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Kristen McGowan

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You guys guessed it…. I am back and starting things off with an extreme clean with me today! This house has turned into a complete disaster, so I am spending the full day cleaning and decluttering! Deep cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, catching up on laundry and decluttering my closet! I hope this motivates you to get up and clean your house… trust me, if I can do it you can do it!! Happy Cleaning! 🙂




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  1. LOL who else saw this video coming!?

    1. Definitely enjoyed this video something about watching cleaning is very satisfying

    2. Kristen – I hire a maid once per month to clean the stuff I don’t want to.

    3. Kristen McGowan don’t judge me, but l HATE cleaning doors and windows. But the one thing l HATE THE MOST is cleaning the BASEBOARDS. I’m still trying to figure out a trick to getting to them 😩

    4. I didn’t but I love your vids!!! I love that you talk through cause sometimes I cleaning in another room without being able to see but I do watch multiple times!

    5. @Grace Knilans I agree

  2. you can come clean my house if u want

  3. My favorite chore to do is cleaning the counters and my least favorite chore is washing the dishes because you have to scrape out the remaining food first.

  4. what vacuum are you using

  5. Least favorite…cleaning the. Oven

  6. Moping, Undoing the dishwasher and unpacking suitcases.

  7. What happen to Christian?
    Why is he not making videos?

  8. Where did you get those white soap dispensers in your kitchen?

  9. I hate laundry because in NYC you have to go out to do laundry. It’s a luxury to have a washer and dryer in an apartment in the city.

  10. Marie Kondo method your closet. It would be AWESOME if you folded by her method, you’d be happier as well 😀

  11. I gave a great over the door hanger for my ironing board. It fits on the back of the laundry room door, Iron on a shelf. I’m lucky enough to have a socket in the laundry room with enough room to press as needed out of the dryer.

  12. why do you keep cat food into ur bedroom? I’m just curious!

  13. I store my iron and ironing board in my bedroom closet and takeout out when I need to iron my clothes.

  14. Me too I hate washing dishes I feel so lazy when I see dirty dishes in the sink 😞😞😩

  15. What Dyson vacuum model do you have?

  16. Mine is dishes too!!!!!!!

  17. Least favorite is the tube. Way too much bending down. Strange I love to do laundry and put it away.

  18. My least favourite chore is probably vacuuming up all the cat hair off the carpets

  19. Super👍

  20. My God You do all this alone? How long did IT take You?

  21. Hello, Im here just to find the motivation to clean my home.

  22. I always end up buying rugs that fold up at the corners but I do not see your little rugs doing that, where do you buy yours

  23. Just coming across your videos oh my goodness where did you get the living room rug? I’m a new subscriber 🥰

  24. My least is the dishes but especially laundry😩 I love the kitchen rug you rolled up you mentioned it had oil on it so I guess you will clean it, where did you get it?


  26. I hate washing dishes but i dont have a choice coz we dont have dishwasher

  27. i love cleaning and doing laundry but i hate to clean the floors lol. like mopping etc.

  28. I’m a new subscriber! I fell in love watching you originzing your parents kitchens! Also I noticed your not using Mrs. Meyers and method! Girl your missing out. if you want to try them out they are giving out 5 free products with a minimum of $20 purchase. The multi surface sprays make your house smell sooooo good. I’m obsessed! Give them a try if you havent already.

  29. Adoro seus vídeos

  30. New subscribe 🙌🏾

  31. Love this video next time try using newspaper 🗞 to clean the glass in your house it way better!🙌🏾💛 thanks me later😉 and you will save more of your paper towels

  32. Just add glass to the tabletop.

  33. you go girl!!!!

  34. How many hours did you spent doing this!!!?

  35. Hi Kristen! Loved this video. Just wondering what type of vacuum you have and if you would recommend it? I’m looking to get a cordless vacuum 🙂

  36. Toilets. Lol

  37. Dusting has always been my least favorite chore!

  38. Name of vacuum anyone?

  39. Yep….dishes and laundry. It never stops and it’s so monotonous. If I could afford to hire someone to do just those two things it would be heaven.

