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Zero Waste, Green, and Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners

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Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Soap –
Small Hand Held Dish Brush –
Removable Head Brush –
— Brush heads –
Bottle Brush –

Glass Spray Bottles –
***Orange & Vinegar Cleaner Recipe:
– Save the rind of about 3-4 oranges
– Put empty rinds into a quart jar.
– Cover with white vinegar.
– Allow to sit for about 2 weeks, either in a cabinet or on the counter.
Shake when you think of it.
– Strain the liquid into a reusable spray bottle like this
* Use to clean almost any surface

*** Toilet Tab Recipe –
Pin It –


What is Green Washing? –
My Old Dish Soap –
Green Washing at Target –

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225 thoughts on “Zero Waste, Green, and Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners

  1. Where did you get your spray bottle, i like the brown _W.West-

  2. Madison has such good vibes 😂💚

  3. Don’t you clean your floor with something?

  4. Between dish soap, vinegar and baking soda are great for cleaning. I had a housekeeping business for twenty years and my clients loved how clean and sparkly their homes were. They didn’t need scents when their house was clean. I have asthma so the harsh chemicals disagreed with me. I really didn’t miss them.

  5. Heinz has a white vinegar in glass it’s about the same size too

  6. If you want to be on time and want to take care of mother earth, look for Avasva projects.

  7. could you use apple cider vinegar. you can make that at home easily

  8. I have considered making my own vinegar. I juice oranges for plastic free OJ. Now I know what to do with the peels! Cheers!

  9. Some people who have compromised immune systems need chemicals on germs like me. Do you have any recommendations that are eco-friendly?


  11. Don’t know if it was intentional, but when she said: you can just use baking soda in your toilet if you just want to be basic about it- I laughed so much. Nailed it.

  12. I think the other brush if for bottle ripples maybe

    1. *nipples

  13. I buy the glass vinegar bottle and then use the bottle as a spray bottle

  14. They do sell dish washing bar soap

  15. I use soap nuts for washing clothes
    I wash my dishes by hand with a dish washing block of soap and sponge
    Everything else such as cleaning surfaces and the bathroom: baking soda and water

  16. Do you have a plastic free mop option? I need to buy a mop. Most people just recommend making reusable covers for their Swiffers– but I don’t have a Swiffer, I just want to get a plastic-free mop. 💜

  17. Can you use lemon peel instead of orange

  18. 7:32 “if you wanna be really basic about it” lol cuz she’s talking about just using baking soda. pun intended?

  19. I think you can find a giant plastic bottle of white distilled vinegar also

  20. how long does the ALL SURFACE SPRAY recommend in video last?

  21. So I have a question for you- I ordered some of those bottles on amazon a few years ago but the spray top wouldn’t stay on the bottle. They would screw on but then mid-use would pop off. Have you ever had that issue?

  22. What is your opinion on E-cloths?

  23. I use apple cider vinegar instead. It smells waaaay worse, but it’s in glass at most stores.

  24. hey what would you recommend for dishwasher detergent? zero waste.

  25. Love your channel and what you are doing! I am a recent follower and have been binge watching. Just an FYI, “acute aquatic toxicity” can come from many natural things such as Lavender oil and more, so I wouldn’t necessarily discount an item for that reason. Also everything is a concern for allergies and skin sensitivity. Just businesses ways of covering their butt. Everyone is allergic to something, right? 🙂 I am totally a DIYer for my home cleaning products and many more… Look forward to more videos.

  26. I literally just use baking soda mixed with Castile soap to form a paste and it works great for scrubbing the sink, toilet, and shower!

  27. 2 questions: (1) are the other dr bronners NOT biodegradable? (2) I was in the dollar store and saw what was called “cleaning vinegar”—it had things in addition to vinegar, I should have photo’d it, but my guess is that it wasn’t especially natural. Do you agree to stay away?

  28. what do you clean your wood floors and tiles with? the same thing??? im probably gonna do that lol

  29. 7:33 love that you said to be basic we should use baking soda lol!

  30. You’re so pretty!!

  31. Uncooked rice a warm water will clean off the glass bottles just shake it Abit and rinse out

  32. Thank you for the tip about dish soap!! That’s pretty much the only cleaning product I still have to buy in plastic since I don’t have a dishwasher. But at least with Dr. Bronner’s, it’s concentrated and can be used in so many different ways.

