kids eyes especially the eldest. Nothing great about this level of control in family life.

  222. How do I get her to come to my house? Does she FaceTime? Can I at least have her Facebook info? 😂

  223. She would hate me sooo much

  224. BRAVO!! Please come to USA and shape up the lazy mothers here!!!

  225. My mum can barley clean the house in one day thoroughly despite the fact she had 4 kids, ones at university and ones shut away upstairs studying….how in the WORLD does she manage it!?

  226. Her house is Beautiful obviously she stays home all day..She does a great job with all her cleaning..As for Burgers has she thought of buying an indoor grill? There is No mess lingering smell…

  227. Relax Love, & have some fun, the house will still need cleaning after you are gone

  228. Reminds me of my mum🤗

  229. it’s not a case of not bothering to keep a house spotless – it’s good to be clean and tidy – but there are so many other fun things you could be doing – with your kids!! They are only young once . I’m sure they’d prefer to be spending time with their mum, doing stuff other than cleaning. She could clean for say 2 hours a day and spend the other 4 with them.

  230. Louise, please come to my home bc I hate how dirty it is yet no one but me sees jt

  231. Lol when shes not busy having kids shes cleaning! Lol

  232. 9 kids?? 9 kids? That’s a whole basketball team right there!

  233. Her house is clean and tidy but she neglects herself. Trash bag hair trash dress sense and scruffy looking

  234. Please please can you come to my house please please I will pay you

  235. I love her

  236. To me Death would be a blessing

  237. Girl bye!! Ain’t nobody got time for 6+ hours of cleaning. We all have a life😒

    1. True. She has issues.

  238. Even if I didnt have a job, and I could do this, I wouldn’t want to.

  239. If you dont have job and you dont spend any time with your kids…

  240. Guess there is always time to clean when you don’t have a job mam 🖕

  241. She is one passionate mother

  242. Spend that energy playing with your kids. My house is clean I down maybe 3 hours of it through out my day. I have 3 girls they will remember me playing not cleaning

  243. That poor woman has nothing better to do than clean all day long, I feel sorry for her, she has no life.

  244. Super woman,super Mother, Wonderful !God bless for you and and Family.

    1. being a clean freak does not make you a super mum, infact she spends less time with her kids because she is too busy cleaning

  245. The smirk of the kiddo in yellow when she smacked his lips bidding goodbye…

  246. I came from that lady who hasn’t wash her bedding for 100 years. This video somewhat cures my anxiety.

    1. Alice Chen same!

  247. D O O S T

  248. What she doesn’t realise people work and don’t have time 2 cleaning like this. There clean and over the top cleaning.

  249. What a lucky husband

  250. Is she a stay at home mum? If her hubby works to bring in the coins and she stays home of course she has all day to clean.

  251. Her kid kissed her at the end and his face read “this is the first time she’s kissed me in months”…

  252. Thats great u clean but shes over the top poor kids

  253. Bc not everyone is a housewife

  254. Thumps up for this superb mom

  255. She the reason why I can’t be lazy.Such a good inspire

  256. Why would anyone want 9 children they talked about global warming but yet we still keep breeding like rodents I don’t understand it we are the local says we destroy everything in our way

  257. She needs Serious PSYCHIATRICT HELP, or HAVE her OWN BUSINESS & make a FORTUNE !

    She is a SLAVE & family is LAZY ! But THAT IS Her FAULT! What about HUSBAND ? Glad this IS NOT ME !

  258. i need her to clean my room

  259. My house is always dirty cause my mom is a single mom

  260. She’s actually right

  261. 1:15
    Is that a Fricking JoJo reference

  262. Absolutely true

  263. she has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  264. She is amazing.

  265. There is an there is an excuse sister

  266. Does this lady know ashley is a girls name?

    1. @Daniel Vas so is the name sara a unisex name too? Exactly it’s not and neither is Ashley

  267. She needs to see a doctor, for Valium AND birth control.

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  269. My excuse for not cleaning- I’m watching this lady clean and say there is never an excuse to not have time to clean

  270. Grear job momy…… Everytime I am lazy i will look this video…. I have only one son… So when I watch her… I will get back on the spirit

  271. So sad shes missing out on her children

  272. This woman needs a reward for the woman of the year! Not Bruce Jenner a.k.a Caitlyn!

  273. If you watch the whole show, she has a day job….AS A CLEANER👍
    She is super woman 😳

  274. I like a clean home too! But.. I’m not wasting 6 hours a day doing it if rather spend time with my kids

  275. ” People can’t do the same” because people have a life, they have other priorities during the day then cleaning. I feel so bad for her. She misses a lot with her kids. She needs to control everything, what for?

  276. 1:17

  277. Life to short take the kids camping get some dirt on ya feel sorry for kids that’s not normal cleaning like that smoke some weed chill out

  278. *DOOST*

  279. I know an endless amount of women that could definitely learn from this little 2-minute video cuz some of these females out here with just one kid are disgusting slobs

  280. My excuse is their is 12 people in our family

  281. bruhhh the kid at 2:26 looked so embarrassed to kiss his mom in the lips 😂😂

  282. You are a clean freak too. I have a friend who only has 2 children and can’t manage to clean. A big shout to you from Robin in Blue Springs Missouri, USA

  283. Life is to short leave a dish, a dust bunny or two, and enjoy your family.

  284. Why can’t we do the same? Because we’re not Batshit crazy.

  285. I like Louise 10 000 times more, than 1 messie household.
    When we had been children, we had to make our bed ourself from the age we went to school.
    The jackets hat their place at the wardrobe, the shoes into the cabin, and then washing the hands before lunch. A good job of our Mum!! And nobody of us needs nowadays a psycologist!!!
    You do so well, Louise!!!!!

  286. More Power & resoect to her/ hope she teaches her 9 children love and honestly and how to relax from time to time, while being responsible and caring.