  40. I hate cleaning the windows, the bathroom tiled because I can never get them really clean, they are dark so you always see water marks

  41. I HATE CLEANING the small detail thing on the ground. I have a slight OCD so I HAVE to clean that small detail on the ground. WHICH I HATE.
    I LOVE doing dishwashing. (don’t come at me. I know I’m weird) because you have that satisfaction feeling around dishwashing I don’t know why.

  42. Your house is amazing. Not sure why I enjoyed watching you clean your house so much lol time to do mine now

  43. Least fav chore: MOPPING 😷

  44. Mal gibi temizledin 😱

  45. Busy busy busy. Also looks so nice when finished.

  46. I see you got a new cordless vacuum

  47. I was wondering how often you do a whole house cleanup? Once a month or every couple of weeks?

  48. Washing 😂

  49. Least fave is vacuuming because all of them break after a while cause of my hair lol

  50. I don’t like doing dishes too! 🙌😃

  51. Loved the music in this video. Where’s it from?

  52. Loved this video!! So motivational. I have my own channel as well, I do lots of cleaning and mommy videos I would love for you guys to check it out! #supportsmallyoutubers #cleanwithme

  53. Your rug in your living looks so soft❤️

  54. Hi,
    I’m new to your channel. This is my first video that I’m watching ☺️.
    I brought a hook that hangs over the door and we kept it in laundry room.

  55. How long would this take you?

  56. Great Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard about – Mahorrla Control Clutter Method (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great exclusive product for decluttering your home minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

  57. Laundry is definitely my least favorite

  58. My least favorite chore of all time is folding laundry. I oddly enjoy loading the dishwasher.

  59. Kristen! What do you use for stove cleansing in this video? Cant see the brand 🙂

  60. Oh what a satisfying video! Thank you and hello from Germany!

  61. I LOVE making laundry but i don´t like making the dishes or cook

  62. Video was about 14min, but how long did it actually take you to clean everything?

  63. Link for the rug in your living room? Need it!!

  64. I absolutely hate folding and putting clothes away!!! 😭

  65. I hate wiping the toilet bowl seat, especially in the back corner where the seat folds… Ugggh!

  66. Girl…you don’t need a new table unless you just want one. You can buy a piece of glass that fits on top & then you won’t have to deal with the food crumbs anymore. Have a great weekend! ✌&❤🌼

  67. My least favorite chore is making the laundry and ironing the clothes 😣

  68. My least favourite thing to do at home is iring

  69. I really don’t mind doing dishes. In fact, I kind of like it. I hate vacuuming and mopping though.

  70. Sooo many people keep bashing her husband and its honstly frustrating bc you dont know what goes on in their lives.. he probably is at work all day long and when he comes home he just doesnt have time to pick up the house.. who knows maybe it was a bit messy before she left and said shed pick it up when she comes home.. also like i had said in my other comment maybe she would rather him not to clean anything bc she has a certain way of doing so and knows shell just redo it bc its not how she likes it everyone is so rude like their men clean either lmao 😤🤷🏻‍♀️

  71. Putting away laundry is the thing i hate doing the most.

  72. More vlogs please

  73. What is the brand of you cast iron skillet and pans? 🍂🍁🧡💛🍁🍂

  74. This was so satisfying to watch 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

    My least favorite to clean is the bathtub and refrigerator lol

  75. My least favorite is also the dishes. But I do not own a dish washer. I wash dishes by hand


  77. My least favorite thing to clean is the bathrooms.

  78. You’re very pretty love your channel

  79. I don’t have an iron I just use downy wrinkle release it works wonders in less than 30 seconds

  80. I love that you don’t have the typical vlogger velvet hangers, so relatable.

    I love washing and folding clothes but I loath putting them away 🙄

  81. Hi Kristen! Hope you’re having a good day! I was watching this and hearing you say that you don’t like your table and couches gave me an idea that you could translate into more videos: DIY table resin art (sealing those cracks with resin) and reupholstering your couches. You could have a lot of fun with the resin art, like adding glitter and colour or just keeping it plain, whatever you feel like. And the couches are guaranteed to look so much fresher and more ‘you’ with some new fabric, and will probably not cost you as much as buying a whole new set. Just some ideas! Love your videos <3

  82. UGH I also hate dishes and folding clothes in drawers omg I’ll leave the clean laundry pile up for DAYS…

  83. I put my ironing board in my walk in closet on the wall. This week I was be putting my summer and spring clothes away… (sad face lol) but i love doing my closet. it takes me 3 hours to make it look like a instagram pic. I also try on clothes as I go to see if it fits or if im going to wear it again.