  33. I thought I was going to watch a eco-friendly cleaning without any plastic containers and harmful chemicals.

  34. Hi!! What broom and mop do you use? Can’t find any videos on it

  35. i’ve never been so broke, I’m thinking about dumpster diving at a grocery store to get some herb cuttings to try to grow in my garden.

  36. What about wood surfaces?

  37. You should try ocean saver pods! Although they might be a UK only thing

  38. isn’t it bad to just order from amazon? thinking about the CO2 emmisons coming from sending just two spray bottles and all
    idk I’m norwegian so anything I would of ordered online comes with plane from another country

  39. The reddecker brush is imported all the way from Germany. Might be an idea to look for something closer to home. The heads are made from wood and tapioca fibers( definitely compostable) but not bamboo in these brushes. Helps if you can read the German labels;)

  40. Is there a zero waste option for toilet brushes? Just wondering how you scrub the toilet using the tab :/

    1. Yes there are! They are similar to the dish scrubbing stuff she showed

  41. Is the dr bronners packaging recyclable? Im doing reaserch

  42. A knit cotton square also is a great low waste alternative to sponges for washing the dishes. They can go in with your laundry and last a long time.

  43. I did orange, clove and cinnamon.
    When I filled my spray bottle, I refilled the jar with vinegar to let it sit while I used the spray bottle. 😁

  44. Baking soda (a base) and vinegar/citric acid (acids) cancel each other out.

    They fizz together, so they look like they’re doing something. It’s better to use them separately. It’s a common mistake that I see all over the place, so it makes sense that it keeps getting repeated.

    1. I find the baking soda and vinegar cleans my toilet very well.

    2. Mall Baby

      All it’s doing is producing carbon dioxide gas at atmospheric pressure. It’s not reacting chemically with the clog and it’s not applying force to the clog. Clogs typically consist of an agglomeration of hair and soap scum. That’s why drain cleaners contain lye, which reacts with proteins in hair, and makes the soap scum soluble. Give it time to react. Basic chemistry.

    3. Mall Baby

      Bathtub clogs are usually caused by hair. It’s doubtful baking soda and vinegar would dislodge it. A better choice would be Drano, or some other source of lye.

      The fizzing is just carbon dioxide escaping after being dissolved as carbonic acid. It’s no different chemically than fizzing soda pop. Do you think that soda would clear your drain?

    4. Anthropos Anthropos

      Sorry. Now corrected.

    5. @Frank Gutowski Huh?

  45. Can I use clementines instead of oranges? I have an insane amount of clementines that need to go lol

    1. I think any citrus works but I could be wrong

  46. So love it ! You’re adorable

  47. I checked this out and it looks like Sal Suds has sodium lauryl sulfate as one of the first ingredients. I use the standard Dr. Bronner Castile soap and wash our dishes with. It’s so hard to find something that is safe for our waterways, healthy for us and is multi use.

    1. It’s safe, effective, and biodegradable. So what’s the problem?

  48. Have you heard of using vodka as a disinfectant? I don’t like the smell of vinegar, so I might try using cheap (?) vodka at least for a surface cleaner. There are DIY recipes online. Just a thought for those who are turned off by the smell of vinegar.

    1. Just buy a gallon of 100% isopropanol in the hardware store.

  49. Have you heard of Norwex? All the products are amazing and VERY good for the environment. If you would like to hear more, please visit my page or leave me a message.

  50. the “straw” brush is also for cleaning china or glass teapot spouts

  51. Heinz sells distilled white vinegar in glass bottles. Not all stores carry it tho.

  52. Is there a dishwasher soap that is eco-friendly?

  53. i love your style and all that you stand for. thanks for being such an inspiration an a role model. xo

  54. This video is incredibly helpful. Thank you!!

  55. Great ideas!! What kind of brush do use to clean the toilet bowl?

  56. Baking soda + vinegar = water

    1. Roalda Jordaan

      Correction: Water + sodium acetate + carbon dioxide.

  57. Loving your channel Shelbizleee!!! So great to see another channel promoting eco friendly and sustainable products for the home! Thank you.