  287. I feel bad about myself right now 😂

  288. N i n e kids!!! No wonder shes insane

  289. first of all bet she had no racism in having 9 kids and got treated good during labour some ethnic women go through hell they literally have to give birth sitting on a chair so not surprised they hardly can clean they suffer from health problems after some of them end up dead giving birth due to simple errors unlike this lady who gets treated so well, given a lovely 7 bed house unless its bought but the system aint nice to you if yoir ethnic and you got 2 or more kids they leave you no time to sit all day and clean your to busy fighting off all kinds of set ups and problems with racism. sad really the world doesn’t want to progress in a postive direction and shame we still face covert racism uptill now!. and presto my comment is highlighted hooray

  290. An amazing woman 😘

  291. Good for her

  292. I’m sure this mom will raise some adults who will hate cleanliness.

  293. I need to marry this girl ASAP. She can polish my knob anytime.

  294. There’s no way she can have 9 kids, a husband, cleaning and also be spending quality time with her family. If she’s “cleaning” she doesn’t have as much guilt. It’s a cop out. My mom use to do the same thing. She was a workaholic so she never had to be home.

  295. JESUS 7 bedrooms BALL SHIT did you see the size of the house at 0:40

  296. Society disgusts me. She is working her ass off and people are basically complaining that she is not doing enough while no one has any criticisms for the father who is doing zero cleaning and probably zero childcare. People wrongly attribute paternal absence to women who opt to be single mothers when married fathers inflict their absence willingly all the time. Men don’t want to do a goddam thing yet they want everything to be done. Women should be wary of men who have mothers like this on the dating and marriage scene. Take a look at how laze the mans father was. Do your best to stay away from men who have lazy irresponsible fathers. The sons of these men will expect to be able to be equally lazy and uninvolved.

  297. how can she has 9 children when she is still cleaning something?

  298. Boring life for me.

  299. She’s doing a amazing job, I 100% support this.

  300. “Dost.”
    The wardrobe is like a clothes shop. Lol
    At least the kids are well behaved and civilised

  301. *She absolutely hates dost*

  302. I’m like her…

  303. Im the same way its bothers me if something gets dirty

  304. bruh what if you have a full time job with a lot of kids…is there still no excuse lmfao

  305. I suspect in 20 years she will look back and wish That she had spent more time playing in the backyard, cuddling on the sofa reading story books and going to the park than scrubbing things with a tooth brush.

  306. 2:13

    When I saw her packing those bleaches and dish cleaning stuff, i laughed too hard xd

    1. 😂😂

  307. Her accent though 😂

  308. Welcome to clean my house 😁

  309. How about taking care of your kids ma’am

  310. I think she should clean Plas Teg, like or comment if u agree 😯

  311. Dost

  312. I’d just make the kids clean for some candy until they lose their self esteem

  313. She can come clean my house please

  314. I’m Swedish. How does she dust? Doouusstt!?

  315. she needs to go to cornelia’s house, the old lady who never cleans

  316. I like this,,good job housewife 👍

  317. Will you come be my houseguest…. for a month??? You are a walking miracle!! A woman THIS organized and motivated to clean, organize, and keep everything in order…. amazing! Now as to why you can’t understand why other women aren’t this way… well come study me up close and personal…while you make up for my personality defect… I do not care… no shame here… I would welcome your visit. Only one tho. Just make it all beautiful and organized and dust free… I will laud your amazingness and you go back to your brood and I reunite with mine who will be so happy that you brought this marvelous order to our lives!!! whatcha think?

  318. Women in Italy clean 24 hours weekly. Women in USA 4 hours weekly maximum.

  319. I know cleaning is very important. You get to value order, health, Godliness, and it’s a great exercise! But 6 hrs? To me, it’s a waste of time doing it on your own when you can delegate or even hire someone.

  320. Omg I love this woman, she is right the is no excuse even with a big family, but I wonder how she finds time for her kids… I like to clean too and I have 2 kids only but it’s really really hard to keep everything clean and organized all the time

  321. She can clean my place

  322. It’s called a full time job like my mom has 9am till midnight

  323. I don’t understand how she can’t see that people who actually have jobs don’t have the time to clean for 6 hours a day???

  324. No time fr Yr kids missing out on der childhood

  325. Cause not everyone love cleaning and has the energy to get rid of doost😂

  326. Well most moms don’t have 8 Ritalin prescriptions that they can bowgart

  327. Its not hard because you are a pig in shit cleaning.

  328. She’s only 33, and has nine beautiful children. By the time they are grown, she will have calmed down that OCD. I used to be just like her. Nothing would keep me from my house being spotless. For me, it took personal events to happen, to make me say that a little dust is OK, when it comes to spending some time with an ill or dying friend or family member. Keeping your house spotless won’t be so important later on in life. As long as you don’t let things get filthy, and keep things picked up, life will go on, don’t miss out on important things.

  329. My mother

  330. So, mum cleans all the time. When does she interact with her children?

    1. @Eureka Hope you are absolutely right. There has to be a balance between keeping the house clean, and spending time with your children. If you involve your kids in your daily duties, it teaches them responsibility, while interacting with them. Well done.

    2. Patricia Grayson While I agree 6 hours is overboard and I do the majority of my cleaning after my kids are in bed, a person can clean and interact/teach simultaneously. My two year old follows me around, “helping” me with laundry and tidying. I show my older children how to clean by doing it with them. It inspires conversations from mundane to social and even scientific and economic (properties of water, acids/bases, how soap works, why wash certain stains at different temperatures, how to determine best dish placement in the dishwasher, efficient use of supplies, how to make some cleaners). Just as my mom did, sometimes we sing or recite poems/rhymes. It may not be the most focused time, but you can certainly interact with your children while cleaning.