  84. I’m giving you an idea for video.
    Why don’t you do a 30 dsy challenge for abs or other part of your body.
    I love your body thought😍 that’s why I would love to hear some tips from you.
    Love u Kris❤

  85. Seeing you clean it’s so satisfying 😍😍😍 love u Kris

  86. I loved it 👍👍nice video! !! Hope to see more

  87. My least favorite cleanup job is taking care of messes I didn’t clean up in the first place.

  88. Where did you get that Amber linen spray?

  89. For the Ironing board…I use a hanger I got from Walmart in the laundry hamper/basket department. I mounted it behind the laundry room door. It takes very little space and has a rack at the top to keep your iron!! I love it! 😊♥️

  90. The Method daily shower glass cleaner is great! You don’t have to wipe it down or anything. Just spray it after you shower & it keeps the glass pretty clean & the bathroom smelling good 😊

  91. You don’t need a new table, put a glass there

  92. What happened to the kris and chris channel I loved that

  93. I hate cleaning the bathroom 😫 definitely my least favourite chore

  94. I would be so angry if I came home to that mess. You need to put some rules in place.x

  95. We supply disposable cleaning gloves at

  96. What kind of vacuum are you using? Do you like it? I’ve been hunting for a good cordless vacuum!

  97. Wow Kristen you look very nice and beautiful amazing cleaning vlog well done 😊😊❤️❤️👍👍

  98. Oh dishes is my least favorite too…. i hate it!

  99. Omg i LOVE the couch

  100. You really have some amazingly sexy toes

  101. Always love these videos ! I completely hate dishes and laundry too but cleaning very thing is so satisfying !! Can’t wait for more videos ❤️

  102. I have 1 request for all moms keep your house clean on daily basis, like keep al things on its place after use it, that way your house remains clean all the time.

  103. My least favorite is cleaning the my hubby does them

  104. In the home I grew up in, we had an ironing board catty. It had hangers for the legs of the ironing board and a space above for the iron and any supplies that go with ironing.

  105. Why complain about washing dishes ? Do you like cleaning toilets ? Just do it with a song in your heart .

  106. I hate doing dishes

  107. Do you use a damp or dry cloth with your multi surface cleaner?

  108. my not favorite chore is dishes

  109. Watching this whilst sitting on my own dark brown frumpy older sofa, knowing I want to change to a grey corner sofa 😏

  110. Laundry is my least favorite thing to do but yesterday was a cleaning day for me too and I actually enjoy cleaning it’s therapeutic.

  111. About your couch…. I would recommend looking into having it reupholstered. We had one that was super comfortable, but didn’t like how it looked anymore; like you, so we bought a new one. I have yet to find one that was as comfortable. Reupholstering can be expensive, I honestly don’t think it would be anymore than a good quality couch . Good Luck. :0) ~Samantha

  112. , my least favorite is pick up sta like my kilos bat my most favorite is the dishes

  113. My least favourite chore to di might not be considered as a chore for some people, but it is to me : grocery shopping. I HATE it so much !!!
    I also hate doing laundry but that’s because the washer is not in my apartment but somewhere else in the building and I hate doing it like that.

  114. U inspired me

  115. Please makeover your living room.. it needs your magic touch.

  116. I hate doing laundry lol can you do a video of a laundry made easy? ❤

  117. I actually like your couch. Mine is a similar style ( “suede” cloth cushions and smooth “leather”) and color.

  118. They sell something that you can hang your iron board behind the door in your laundry room and you can put your clothes iron in that as well. That is what I have at home!
    That is just an idea. Target has cute one as well. Even Amazon.