  58. what do you mean by “toxins”???

    1. Sangria

      Wrong. They are poisons produced by plants and animals. They do not include all toxic substances.

    2. Lydia Wiens toxins are something that are toxic(harmful) to your body and/ or the environment

  59. Am I the only one that thought the bottle cleaning brush was the toilet brush and got very scared on why she was rubbing it so much ?!?

  60. We are the same age, but I feel like my big sister is speaking to me! Love you! ♡

  61. Hello everyone I’m new to this zero waste lifestyle and I’ve just made a couple of swaps like toothpaste,I use coconut oil and like bicarbonate of soda anyway my question is can I throw the coconut oil in the sink? Because I’ve come across several people who have told me it’s terrible for the water blahblhblah if someone could tell me or explain if this is true I’ll appreciate thanks!

    1. Sangria

      nonsense. Its pH is 8.5, within the range of foods and beverages normally consumed.

    2. Karla Garcia I would find something else because baking soda is to harsh for your teeth … it will eat away at your enamel causing your teeth the become transparent and sensitive. And coconut oil will clog your sink over time so I would spit it to a trash can. Good luck !

  62. I can’t cut bleach. I have parrots both of which have avian diseases transmitted to one another via poop and even if they didn’t have these illnesses the poop has bacteria which is still not good for anyone. I do use natural cleaners for cleaning but I also do need to use bleach based cleaners on occasion for sanitizing (there is a difference) as well. Not negotiable. If you have a kid for example that comes down with cdif you will not kill that shit with vinegar and citrus. But if you don’t have these concerns maybe you can justify citing bleach. It all depends on your circumstance though

    1. I thinking the same thing I want to clean using organic stuff. But I have a pet and I have to clean using bleach because if the poop piss.

      But I have used the same bottle of bleach for 6 months you really don’t need much. Maybe longer.

  63. Check out Sarson’s their vinegar is in glass bottles

  64. Use coconut oil to dust down bookshelves! It works really well

  65. I’ve been binge watching your videos and they’ve honestly been so inspiring! I recently purchased a starter pack of e-cloths for cleaning around the house without the use of chemicals; you literally get the cloths wet with water and then wipe the areas you want clean. I’ve never had a cleaner, streak-free, counter and cook top since using them! I would highly recommend trying them and maybe you will love them, too! Much Love from a Dallas neighbor <3

  66. What about your toilet brush?

    1. I still have a plastic one as of right now. Haven’t needed to replace it yet 🤗

  67. More more more!!

  68. Vinegar can be really harmful for the lining(? don’t know how it’s called) in showers and bathtubs. The acid corrodes the plastic/latex whatever that makes the whole thing waterproof.

  69. I draw the line at all natural cleaning products because vinegar doesn’t kill protazoa. One parts bleach to 32 parts water will clean most hard surfaces and kill potentially dangerous pathogens. One bottle of bleach goes a long way mixed like this so it isn’t a huge environmental impact and is very low cost. Sometimes I add a few drops of Castile soap for surfactant. I’m assured by my vet that this is safer for my cats than vinegar because it kills parasites.

    1. Bleach is safe environmentally. It encounters plenty of organic matter in sewer systems to react with, converting it to sodium chloride.

  70. Seriously! LOVE THIS! The best part is that I can have my kids help make these and they will have fun and carry it on😁🤗👍

  71. Hey so everyone knows if you need to neutralize a smell on fabric. Mix 1/2 cheap vodka (try to find the cheapest one in glass) and water spray on fabric once the alcohol evaporates the smell will be gone. ( your stuff will not smell like booze).

  72. Heinz, the ketchup people, sell the vinegar in glass

    1. @Sandie Knies yes.. At least they do in my area, but only in like a quart sized container. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a gallon sized glass container.. Hope that helps!

    2. It’s hard to find organic ketchup bottles in glass too

    3. Ashleigh Ray distilled white???

  73. Healthy life is essential for an individual to enjoy the life in its whole. This is because health and happiness are bound together, and if one is not there, the other will be missing. To bring out a healthy life, it is essential to clean your home regularly, which may not be possible.

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  74. Original Source mint shower gel mixed with water makes a great cleaning solution.