  331. She must not have a day job..

  332. the fuck

  333. Come house sit for me.

  334. Adderall is a hell of a drug

  335. Wish she could help me around my house

  336. She needs a hobby

  337. “what’s so hard??”

    surprisingly enough, some people have jobs.

    1. Clean that shot before u go

    2. @Alpha Cake why u calling me a simp? u mad at life?

    3. Aaron Birook ok simp

    4. @Alpha Cake she chose to have those kids.

    5. I have a job and manage to keep a tidy home. It really is not that hard.

  338. Ya I work 45 hours a week and workout everyday, I dont have energy to do it thats my excuse not to clean lol.

  339. Daawst

  340. Deam!!!!

  341. Her house is spotless and beautiful

  342. My house is 50 years old you can clean and clean but dust will take even you

  343. Please have somebody do this for my family. We’re very unorganized it’s not much work but my dad keeps so many items from stores not used. Contact my channel if anybody will do it filming is approved 😂

  344. Too bad the decor is extremely ugly

  345. I hate cleaning

  346. 😣

  347. 2:28 his face 😂😂😂

  348. The oldest kid seems so pissed off

  349. Changing one of the bedrooms into a walk-in wardrobe is GENIUS. I may steal that idea!

  350. I understand having a clean house and mine isn’t perfect but I would rather my kids having memories of me playing with them than only cleaning. How sad for them

  351. Love it

  352. Them eye bags though

  353. She is a hero.

  354. Can she come to my house and move in?

  355. This woman is my hero…however she should take two days off a week from clesning and dedicate them to her kids. But her clean home is extreamellyyyyy satisfying

  356. She’d be a good maid

  357. She’s over populating the country and learn about depression ya dumb blond

  358. And those a 6 hours could be spent spending time with your children

  359. She’s very lucky. This is what mother’s SHOULD be able to do. I wonder what kind of job her husband has, to be able to provide for her and all of the kids, and such a nice house as well.

  360. If she has 9 children and manages to keep her house tidy then anybody with a job can do the same. I’d say raising 9 children is a full time job, she’s got at least one of them at home 24/7 so y’all saying ‘I have a job, I can’t keep my house spotless’ 🙄

  361. I work 40 hours a week and have a long time boyfriend that’s a slob. It’s like having another child. I do my cleaning on my days off only and I straighten up the house every day. I have OCD with things being in it’s place and I can always tell if someone shift it just a tad bit. I admire her keeping her house clean but what time does she have to enjoy it with her kids?

  362. I love this woman. She’s great!

  363. I wish she was my wife

  364. Doost

  365. Bet she don’t clean out her earwax and boogers.

  366. Great house. Great housewife.

  367. She has a system and a routine and the family follows the rules. These seem like very well behaved, well cared for children. It’s called self respect and responsibility. If they learn it, they practice it. She runs a tight ship and good for her!

  368. If I had nine children I would clean the house twenty-four hours a day

  369. She has the hardest but most rewarding job in the world

  370. Who is here because of Instagram 😂

  371. This girl gon have the nerve to ask “ I keep my house clean all the time so why can’t other people do the same?” Maybe because not everybody has a lot of free time on their hands and it looks to me like you don’t have a job. Ik 14 year olds that have jobs and still go to school, not everybody has free time on their hands like she does, not arguing just saying

  372. I love this lady can you live with me I need someone to clean lol

  373. I used to be like her until I got into programming. Once u r used to spotlessly clean nd organised places , u can’t cope in less perfect places. U feel the queasiness in ur soul.

  374. Superwoman

  375. Gosh people are judgemental. If she had 9 kids and was living in filth you lot could really have a field day. I’m sure there are many people who do other things for 6 hours a day and their kids seem fine. Lots of people are forced to work and leave their children with strangers for long hours every day . She is there, at home, I doubt she just carries on cleaning if her children need her.

  376. OMG

  377. Honestly good for her. I have a big house and I’m a stay at home to a 18 month old toddler and 2 big dogs. I’m constantly cleaning because I’m a neat freak too!! But this women… wow! Good for her!!! I applaud her 😂

  378. She would have a heart attack if she came over to my house

  379. Id rather her than hoarders anyday 🤷🏽‍♀️

  380. Every woman is capable of being a ……..”mother”.

  381. After all it is understandable , if she lets go , a house of 11 persons could easily go dirty , i just hope she does not get sick , maybe they should hire a cleaner 🤲❤❤

  382. Ce clean m house


  384. At Least She’s *Responsible* For Her Kids and Her Children.

  385. I love her 👍💐

  386. Please help me out 🙋🏽‍♀️

  387. I see nothing wrong with this 🤷🏽‍♀️

  388. How the heck does she afford such a huge nice house on 1 income??

  389. 33 year old and 9 children?? Wow

  390. because you ain’t working luv

    because some families have single parents luv

    because some people can’t spend all of their income on cleaning products luv

    ignorant x

  391. Do you work ma’am 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 I’m all for bragging about having 9 kids and keeping clean house, but many of us work full time.

  392. I miss ironing cause my board is doubling as a medicine tray/ folded towels, stuff that should be somewhere else…hmmm wonder where the iron is….

  393. She gives off crackhead energy carrying around her purse the whole time.

  394. Does she have a full time job? Send her to work 8 hours a day then try cleaning 6 hours as well as sorting uniforms, homework, meals, packed lunches, showers…. idiot. Not everyone has 6 hours spare to clean their house every day unless u dont sleep!

  395. _dOoSt_

  396. How can anyone afford to live on a single income with nine kids

    1. If one the husband or wife makes enough money, of course.

  397. My friends have 10 kids beat that

  398. Try working 40hrs and more a week and then keep your house spotless whilst being a single parent. If I were a stay-at-home parent with nothing better to do, then yes, there’d be no excuse and keeping a house clean is easy. Lol.