  119. I like the couch. So rich and comfy looking. Sick of seeing stiff, flat looking grey couches. It goes well with the dark wood (which I love). You could throw that blanket over the arm instead of the seat and cover the cat scratches…

  120. You doing all of Christians laundry 😮!! And get a garment steamer and get rid of the iron/ironing board all together

  121. My place acctually looks way worse so thx for the inspiration to tacle my mess. Nice to see your back in your place.

  122. Before the video completely started I saw it was your house in LA and I thought to myself “watch this be a video of where she cleans the house cause Christian never cleaned while she was gone.” 😂 to my surprise it was exactly that!
    Love how self motivated you are.
    Mine is definitely the bathtub (not bathroom, just tub), putting away laundry and dishes. I will clean the whole house/de-clutter all day everyday as long as I don’t have to do those three.

  123. WOW I wanted to watch this video and take a nap… but now I wanna clean EVERYTHING LOL you are a cleaning wiz girl! number 1 chore I hate… LAUNDRY!! I can’t stand it, first you sort it, then you spot treat it if needed (I am so messy lmao I need it a lot) then you wash it, throw some in the dryer (some to hang) once there done you have to fold AND then put away -_- worst chore ever….and it starts all over every week

  124. For the round table just get custome mirror for it

  125. PLS DEEP CLEAN YOUR WASHER! look at the washer window on 9:19…thats pet hair!
    It is clogging the sealing rubber of the machine and causing it to drip! Down at the bottom of the machine has a small square that is the filter, with a blunt knife open it and check if it is not clogged too and do a wash WITHOUT CLOTHES at the highest possible temperature or if available do a self clean cycle And if you can record a vid showing how you did it! It can help many people!

  126. I just did an overhaul of my closet, moved the ironing board and iron out but didn’t know where to put it. Thanks to everyone for the ‘back of the door’ suggestion 👍 I love doing laundry but vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher? Not so much… thought your bathroom sink and counter looked pretty spotty with dirt before you cleaned it and then realized it was my I pad screen that needed cleaning! Omg 😆

  127. I’m shocked that you can clean without gloves. I’m always wearing gloves when l clean.

  128. You inspired me to start cleaning out my closet while I was watching you. Also please do more videos with your sister. You are both so beautiful!

  129. Yes i love your videos of cleaning you give me some ideas for my apartment good job🖒

  130. Could you share a list that includes everything you used in the cleaning? That will be so helpful! Thanks.

  131. don’t take this the wrong way but you need to close the water tap while washing the dishes 🙁 the waste of water was making me cringe so bad. You have an amazing home btw

  132. You asked what is the least fav part of cleaning; mine is wet mopping. I don’t know why I hate doing it, I just do!

  133. You are so inspiring❤️

  134. I find a place to hide my ironing board behind the curtain – we set the rounded hook from elfa on the wall and ironing board now hang secretly.

    1. Анастасия Костикова wow so clever!

  135. I wonder if you can “fix” the table instead of replace it. Cause it goes with the whole asthetic of the room. You could
    1. DIY resin pour
    2.get a glass piece cut for the top of the table
    3. Or one of those stick on marble sheets (?)Sort of thing (but idk if that would be durable in the long run. )

  136. I absolutely hate having to do the dishes! And it is always so constant because my husband and I don’t have a dishwasher so on top of all the other cleaning that really makes my back ache (I have chronic back pain) standing for hours to do all the dishes every night or every other night with the pans and wiping down the counters and stove I just hate it so much and how badly it makes my back hurt.

  137. Yay!!!!!! I really like your place. Love White so ….

  138. thank you Kristen for the motivation!!!!Definitely needed that 🙂

  139. I hang my ironing board behind the door using an over the door organizer. The iron fits the organiser as well. Love it 🙂

  140. I’d rather do dishes than clean the bathroom! It’s so tedious! 😫

  141. Least favourite is also dishes!!! Argh, I feel like I clear them and then I turn around and there’s a stack of them from nowhere!! 😩😩

  142. Loved this! 💗

  143. Aah!! so satisfying kristen….you are simply the best😊😍

  144. @Kristen McGowan Thank you for the beautiful video!!!❤❤❤ Please make a video about Henry!!!!!!❤❤❤ I’m watching you from Greece!!!!🌷🌷🌷🌷

  145. OMG!! i love your kitchen girl🤩🤩💖💕

  146. where’s your LG cordless vacuum?