  75. I am so gonna get the brush! For non heavy duty scrubbing I just use rags. Also 2 things: helps avoid the essential oils eroding the plastic and 2. If you add baking soda to vinegar it just cancels out the PH and you’re left basically with salt water. The initial reaction can have a cleaning effect, but after that initial reaction it makes the cleaner less effective.

  76. I will definetly try these out! This video was very informative

  77. Using baking soda to clean……pretty basic


  78. Sal suds is amazing! I use it for everything!

  79. Vinegar is amazing as a cleaner

  80. Have you tried soda water? You could make your own flavored syrups with extracts and organic cane sugar, and add it to soda water.

  81. I have carpet and can’t seem to keep it clean. My dog has gotten diarrhea and my cat has sometimes peed in my closet. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning carpets? What about really touch soap scum? Also my toilet gets moldy SOOOO fast? Is there anything I could put in the back part of my toilet to kind of help clean it out or something?

  82. Can you use lemons instead of oranges for the all purpose white vinegar spray? I’m mildly allergic to orange (sometimes react, when I do, the reaction is mild (not anaphylaxis, my skin stings, swells slightly)

    1. I’ve seen other people use lemons but I never tried it

    2. Weirdly the reaction is worse with kiwi… not sure why it’s only those two fruits

  83. Thank you so much for posting such amazing videos! They are so incredibly informative. I have slowly been moving towards a more waste free household and oddly enough my daughter came across one of your dumpster dive halls where you showed what old navy and other companies do to the close they dont sell. She was outraged and asked us not to buy her anything from ‘stores so wasteful.’ For an eleven year old tomake a conscious choice right before christmas to say sh wants nothing bought new as a present is amazing. Thank you for inspiring her.

  84. I love ty video!!!!

  85. Making my Christmas list with this vid. Talk about adulting when you’re excited to get compostable brushes 😛

    1. +Laura August LOL goalz 👍🏽

  86. If you don’t need a product right away I would recommend choosing the later delivery option on Amazon! It gives the dispatchers the chance to fill up trucks before sending them out for delivery. What happens when we choose the 2 day delivery option is that trucks are sent out half full in order to meet the high demands. I watched a video about it recently it was very insightful! I’ll try and find the link for it.

    1. Didn’t know that!

    2. Fun fact I choose the slowest shipping cause to the cheapest lmao

    3. Cassidy Falsetti +

    4. +

    5. Cassidy Falsetti thanks so much for sharing it, really made me reconsider prime

  87. That is a shame, that you do not have vinegar in a glass in your Whole Foods Market! In UK in Whole Foods, we have it in a glass bottle, what is more, you can also get an East European vinegar in UK, which always comes in glass bottle and it is much cheaper! We also can get a vinegar refill here in our first in London zero waste shop. Additionally, East European or Russian bicarbonate of soda is the best! It is very cheap and comes only in carton box, same as it was used in USSR.

  88. Love the all purpose cleaning spray recipe!

  89. Doesn’t Dr Bronners have palm oil in it?

    1. Sal suds doesn’t contain palm oil

    2. I think the sals by dr bronners doesn’t

    3. @Toyon95 yes it does, I would never ever buy it.

  90. At my 99 cent store in arizona we sell apple cider vinegar in glass I dont know if that will work but we do sell them in glass.

  91. I think I might have found some good soaps and cleaners in Lehman’s catalog. The sell stuff from farms and natural stuff. Not all vegan but it’s really good for your skin and the environmental and comes from sustainable farms.

  92. Girl ur vids are the best thanks👩🏾‍🌾👩🏾‍🌾

  93. Please do a how to video of the toilet tabs😀

    1. Shelbizleee yay! Thank you soo much shelby😁

    2. +LuckySimmer4Life ah, understandable! I will try to do it sometime during Vlogmas ❤️

    3. Shelbizleee I know, I wanted to see you make it because I suck at reading from recipes 😁

    4. +LuckySimmer4Life I linked my recipe blog in the description box 😊

  94. When ordering from Amazon is there a place to add comments to your order asking to use as little packaging as possible? I haven’t been able to figure that out, thanks!