    1. @Miss McIntosh your job is your choice also ,her kids will serve society,it’s a very responsible job being a mother and it’s NOT PAID

    2. @Србомбоница having 9 kids was her own choice. Imagine if she had to earn her own money on top of that.

    3. 9 children are enough work

  399. DOOST

  400. Wtf 9 kids ???

  401. Does she do activities,play,go to sport events or is everything clean,clean clean

  402. If she is happy doing this than good for her. Is better than being extra dirty.

  403. ‘what’s so hard?’
    erm depression, illness, disability, difficulties, family issues, money problems, anxiety, exhaustion, ion deficiency etc
    so yeah that’s why it’s so hard.

    1. @Blessed Harkeyptyof4 I agree with you. At last someone with common sense

    2. ZaĆaću Svoga just because you can deal with it, doesn’t mean others can.

    3. I have all of the above and my house is still spotless! 🙋🏼‍♀️

    4. Excuses

    5. He do be spicy Doe different people deal with things in different ways, just because you can still wake up in the morning and clean the house, doesn’t mean others can.

  404. Well my parents and my siblings actually like doing life so our house is normally a pigsty we are usually not home anyway

  405. Poppy is adorable

  406. Serious control issues here

  407. It’s like a Military base when the kids were marching upstairs

  408. Why is British accent so annoying?

  409. I am a clean person but thats just crazy…. there is no way she is in a full time employment …. l am more impressed that she has 9 children!!!… if she clean 6 hours a day … and never have a off day cleaning… when do they enjoy family time? I hate dust but l cant clean everyday when l am out of the house 10 +

    1. @guess my name if you find annoying people’ s grammar thats sad ( althought l don’t actually understand what are you talking about ) …

    2. What I find annoying is people who haven’t figured out that you need only one period after a sentence.

  410. Where the hell does the money come from.

  411. She is an inspiration. Although I cannot be exactly like her, I can at least try to be a little like her. 😂

  412. This woman is a champ!💪

  413. I really admire this woman. She has got to be exhausted at the end of the day. I would definitely hire her to clean my house!!

  414. Bad health. It’d still clean, but not showroom ready. Until your world crashes down because of an injury, or bad health, you can’t possibly understand.

  415. Absolutely immaculate, lovely lady

  416. I like my home to be like a home not a museum…

  417. Such s strong woman.. strength to you.. I hope to be like you but unable to manage with work, going to office 4 hrs a day ..with fussy kid ..yea just one kid.

  418. I choose to SPEND MOST MY TIME WITH MY KIDS😒😒 clean when their at school or kindy fucken idiot wonder how she acts if somethings out of place 9kids and no mummy time cause she’s ALWAYS CLEANING her own child’s words smh

  419. This woman is a legend for her ability to maintain an immaculate home —the benefits of which allows her to manage all family members in an orderly and composed manner. Not only this, she has a firm grip on order and discipline with her children… AND most importantly she praises her children for abiding by the rules. Consequently her children are very well behaved, happy, and LOVED. The way in which this beautiful lady runs the domestic affairs of her family and home allows her to spend more pleasant and quality time with each member of the family, inspires a content husband and I guess the ultimate result is great sex!

  420. While she’s cleaning who is raising the kids?

    1. Oh, for crying out loud. How dumb.

  421. Ok but she’s probably not spending quality time with the kids. My nieces and nephews came over to mine for a week, their mum has OCD. The kids told me they wished their mum was more like me, how I asked, they replied they wished she was more fun, she’d listen, she’d read to them, play family games. I couldn’t help but think how she’s ruining her relationship with her kids because she’s obsessed with keeping the house clean. It’s so crucial to treasure the early years because before you know it they’ve shot up and too big to play.

    1. @Miss Haya How do you know she isn’t spending quality time with her kids? Other than what’s in the video you don’t know anything about her and neither do I.

    2. guess my name how do I know what?

    3. How do you know? You don’t live there.

  422. my kind

  423. If I didn’t have to work, my house would also be spotless.

  424. For people who say she’s missing “fun” with her kids… she clearly cleaning while they are at school. For some people, they can’t relax or have fun in a dysfunctional mess.

  425. I love this women. The entire room for kids clothes is GENIUS!

  426. What happens when her beautiful children are gone ?????????

  427. I think you need to get on with living your life add some fun fun

  428. hmmmm same times we all need to rest it dose not mean that if you have 9 kids you have to be doing all the house couse all the time

  429. i can’t tell if i do the same things as her or i’m in denial and i think my cleanliness is normal 😑

  430. A maid would be more smarter than cleaning a fort by yourself 🤔

  431. What’s so hard? She asks
    Ummmmmm some moms may have to work there but if because they don’t have a hubby who can work and earn money

  432. She’s litterly my mom my mom is ALWAYS cleaning like 24/7 all day

  433. What an awesome mother. I only had 2 children and I hated cleaning but had to do it. If you keep up with it then it’s easy to do.

  434. No loove, ya don’t joost clean, you got 9 kids, I know something else you do

  435. She’s goona have nightmare if she entered my room😂

  436. So is no one gonna talk about how they have 9 KIDS!!! Like 9?!?! Is that okay?

  437. She’s always welcome to pay a visit at my home… Even stay for a few days 😋

  438. We can not do it because we are normal human.

  439. Wait 9 kids and she never cooks?

  440. Having nine kids seems like a weird thing to do when you’re obsessed with cleaning…

  441. Look it’s Alicia Silverstone!

  442. Having a job, needing actual sleep… duh.

  443. Imagine being a teenager and she goes into your room to clean! I feel like she is the type of Mom to just completely invade your privacy.

  444. i actually like her 🤣

  445. Legend has it,when she died she still tried to clean heaven

  446. Doost
    It’s not hard to pronounce the ‘U’

  447. She ligit has a store in her house

  448. Whats the point in keeping a shit-looking house clean?

  449. Don’t miss 2:27

  450. I need that rug

  451. I bet the kids grow up an have messy houses

  452. Turning one room into a giant organized closet is freaking genius. I only have 1 child and laundry can get out of hand quickly, I couldn’t imagine having 9 of them 😱

  453. i am notso sure that all 9 of her kids are biologically hers.