    1. Koyu nge back home😭

  147. same here. doing dishes is not my thing hahaha. 😂😂💪👍

  148. I hate laundry…so naturally I became an esthetician!!😂🤦🏾‍♀️🧺

  149. My ironing board is up against the wall in back of my laundry room door

  150. These videos are so satisfying😂❤

  151. Get rid of the ironing board and get a steamer! It’s so satisfying to use! 😁

  152. For the table that gets crumbs could just get a piece of glass to go over it 😊

  153. Too many commercials

  154. I’m with you dishes and laundry because I do laundry for 4 people plus myself… so I just don’t like it! My favorite is getting my room perfect!

    (Small youtuber)

  155. I HATE folding laundry. I’ll do a million loads of laundry and dishes but actually folding clothes is the worst thing ever haha.

  156. Go to your local hardware store and and get a peice of glass or plexiglass to cover you table. Soooo much easier to clean and do not have to get a new table.

  157. Time for some winter cleaning.. you definitely gave me motivations…happy Monday.

  158. Those videos make me feel so happy!

  159. After I saw this video I cleaned my sister house, its motivate me Kristine.

  160. I see a lot of coments saying how Christian does nothing but what if he’s working or maybe he is making another big mess who knows 🤔😕

  161. Welcome back home

  162. Pots n pans is my least favorite to do. Enjoyed. This video. Super motivational. 🤗❤😍

  163. Yaaay!! You’re HOME!! 🙂

  164. My least favorite chores are folding clothes and ironing.

  165. Use a tablecloth on that round table. Then you just throw it in the wash and put on a new one!

  166. You could try to buy a round piece of glass to put at the top of the table

  167. That was motivating 😊 we hang our ironing board on the back of the door of our laundry room 😊

  168. Why not put a glass top on your dining table so that the food won’t go into the crevices?

  169. Contrary to almost everyone else, I love to empty the dishwasher. It’s such a CLEAN job and it makes my tidy soul happy to put everything neatly away in my organized kitchen! 🤗

  170. I love your cleaning videos it motivates me to clean up around the house 😊🙂

    Also my least favorite chore is doing the dishes

  171. Hey Kristen. I went to living spaces today and I found a lot of couches for really good prices. Start in the outlet section first. I go to the La Mirada location because it’s the biggest one.

  172. I think your dinning table is so beautiful. You have to put a glass layer on it.

    1. Any mistake in my comment?
      I’m learning English. 🌸

  173. I like the table have you thought about adding a glass top

  174. Finally home!!!!

  175. what the heck christian 😭😭😭

  176. Hi Kristen I missed you! I haven’t been able to watch your videos in a while because of school and stress but I’m glad to see you back home

  177. Yes!!! Super pumped to see another cleaning video and also see Stew and Henry. My least favorite chore would be laundry as well (which I’m currently doing). Welcome back to Cali by the way. 😍😍😍😊❤

  178. I Love the Carpet under your Couch!! 😍
    Where did you get it from?

    Greetings from my channel! 💕

    1. Kristen McGowan thank you!!!

    2. Sarahbraaun from living spaces!

  179. Dishes!! I loath dishes, laundry is fine because its just put it in take it out , do whatever in the time between, and yes we saw this coming and i totally expected this but i thought he would atleast clean the bedroom or the main floor just as a pleasent surprise for you but guess not 😂😂 we love you for this inspritation 😍

  180. My hatest is dishes i Love the laundry 😊

  181. Putting your dirty suitcase on your white bed covers was a big no for me but great video overall 🙂

    1. Mihaela Afemei omg trueeee what was I thinking !

  182. Thank you for the video. I started cleaning the second I put it on… And I needed to do that today.

    When you do your closet can you please kinda give us reasons why you’re getting rid of things.. I’m having an issue deciding what my sense of style is and getting rid of clothing is a challenge

  183. I’ve left a note for my cleaning services to watch this!..

  184. I miss your cleaning videos so much!!!

  185. Glass top for your round table

  186. Love how moving and creative you are Kristen 🙂 keep doing you lovely woman ✨

  187. Another great video to do myself here at home!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️😇

  188. I’m kind of surprised that there is so many empty wall decor in the livingroom. Your other home seemed so decked out. That said, could you come to New York State and clean my house. I’m tired just watching you. Great job.