  95. Curious, do the oranges in the vinegar make the solution sticky ??

  96. So glad I found your channel! I used to use the Meyer brand when I was still in the States :/

  97. the brush set for bottles wouldn’t the metal not be biodegradable? and have an environmental impact to produce them

    1. Jasmine Spaulding Yes, metal is not biodegradable. It will rust off, but it will take thousands of years. You should recycle metals. Micro particles of metals can be consumed by animals and therefore aren’t harmful like micro plastics. Metals also fall to the bottom of the sea, so they don’t flow around, waiting to be eaten. But if you dump them into a forest, animals can hurt themselves to the sharp edges.

  98. After watching this video I was intrigued to make my own cleaner. As a person who wants something that not only cleans but smells good I figured I might add something that’s safe(r) to use in the house. I used vinegar and baking soda and a smell of lemon essential oils and it not only smelt beautiful but got the job down and smelt fresh for a while. I totally bought reusable spray bottles and will be making my own cleaner going forward.

  99. Hey!! 💓 so when u go dumpster diving what happens if u get caught? Btw ily 😁💓

    1. It depends. There are too many scenarios to type out but I explain it in this video, check it out >>>>

  100. Sometimes, the more simple, the better (it is indeed hard to understand the ingredient list on most products…). Alep soap, vinegar, baking soda or black soap are indeed helping! Vinegar alone is super efficient against lime scale if you let it work several hours.
    To clean the house, brands like Ecover, Sonett, Ecodoo and Attitude are also reliable (not sure you can find all of them in the US).

    1. You don’t understand ingredients because you’re not scientifically literate.

  101. I love your vids! Just discovered your channel! Amazing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Marisa (:

  102. I’m going to need to make some of those toilet tablets. Such a cool way to keep your toilet clean.

  103. Any new makeup giveaways soon????

    1. it comes off as rude when you come to a video that has nothing to do with dd, that she put effort and care into, just to ask when she’s giving away something free. she has said over and over that she is moving away from mkae up dd because of people doing this

    2. M

    3. Shelbizleee did I come off as rude? I didn’t mean to. I watched like a million of your dumpster Hall vids and stuff today and say that you gave away stuff and sold stuff. I was just asking if you were going to do any. I didn’t mean to be rude.

    4. Shelbizleee what?

    5. +Sarah does nails this is the reason I don’t do them anymore

  104. Sending you lots of hugs!! I’m happy to see your smiling face!!

  105. Great video. I almost peed my pants, when you said the bit about drinking soda. I too love soda!

    1. Thank you so much! I always feel so terrible but I can’t give it up completely 😛

  106. When it says “horsehair brush” does that mean actual hair from a horse?? WTF?? why?

    1. @Rääpynä horse slaughter is illegal in the US. So if you buy something made in America with American products it is better but still not vegan. Horses do shed hair so maybe it is collected? Idk, I’m going to be doing research now.

    2. Horse hair is hard, especially tail hair. I don’t know where a manufacturer would get horse hair. Horses are expensive to keep and they only have one tail each that doesn’t grow fast. A side business for shephards with horses? Horses that will be slaughtered? Who knows?

    3. I think so… I don’t know why but that’s why I went with another brand for a bottle brush, it’s strange

  107. How long do the bamboo brushes last? Is it much longer than a standard sponge?

    1. What about compared to plastic brushes? And what’s the price range?

    2. I would say so. Sponges get nasty so quickly and I’ve been using this brush for a couple months now <3

  108. You’re looking well, Shelbi! I’m glad to see you looking happier, and I’ve missed seeing your videos. Love you Shelbi (:

  109. What do you use to make a plastic tub really white and shiny I still haven’t found anything I’ve tried vinegar lime juice and Dawn dish soap mixed and it dose not work so what do you recommend?

    1. Anita Garcia I found a good recipe on Pinterest and it really works well, the best thing I’ve ever used. It really gets rid of any stains on the bottom textured part. I can’t remember the ratios but I think almost any ratio can work. The recipe called for making a ‘ paste’ with the ingredients but I have gotten lazy and I just spray and sprinkle the ingredients randomly around my tub/ shower and then just spread it around with a cloth…let it sit for 15 minutes or longer and then rinse. The ingredients are…baking soda, hydrogen peroxide ( I buy a big jug of food grade and then make up a 3 % solution and I always have it on hand for cleaning instead of bleach), dr. Bronners liquid Castile soap. I think that’s it. The recipe is from the blog ‘’. And is called diy tub scrub.