  454. Atleast she has money tho the others don’t even have money with only one kid😂😂

  455. whats with the bag full of cleaning stuff? and going outside the house with it? is she gonna clean their neighbors house?😂

  456. I hate dos

  457. That a real woman… mom has 8 kids hous was sparkling clean good job…European woman’s cleaner than Americans that true….

  458. If I didn’t have to work a full time job I’m sure I would keep my place a little nicer too.

  459. God allways bless you wonderful soul👌☺👍🥇

  460. If I didn’t have a life then sure, why not clean all day?

  461. With all that cleaning I don’t think she has time to rise children or go to work…

  462. She should have a show about cleaning. She’s probably got some interesting hacks.

  463. Hummmm…can I hire you please😫, I’ve got 2 kids!!!!!

  464. oh my god them lot went to my primary they have an older sister called Chelsea aswell so she actually has 10 kids

    1. The poor kids don’t look happy living like that.

  465. I get it, I really do! But once my kids got bigger my one regret was that I spent too much time cleaning and not enough time playing.

  466. Help me please don’t let me be sad

  467. Other people can’t do what she does because they ACTUALLY HAVE LIVES!! She’s a nutjob and her kids will grow up with mental health problems. Or diseases from all the chemicals she’s using!

  468. I have a toddler and a newborn and I clean my 2 bedroom apartment a lot. If I had a house this big with that many children, I could see me being kind of like this lady lol… if ur a house wife u should have a clean house. I spend at least 30-60 minutes cleaning each day and then once a week I spend a few hours doing deeper cleaning like the floors and cupboards and magic eraser the tub and sinks. I have had friends who were always house wives and their places were jank… I also take my children out to go play and read to them and feed them whole foods. I think people either have time management problems or they think there should be time for them to watch tv for hours at a time. It’s like a job, you should only be taking a 30 minute break in 8 hours… then my boyfriend comes home and watches the babies and I cook dinner and if you clean as you cook and just put dishes into the washer instead of the sink (if u have a washer) then it can be clean before you eat! I’m not ad obsessive as this lady I only dust once a week but there is nothing out of place every day before I go to sleep or before my boyfriend comes home…

  469. Does mom cook?

  470. Id rather have her as a mom than a slob

  471. I absolutely hate dOOst 😂😂

  472. There is no way she has time for all those kids if she’s constantly cleaning all the time

  473. I have a job, hobbies, and a life hahaha

  474. It’s nice to go home to a clean house at the end of the day.

  475. She really had 9 kids.

  476. Being clean is necessary, but this isn’t realistic..6 hours?? She must have inner issues she’s not dealing with so she obsessively cleans 🤷‍♀️


  478. at least she’s keeping clean

  479. Does she spend time with her children ,play with them? I think not

  480. Love your work and you don’t have work a day😂😅

  481. I’m a tidy person, generations of women in my family were too. So I appreciate this women. Most you working women looking down on her. Cleaning and taking care of 9 kids is her job

  482. She’s very focused on her home. Good for her

  483. I challenge her to come and clean my house.

  484. 9 kids and 7 of their names end in “ey” (phonetically “ee”)

    But you leave 2 to randomly not be in the pattern

    Interesting. I guess after kid 2 and 3, you cant really go back lol

  485. Wow.. she’s my hero..

  486. Lol. I like her. She’s right. No excuse. You just have to set house rules and practices with the children and the reasons why its done that way. This way she doesn’t get overwhelmed by lingering messes and housework and the home is hygienic and healthy.

  487. Can u plz come to my house in TX ? Plz clean it for me 😂

    God ! Just realized i need to clean the kitchen, do dishes and vacuum 😰

  488. I’m not a mom but I am an aunt of two nieces, I babysat them for a whole week while my sister was gone. One is 6 and the other is 1, I cleaned the house, was kept neat whole time. It’s a lot of work, taking care of two plus cleaning and cooking. My food kept burning because the 1 year old just wanted to be carried😂 tbh I’m glad I went through this once again, but with two nieces now.

  489. this inspired me tp clean my house better

  490. This woman is both sad and judgemental whilst feeling superior

  491. I love to clean and I don’t think it is obsessive. I like a clean house.

  492. I think she is doing a great job. Nine kids and still the house is clean and tidy. Just one thing: Did he say that she spends six hours cleaning per day? Eeeh…Perhaps she should lower her standard a few notches…..

  493. This is my Middle Eastern mom

  494. And who says being a housewife is an easy job

  495. Because we actually work during the day

  496. “come on nine kids!”
    like who says that

  497. She should be sent to India

  498. I mean, I wish my mom cleaned like this. Then I wouldn’t have to clean my room

  499. Me : world needs population control
    She: say no more

  500. My mother had nine children and my father was at war. Our home was order and very clean. Neighbors would frequently say the they could eat off our flours. We wax the flours on our knees and were done once a week and sheet changed 2-3 times a week depending upon the time of year. My mother also practically home schooled us teaching how to read, critical thinking, history, current events, and mathematics which she was very good at. Btw, she also occasionally worked. I don’t know how she did it.

    This is nothing knew in the time in which I grew up. But, it seems a bit strange giving the fact that women are working and primarily rising childre while keep a home for their man who is freaking lazy and expect to be mothered by their wives.

    1. 1969Vanessa G they didn’t have the internet 😂🤷‍♀️

  501. Damn they got money

  502. I keep my house clean and still don’t spend 6 hours a day cleaning, your windows don’t become dirty every 24hrs lol. I thought I was bad for doing things like glass once a week 😂🙃

  503. It can be therapeutic, I mean having 9 children, my God! Cleaning can feel like mental cleansing; a lot of people do it actually when they feel stuck in a rut, as it offers, relatively fast, a sense of achievement. It’s an easy way to vent out frustration and forget what her life has become.