  189. My least favorite thing to clean are the bathrooms. I would rather do dishes or laundry.

  190. Our iron goes on a shelf in the living room and the board itself goes under the bed in guest room

  191. Just finnished watching a cleanning vudeo with them .hope you dont get any mean comments like some left on your house so much and there is something wonderful about a clean and fresh home💝💝💝

  192. I wanna squeeze your hand and cry non stop

  193. This is what I need to do! But laying in bed is so cozy 😝

  194. Love all you videos! This was a super good one.

  195. Loved watching you vacuum those stairs!

  196. My home do like your home sometimes😊😊😊
    I miss you❤❤❤

  197. I seriously KNEW this video was coming!!!!!!

  198. Btw instead of getting a new table why not just put a tablecloth over it? And a cover for the couch dude!

  199. Where did that gorgeous rug come from that’s in the living area?! Dishes and laundry are hands down the most dreaded of all. Thanks for the cleaning motivation!

    1. Michelle M living spaces!

  200. Dusting!!

  201. This video gave me motivation to clean my house 😄

  202. I keep my ironing board hung on the back of my hall closet door 🙊 I just set my iron on one of the shelves. It’s basically the only decision my mom is proud of me for 😂

  203. I have the same soap dispenser in my bathroom! The greenish “soft” one from Ikea! Super cute 😊

  204. You don’t have to get a new table, just get a piece of glass cut the same size as the table and put it on top. That way, the same rustic feel is left, and you get a smooth surface that is easier to clean 🙂

  205. This video got me in the cleaning sprit! I’m on my two week vacation from work, and I am so excited go get into some projects around the house. I am ripping down wall paper and painting some rooms!

    The dishes and laundry are my least favorite thing also lol.

  206. Wow!! you found really the place in not so very nice condition…. LOL you did a super job!! motivated for mine! I hate ironing… and I don‘t do it anymore 😬 and the floors… but this I still do it

  207. Definitely dusting only because I currently have a lot of darker furniture (that I can’t wait to get rid of in the next move) so it collects dirt and dust like crazy and I’m legit wiping down my furniture every other day and it’s a pain in the butt.

  208. Doing the dishes is my nightmare always.

  209. They make a hanger you can put on back of laundry room door to store your ironing board.

  210. Every time I’ve seen your videos I’m like GET UP and clean your room . 😍😍😍 Oh and my least favourite part is dusting cause a day after that it’ll be all dusty again 😔

  211. Glad you’re back in LA in your home and Yes mine is the same as yours that I don’t like emptying the dishwasher doing the dishes yuk juk LOL

  212. What did your young man do while you were gone? Well glad you have lots of energy because you sure needed it. You have a lovely home and I really like your sinks especially the kitchen sink. Enjoy your rooms you did at your Mom’s, they were so much fun to watch.

  213. Lol now Christian knows he could have at least cleaned before you came back!!! But so good to see you made it home safely! 🤗

  214. Bathroom i like doing dishes and i love doing laundry

  215. I hung a laundry caddy on the inside of my bedroom closet door. Holds the iron, board, spray bottle and starch.

  216. Thumbs up girl!💜😍

  217. Amazing video!!

  218. Kristen …. such a satisfying video because you were left with a mess (Christian … bad form) and by day end, your lovely home sparkled and was fresh. Love cleaning because you immediately see the fruits of your labor. Welcome home!🌿

  219. Least favorite chore is showers/toilet and mopping floors! I will do laundry and dishes any day over those.

    1. Melody Garcia I really like doing laundy, just dislike the ironing part😅 showers I hate as well

  220. I was trying to imagine what you were going to go home to. Love Christian but for realsies?!😂😂 Thanks again for the cleaning motivation!🥰

  221. Saludos

  222. If i get back home to such a messed up house, I’d instantly kick his ass out. Unless you told him not to clean so that you could make this video, he’d be living in the dumpster right now.