  110. I’m so glad you’re back!! I’ve been waiting for this video too

    1. Happy to make it for you (:

  111. I used to used scrubbie daddy’s sponges for dishes cause there’s awesome but a while ago when I started watching your vids I switched to bamboo brushes like that and they’re really nice! You really do make a difference Shelby! Love you xoxo

    1. That is so amazing to hear. Thank you SO much <3

  112. Charlie’s soap is a really good one

  113. You’re great thanks shelbi 💟💟💟

    1. Thank you so much Nathalia (:

  114. So happy you are back, missed you! Your videos are so helpful 🙂 hope you are doing great!

  115. Wow big glasses,lol

  116. I like the glasses! Cute!

  117. White vinegar in glass with plastic top at HEB

    1. No way?! I looked and I haven’t seen one

  118. 🎃🍂🍁🍂🍁👩🏼👓

  119. This is off topic but I bought reusable bulk buy bags but the store I go to and Whole Foods won’t let me use them for sanitary reasons. Understandable but such a bummer. On another note I know you don’t like doing videos about make up so people don’t go out and buy stuff but would you considering doing a video about eco brands for people who wear make up and are too nervous to dumpster dive? Also alsoooo I miss you and I’m glad you’re doing better. <3

    1. Toni Alvarez I don’t know why it would be a sanitary concern if it will only touch your food. I’m pretty sure they are not allowed t do that. I would write an email to Whole Foods corporate and explain how you are trying to be eco friendly

  120. I am pretty sure I’ve seen distilled white vinegar in glass in my Ralph’s/Kroger store but haven’t bought it yet because I am still working through a 2 gallon jug I bought at some big box store a few years ago (this is of course in plastic since I was not aware back then that recycling was a super temporary solution with limited capabilities)

    1. We don’t have Ralph’s or Kroger here :/

  121. does anyone know if green household cleaners kill bacteria, the way bleach does? that is the one thing that concerns me.

    1. Leelee

      No way do they beat chlorine bleach.

    2. Leelee salt kills bacteria

    3. I wouldn’t worry about bacteria so much, unless someone in the house is sick by bacteria. (And you don’t want to spread the illness) Most bacteria are not dangerous.

    4. Use a one part bleach to 32 parts water mixture. Vinegar does kill some bacteria but not all. When diluted properly bleach is not dangerous to use.

    5. Vinegar is NOT a disinfectant against bacteria….. use peroxide instead.

  122. I’m so glad I came across this video today.. I needed it.

    I work within a health facility and we use extremely harsh chemicals (I will lose my job if I do not use them as things wouldn’t be up to health code) but I got the most foul reaction from a HARSH BLUE coffee pot cleaner today and almost cried. I had the worst lumps on my hands, redness, and swollen areas. Not to mention I have to dump this stuff DOWN the sink and it is going back to lake Ontario. I have to wear gloves now. I just feel so guilty doing this. Any one else have the same moral issue but it’s for health and safety.

    PS Missed you Shelbi, I hope you’re feeling better and remember we’re always here for you and adore you. Love your youtube and younow fam <3

    1. @Gabriela Graber water period does that, lmao.

    2. I totally get you, I worked at Taco Bell for 5 years and the soap I used for the dished was so strong my hands were always dry, extremely cracked, bumpy and itchy and I would constantly apply Vaseline and lotion

    3. Thank you so so much <3

  123. Do you have any tips for composting in an apartment? I notice that I have a lot of food waste and I hate throwing it away I’d rather compost it. But I’m not sure how to do that living in an apartment.

    1. Yes ma’am, I have a video, I’ll link it. It gives some different options, but there are other options as well. Like a worm bin… sounds intriguing but I haven’t done it yet, LOL
      check out this video >>>

  124. Nice share ☺

  125. What is the name if that app you spoke of?

    1. EWG – Check out how we used it here >>>

  126. The end was the best 😂😂 #MissedYouGuys 💕

  127. is buying vinegar in bulk less wasteful?