  504. I have only one child still I can’t clean like this everyday


  506. So… when are you dropping by lady?

  507. What an incredibly boring women. 9 kids too, what a freak. If her husband left, she would be in shit street. She’d have to move to a smaller property, live on benefits. No money for clothes and cleaning products. Then she would have to WORK. The cleaning would soon stop. What a fucking slapper.

  508. I’m sorry but that’s not life 🙊
    Poor kiddos

  509. Well. I’m not gonna lie— she made me feel both guilty and inspired at the same time

  510. Wow must be nice not having a job while the hubby gets all the money for you . What else is there to do all day but clean, hmm?

  511. Bravo 👏 I have five kids smaller house and I can’t do what ya do

  512. A house is meant to be cleaned but a home is meant to be lived in …. The only one that looked happy with the clean house was her

  513. I grew up in a household like this and it’s stressing because you cannot play. I guarantee this woman is missing precious time to be with her husband and kids in order to keep this everything under control. it’s not only that 6+ hours she spends in cleaning every corner, but it’s also that remain g 18 hours she makes everybody miserable to KEEP IT neat.

  514. She needs psychological help.

  515. Always better to be clean rather than nasty. Work or no work. Kids or no kids.

  516. I agree on the burger thing. I mean the fat is disgusting

  517. There’s more to life than cleaning. Like spend some time with your kids.

  518. Well done!

  519. First of all, why so many kids

  520. Woooww. She should be appreciated for this.

  521. I think this is great! I know someone right now got one kid and her house look like a garbage field

  522. im 9 to 5 working mom with the business on the side i only clean over weekends. and sunday its church. with 2 boys

  523. She can’t cook!

  524. This is actually a bit sad because the show is making light of someone’s mental illness. What we don’t see is the distress OCD can cause someone if they want to stop but can’t, the effect that nonstop cleaning will have on the relationship with her kids and distress she has from any other disorders associated with OCD. If this was any other form of OCD (obsessive face washing, turning on and off lights, rituals around driving), it’d be much more obvious that this show is in bad taste. :/

  525. Other people can’t do the same because they spend time with their kids omg you’re nuts and raising 9 more nut bags

  526. I wonder how many of her kids will be in rehab and juvenile detention in the next few years while she’s dusting the ceiling fan.

  527. Keeps the house spotless but can’t use birth control ?

  528. Come to my house 😄

  529. I wonder how she greets her husband?
    “Hi hunny”? Or “Take your fucking shoes off”! ? 😂

  530. Kudos mammy!

  531. “Even with a big family there’s no excuse”

    I mean, having a job is a good excuse to not clean all day every day.

    1. @Leslie Sanchez I clean but not to that extreme lol

    2. @Hi There yeah you can clean and work but she is over the top

    3. @Cynthia Smith ok but she stays home full time.

    4. @Princess 4K Exactly. I know the feeling. These stay at home moms think life is so hard. I’m a single mom and work 70+ hours per week, then have to find time to do laundry and dishes in between that.

      That sounds like my boyfriend’s mom she doesn’t cook to not dirty the stove 🤦🏻‍♀️ my boyfriend in the other hand is the opposite but it sounds like your mother in law has a good routine going on.

  532. I hope it doesn’t affect her kids. You can’t say anything about how they are feeling now but once they become teenager, that’s when things start getting out of hand

  533. My stepdaughter has 7 kiddies & her house is a shit hole cause she’s bloody lazy

  534. Honestly her comment about not understanding why others can’t keep their house clean i feel is quite ignorant. On her behalf. Someone might be depressed, disabled, elderly or anything. And some people just work very long shifts or multiple jobs. It could literally be anything. It’s not an excuse it’s just factors of your life you can’t help. Btw my house is spotless cos I am fortunate!

  535. Yahoo sounds like a real dreary life hope you know what fun is

  536. She is really lacking

  537. My mother used to be like that she was depress and was cleaning to fill the emptiness and frustration
    In her life ! She was attached to her furniture and everything in the house and be control person that forgot to give love and spend a quality time she was worry that we are going to mess her house we were 5 and he don’t have memories of quality times.

  538. Honestly her Husband is probably very happy 😭

  539. 😳

  540. Me with my 3 young kids at home-
    Wow, I am really a mess.

  541. She has the same red flower dish as my mum’s

  542. I homeschooled four children, cleaned about like this woman, and we still had plenty of time for building happy memories.

    1. Donna Foster I’m sure you children just loved your obsessiveness, constant chores and lack of social variety.

  543. She’s a total control freak.I pity her family

  544. She should just leave her clean house and take all those kids to the park and play and have some special time with her kids instead.

  545. I LOVE a spotless house, but how do you work a full time job, and keep a spotless house all the time lol!?

  546. Shes my hero

    1. Carolyn Nigro She’s a control freak.

  547. She couldn’t be cleaning all the time she clocked out to make 9 BABIES .She is good at that as well. 🎖

  548. Nuts

  549. That last kid bolted like he knew he was free.

    1. Yes !!!!!!!!

  550. Clearly cleaning isn’t the only thing that needs to be done all day everyday. Too many kids!!!!

    1. I was looking for this comment… Too Many in this sick world

    2. Betty Cooper ugh I can’t stand that kind of “parent”.

    3. So should she kill a few, what’s your point?

    4. Oh, i think that was just an amusing comment!😂😂

    5. Madame Coquette who are you to say she has too many kids she keeps are house lovely her kids are well kept and seem to be polite and raised properly. There are people ( probably like yourself) that can’t even look after one kid. Mind your own business.