    1. @johanna i don’t need to relax lol I’m not the one talking shit on the internet about strangers spouses because I don’t like the way they clean

    2. @Karolina M Relax yourself wow talking about get your hunches up

    3. Wow.. relax a little bit. It’s not your house so no use getting so worked up… It’s not even that messy. Some people aren’t as detail oriented as others. Yeah theres parts that he could have done better on but it’s not that bad.

  223. I keep my ironing board set up in the spare bedroom. Nothing really goes in there except clothes that need to be ironed, and it isn’t a catch-all. When guests arrive it’s an easy stow job to put it away.

  224. You motivate me girl… I saw you worked so hard when you were at your parents house you came back and again you are working so hard to clean your entire house without any help, Your family and christian is so lucky to have a hardworking women like you…Love you and I’m so disappointed with christian and the cats.

  225. Where did u get the basket on your counter in the bathroom? I totally need that.

  226. Saw it coming and just so happy you filmed it 😂😍! #satisfying

  227. I absolutely hate moping and ironing 🤷🏼‍♀️

  228. I was cleaning the house and I’ve noticed you’ve just uploaded a new video. Let’s celebrate my break time haha anyway I need to go back to clean the messy kitchen. Bless me ! 😆😂

  229. Lol, I stay further away from the kitchen as much as possible cuz I definitely don’t like to clean the kitchen area… 😣

  230. I just wanna know if Christian does something in the house, like, why do you have to clean everything? You shouldn’t clean the entire house alone

    1. @Taylor Edwards omg I thought I was the only one
      I hate when someone help me with the cleaning. I rather do it myself 😁

    2. i remember him vacuuming the house a month or so ago 🙂

    3. Taylor Edwards so true! I am o.C.D myself

    4. Some ppl would rather clean everything without out help. Or, if you have ocd like myself you really dont want help bc they wont do it the way you have it thought out in your head and youll end up just telling them nvm and just redo what they did lol.

    5. Who says he doesn’t? He’s got a full time job too.

  231. Notification SQUAD on !! Really motivated !! Love you girl 😍❤️

  232. you’re such an inspiration!! I love you so much and I miss watching your videos regularly, so that’s the goal I’m setting to myself: I want to start watching your videos as soon as you post them, no matter what time it is, like I used to do!
    I’m still here supporting every single thing you do and I’m so happy that I found you <3
    Love you to the moon and back!

  233. Yes least fave: dishes

  234. So happy your back And when Kristen Said “don’t judge me For My Closet” that’s literally me as of right now 😂😌

  235. So I don’t mind doing the laundry and dishes… It’s just the putting away part that’s annoying and boring and very very annoying… 😒😐

  236. i think ur carpet on bedroom should wash

  237. Welcome back home!!! 👋👋

  238. I hate doing the dishes I just hate it idk..also did you paint your nails?😊

    1. Kristen McGowan they are so beautiful 😍 I love the color!!!

    2. Demi A. Haha awhile ago! Their peeling off now.

  239. I hung my ironing board on the inside of my linen closet door. There are special hooks you can get. I got mine on amazon and it also houses my iron.

    1. I was thinking behind the laundry room door, either on the wall or an over-the-door hook.

  240. Hey kristen, no joke you are by fair my favourite YOUTUBER, you and Christian, I enjoy watching the both of you’se and thank you for all your hard work the both of you’se, ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😘

  241. I want a king size bed too! 🤩🤩

  242. We keep our ironing board and iron in a spare hall closet close to the laundry room

  243. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Just a bigggggg thank you!! ❤ ❤ I needed this motivation so badly!!