    1. When I say “in bulk” it just means that I buy it from a bulk bin, without packaging – like here >>>

      Hope this helps (:

  128. So is Method not any good? i use their Laundry detergant. Can you make a video on Laundry detergants that are good and ok to Buy!!

    1. Liquid detergents usually come in plastic so I avoid them. EcoNuts are very affordable and eco-friendly

    2. Shelbizleee you only have One product though :/ do you have any liquid ones that you would recommend?

    3. Tia C thanks! Ill look into that one 🙂

    4. Ashley Marie she already replied to me about it days bfore you did look above.

    5. vee gomi she already did , look on her channel

  129. I chose the super basic route, and it’s been perfect. I use dr. Bronner’s Castile soap for dishes, baking soda for the toilet, and honestly mostly just a damp rag for most cleaning, and a 50/50 water/vinegar solution for anything really dirty. There’s really no need to get fancy with it. Especially for the toilet. The baking soda gets it white and takes away any odors. Anything more than that is unnecessary. You’re just going to do your business in it again soon after you clean it, so… 😐 sterilization doesn’t make much sense lol

    1. Leilani Dru

      You’re still just smearing germs around. Use paper towels and throw them away.

    2. Frank Gutowski tru….. I’ll have an assortment of rags in that case

    3. Sara French using that insane logic Sara, we shouldn’t properly clean anything. Coz it all gets dirty eventually anyways….even tho that’s how using things work. U gonna just rinse ur dirty laundry since it’s about to get dirty soon after anyways? Only rinse out ur teeth and mouth coz it’s gonna get dirty in a few hrs anyways? What kinda crazy logic is this. Properly clean everything. Yes they will get dirty again but that’s….how using things work. And why we repeatedly clean things. For me personally I’m trying and going to find the balance between fancy and effective. I agree we don’t need a different cleaner for every single thing. But ur too far in the other direction imo. For me I’ll buy bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Castille soap, dish soap, and baking soda. Any of these things combined can clean pretty much anything I think.

    4. Sara French

      A damp rag, huh? Really good for spreading germs all around.

    5. Ah 🙂 Yeah I took a few steps to get to where I am now. I feel like zero waste and environmentalism is an evolution, not a one-step move from A to B 🙂 I haven’t replaced everything yet. I still have a bottle of carpet cleaner under the sink that I’m sure is not environmentally friendly 😕 And some bleach that has just been sitting there forever. Not quite sure what to even do with that since I don’t really want to use it up

  130. I will be making those toilet tabs! What a genius idea.

    1. Thank you thank you! I love them, and I have convinced Madison to use them so we are loving them (:

  131. If you take your glasses and point it down just a little (it still looks normal for the person wearing them) the glare will go away or be lessened.

    Me and my brother have glasses with a photographer mom

    1. +Shelbizleee no problem

    2. I kept trying to turn my head so it didn’t glare like that but I will definitely try that next time. Thank you so much Shelbi <3

    3. If you don’t understand what I mean tell me and I can send a video showing you 😊

  132. I missed you and your videos!!

    1. Awhh I missed you!

  133. Whoooo thumbs downed this video?! This was much needed for me and i love it

  134. Hi great video I was wondering if your ever going to do dumpster diving videos

    1. Eventually, yes ma’am. It’s just very time consuming and I haven’t been able to go very much lately.

  135. Happy to be back on my schedule. Do you have any Fall video requests? Let me know 😀

    1. Shelbizleee you should do a follow up on this video a year later!!!! How did the products hold up were they worth it.

    2. Maybe a video on personal care items.

    3. Shelbizleee Let’s see, Halloween treats for the kiddies! 🎃Thanksgiving🍂🍁 is coming up, what do you plan to donate to shelters? Dive videos? Mental Health..your top pics for funny videos, recipes, dive videos, etc..etc..

    4. As a kid I loved glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets. On Halloween night my mom would deck us out in them because my cousin got hit by a car one year.(he’s completely okay now). Anyway, is the glow-in-the-dark stuff bad? Is there a better alternative?

    5. Missed you girl. Hope ur feeling a lot better! As always great videos. Love the toilet fizzies!

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