  551. When do they ever have any fun together? They are old enough to do some of that work too.

    1. She’s too much of a perfectionist to allow the kids to help!! Really sad!

  552. When you have 9 kids in the house, this is what she supposed to be doing as long as she doesnt be physically or mentally abusive to her kids because of her obsession. I think it is okay.

    1. There’s no way you live in a household with someone like that and don’t end up incredibly stressed about the possibility of making even the tiniest mess. I bet they walk on eggshells at home worried about this.

    2. Being emotionally absent can also hurt kids. I only know because that’s what happened to me growing up. It’s such a short clip that we really don’t know what type of relationship she has with her kids but having that much anxiety around disorganization will really make it harder for her to be an emotionally present parent.

    3. Lady Orana Those kids are terrified of making the slightest mess. She’s a control freak.

  553. I wish I was OCD.

  554. Won’t cook burgers???

  555. 0:35 One of her kids names is literally Puppy

    1. Tom MOORE Poppy dipshit.

  556. My dad is like this. Its almost like a hobby and growing up with it i have to forcefully keep it up to his standard of cleanliness and ive done it for so long now ive become like this. I hate it but theres almost a nagging fear that if i dont then dirt and mess will pile up and get out of control in a day. I have to sometimes force myself to not clean soemthing up just as quickly as i use it. The fear began with dad getting pissed coz its not clean to his standard and now its become a part of me. I soemtimes force myself to get dirty so i can kick this habbit. Its highly psychological and hoenstly a nightmare to live with. I dont cook coz the clean up is going to be a task so i just try and be as neat as possible to eliminate any chance of creating a mess wherever possible. Its highly restructive and suffocating.

  557. Bradley looks depressed whenever he’s on camera 😂

  558. Where’s the full episode

  559. I got tons of excuses lady!!!
    Lol no but seriously due to chronic health issues (that I’m trying to make better) I sometimes feel like a total failure (kind of am) when I make a plan to clean and don’t execute it. But I’ve been getting better, if only my family would stop being…. messy

  560. We can’t do the same because we’re working! Duh! 😂😂

  561. “All though not OCD diagnosed ” well you just got diagnosed by me

  562. 9 KIDS!!!

  563. You should clean cornilia’s house?!🤷🏻‍♀️😶

  564. Strike me from the heavens , but why is it mostly people from the U.K or either the U.S.A with the weirdest people on tv xD

  565. I venture most people choose not to do it because most people choose to have a life rather than regiment of hard labor.
    BTW what do you think the kids are going to remember about Mom in their later years.
    My guess it not be pleasant memories . My parents where similar to the Mom, so do speak from some experience.

  566. She’s got the experience to whip any house into shape. Mine next, please?

  567. Sounds like me you are absolutely right!

  568. I’ve read somewhere: “My house is clean enough to be hygienic and dirty enough to be happy”. That, to me, is the right balance but each to their own.

  569. Everyone criticizing this woman is simply trying to find an excuse for his /her dirty house ! I am a dentist , I have three kids , a huge house and a cleaning lady who comes upon my request to clean the house , let’s say once a week . All other days , I clean my house and it is spotless as well ! Spotless and every single thing is in its own place , no mess whatsoever so I also wonder why can’t people do the same and how do people end up with messy dirty houses !!! No excuse folks , if you live in a messy/dirty house, it’s because you are a messy /dirty person, PERIOD !

    1. Code Name you sound like one of those people I was just talking about ! Thanks for proving my point ! So, Not having A cleaning lady who comes ONCE per week and upon my request ( because many weeks I don’t even call her to come ) is your excuse … dirty / messy person PERIOD ! At least aknowledge it and stop the hypocrisy … not everyone is clean and neat but don’t attack those who are , because whether you like it or not , « clean «  and « neat « is the right thing in the 21st century .

    2. Ocean Wild you have a cleaning lady… you don’t get to judge those who do not. Spotless is not the same a clean and “every single thing in its own place”sounds like your house is just a boatload of fun.

  570. Remind me the suspicious housewife

  571. I’m more amazed that she has 9 children!! None of people I know has kids more than 4. Even that verrrrrry rare 😳😳

  572. I just love her perfection and cleanliness.

  573. Nothing wrong with her.people are dirty that’s how she’s seen as clean freak.

    1. People have actual job. She is cleaning all the time and she seems like a control freak. I hope she is spending enough time with her kids instead of cleaning.

  574. Yeah but does she work? I’d have no excuse either if I could stay at home.

  575. Clean my house pls😁

  576. Because most people don’t want to be like this. I sure don’t .

  577. Super woman! 1 of 8 myself and no mom went cray cray! Lol Good job and wow I’m impressed!

  578. She can come clean at mines…

  579. I like the room as the kids wardrobe when have that many kids. I’m actually a little inspired by this woman actually 😂

    1. I would consider the same if I had a large family. Putting away clothes and pulling out clothes for the next day would be a breeze because it is all in 1 place. I would think finding the right size of clothing would just be 2 shirts to the right of the one you were just about to pull out when a child outgrows a size.

    2. me too

  580. To keep surroundings clean isn’t any obsession or hobby its a life style. I respect people who keep themselves and their surroundings clean. On a larger scale..Unfortunately world is becoming dirtier because of dirty people

  581. She could cut down the cleaning by 2/3 and still have a tidy house. And gain precious time for actual living. I believe in a healthy balance. I wonder if she’s genuinely in love with cleaning or it’s a mental disorder?

  582. Honestly I don’t see anything wrong with her she’s just a clean freak I rather be a clean freak than a pig

  583. Wrote a book I’ll buy it!

  584. Where does she get all that energy.

  585. I’m sorry but the eldest son looks so sad

  586. Try adding a full time job. Than come and talk

  587. Nain of lots of sticky fingars at my wyndou

  588. If it has to be like this then ocd isnt that bad at all. Lol

  589. Lmao 😂 I have 8 siblings and they make mess every single second and being the oldest I would have to clean it. And my mum too

  590. Soooo a military camp? 😂 poor kids probably want some attention and time with their mum and wanna he kids around the house, can’t relax

  591. Has she heard of depression

  592. OCD …She is undiagnosed…I just diagnosed her.😉Lol.

  593. She knows with nine kids she can’t loose control of the house

  594. She can only keep up bcz her husband pays everything. If she had to work she would not be able to do all the cleaning herself.