  244. I hateee doing dishes 😐

  245. Dishes are by far my least favorite chore. I’d rather do tons of laundry.

    1. i hate washing up to i cant stand it

    2. Igotyour6babe same

  246. Hopefully Christian appreciates all your hard work 😓
    I’m wiped from watching you trying to get thru it all!
    But I’m totally empathizing knowing I’m not alone even when it’s just my husband and I in the house seriously the man makes my list get longer…

    1. Gina Mitchell LOL!!

  247. hey get a grey or white couch and instead of that dark wood down to tv build some white closed shelves .
    just my opinion . cuz that side of house looks lil old fashioned ..

    1. jinsha jinsha AGREED!

  248. I like to clean the bathroom…..idk why lmao

  249. I HATE doing dishes. I don’t mind laundry ☺️

  250. You give me inspiration. Thank you Kristen ❤❤❤ and you should do video with Christian like both cleaning, that will be fun 😁 .❤❤❤

  251. Nice ! This videos motivate me so much to clean more 😊and l hate to do the dishes too lol

  252. Great Video! ;D Love you <3

  253. You could get a glass top for your dinning table.

    1. agree

    2. Melissa Peterson knows what oh I’m ooh ö

    3. Melissa Peterson knows what oh I’m ooh

    4. @Cindy Jahnke I see what you’re saying now. But there are glass table tops to what I was referring to previously too. However, good idea on your part, now that I see what you’re saying with more explanation.

    5. No, a glass top to put on top of the wood to have a smooth top.

  254. Good job Kristen, keep us motivated! Oh, I hate the dishes as well! 🤪 Did I mention how much I looove the natural light in this house?! 😍

    1. Liz Liz thank you!!

  255. I like your video ht s good to watching your YouTube video and I like your cats too from Nikki Thomson xxx

  256. You are back? So does that mean no more room makeovers?😢..also Kristen when are the giveaway winners announced??

    1. Vaggelis Siamantouras ohhh there’s room makeovers coming!!

  257. Missed a cleaning video it’s been a while lol!! How long does it take you to clean your whole house usually? I do mine in about 2-3 hours

    1. Kristen McGowan yes lol I just play my music and get in the cleaning mode and I just do it quickly. I love/hate cleaning! My favorite part is how everything looks after. 4 hours at the most for sure.

    2. wow really?! I think it takes me probably like 5 hours lol!

  258. I have to watch this later in the morning so that i could clean too . Not now cause it’s 2am here in the ph 😂 i know i will definrtrly will get up and clean now if i will watch this now, trust me, it happened already 😂

  259. I hate cooking! I love doing the rest! Simply.

  260. my least favorite is also dishes (dont have a dishwasher) and to vacuum…

  261. Please come to my house😂 😂😂😂

  262. I love Christian… but does he clean anything? Lol

    1. mmmmm doesn’t look like it!

  263. Could you get a glass topper for the table? a thought 😀

    1. I was thinking the same thing!

    2. thats a good idea!

  264. I can’t believe I saw this coming ❤

    1. @Kristen McGowan oh my gosh!! 😳 you saw my comment !! Thank you it means so much to me

    2. hahaha!

  265. And for that round table, why you just don’t get a glass round top, it will look modern and no crumbs in cracks 😄

    1. very true!!

  266. Yay new video love you Kristen 💖

  267. Kristen, you’re amazing! These videos give me so much motivation to clean and change up the rooms in my house!! ☺️ Love ya!

  268. Hello, your awesome love these videos. You rock Kristen

  269. Making those tipe of videos motivates you to clean to i believe and helps me to
    Thank you Kristen 😘

  270. My house is getting whitewashed and this made me miss my once clean house😢😢

    1. @Kristen McGowan ❤❤❤

    2. wow sounds beautiful though!

  271. Love you

  272. Oke so I just cleaned my house …thanks a lot ♥️😂love you

  273. 115 view 32 likes

  274. 6th OMG 😀

  275. Lol I have 2 brothers a sister and my mom and dad and we don’t have half as much as u and mr super model delgroso

  276. Today I cleaned my entire house😂

    1. yay!!

  277. Yay you back home🥰 that’s a mess of note… Christian I’m very disappointed in you 🤪

  278. You’re back in LA!!!!!!! <3

  279. Loooove these videos from you😍

  280. I saw this one coming 😂

    1. right?!! same…..

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