    1. Having and raising a family with 9 kids IS work in my experience harder than any damn job, out there, just because she ain’t getting paid at the end of the month for her work.

  595. If I had nine kids my house would be spotless too cuz Ill put all nine of them to work.

    1. Hahahhaha

    2. Yes

    3. 🎯🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Lol Amen

    5. 🤣😂😂😂😂

  596. Kids probably aren’t allowed to touch anything and feel like they are disgusting because of how she reacts to their stuff. They are going to end up with anxiety disorders

  597. I coast sign CLEANING! There’s nothing like a CLEAN ENVIROMENT, especially when your MONIES IS LOW! CLEAN HOUSE KEEPS ORDER!

    1. @Kiersten J Thank you my bad.

    2. Cosign*

  598. I’d love to be like her.

  599. There could be no fun or joy in that house. Plus the kids will grow up without knowing how to look after themselves if mum does everything, won’t even let them near their own clothes. Our houses are not meant to be more important than our children. Kids first, dust second, and get them involved too.

  600. If u do some housework every day , it doesnt add up and get out of control some people dont do anything for weeks and end up in a pig sty.

  601. “I just can’t understand why other people can’t do the same?”

    Probably because they have a life

    1. @TryingMyBest not only women. That’s not what we’re made for. Of course I’m not saying leave your kids to do what they want. But the men should be able to do what the women do. They aren’t special

    2. @Lisa Filimon you have to find balance between managing the home and being a mother

    3. Even if she is a stay at home mom, which is great, she doesn’t have to clean for 6 hours. She’s wasting precious time with her kids and family because she cleans 6 hours a day. Live a little.

    4. A woman’s life should be her home and family

  602. This woman is my hero.

  603. This is inspiring 😂

  604. Well done her. A large house and 9 children to keep in order is no easy task. She’s could be a staff sergeant.

  605. I’m so tired watching her clean , I’m going to sleep now

  606. ♥️

  607. I have 4 kids & when they were little the house was usually messy. I worked & went to school & in between spent as much time with my children creating fun memories. I wonder if this mom is working or getting an education while holding down her household without the help of a maid, if so then kudos to her. It seems unfair for her to question why other people can’t do the same as her. In fact it’s a little judgemental!

  608. doost* lol

  609. What a good mum no excuse at all!

  610. She’s Amazing woman and wonderful mother. Trophy for her. I have 5 boys, my house is a mess! Thank you for sharing the video

  611. I can tell you why because you clean and there is nothing wrong with keeping it clean . This is the problem she is cleaning so much she is going to miss all the fun stuff you can do and she is going to look up her kids are going to be grown and she would have missed it . Then there will be know one to clean up after and her children will have no time for her.😔

  612. Those kids look like the Von Trapp kids before Maria!!!LOLOL

  613. Lucky she has that nice house to clean.

  614. I wish my kids were like hers. My daughter don’t even know how to close a drawer 🤣🤣

  615. I like this lady

  616. This is exactly what my mom wants me to be…….

  617. I feel bad for this woman she seems really oppressed.

    1. Women are not oppressed these days.
      They’re just crippled with entitlement

  618. 😶

  619. She’s amazing, she needs to delegate and switch off sometimes. 👍🇦🇺

  620. This looks like it is all at me and how I get the blame for all this cuz everyone is always on at me in my family saying that I don’t help my mum out when that’s not true I always help my mum round the house But no one else except me helps my mum round the house so this isn’t a good video 😐

  621. Oh my god 😐

  622. I wish I had some of her motivation..even just 10%

  623. House is so clean because mommy dont work. In most homes both parents work

  624. While I realize that she has 9 children and a husband to look after, other than possibility suffering from OCD, I think she suffers from what many, including myself, do to a certain degree. That is, concentrating on the absolute perfection of something sooo much that other things fall by the wayside. I can’t speak on how she raises her children and I don’t have any of my own but, at minimum and for herself, what ever will she do when those children grow up and leave? Does she have any skills, hobbies or career interests that she’ll later wish she pursued or will she look in the mirror one day and think, “What I am is simply a woman who knows how to keep a house clean.” If that will be enough for her, then fine. But, she should consider, while she still can, that it may not.

  625. **easy to clean the kitchen spice cabinet WHEN All it is, is: PEPPER SALT AND FOR SOMETHING EXOTIC MASTERFOODS ALL SPICE 😂😂**

  626. Wow 33! She needs to get out and have a good time,who wants to be a slave to four walls?

    1. maybe then she wouldn’t have the nine kids

  627. I admire her I really do. I just think the kid’s could help end she needs some time maybe? Idk if it works for her why not?

    1. She’s not gonna accept their help won’t be good enough for her standards. Nothing to admire there.

  628. %

  629. So a quarter of her life is spent cleaning the same space over and over? I like a tidy presentable house but I wouldn’t waste a quarter of my life doing it to be honest.

    1. If you had that many kids you would wipe the same place over and over too, sounds like you don’t have little ones yet so you won’t know how they mess up the spot you just cleaned.

  630. Come clean my house while I’m busy building a career

  631. How the hell is she 33. She looks 45

  632. She’s me

  633. She’s 100 percent wife material. Every man wants a woman like this… Sadly they are EXTREMELY hard to find.

    1. If you find it hold on with all you have rare breed of lady and mum

  634. 7 bedrooms and you can’t afford a maid? Next!

  635. Did she say the baby is called carling or carly ?